Saturday, May 02, 2020

Have I had a Covid finger?

I believe that a large portion of the citizens of the Western civilization have been exposed to the virus (and that's the true main reason why the disease is disappearing in many countries).

This opinion is confirmed by numerous immunity surveys that have found Covid-19 antibodies in "dozens of percent" of people in many suburbs, districts, or small nations (Santa Clara, Heinsberg, Iran, and many others). Czechia has been spared but I believe that the percentage of immune people is also between 5 and 25 percent here and the fatalities are tiny mainly because the masks guarantee the low doses for almost all of us. We will get an estimate of this number from the Czech government's "measurement of herd immunity".

For this reason, it's not unreasonable to ask whether I have had Covid-19 as well. Well, I've had some opportunities to catch it, like when I bought several kebabs (with a discount) from a local Bangladesh-born dude in March and April etc. (Twitter search helpfully reveals that I bought my first quarantine-era kebab on April 2nd in the evening, it would be rather normal 4 days to symptoms.) Since January 10th to mid February, I also had a slightly painful left shoulder. It was feeling similar to a mild fracture and I have also seen that it could be a possible Covid symbol. I wasn't even capable of figuring out whether it was muscles, joints, or bones... In the winter, I've had some signs of sensitive bones (lack of vitamin D and sunshine) – two floorball broken bones in 10 years.

This is a photograph from the New York Times, not mine! Mine was 1 ring finger on the right hand and milder and prettier. ;-)

But today in the morning, this picture randomly appeared in front of me on Twitter. The New York Times says that this symptom is an emerging new fingerprint of Covid-19, indicating a healthy reaction of the immune system. These hints were already discussed at two weeks ago.

Well, because I was talking about it and I wrote about it to a friend in an e-mail on April 10th, I know exactly when I got this "Covid finger" on the ring finger of my right hand. It was Monday, April 6th, in the evening, after I was swimming in the Great Bolevec Pond during the day (cold water but OK enough for me; I haven't taken a bath outside in April for decades, if ever: the national quarantine turned out to be an optimal stimulator for that). I blamed the reaction in the finger to the bath in some way, perhaps to some bacteria in the pond.

The Bolevec pond (530,000 squared meters, a dominant outside mostly natural place for the Pilsner folks to swim) is extremely clear and transparent these days. About a meter of water is missing relatively to the normal levels that I remember, however. I tried to lobby for filling the pond (and many similar reservoirs in Czechia!) with drink water. It would only cost $1.5 million for those 500,000 cubic meters, even if the city hall paid the full price of the drink water. The Pilsner Water Company has spare capacity that could fill the pond within a month or two, I was told by spokesmen of that company! Clearly, if Czechia is losing water (which is not shocking for a landlocked country in the middle of a continent that has outgoing rivers only, more or less), it's mainly due to rivers (the water in the air goes in and out randomly and we can't influence it much because we can't command wind and rain), so we must take the water from rivers (which otherwise flows to seas which aren't dry yet LOL) and store it in our landscape! ;-)

Most people who whine about the Czech drought don't seem to get this simple point. They think that using lots of drink water for the pond (or even to fill your well!) would be "wasting water" but it is the exact opposite, this is how we could save water from wasting (flowing to Germany through Prague, in this case). Whenever there is a spare capacity in the water companies that take the water from rivers, it should be used!

Back to the inflammations.

The finger was really swollen, around the cuticle, and it looked almost like the picture of the toes from The New York Times (the ring finger is also the most affected there, although it is a foot). The pressure was rather intense so I picked a needle and milked some liquid from that place. It could have been several milliliters in total – which I got out through a small hole. You may want to understand my physiology with a millimeter precision now. ;-) So I made a hole on the side of the ring finger that is closer to the middle finger.

The liquid was almost pure water, a little bit yellow. It could have been April 7th or 8th. A day later, I made the hole again and got a much more intense yellow liquid or suppuration, maybe energized by the oregano oil. The finger started to do clearly better around April 10th when I decided not to plan for an imminent death. ;-)

To a lesser extent, the swollen ring finger returned some two weeks later, I don't have the exact date in this case. About April 20th. It was mostly on the side that hadn't been milked, i.e. closer to the little finger, and I milked a smaller amount of the plasma or whatever it should be called from that place. There is still some trace of a swollen ring finger.

This finger has never been swollen this clearly. On the other hand, it was the finger that always had a higher tendency to swell (and where the skin sometimes tore too easily when the fingernail of the left hand scratched it etc.). I think it is this exact finger which was used for some blood tests, vaccinations or whatever decades ago. I do believe that the hysteria makes many people think that they have Covid although they have none. On the other hand, this case could be different ;-) and I do think that many people have the Covid-19 immunity by now. So have I joined the club?

If this is "it" and I am immune and the trouble is over, then I would have to tell you that it was a far less troubling "disease" than the average common cold (let alone flu)! Covid-19 doesn't fill your nose, except for some 5% of cases, and the runny nose could be due to another virus in those cases, anyway. Nobody knows for sure. A swollen finger is annoying and hurtful but it wasn't too painful, I could probably live with it (I was removing the liquid not because I couldn't live with the modest pain but because I wanted a quicker fix for a cosmetic problem), and it didn't really limit me substantially.

If I die of this inflammation and/or Covid-19, you are of course free to make fun out of me, like of the Virginia pastor who mocked Covid-19 which has killed him. Even if I died, there would be no reason to recant anything I have written about the disease and the people's reaction to it!

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