Tuesday, April 28, 2020

In California, medical expertise became heresy

Martin Kasík and JWSpry at Twitter have sent me the following 68-minute long video

(a BitChute backup here)
where Dr Dan Erickson and, to a lesser extent, another Californian doctor (Dr Artin Massihi) are explaining why it's unwise for California to be quarantined. They produce many conclusions based on the data, sometimes the data that were emerging in recent weeks, as well as some wisdom that I have called the "kindergarten basics of immunology".

They were presenting those ideas and data as genuine practical doctors who have worked with the Covid-19 patients.

The original copy of the video has attracted millions of viewers and was censored by the YouTube coronazis.

So of course, because they're scientifically literate, they end up with the same answers to the basic as well as "fresh but already clear" questions about Covid-19 as your humble correspondent, for example

* it has always been unwise (and people have never been crazy enough) to quarantine the healthy bulk of the population, it's only the sick who should be quarantined
* a healthy person's immunity system has to build itself up, so the quarantine (the lack of exposure to microorganisms and pathogens in the environment) is a bad thing for the health of a healthy person
* once many mild cases and the evolution of patients have been watched, we do see that by its case fatality rate and other quantities, Covid-19 is highly comparable to flu
* there is nothing wrong about the statement "it is analogous to flu" because flu also kills people, mostly immunocompromised and otherwise ill people, but sometimes also healthy and young people, and it is capable of filling the hospitals
* Covid-19 is treated as a special thing because (of illegitimate reasons and because) it seems new and new things produce fear but when doctors like Erickson and others are looking at those things closely, the disease ceases to be new and mysterious and the rationality may be and should be restored

But these guys are unlucky because they live in California where the true scientific expertise is heretical whenever it was labeled as politically sensitive. And almost everything has been labeled politically sensitive in California. Almost every piece of scientific knowledge is politically incorrect in California these days.

When they explain their conclusions and basics of immunology, you may hear obnoxious, hysterical, dishonest, whining SJW bullies with their comments such as
You are such heretics! How can you dare to say such politically incorrect things e.g. "there should be no lockdown". How can you oppose all the best physicians in the world who are in the consensus that we get to place billions of healthy people into cages and cripple the world economy, the civilization, and their lives in order to save lives etc.?
I just can't stand this lying subhuman trash, its very existence on this planet drives me up the wall, and if I had legally impeccable tools to liberate this planet from this toxic trash, I would probably do so without hesitation.

So it's exactly the other way around, lying toxic SJW šit. Everyone who is scientifically illiterate and everyone who has become a professional "liar for a greater good" is ready to parrot absurd claims that the lockdown is a good idea, hiding is a good thing for one's immunity system, empirically unverified slogans such as "this is good to save lives" must be placed above everything else, including tens of millions of jobs, and so on.

These two guys are extremely polite so when an SJW šithead added "Fauci" as one of those alleged superbrains, they responded by saying that Fauci was a great capacity – who was just living in an ivory tower, segregated from actual patients in recent 20 years, and he doesn't have the data. But sorry, those things matter for one's being an actual expert in the given field and Fauci simply isn't a good expert anymore. He is a politically motivated puppet serving the interests of some truly toxic community of creatures.

If I measure my adrenaline level that refuses to drop an hour after I saw the treatment of Dr Erickson and his pal by the extremist SJW scum, I wonder how I could have possibly lived for 2 times 6 months in California, a place where this scum is omnipresent and feels extremely self-confident. But I guess that it was a different era when things weren't as bad yet.

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