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July 1st: end of nationwide Covid restrictions in CZ

Czechia had some kind of a lockdown since March 12th, before there was any "fatality with Covid" in the country. On March 18th, after just 3 days in which the experimental "face mask meme" spread to many corners of the Czech society, we became the first white nation with mandatory and omnipresent face masks (many of which were homemade at the beginning). In late March – which was arguably the peak of Covid hysteria – the percentage of Czechs who walked outside with face masks exceeded 98%.

Yo Yo Band: Karviná, 1993, an extremely famous post-Velvet-Revolution song. In the most recent week, the miners' town of Karviná in Northeast Czechia (well, Moravian Silesia) became "our closest proxy to Bergamo", beating the "cases per capita" in other towns by orders of magnitude, but still at negligible levels. [Accidentally, I just had a call with a woman in Karviná who wanted my electricity to be moved to Innogy LOL.]

For some six weeks since March 12th, many shops and almost all restaurants were closed. Some factories including Škoda Auto were shut down for a month or so. During these six weeks, it was gradually becoming more certain that the number of newly infected Czechs was dropping (the statistical significance of this proposition was going up). The hysteria was correspondingly fading away during April. In late April, a 5-stage plan to reopen Czechia began. First, small shops were opened, restaurants could be opened in the takeaway regime, some sports activities were allowed etc. Things looked really good so the 5th stage was sped up and merged with the 4th stage which was in late May (instead of June 8th as initially planned). For more than a month, we didn't have to wear any masks outside.

Appeasement towards unhinged leftists may be a bigger mistake than in 1938

The Cultural Revolution in the U.S. has accelerated. Aside from the liquidation of statues including the presidents such as Wilson, Roosevelt, Jackson, and even Lincoln, the "revolutionaries" have abolished the flag of Mississippi, are planning to ban the U.S. anthem and the name of John Wayne from an airport in the Orange County, have erased some of the most famous images and labels on the U.S. food products, and performed an incredible new Stalinist surge on the big Internet servers. Similar and increasingly bad events are happening almost every day.

Just yesterday, within several hours, Reddit deleted the forum The Donald which had 1 million users who were rather essential for Trump's 2016 victory; Amazon-owned Twitch deleted Trump's own account (it's a server for posting conversations in the video format); and YouTube has banned Stefan Molyneux, a prominent Canadian centrist philosopher who had 1 million subscribers and 650 million views, aside from many others. In fact, the number of banned YouTube accounts was 20,000 just yesterday; it is clearly in the Stalin's category.

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Madmen at Princeton remove Wilson from a school, everything

Burning of the bridges has arrived to universities, Czech media informed us in the morning. The stated reason: "He was a racist", of course. The Wilson's School of Public and International Affairs has to be renamed, a board of unwise fat cats has voted.

Prague's main train station, the station of president Wilson. The second part of the name was the main name in 1945-1948 and since 1989, it is considered an "honorary name" that is only used during historical and official events.

Needless to say, the school was a perfect match for Wilson's name because he's done a lot to create a modern world based on redefined public and international affairs. While many Republicans may be annoyed that he greatly contributed to the rise of the "Big Government" in the U.S., and I understand how they feel, the Czechoslovak Republicans among us appreciate that Wilson was a de facto co-founder of Czechoslovakia, and that's the main reason why Czechs and Slovaks celebrate him.

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SJWs murdered modern Czechia's most famous martyr 70 years ago

Her name was Milada Horáková...

Exactly 10 years ago, I wrote a blog post about the 60th anniversary of the most famous judicial murder in the modern Czech history. You may also watch this 5-minute-long video summary in English.

Even though my former colleague Albert Einstein wrote a letter to the first Czechoslovak working-class president and alcoholic Klement Gottwald (just like Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, and many others), Gottwald kickstarted her execution by his signature. She wrote a very touching letter to her daughter and other relatives, resisted for 15 minutes on the rope, but ultimately she surrendered and was hanged. Mr Mrnka recorded the movie about her in 2017; it probably isn't too deep and personal a movie. (The film director Mr Mrnka didn't get any money from the Czech pro-film government institutions, Czech billionaires, and others, all of them had some complaints or excuses: only Netflix said Yes at the end. An Israeli actress starred as Horáková.)

