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Floyd hysteria: the U.S. is a "different kind of civilization"

The nearly global Covid-19 shutdown was unprecedetend and absolutely insane but we could see that a similar breakdown of the laws and of people's common sense has affected almost all nations in the world.

(Thank God, after Elon Musk's suggestion that Amazon may need to be broken to pieces as a monopoly, Jeff Bezos canceled the atrocious censorship of Alex Berenson's anti-hysteria book. Amazon was clearly the single company that most benefited from the insanity of the shutdown – check this unmatched 50% increase of the stock price since late 2019 – so the clash of interests displayed by this monopoly is staggeringly obvious.)

However, when it comes to the reactions to the unfortunate death of a single guy named George Floyd, I can see that the U.S. is a place that has nothing to do with largely sensible places like my homeland. I am watching the events with pure amazement, just like if I were watching beheadings in The Islamic State or some arguments between the extraterrestrials.

According to reports, he paid with a counterfeit $20 banknote. Cops arrived and as we could see in the videos, he was rather brutally fighting with the cops, resisted his being placed in the police car, and needed to be tamed with quite some force. It happened, they finally tamed him (and needed to kneel on him to persuade him that resistance was futile), and he couldn't breathe too well. It was also found that he was Covid-positive and the virus could have been the main reason why he had problems to breathe.

But quite suddenly, the virus that was recently claimed to be the most important thing on Earth and an omnipresent killer isn't even mentioned – because another "narrative" is better to be pumped into morons' heads from the dishonest filthy Left's viewpoint. Also, people running in the park were recently criminalized for spreading the virus – but days later, rallies involving tens of thousands of leftists are said to be great! The hypocrisy is nearly infinite.

If the cops were the reason of Floyd's death, it was a classic example of a suicide by cop. As far as I can say, the cop shouldn't be punished at all. The proposed forty years of jail sound utterly insane to me – and the ubiquitous demands to punish the cop (and even the other cops) is just a disgusting nationwide witch hunt. But OK, a cop may be unlucky and he may be sent to jail for 40 years – you shouldn't work in this heroic occupation in a failing country largely overrun by a coalition of petty criminals and far left extremists. But what is the mess that still continues, all the idiotic rallies and the robbing and looting claimed to be justified by the death of that particular criminal? I am just speechless.

There is zero justification for the rioting and looting and there is zero justification for linking Floyd's death to conspiracy theories about the anti-white racism. He was killed because he was a violent criminal, not because he was black.

So I have watched several videos of the looting in the New York City and elsewhere. It is incredible. Aren't the U.S. laws saying clearly that the owner of these shops has the right to shoot these criminals dead? That is exactly what should he routinely happening. I think that without some of these events that the U.S. law assumes to be the default solution, the self-confidence of the criminals won't go away.

Or take this video:

Wow, just wow. This is an example of brutal racism and black supremacy that is comparable to what was happening to the Jews in Germany in early 1938 or so. Maybe many of the crawling whites are really brain-dead and they think that what they are doing is right. But I also think that some of them are not brain-dead and they are forced to do these utterly inhuman, self-destructing things by a staggering amount of blackmail. The people who organize such racist events deserve to be hanged in the Hague. It is absolutely terrible that these things are allowed and no one is prosecuting the culprits behind these events.

But everything is upside down in the U.S. these days. Criminals are painted as heroes, heroes are painted as the ultimate villains and murderers, racism is claimed to be the fight against racism, and meritocratic non-racist work is said to be racism. America seems to be decaying – and it may be not too far from the evolution in South Africa that is turning into an inhospitable jungle. I think that the people in the U.S. who just dare to say these facts that I just said may be in trouble.

Fortunately, there is consensus in my country that transcends the usual political divisions that our country operates according to the "traditionally white societal and cultural values" and democracy guarantees that the interests of a particular overwhelmingly white nation are pursued by the politicians. If someone from another nation or race – or any nation or race – has a problem with these totally elementary and obvious facts, he or she should simply not be here. Feel free to fight against us from outside, you will probably fail. That's our rules of the game. Tourists still like the country including these rules of the game that define our identity. And they like it. Even some folks in other races may want to move here with these rules. I am sure that most Ukrainians who start to prosper here consider themselves "slightly upgraded Slavs" and most of our Vietnamese are happy to be "parttime Czechs as well", by adopting our imperfect but good enough expectations and habits. (A Vietnamese woman was the first adult person who praised me for picking trash on the streets, I was the number one for her LOL.)

For a long time, I thought that America was ultimately the same. I no longer think so. Much of America has lost it and a huge fraction of the population and self-anointed "elites" are actively and assertively destroying the fundamental building blocks on which the U.S. has been built. Folks like Donald Trump and most of his voters may still be compatible with the basic principles of the civilization as we know them. But the degree to which they have been marginalized in the media, schools, and other places that shape the future doesn't give America many reasons to be optimistic.

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