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The enthusiasm with which the West commits suicide is staggering

About 94,000 people are currently infected with Covid-19, a bit over 7,000 have died plus 78,000 have been cured. The number of deaths per month approximately doubled from the previous one-month period as the disease moved from China to Europe or elsewhere. Asia seems to have tamed the disease completely. China has largely reopened for business despite a dozen of new deaths per day.

Those 7,000 deaths should be compared with approximately 650,000 deaths due to flu in the world in the recent year. Covid-19 clearly continues to be a negligible killer relatively to flu – and the latter hasn't ever led to any significant hysteria. Covid-19 may be seen to have the potential to surpass flu as a killer (and probably has done so in Italy) but nobody knows whether this potential may be realized in the whole world. Even if Covid-19 becomes the most important killer among respiratory diseases, it will be just a quantitative change in the industry of flu-like diseases.

We're seeing amazing restrictions on the human movement, contacts, events, economy. I am writing it from the first day (out of 8) of the Italy-style softcore martial law in Czechia. Similar restrictions are imposed almost everywhere. Every hour, a country joins the lockdown; Canada did it minutes ago. Half a billion schoolkids are skipping classes now – Greta Thunberg is no longer too special. Bars and restaurants are closed in about one-half of the world. Carmakers are stopping the production in all of Europe. You can read comments on social networks written by people who were just laid off every second. Also, I think that the real estate prices are likely to drop once the closed hotels and other things are being sold.

The globalist media have brainwashed billions of people into believing that this kind of instinctive yet hysterical behavior is needed, natural, useful, rational, and probably ethical, too. It's neither.

The economic and otherwise societal losses will be exponentially larger than the damages to the public health. I would even argue that that the economic damages that have already taken place are larger than even the worst case scenario damages to health and lives that could materialize in a hypothetical future. These economic damages are already crippling lots of lives and they will destroy many of them in the future.

A rarely non-hysterical alert just informed me that the first volunteer is being injected with an experimental Moderna vaccine.

In recent years, if you forgot, we were bombarded with the insane culture and feminist, transsexual, multicultural and pro-Islamist, climate alarmist, and several other insanities by the extreme left. These things seem almost completely forgotten now. It is clear that the global CO2 emissions in 2020 will be significantly lower than those in 2019. And so will be the GDP. The drop may continue for years.

Lots of people don't seem to care about the deepening shutdown of the global economy. People like pensioners, employees, and entomologists who seem certain that they will be safe. Really? When the society stops producing cars and probably many other products, and when it stops an even greater percentage of services, do you really believe it will be capable of giving you a pension that is comparable to the present one, in real terms? When businesses such as restaurants – but even much more industrial ones – are being brutally punished and robbed during this shutdown, do you really believe that they will continue to be able to pay employees? Will the society be willing to pay entomologists? Teachers who don't really teach because it's obvious that the home or online schooling will be a farce for a great majority of children?

I am amazed by the huge number of people who seem to enthusiastically welcome this new "regime". Some totally unhinged leftists – like Democrats in a New Hampshire survey who preferred the extinction of humans by ETs over a Trump reelection – have been known to wish this kind of economical destruction. The green leftists are naturally known to have wet dreams about a global economic misery combined with the "martial law" economy, as correctly pointed out by Marc Morano who was interviewed by Ezra Levant.

But I see a vastly greater number of people who not only don't seem to be worried about this a new, almost totally man-made Great Depression; but who seem absolutely enthusiastic about it. I am just flabbergasted. Were millions of people similarly enthusiastic about the decline of the Roman Empire? Are these people powered by jealousy? Where does the sentiment come from? Is there a majority that actively wants our civilization to be flushed down the toilet?

An even more shocking finding is the tiny number of people who stand firmly on the opposite side, like myself: people who really think that we must stop the acts that will make a huge Great Depression unavoidable. Yes, even the desire "not to have a new Great Depression" has turned into a "fringe" political opinion, according to the number of prominent advocates (although most Americans probably agree with me – but they have no power today). Freedom Fighter has composed a nice list of conservative pundits who are clearly against the viral hysteria: Sean Hannity (Trish Regan was fired from FBN for saying the truth!), Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mitchell, Laura Ingraham, Candace Owens... The list is "almost complete" among the pundits of this visibility.