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Stunning dishonesty behind the "second wave" fake news

While Czechia has apparently restored its sanity completely and the last traces of the Covid-hysterical era should be removed on July 1st (e.g. face masks in the public transportation), and even the hexupling of the percentage of the positive tests isn't changing much about it (from 0.5% at the lows to about 3% now; epidemiologists do manage to preserve the realistic image of the elevated number of "cases" as a measure of irrelevant local outbreaks that are wrestled with locally), the U.S. fake news media have apparently decided that they have the power to start the second wave of the coronavirus hysteria in the country.

(That wave has already started in Australia, because of 1 "Covid" deaths after more than a month: 1,000 soldiers are visiting every house in Victoria and lots of people even restarted the crazy punic buying, holy crap.)

Open CNN.COM now and you will see a huge headline "US sees record number of new Covid-19 cases". What a news story. The U.S. is doing many more tests so of course a larger absolute number of them end up positive. It seems very clear by now that this filth wanted to increase the number of tests just in order to be "able" to create these fraudulent headlines. The actual disease is obviously much weaker in the U.S. than it was some two months ago.

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If many ETs exist, they have diverse characters and political views

But it is still true that SJW-like and similarly pathological species get extinct soon

A week ago, under a SETI article, the discussion evolved towards a widespread theme in the extraterrestrial discussions: What behavior can be expected from the ETs? Are they predators? Are they shy? Are they downright cowards? Do they favor equality? ;-) There are lots of questions of this kind. As the title indicates, the main message of this text is the answer "it depends" or:

Among many ET species or civilizations, there will be a big diversity of behavioral patterns, moral characters and personalities, and political views.
Can I prove it? I can't. Sociology of ETs isn't as rigorous as mathematics. Well, as you know, it isn't even as rigorous as physics. To make things worse by several levels, it's less rigorous than social sciences about humans. It's much more speculative because the existence of the ETs is just a possibility, not a fact.

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Redistributed money is the outsourced power to decide

And that's why I don't want the money to be redistributed to less refined people

European and other countries are capable of feeding all their citizens. One may nicely survive with $200 for food per month and even the most modest welfare systems give much more to the people who can't earn more by themselves. The governments may also provide everyone with some housing and other existentially needed things. My point is that a vast majority of the money we produce is "excess production" and goes to some kind of "non-minimal if not luxurious things". It has been the case at least for decades.

As a rightwinger, I think it's ideal when almost all the money is left in the pockets of the people who earned it and who can decide what to do. Some portion of the money is redistributed. Police, armies, courts, and a few other things undoubtedly represent the most important things that are paid from the public budgets (and all the people who want to abolish the police are dangerous psychopaths). In reality, various social programs swallow much more than that.

It's clear to me that the construction of several state-of-the-art big projects that do something new, like some cutting-edge space research or the largest synchrotron (or a bunch of other pure science projects), belong to the most exciting, most justified, and most permanent ways to spend the concentrated taxpayer money. What is good about them is that they are supposed to produce visible results – and in the case of colliders, I emphasize that the collider itself (with maps of collisions) is visible, one doesn't need a new particle. People's energy is concentrated to do something that may be admired and that may even have a lasting value.

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Why I don't believe that a Bitcoin puzzle was honestly solved

...And why you need to assume that everyone in the cryptoworld is lying to your eyes unless you have a rigorous proof indicating otherwise...

Especially a month ago or so, I spent roughly "a dozen of hours" or perhaps "dozens of hours" by the "Bitcoin halving puzzle". If you successfully extracted 12 words (in the right order, each from the list of 2048 English BIP39 words), you could unlock a Bitcoin (basic Segwit, 84/0/0/...) wallet and send a modest amount of money, around $500, to your Bitcoin wallet. Recall that in the cryptocurrency world, knowing the private key is equivalent to "possessing the funds" because the private key is necessary and sufficient to sign messages "I want to send BTC XY from that wallet to some particular other wallet".

