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"Stay at home" switched to "looting is justified" in a blink of an eye

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Lots of people – maybe a majority, maybe not – still take the media such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times seriously. They behave according to these fake journalists' instructions. I am amazed by the staggering stupidity and immorality of those sheep. It isn't possible for me to have any significant respect to these people.

Before the coronavirus hysteria was put in place, these sheep would happily consume several "big stories" such as the climate hysteria, Australian bushfires, Russiagate, and several more. All of these stories have always been hysterically exaggerated and distorted as if they were arguments against the civilization, right-wingers, and/or Donald Trump in person. In reality, most of those stories were untrue and those that were true were relatively unimportant and surely unrelated to Donald Trump. E.g. the Australian bushfires were at most events of regional importance.

In February, these media were reprogrammed to spread the (most likely) greatest hysteria in the history of mankind. And they succeeded, indeed. Hundreds of millions of people began to be afraid of a slightly new flu-like disease. For the first time in the history of civilization, the healthy majority "quarantined itself" and suicidally suspended most of the human interactions and something like 50% of the economic activity.

The media were repetitively spreading would-be "important news" that weren't important at all – like "the official number of infections in the territory XY has just surpassed this or that round number"; but they also failed to spread news that actually mattered and they failed to ignite the discussions and research that were desirable.

The lousy quality of this would-be journalism was obvious in all topics you can think of. In late January, my first text on Covid was I don't believe that this Covid-19 coronavirus is new (the term "Covid-19" was inserted later for these articles to be found by a simple search). The media should have investigated where the disease came from and whether it was really new, as China claimed, but they didn't. It took several months for this question to appear – when it was already clear that the disease must have existed at least from autumn 2019.

As of today, journalists have made virtually no contribution to answering the question whether the virus is natural, artificial, or something in between.

Another topic: The East Asians were exploiting their face mask culture. Whole yellow nations were wearing face masks in public – and it is these nations that had a much smaller number of deaths per capita. In the West, this characteristic difference remained almost unnoticed for several months. The very discussion about this innocent policy seemed to be taboo. Thankfully, a semi-independent nation of Czechs ignored those "global recommendations" saying that the masks didn't matter and we introduced them in mid March.

A month or two later, the same people who were shouting at you that "you shouldn't even dare to mention that face masks could suppress the contagion" were almost killing you in the park if you didn't have a mask.

The list of similar examples goes on and on and on. On March 29th, I noticed that some pioneers proposed a very important theory: the viral doses matter for the severity of the disease. This has obvious implications: hospitals and households under the lockdown probably produce higher doses, and are making things worse; and face masks are at least reducing the doses, so they make the disease milder if it occurs at all.

Such a fundamental question should clearly be resolved and investigated. It is natural to expect a focus on it, especially if many of the media outlets dedicated 24/7 to the coronavirus hysteria. But the viral doses remained taboo in the "mainstream" media, too.

Exactly two full months after my blog post, The New York Times published their first story announcing that the viral doses probably matter, indeed. They still seem unable to deduce the obvious consequences for the right policymaking, something that we discussed right away in March.

OK, right now, the hysteria is no longer sustainable. Everyone has understood that the lockdowns ignited by the hysteria about this cousin of a common cold were the most costly self-inflicted injury that the human societies have ever caused to themselves. Those who were primarily responsible for the hysteria won't ever admit what a terrible thing they have done – they know that they deserve many years in prison if not death penalty for that crime.

Nations are reopening their economies, unlocking their borders, abandoning face masks etc. – even though the number of new infections and deaths per day is pretty much exactly the same as when these restrictions were being introduced! The medical situation with the Wuhan flu hasn't really improved. Instead, what has changed is the degree of the hysteria. It is simply no longer sufficient to keep the nations at home and preserve the suicidal anti-economic policies.

But the manipulative and unhinged "mainstream" media still need to shout about something, right? Happily enough for them, a black guy died during an arrest. For several days, I didn't know who "George Floyd" was. His memory was being discussed; I thought he was another Martin Luther King or something of the sort. Finally, I figured out that it was the name of the black guy who paid with a counterfeit $20 banknote, was arrested, and resisted during that arrest. In combination with some medical conditions etc., it led to his death. Yes, I think it is crazy to even repeat the unimportant name of the black guy many times a day.

Racial hysteria erupted in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other cities with a lot of blacks. Surely such an unhappy death must be interpreted racially, the "mainstream" media assure everybody. Give me a break. The cops had to be assertive because he couldn't have been tamed without that – and if there is some link with the black guy's blackness, it's mainly the fact that blacks are simply much more likely to appear in similar situations (pay with counterfeit banknotes, be non-cooperative during arrest etc.). That's not a fault of any cops or whites!

CNN and similar nasty demagogues were celebrating the street violence. It's surely "understandable", they were announcing at many places. Of course there was quite some justice when the exterior design of the CNN's headquarters in Atlanta was demolished by the very same angry and violent mob that the CNN has previously praised.

But what's amazing is how this renewed topic of "violent relationships between the races" almost completely replaced the "stay at home" orders. "Stay at home" was sold as the most important thing that the stupid hybrids of sheep and parrots were led to parrot. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it doesn't seem to matter at all that huge masses of these angry blacks are accumulating in the streets and spitting on each other and everyone else. The quarantine was the most important thing since the Big Bang just days earlier – but now it is the blacks' anger against the evil whites that trumps everything else including the coronavirus threat! Look at CNN dot COM or MSNBC dot COM and compare their "narrative" to what it was just a week earlier.

Everyone who isn't disgusted by this nasty and transparent manipulation and everyone who joins the insane attempts to spin any of these events in an anti-Trump direction fails to be a full-blown human being. For me and any decent person, your flesh is on par with pork.

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