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Tragic suicides: viral hysteria as reverse natural selection

Millions of people will be miserable due to the economic hardship started by the irrational overreaction to the flu-like virus. Many will commit suicide. The victims of the societal responses may be basically divided to

* victims who were actually brainwashed by the hysteria
* people who like freedom and just can't withstand the shutdown and the choking of the normal life
* people who don't find their economic ruined life worth living

The first group includes e.g. an Italian nurse who contracted this glorified cold and felt so guilty – clearly due to the omnipresent hysteria – that she committed suicide in order to protect others. Did she disinfect herself so that her corpse doesn't infect someone when transferred? How did she do it?

To a lesser extent, another nurse (in the U.K.) who committed suicide may be counted in the first group although some "stress" of her work may be credited, too.

The third group isn't too different from "economic suicides" whose underlying reasons are diverse. This case only differs by a particular economic recession that was "intentionally" created by the media and the gullible people who were infected by the hysteria in the media.

It's clearly the second group that I find to be the most tragic one – that really makes me very upset. And Emily Owen is the victim whose death has deeply touched me.

The 19-year-old woman committed suicide which was "successful" after some delay in the hospital. One reason it is so shocking is that she was so young. Another is that she looked so stunning. She was a kind of a girl who works somewhere in the bar, who is prettier than almost all the winners of the Miss contests, but who keeps on living her low-key life.

And equally importantly, Emily Owen had her values clearly and correctly sorted. She told her sister that she was

very concerned about coronavirus itself but more concerned about the mental health impact of isolation and the fear of the unknown.
In her own message, Emily declared to be "unable to cope with her world closing in", with the isolation. Emily Owen wasn't just an angel visually; she actually cared about the human freedom and things that make the life worth living.

She was claimed to be an "intelligent autism sufferer". That's nice but it's really just a stigma that average people attach to some not-so-average ones in order to pretend that their mediocrity is a virtue. Surely this condition of Emily's wasn't a reason for death.

She had some (mean value) of 65 years ahead of her, and those were much more intense and useful (for her and others) years than those several years that the average Covid-19 fatality was expecting to live. If I multiply all the ratios, my estimate is that her premature death was a 100 times greater loss than the death of the average Covid-19 fatality (some 20 as a factor from the ratio of remaining lives; 5 from the ratio of these years' average "intensity"). Of course, the far left ideologues would love to ban even this kind of comparisons.

Instead, many of them – who are really co-responsible for her death – have launched a disgusting campaign claiming that she would have died, anyway, her life would have been a mess, and similar insulting and utterly fabricated vitriol. It is really disgusting especially because some of the same people deny that things like cancer and leukemia have actually played role in the death of the typical people counted as "Covid-19 victims". Note that only 12% of the Italian deaths (i.e. around 1,000 of them) are officially described as direct victims of the new virus.

I am sorry but Emily-style autism isn't a lethal problem while leukemia or cancer are lethal problems. If you get these two answers upside down, you're a lying pile of dirty mess.

The possibility that Emily Owen's decision could be a "role model" for many similar people terrifies me. In this scenario, mankind would enter a stage at which hysterical, freedom-hating people of the 4th and 5th quality categories will be de facto intentionally eradicating the most beautiful of souls – and some of the most beautiful faces, too.

The Covid-19 hysteria seems to be a welcome excuse for the low-quality jealous people to push the better people outside this world – and get away with it.

RIP, Emily. And please, everyone who sees herself as similar to Emily, don't forget that it's your duty to survive and fight a battle that is extremely important and that we will win.

And that's the memo.

P.S.: I want to mention another disgusting meme spread by the hysterical demagogic scum. A Virginian pastor and musician was one of the first fatalities of Covid-19 in his state (some people have suggested that someone could help him to die).

Tons of disgusting "media" celebrate his death because two weeks ago, he retweeted the widespread U.S. meme that in 2009, swine flu had a vastly greater number of cases and fatalities in the U.S. and the media treated it as a non-event. Covid-19 is mass hysteria. And now he's dead, isn't it great? A proof that the people who say that it's a mass hysteria are wrong and deserve to die?

No, it's not a proof of anything at all. The information value associated with this man's existence is exactly zero.

You know, at least 10% of the people – some 30 million people in the U.S. and 20 million Twitter users – have visibly expressed the unquestionably correct idea that the media's and society's reaction to the virus is mass hysteria. On Twitter, I could explicitly prove that there were at least 200,000 Americans who tweeted or retweeted a tweet with an equivalent content. (Just look at recent tweets with the words coronavirus & hysteria and they're just a tiny fraction of tweets with the equivalent content.)

Now, 1/5000 of the Americans (or Czechs) die of flu every year. So among these 30 million "Covid-19 denying" Americans and 20 million global Twitter "Covid-19 denying" users, you will find 6,000 or 4,000 people who will die of flu within a year (well, perhaps slightly more because the people nearing such death are less likely to share opinions or tweet).

As of today (or tomorrow), almost 1500 Americans have died of Covid-19 (with 85,000 cases, the U.S. is already the country with the highest number of cases). While it's vastly fewer than the annual victims of flu so far, that's already about 1/200,000 of the U.S. population, a tiny fraction but a nonzero fraction. Because I said that at least 200,000 American Twitter users have tweeted or retweeted at least one "Covid-19 is mass hysteria" tweet, it is a matter of basic statistics to see that "about one user or so" has both (re)tweeted a "Covid-19 is mass hysteria" tweet; and died of Covid-19. The probability that there is at least one such person is greater than 50% already now.

So the outcome that you may find such a person is a priori "more likely than not" to be true, so if you find such a person, the amount of "evidence supporting anything" is non-existent. I am sure that the pastor, who is supposedly in Heaven, still agrees with me that the widespread reaction to the virus is mass hysteria. His being a member of the unlucky set of the Covid-19 fatalities doesn't change anything about the validity of the statements that he retweeted.

It's terrible that so many people are eagerly devouring similar stuff in the media that is nothing else than hostile garbage whose only goal is to turn an increasing number of people into clueless, increasingly malicious, and hysterical imbeciles.

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