I previously wrote three blog posts and up to yesterday, I didn't know the central question "whether there was a chance for me or a typical 'you' to solve it". The puzzle was announced as solved yesterday and the money was taken by an alleged Pogo or Elron V. Hubbard who wrote a perfectionist solution. It was the last day before the contest would be ended, and a few hours after some nontrivial but not decisive final hints were posted by the author of the puzzle, Logic Beach (allegedly astrophysicist Herman Falker).

Now I feel almost certain that I couldn't have solved it even after years (good that I completely stopped "working" on it a few weeks ago, and advised the same to E.T.) – and while I am less certain about the following claim, I also think that no other person on Earth except for the creator could have solved it "completely".

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Libya: rooting for Egypt to beat Turkey

Egyptian president al-Sisi has advertised his opinion that Egypt (Northeast of Africa) has the right to visit Libya, its Western neighbor, and bring order to the country (the most well-known temporary would-be government of Libya, GNA, seems unable to do the basic things, not to mention that they are Turkey-funded and UN-supported jihadists who deserve their 72 virgins to be shoved down their aß). Al-Sisi thinks that he has the support of many other countries. He surely has the support of your humble correspondent. Like in 2017, I believe that Egypt still enjoys the support of the Visegrád countries.

I just keep on approximately watching the evolution of some countries and I believe that Egypt is doing well, at least comparably well as it did during Mubarak's rule, and it is also behaving decently towards European and other countries (unlike Turkey). As a PFNonwovens (textile) stockholder, I even think that Egypt guarantees good enough conditions for the Western business. Also, I greatly appreciated Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian telco billionaire, who threatened to commit suicide if the insane lockdown continued.

See some relevant battlefront maps.

Now, Libya has 1.7 million squared kilometers and is much larger than Egypt at 1.0 million and Turkey at 0.8 million. According to population, Libya is an empty country (they don't have the Nile). It has less than 7 million while Turkey has 82 million and Egypt, the most populous country of the Arab world, has 98 million. Somewhat unfortunately, Turkey is the wealthiest country of the three and our NATO "ally". On the other hand, not that I would be a fan of that kingdom, Saudi Arabia stands on Egypt's side. And France (a NATO member) seems to back anti-jihadist General Haftar and stand against Turkey, too. More secretly, Israel is behind Haftar, too. Add Russia, Emirates, and Greece to the coalition.

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Why \(\pi\neq 3.1446\)

Despite the absence of any university (or liberal high school) education, a friend of mine is very intelligent and kind of educated. Even when I am rather keen on e.g. a portion of organic chemistry, it seems obvious to me that he actually knows it better than I do. But one of his favorite discoveries on the web is this

Harry Lear's page about an alternative value of \(\pi\)
which claims that all mathematicians are wrong and the actual value of \(\pi\) is approximately \[ \pi = \frac{4}{\sqrt{\varphi}} \approx 3.144605511 \] instead of the usual \(\pi\approx 3.14159265358979\dots\). Here, \(\varphi=(1+\sqrt 5)/2\approx 1.618034\) is the golden ratio. Of course, it's been proven that \(\pi\) is not algebraic. OK, I must admit that this belief partly makes me smile, partly annoys me. When I was 10, I memorized 100 digits of \(\pi\) and I can still tell you what they are at 3 am. At roughly the same time, I also used Commodore 64 to calculate 38000 digits of \(\pi\) according to Machin's (totally precise) formula\[ \pi = 16 \,{\rm atn} \frac{1}{5} - 4 \,{\rm atn} \frac{1}{239} \] whose proof I understood a year later (see Proving Machin's formula here). There are tons of other methods that allow you to calculate \(\pi\) with any accuracy you want. Will I persuade him that \(\pi\neq 3.1446\) and Mr Lear is just an unwise king who harasses his best, third daughter and can't even spell the word "real"? ;-)

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CERN backs the FCC, a 100 km, €21 billion collider

I returned from a 60 km bike trip but my buddy had to cover 100 km... The latter quantity made it ideal for me to read a message from Willie saying that the CERN council has (unanimously) approved the circular collider as the next step, a ring of circumference of 100 km whose second stage can achieve the center of mass energy of 100 TeV (higher than 13 TeV of the LHC two years ago).

