Friday, May 01, 2020

Elon Musk, a rare CEO who cares about freedom

When I returned from a trip, Steven S. told me that Elon Musk had had a meltdown. Maybe. But in the recent hour, I "liked" a greater number of Elon Musk's tweets than in the previous history of the Universe combined. And he may be the only one among the CEOs who "gets it", as I will explain below.

OK, his GF Grimeš is mad at him and she is expecting his baby on Monday. He plans to sell almost all his physical possessions, including all the houses (worth $100 million in total at this moment). Physical possessions only drag you down. Things that you own end up owning you, as a character stated in a movie. If you buy Gene Wilder's old house, you must protect it and its historical authenticity, however.

Whether Elon was high or not, he also managed to sing the U.S. anthem. I could sing the U.S. anthem five years before I learned the basic English words. I didn't understand what I was singing but it was right. Who taught me that? Well, the speech emulator at Commodore 64. It's pretty remarkable to realize that in the mid 1980s, we could have been impressed that a home computer was capable of emulating human speech so that one could slightly understand it! ;-)

You know that I have trouble with Elon Musk's heavily overpriced company – by a factor of 100-1000. The factor has surely increased due to the lockdown and the reduced demand for luxurious products such as his electric cars in the poorer world that we are entering right now. But you know what? Musk has made a great confession. He may know that Tesla is overpriced, too:

The Tesla stock immediately reacted by dropping some 10%. He may really push the price wherever he wants! ;-) If Elon Musk is trying to buy my heart, he is doing it very well today.

When he sells all of his physical possessions and houses, he only wants to serve two of his favorite planets, Earth and Mars. Everything may look strange to an ordinary person. You may say that he is high (drunk could fail to be enough) and maybe he is. You might say that his account has been hacked (and I can imagine that he doesn't have any 2-step verification and stuff like that).

But the original cause behind all these tweets may also be Coronazism. Just like a huge number of "rightwingers" have completely failed and began to support Coronazism while spreading hysteria that sometimes makes Greta Thunberg look like a reasonable girl in comparison, Elon Musk is one of the rare, opposite, pleasant surprises.

His support for freedom against "fascism" is surprising given the fact that many of his fans are extreme leftists such as the green whackos who bought Tesla in order to "fight against the climate change". At this level, his attitude to Coronazism is surprising. But if you have been observing details, you must have noticed that Musk and his fans aren't the same kind of people. They greatly differ in many ways. (The same comment applied to Obama and his fans.)

Musk is still a playful 5-year-old boy who wants to do lots of weird things (and make many "ordinary boys' dreams" come true), create his own car, flamethrower, terraform his planet, and all this stuff. He is also a man who isn't afraid to walk on the rope of illegal acts – and in my opinion, several feet beyond the rope of illegal acts. That's a problem from my viewpoint but there is some spontaneity behind all these traits. And this spontaneity totally depends on his positive relationship to freedom.

So Musk likes freedom and is ready to say things that are unpopular with his fans (and, perhaps less importantly, other people). Most of his fans are Coronazis at this point – and the hysteria and the support for stay-at-home orders has become the new minimal requirement of the political correctness, a PC meme that lots of people formerly known as "rightwingers" have joined as well. Well, even most of the Americans are Coronazis right now and I am pretty sure that the percentage of them among those who have been Musk's fans is even higher than in the general population. At any rate, he has used harsh (and totally justified) words and expletives to describe the lockdowns.

He has been a billionaire and he has surely implicitly or explicitly agreed with the point that capitalism – and attention paid to one's assets – is a natural manifestation of the individual freedom in the modern world. (Look at an Irish Bolshevik at who pictures Musk as a fairy-tale villain because of these undoubtedly positive traits.) But when he gets high and/or undergoes some spiritual conversion, he may also sell all his houses and possessions and become a monk on Mars and Earth. That decision is also possible because of his freedom – and that's a value that matters.

It is terrifying that the number of people in business who are ready to cleanly root for freedom is so low in Spring 2020. Who is the second guy? It is disappointing that I must write a fudging blog post praising someone who is really at least a borderline criminal. But it is the current reality. Mankind has degenerated so insanely that Elon Musk is the only well-known CEO in the world who unambiguously supports freedom against Coronazism.

I may have to start to look for a house on Mars to rent – because I don't want to own it, either. ;-) But I am just too annoyed to share the same planet with billions of people whom I despise.

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