Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Unregulated Soros-aligned media pose an existential threat

Plans to shut down NYT, MSNBC, CNN, and similar garbage must be prepared

The U.S. media have worked very freely since the beginning and for decades, it has worked rather well and U.S. TV stations became the gold standard of the international media landscape. This freedom has contributed to many Americans' pride about their nation and its seemingly special relationship to freedom. However, especially in recent years, and from Trump's election as the U.S. president in particular, almost all these media have turned into nearly identical toxic cesspools that pump lies, garbage, and extremist propaganda to their viewers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) may be used as an explanation of these activities.

With their fair and balanced approach, the likes of Sean Hannity and Trish Regan have become exceptions in the media landscape that has been turned into a near-monopoly of lying hysterical imbeciles

These fake journalists and hacks have been emitting an uninterrupted sequence of overlapping, idiotic conspiracy theories about the Russia collusion, global warming, Ukraine scandals... and especially the coronavirus hysteria in recent weeks. What's bad is that tens of millions of Americans (and similar numbers of other nationals, of course) have turned into brain zombies who will just mindlessly buy anything that these media tell them to buy. $500 million over 327 million equals $1 million? Why not. It must be true because it's been said on those TV stations!

America can afford this stuff, freedom advocates normally say. A bunch of jerks who lie somewhere on TV doesn't threaten anyone's life or livelihood – because they can still be challenged by the good guys. A nice, optimistic statement. But is it true? Under certain conditions, it could have been true but the conditions matter and I am absolutely convinced that it is no longer true in the contemporary America. The bad guys in MSNBC etc. cannot realistically be challenged today because they have conquered a self-sustaining huge majority of the communication channels.

In the first year of Trump, a notorious billionaire transferred $18 billion to his disgusting political activism. It's the guy who made the first profit out of the Holocaust and the first huge profit by crippling the British currency. It's a guy who should have been executed for many decades and for many reasons. But we live in a world where this kind of influences is tolerated – and in the increasingly inflluential cesspools, lionized.

Try to estimate how many "journalists" may be turned into obedient enthusiastic promoters of lies and hateful conspiracy theories – about Trump who created the coronavirus, why not – for billions of dollars. It's really comparable to millions of lying trolls pretending to be journalists because those left-wing talking heads are among the cheapest sluts on Planet Earth. It is obvious that with a very evil man willing to pay lots of money, there are certain systemic dangers to the whole system.

Like other countries, the U.S. elects its president and representatives. But is this democracy genuine? It depends on the question whether the elected representatives actually control public affairs (or most of them). The loose union of MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, CNN, ... have become an alternative center of power, one that isn't really affected by any elections. And one may argue that the conditions have gotten so bad that they already have more power than the actual elected politicians.

The ongoing hysteria about the glorified cold is perhaps the best example of this ongoing systemic failure. When some information and policies are quickly evolving, it's important for the media to be used as tools to communicate the official vital information to the citizens. Because some people are alarmed by the glorified cold, it's natural that they need to hear news about the virus. What do they hear? Do they learn the truth about the situation and the recommendations?

Now, pretty much every important health official and almost all doctors agree that Covid-19 is extremely far from the end of the world. The official recommendation in the U.S. says that "the risk is low", people over 60 or so should think about their exposure and risks carefully, and young people should continue their lives normally. This is what you can hear from the U.S. Surgeon General, CDC, WHO, ministries of healthcare in all the countries except those where they have thousands of cases, as well as tons of actual professional medics.

But the union of the MSNBC and all those other villains have been capable to totally rewrite even this basic message, like "you should continue your life normally". Instead, they spread the meme "you should panic" to everyone they can and pretend that there is something official about it. The brainless zombies above plus some millions of other intermediate cases love to panic, switch to the survival mode, and they do so. They do so because the Soros-style lying media have effectively hijacked the stamp of being "official" from the governments and from the medical professionals. A lying clique of ideological, corrupt, and scientifically incompetent (and often inumerate) šitheads pretend that they're spokesmen for the medics, for science, for the governing bodies, and more.

These media promote asocial, destructive, and suicidal behavior, too. They spread the (mostly fabricated) memes about the panic buying which started, as a self-fulfilling prophesy of a sort. Instead of explaining why the panic buyers (of toilet paper, sanitizers, masks, pasta...) are irrational and asocial human trash, the filthy media are clearly happy that they helped to spread this disgusting behavior. They're not communicators of news anymore. They primarily have a political agenda and their goal is to make millions of people behave in a way that cripples and existentially endangers the U.S. and the whole civilization.

If there were some real need to communicate the official policies etc., this hijacking would threaten the survival of millions. But I think that even when it threatens a percent or two of the GDP, it's a huge problem that simply should be wrestled with. I am confident that Russia and maybe Hungary... and other countries would have already cracked down on the liars in the media who consistently deceive their viewers – because the government should control the government-related layer of the reporting in the media. Perhaps a journalist would disappear somewhere, he would commit suicide by stabbing his back 20 times, and so on.

We usually look at those "not quite Western" society with some disrespect. But when the stakes are high, it is obvious that malicious lies must be fought intensely. Trump knows why all the fake news media are bad but he is only talking. Meanwhile, this trash of the human society is acting. He needs to act, too. He needs to prepare some scenarios to shut down the NYT, MSNBC, CNN, and others, and perhaps declare them domestic terrorist organizations that need to be treated on par with the ISIS. His people need to think how to minimize the innocent people's losses when a skyscraper in Manhattan is bombed. And this is a hyperbole so far (too hard for me, we have hyperbola both for hyperbola and hyperbole in Czech LOL).

A bunch of lying scumbags who are pretty open about their desire to bring the U.S. economy to its knees (and they actually work on this plan 24 hours a day) – because they incorrectly believe it would strengthen them politically – surely deserve to be considered a domestic terrorist organization.

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