CERN backs new £19 BILLION (CZK 560 billion) particle accelerator that is four times bigger and six times more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider (The Daily Mail)
The construction may only begin in the late 2030s when the high-luminosity (i.e. future-upgraded) LHC will have become as boring and exhausted as the normal LHC seems to be by now. I sincerely hope that the construction will be faster.

Stephen Hsu is a "heretic", too

Stephen Hsu is the "Senior Vice-President for Research and Innovation" at Michigan State University, a trained theoretical physicist whom I partly know as a protégé of Anthony Zee, a blogger at InfoProc, and a dude who is interested in education, IQ scores, and perhaps even startups that want to pick smarter embryos in order to reach IQ=1000.

I've previously used some of his data concerning the IQ of different fields and similar things. Given his sanity concerning the existence of the IQ, interest in group IQ differences, and plans that could be considered close to eugenics, you could wonder why it took so much time for the far left inquisitors to accuse him of heresy. Well, the answer is that these leftists are ardent but they are also stupid and their brains are extremely slow and mostly dysfunctional.

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Most physics PhDs don't look at the world through "physics of the world"

I adopted this exchange between Penny and Sheldon as the canonical response to the people who boldly claim that I shouldn't understand the discipline XY. A real physicist understands the Universe and everything important in it – and, as an updated version of Sheldon, I also know who is Radiohead! ;-)

And since the kindergarten years, I felt certain about the unity of knowledge – about the statement that the separation of the knowledge into individual scientific disciplines is ultimately a fuzzy and fundamentally unjustifiable construct, pretty much a social convention. And on top of that, it's obvious that something that was termed "physics" is the most fundamental level of knowledge from which other disciplines may be deduced.

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XENON1T: our excess is due to tritium junk, axions, or magnetic neutrinos

This result has been known for a year or so. Grad students were tortured by the requirement of their silence. But the news got out today. XENON1T claims a 3.5-sigma excess in the search for neutrinos.

As of 2020, XENON1T is the leading detector of dark matter. Elena Aprile designed the xenon-based detectors years ago – and she is still the boss of the 163 folks. 1T indicates "one ton"; previous generations of the detector had lower masses of that inert gas. They really used 2 tons for detection and another 1.2 tons around it. They claim to have the world-class tiny background rate, 76 events per ton, year, and keV.

Zero is still the most likely number of ETs in the Milky Way

Last night, I received a press release with a highly provocative title,

New Calculations Hint There Could Be at Least 36 Alien Civilisations in Our Galaxy
Excellent. So science has now determined that there's not just a single ET in the Milky Way but at least 36 of them. We could call them JanuaryA... up to DecemberC. ;-) But is the statement true? And is it scientifically justified? The answer to the first question is "probably not", the answer to the latter question is "certainly not". And the precision with which these people claim to have calculated "the number of ET civilizations" (36) is truly laughable. Even children must be able to see that it's just nonsense.

These day, I find it obvious that this "discipline" – whose mandatory conclusion "we are surrounded by many ETs" – is a canonical example (and possibly the ultimate cradle) of the postmodern pseudoscience.

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Homework from Feynman (1997-1998): formulate string theory

Beauty: Robbert Dijkgraaf, the director of IAS Princeton and once a co-author of misogynist homophobic capitalist racists, wrote a wonderful Quanta Magazine essay about the two types of beauty in mathematics, generic and exceptional. The exceptional taste of beauty seems more generic ;-) among scientists but the generic sense of beauty is ultimately needed, too. Kepler was obsessed with the exceptional beauty (Platonic polyhedra) before he discovered the wagon of manure (ellipses) that gave rise to the Newtonian quantatitative revolution in physics.

Warlords from "Black Lives Matter" and "Antifa" (whose new "constructive" slogan is shut down STEM, so kind!) generously allowed new papers to appear on arXiv.org today. Thanks a lot for your mercy, comrades. The last hep-ph "paper" has 98 pages and 117 figures:
Feynman Lectures on the Strong Interactions
You may know one of the authors, Richard Feynman. The other one – who is probably responsible for the submission (assuming the resurrection no-go theorem) – is James Cline. Feynman died after an acute cancer episode on February 15th, 1988. But these 22 lectures were supposed to be a full course at the Caltech Grad School (1987-1988) and the plan was to turn this course into a booklet, too.