A whole bunch of formerly conservative folks has enthusiastically joined the far left hysteria and calls to shut down the civilization and declare the martial law in much of the world. The list would be much longer than the previous list. Tucker Carlson and especially Piers Morgan have probably trumped even the extreme leftists' hysteria. Clearly, their conservative anchoring wasn't solid enough to resist a sore throat (of an unknown man). There's really a near consensus among the pundits in the West that we must commit the economic suicide as a civilization. And I think that Trump is weak, too. Maybe it is not even such a big difference whether he or the overt Bolshevik Sanders will continue in the White House.

Meanwhile, all these suicidal policies lack any real planning. Nobody knows: when a 2-week-long shut down or national quarantine reduces the daily cases by 30% or 70%, will it be enough? Especially because the virus will still be increasing in some other countries? Or will we immediately extend such a shut down or national quarantine? If the unrestricted economy produces a growing number of infections – by the same rate with the opposite sign as the martial law that hypothetically reduces the cases – then it clearly means that we need to shut down the civilization for half a time just to keep the cases stable. Is it really what we want?

The virus is sufficiently widespread by now so that it probably won't see the fate of SARS (the first one) that was eradicated within months – the total number of fatalities remained below 1,000. At least up to the vaccine, it's likely to be a new flu-like disease which will be with us. The number of cases will find some equilibrium that will depend on the degree of people's caution. But even a super-isolation of the whole world corresponding to a 90% drop in the GDP is probably insufficient to eliminate the virus completely. Why would we be trying to achieve something so prohibitively expensive or impossible? We must learn to live with the virus and just stop the unlimited hysteria.

As the Conservative Woman Laura Perrins wrote today, 'Whatever It Takes' is too much. 'Whatever It Takes' is really a phrase of Daesh-like religious fundamentalists. It should never have a place in an intelligent society.

Meanwhile, there is almost no hysteria in China and some other Asian countries. There's also no hysteria in Russia although the globalist press would like to ignite it there just like it has managed to do in the West. However, almost no one follows the CNN-like garbage in Russia.

Russia and OPEC were made much poorer because of the hugely dropped demand for fossil fuels. I actually think it could make sense for Russia and/or China – and perhaps even a smaller country – to exploit the absolute chaos and insanity in the West and conquer the U.S., Canada, or the European Union territory. (By the way, the European Union itself is totally useless in these viral developments and no European solidarity exists, as we see very clearly now. The Union's general weakening could be another silver lining of the Covid-19 hysteria but I find even this to be negligible to the general Western nations' suicide justified by the virus.) I think it would be straightforward. Maybe a few nuclear bombs would have to be delivered – to bring doubts to a few nations whether a fudging new flu is really their biggest problem.

But just imagine the reaction. If a damn stupid flu is enough to send the Western civilization to the basement (or to Costco where the people fight for toilet paper), what a nice invention of nuclear physics delivered e.g. to San Francisco would do? I think that the U.S. and similarly the European countries would quickly surrender. Citizens of those countries could be downgraded to 2nd class citizens of the Russian Federation (i.e. slaves).

I am terrified by such possible extra escalations in the ongoing global madness. But yes, there's some sense in which I could see such a takeover as desirable, too. The West is really de facto dead by now, the Westerners have proven that they're no longer capable of governing themselves and they're easily and quickly manipulated by the most pornographic rubbish as long as it's repeated 200 times in the "media", and e.g. Russia is a much better representative of the civilization scheme that has been considered Western for some time. So why shouldn't Russia recycle the resources that may still be resuscitated and that are otherwise going to be destroyed in the West's suicidal rituals in coming months or years?

Yes, I would love my country to be absorbed to the Russian Federation right now.

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