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Twitter's censors have finally made Trump angry

Many of us were often shocked by the censorship that the Silicon Valley companies seem to enforce globally. Donald Trump has sort of agreed with us but it seemed obvious that he wouldn't ever act.

Well, I think that it is no longer so obvious. What was needed was some harm done to Trump's ego; he needed to be personally absorbed into this fight. Well, two days ago, Twitter introduced a new policy: it decided to label politically inconvenient messages by disparaging labels. And it has quickly tried this new policy against the most popular victim of this harassment, the U.S. president.

This tweet and its followup was decorated by an anonymous troll who works for Twitter: the addition to this tweet (and its followup) said something like "orange man bad, check the progressive truth about the mail-in ballots". And the "truth" said that Trump had to be wrong for some reasons. I think that the embarrassing label was already erased.

Incidentally, it seems absolutely obvious that Trump is right about the mail-in ballots. It's a giant opportunity for election fraud. This procedure may be as rigged and fake as "online learning" and "online seminars" during the coronavirus hysteria. Almost these "online things" are just excuses for redundant people who no longer learn anything and who no longer work – designed to pretend that everything is still right and they should still be paid although it is not the case.

It is similar with mail-in ballots. When people come to a room and throw an envelope into a box, an act that is watched by many (from both parties), the potential for fraud is almost non-existent. But a mail-in ballot that arrives from hundreds or thousands of miles away, thanks to many non-transparent postmasters or other people in the middle, that's a different thing.

Incidentally, the loser has linked to some text saying "there is no evidence that mail-in ballots produce more fraud than regular votes". Well, that's really the point! People are choosing to do fraud especially in situations where it is unlikely that they will be caught! So the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence. And in some sense, it may really be the evidence of presence!

OK, at any rate, it was obvious that Trump's tweets contradicted the interests of the political cesspool that is connected to the contemporary, stinky, postmodern U.S. Democratic Party. And that's why these filthy leftists who keep Twitter hostage – against the will of real shareholders, a set that often includes me – were so eager to sling mud at the tweets.

But you know, actions sometimes (if not always) lead to reactions, a Newton's description of the momentum conservation law, and Trump could quickly publish something else:

He's on the same frequency. The naughty behavior of these Silicon Valley centralized trolls – who have become operatives working for left-wing parties, NGOs, and similar junk – has to be regulated away or these companies have to be liquidated. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg quickly realized that Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey started to play an existentially dangerous game (which poses risks to other social networks as well) and sensibly mentioned that "social networks shouldn't be the arbiters of truth". Dorsey, an obnoxious leftist, obviously thinks that he or his anonymous losers-employees should be the new arbiters of truth, so he claimed that "Twitter didn't act as an arbiter of truth, just someone who tells you where you should look for the officially Twitter-declared truth!". ;-) OK, that's called "an arbiter of truth".

Twitter is maneuvering itself into a trap. When they apply these new rules about the labeling "clearly inconsistently", e.g. when they fail to sling similar mud at some Chinese spokesmen and officials (and indeed, there are increasing signs that these Silicon Valley companies are pußies working for the Chinese Communist Party instead), they may quickly be identified as publishers and liquidated because they're responsible for lots of falsehoods and libels that are posted on their servers.

Whether Twitter's Goebbelsian labels are "a violation of the free speech" may be debated. It is surely not a violation in some very narrow understanding of "what speech must exist"; on the other hand, it is surely a violation of the broader idea of "free speech". These big Silicon Valley companies are the de facto modern replacements for the street, public spaces that every promoter of ideas is dependent on, and when they are filtering what is allowed there, they are acting as a government controlling these public spaces, and (whether or not it calls itself a government) this kind of a government violates the First Amendment and similar pro-free-speech constitutional laws.

But even if we decided that "the free speech isn't violated" because "they are nothing like the government, despite their monopoly", I don't think that it changes the conclusion. It's still true that the behavior of these left-wing trolls at Twitter is unacceptable. The point is that the Twitter code allows any information to be published by basically everyone, and it's what's happening most of the time, and that's why it could have been naturally used by the U.S. president and many others as their primary tool of communication.

So Trump is using Twitter as his official information tool and some trolls at the Twitter HQ – or maybe at a very different place where this dirty work was outsourced – are vandalizing the official statements by the president of the United States of America, the most powerful man (and indeed person, too) on Earth. Surely in many countries of the world, that would be enough for the physical removal of those who are responsible for this vandalism. The U.S. government doesn't normally remove the people in this way but it's still wrong for someone to vandalize the official communication of the White House – and it's right for the person or persons who do this vandalism or who encourage it to face rather severe consequences.

The official view of the U.S. is that the mail-in ballots are a bad idea for 2020 because they represent a huge risk of election fraud. If someone makes it look like the official view is something completely different, then he is actively sabotaging the connection between the U.S. government and its constituents and it is a sort of a terrorist activity – just like when an Islamic terrorist organization bombs an antenna in New York. I added the word "actively" because it's important – the default behavior of the software is that the tweets are freely posted, anything else requires "an active harmful intervention" by an employee.

One way to understand why Twitter's behavior is unacceptable is to realize that they're secretively suppressing or "discriminating against" huge groups of users without warning these users in advance, when they create their accounts. It could be OK if this were the official policy and if Twitter's contract with the user told you
Twitter is also a political organization working to promote left-wing lies and the interest of human trash that believes in the global warming delusions, favors the political correctness, multiculturalism, and similar pathologies, dislikes Donald Trump, and a network of servers that will harass and complicate the life of every tweet that is considered inconvenient for this far left trash and all the users who post this inconvenient truth.
This is clearly what is actually happening in many cases. The problem is that the users aren't being warned about this aspect of the "Twitter product". Instead, Twitter pretends to treat different political groups and nations equally – which is a lie and because it has tangible consequences linked to Twitter's business and the business of its users, this lie may be said to be a fraudulent business activity – just like when companies sell water as a priceless cure for a disease. Twitter has simply deceived tens of millions of people by persuading them that they could use the server in the same effective way as the leftists – but it isn't the case. It's fraud. It is simply not true that some narrow "violation of free speech" is the only conceivable "serious sin" that these companies are doing.

Another issue that we should realize is that whether or not someone likes this fact or not, some of the stuff posted at Twitter becomes important and valuable – perhaps more valuable than the code that the Twitter servers operate – and no one, not even Twitter, may really "destroy" things at will. The "right to destroy" something that was clearly created by someone else is a very subtle "right" and if this "right" exists, there must be some clear rules. If everything may be "destroyed" just because it doesn't fit into the idiotic world view of the contemporary far left, this fact simply must be written and clearly written in the contract that Twitter has with its users.

"Twitter is only safe for usage by far left-wing trash." Because this sentence isn't there, Twitter is deceiving and robbing tens of millions of people and it needs to be held accountable for this fraud.

Update: Trump is preparing an executive order to deal with this serious problem.

Somebody claims to possess the leaked draft. Here is the full text of the draft. Well, Section 230 will be reviewed. Also, amazingly, another part of Trump's draft should exactly realize the idea I sketched above: the complaints about the anti-conservative bias should go to the FTC which may find "unfair or deceptive business practices". That's exactly the right attitude. Trump also wants the government to stop spending on ads in these companies.

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