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Gravity is different, but not metaphysically different, from other forces

In the Quanta Magazine, Natalie Wolchover asked four physicists

Why Gravity Is Not Like the Other Forces.
Well, I think that in an impartial setup, the first question should be whether gravity is different, not why is different, but thankfully, the implicit statement is "largely true" in this case. (It's "largely true" but a complementary article "why gravity is basically the same as other forces" would still be totally desirable, too.)

Well, in our "theory of nearly everything" (TONE), there are four forces: gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force. Gravity is largely described by Einstein's general theory of relativity – whose long-distance Newtonian limit is often enough – while the three other forces are described by the Standard Model i.e. by quantum field theory. In the Standard Model, electromagnetism and the weak force are actually mixed and rotated into two factors of a gauge group – and these two forces therefore cannot be considered quite separate even in the Standard Model: they are quasi-unified there.

After 4 months of hysteria, Covid-19 hasn't beaten annual flu yet

In January 2020, we started to hear about the new coronavirus causing the disease later called Covid-19. In the first blog post, I mentioned that I didn't believe that the virus was really new. Well, it seems that this statement – like many other propositions that I made about the disease – was increasingly supported by evidence. For example, indirect evidence summarized in a Harvard study and criticized by the BBC yesterday indicated that the virus already existed in August 2019.

I am sure that many of you understand that the actual point of my first article about Covid-19 was the shock that some people wanted to ignite a new "story of global importance": whether or not the virus was "new" (at most a month or two), there was really nothing substantial that changed about the world of diseases in early 2020, it was absolutely irrational to act as if "something huge had taken place", and I was certain about this statement despite some initial uncertainties about the "parameters" of Covid-19.

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Prof John Huss King about the anti-white racism at Berkeley

The guest blogger is a history professor at UCB, as confirmed by Tom Sowell and another journalist who know the name

Dear profs Xylitol, Young, and Zechariah:

I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I have met you both personally but do not know you closely, and am contacting you anonymously, with apologies. I am worried that writing this email publicly might lead to me losing my job, and likely all future jobs in my field.

In your recent departmental emails you mentioned our pledge to diversity, but I am increasingly alarmed by the absence of diversity of opinion on the topic of the recent protests and our community response to them.

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HBO, BBC censor the best films ever; US, UK becoming the prime enemies of the civilization

A despicable, stupid, violent criminal and drug addict (also an ex-con who terrorized a pregnant woman during a 2007 robbery) was donated a golden coffin and the funeral of this piece of trash whose life shouldn't matter at all (regardless of the skin color) was turned into the most important story of the Anglo-Saxon world (so that the transparently unlikeable scumbag was presented as a role model!). This treatment has filled his soulmates – the trash of the Anglo-Saxon societies – with incredible self-confidence (and their cowardly opponents with fear) which is why the attacks against the fundamental values of the Western society escalated in recent days.

Statues of some of the most important Americans and Britons were vandalized and torn down. We may overlook these events as excesses caused by uneducated savages living on the streets. It's more shocking what's happening to the films because the managers of the movie databases are reasonably expected to be more enlightened than the average street thugs and drugs addicts. Gone with the Wind and Little Britain were among the films and series that were censored by the HBO and BBC, respectively. They were not sufficiently politically correct for the present, the explanation said.

SJWs are looting arXiv.org today

ArXiv.org isn't just another server for me. To say the least, it is the server that was most responsible for the fact that I have spent a decade in the U.S., as you may understand from a New York Times article written at those times when the Gray Lady was still capable of promoting nice stories of full-fledged rightwingers.

Surely, I am not the only one who is used to checking new papers at 1-4 subarchives of arXiv.org, the server with "STEM" papers that may be posted long before some bureaucracy in the journals is completed. The server was originally founded as a mailing list by Paul Ginsparg, a string_theorist-turned-important_coder. It used to have the URL xxx.lanl.gov and was hosted by a Los Alamos lab. XXX was misinterpreted by the airport security systems as "porn". After decades, the main address is arXiv.org and it is hosted by Cornell today.

