Thursday, May 21, 2020

Satoši or pal just moved BTC 50 mined in 2009

Some Christians are waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Similarly, some fans of the Bitcoin expect Satoši to return – a somewhat scary event because he claims to own one million coins.

Finally, hours ago, BTC 50 mined on February 9th, 2009, about one month after Bitcoin were live, were moved to 2 new wallets, as 40 (an old-format address where they keep on sitting) plus 10 (going to a mixer to obfuscate the flows), after whopping 11 years:
One month is a rather short time and it is very likely that the mover is either Satoši Nakamoto or someone who knows him.

The funds are just half a million dollars now but it's important where they moved from.

Also: The address linked to above is one of the 16,000 addresses claimed to be a part of the Satoši trust by Craig Wright, the main self-described Satoši Nakamoto. He delivered that list under oath. If someone else moved the coins, it could be a proof of perjury. And too bad, it's looking bad for him because Wright has already claimed that he didn't move those BTC 50.

(Wright updated his report on the movement: the tulip trust list with this wallet was just approximate, he says, and the court already has a sealed updated list where this address is absent.)

On the other hand, he could also be a real owner of all those coins – and in that case, there are about a million more Bitcoin he waits to move. In such a scenario, it's likely that he would be forced to move the coin, after a de facto proof that either he can control them or he is lying that he is the owner. Some of the money could be immediately needed to pay his legally valid commitments to the courts or the Kleiman estate.

I think that most of the Bitcoin fans wanted Satoši to be dead by now or to have moved back to his foreign galaxy. But it seems that Satoši or someone who was mining in the first month is alive and kicking. ;-)

To avoid misunderstandings, this event isn't quite unique at a decadal scale. In 2015 and 2017, BTC 50 from nearby early 2009 wallets were moved, too. But it's often claimed that only 3 people knew about the Bitcoin in February 2009, Satoshi, Hal Finney (died 2014), and Martti Malmi who denies this uniqueness.

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