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Taylor vs Fourier, smooth vs \(L^2\): battle of beauties and surprises

Simplicity of spectrum vs locality

As a kid, I liked smooth functions early on. You may add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers and there is also the exponentiation, \(x^y\). At some moment, I realized that all those regular functions may be obtained from the addition, \(\exp(x)\), and its inverse, \(\log(x)\); the infinitely many branches of the latter (as a function of a complex variable) are extremely interesting and subtle but won't be discussed here. Nice smooth (or "holomorphic", informed people could say) functions may be obtained by various compositions of these procedures.

Note that \(x\cdot y = \exp(\log x + \log y)\) and \(x^y = \exp(y \log x)\).

This is the graph of \(1/\Gamma(x)\) on the real axis, a function that must surely be included in the category of nice smooth functions.

OK, for 40 years, I have singled out a subset of the mathematical concepts, the fertile and beautiful ones – those were relevant for the the understanding of the true and really deep truths about mathematics and physics.

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Covid-19 impact may lead most UK universities to bankruptcy

Sussex economist Peter Dolton wrote an interesting article in VoxEU:

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a crisis in the UK universities
Cambridge and Oxford – the two hot spots of the English scholarly pride – are the only two UK universities whose financial survival looks close to certain now. All the other universities – let's call them mediocre and lousy universities – are threatened by a looming default.

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Senior Czech Canadian chemist, the latest target of SJW witch hunts

Tomáš Hudlický is a prominent Czech Canadian organic chemist, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair at Brock University, an innovator of the year, a man with 13k+ citations. Days ago, he published an essay

“Organic synthesis—Where now?” is thirty years old. A reflection on the current state of affairs

(full text PDF, a very difficult file to find due to the censorship)
in Angewandte Chemie, a chemistry journal. The first words of the title are recycled from the title of a famous (in their field) article published 30 years ago by Dieter Seebach whom Hudlický dedicated his essay (a birthday). Hudlický's essay touches numerous aspects of his field and its – sometimes unhealthy – interactions with the societal dynamics.

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100 years after Trianon: Hungarian anxiety and irrationality

Yesterday, we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 1920 Treaty of Trianon. The Kingdom of Hungary lost all its non-Hungarian territories, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and a piece of Austria. It was superseded by a new nation state – which was a ministate relatively to the previous 100 years.

Sadly and somewhat surprisingly for us (and especially Slovaks and others who are directly involved), lots of Hungarians including PM Viktor Orbán apparently cannot really reconcile themselves with the (not so) new Europe that began 100 years ago.

Floyd hysteria: the U.S. is a "different kind of civilization"

The nearly global Covid-19 shutdown was unprecedetend and absolutely insane but we could see that a similar breakdown of the laws and of people's common sense has affected almost all nations in the world.

(Thank God, after Elon Musk's suggestion that Amazon may need to be broken to pieces as a monopoly, Jeff Bezos canceled the atrocious censorship of Alex Berenson's anti-hysteria book. Amazon was clearly the single company that most benefited from the insanity of the shutdown – check this unmatched 50% increase of the stock price since late 2019 – so the clash of interests displayed by this monopoly is staggeringly obvious.)

However, when it comes to the reactions to the unfortunate death of a single guy named George Floyd, I can see that the U.S. is a place that has nothing to do with largely sensible places like my homeland. I am watching the events with pure amazement, just like if I were watching beheadings in The Islamic State or some arguments between the extraterrestrials.

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Grand unified groups: a beauty contest

A few days ago, I discussed the LHCb B-meson anomalies that could be signs of either Z'-bosons or leptoquarks. I wanted to know whether I would be able to find out that such new particles are natural and pretty enough to be almost guaranteed to be exploited by Nature.


The Standard Model has the gauge group \(SU(3)_c\times SU(2)_L\times U(1)_Y\). Symmetry breaking is a mundane thing and it's common sense that this group may be a subgroup of a larger one that is broken to the Standard Model group, either by Higgs-like field-theoretical methods or some fancy, stringy ones.

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