Wednesday, June 10, 2020

HBO, BBC censor the best films ever; US, UK becoming the prime enemies of the civilization

A despicable, stupid, violent criminal and drug addict (also an ex-con who terrorized a pregnant woman during a 2007 robbery) was donated a golden coffin and the funeral of this piece of trash whose life shouldn't matter at all (regardless of the skin color) was turned into the most important story of the Anglo-Saxon world (so that the transparently unlikeable scumbag was presented as a role model!). This treatment has filled his soulmates – the trash of the Anglo-Saxon societies – with incredible self-confidence (and their cowardly opponents with fear) which is why the attacks against the fundamental values of the Western society escalated in recent days.

Statues of some of the most important Americans and Britons were vandalized and torn down. We may overlook these events as excesses caused by uneducated savages living on the streets. It's more shocking what's happening to the films because the managers of the movie databases are reasonably expected to be more enlightened than the average street thugs and drugs addicts. Gone with the Wind and Little Britain were among the films and series that were censored by the HBO and BBC, respectively. They were not sufficiently politically correct for the present, the explanation said.

HBO claims that the movie will be returned to their database once it is vandalized by an appropriate SJW scumbag (it's not the original wording, the original wording is much less accurate and more deceitful than mine). We will have to wait for the result of this vandalization. So far the movie is censored – after a procedure that was rare enough even in Nazi Germany and the USSR.

Czech Internet users are just stunned. 98.5% of participants in a poll and a similar fraction of comments at, a center right server owned (through a trust) by the center left prime minister Babiš, denounce the censorship. The 1000+ comments are wise and creative. They discuss the comparison of this censorship with similar approaches in Nazism and communism – and the fact that our "role model" and "greatest new friend", the U.S., has become completely mad so very quickly. The percentage is 97% at center left and the views are similar at, the Czech mainstream press' proxy to "liberal democracy" (but their headline talks about the "beginning of the cultural revolution"). See also a polished right-wing whose headline makes the disagreement with the decision (and its justifications) more transparent – and Sputnik, Russia's official reading for us, that mentions Kalousek as a leading "progressive" politician who is nevertheless against this insanity.

The number of abruptly censored movies is very large and the Czech commenters – and others – half-jokingly propose various other films and cartoons that could be banned for various reasons. Too bad, I must have written "half-jokingly" because all these bans are pretty much possible as well by now, indeed. The "cultural world" in the U.S. seems to be dictated by individuals who don't have the slightest trace of decency, intelligence, honesty, or conscience which is why we can't rely on any limits to their insanity.

Let's talk just about Gone with the Wind. This four-hour-long 1939 movie is often considered the greatest American movie ever. More objectively, it is the world's first colorful feature film. It is a love story placed into the period during and especially after the Civil War. The budget was just $4 million but the movie has earned $400 million in the box office. If you assumed that all of those $400 million were 1939 dollars, it would be impressive. Dow Jones ended the year 1939 at 150 or so, almost 200 times fewer than Dow right now (and I generously overlook the 2% dividends per year which would make the ratio even higher if reinvested). If you multiply $400 million by 150 (the Dow conversion between the 1939 and 2020 dollars), you get $60 billion. Avatar my aß.

The movie has won 10 Oscars. One of them went to Hattie McDaniel, the "best supporting actress", who became the first black American Oscar winner. Aside from the artistic additions, the movie realistically shows the truth, including the relative decency of the society in the 1860s – and the depth of love that used to exist at that time. Those things are said to be politically incorrect by HBO in 2020 because the defunct, broken white cops aren't crawling in front of staggering black aßsholes which is how things "should" look in June 2020.

(Don't tell me that the comparison with the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany doesn't work. Whites actually are responsible for the blacks' problems now, you say. Great. But the Nazis were saying the exact same thing about the Jews who were also said to be "undeservedly promoted to elites" – and the degree of truth was basically the same in both examples of this phenomenon. An ethnic group that was seen or is seen as "successful" was or is just blamed for all the other ethnic groups' failures! There's no significant difference between the Nazi German anti-Semitism and the current anti-white neo-Marxist racism.)

We have seen such things several times in our history. It's terrible. It's shocking that HBO seems to get away with it – just like it was bad when the perpetrators could get away with the Night of Broken Glass in Germany of the 1930s. In a decent society, a "film database" company would be finished by now. The different outcome in the U.S. shows that the problem isn't just a bunch of nasty uncivilized racist savages or brain-dead SJWs of assorted skin colors but many of you as well – people who sometimes pretend to be against the new hardcore neo-Marxist fascism but who just won't do anything substantial to stop these despicable loons.

Some of you are even ready to offer a legalist defense of a similar atrocious behavior. It is someone's private company. I don't give a damn about some "job description" of those who are doing these things – just like I don't give a damn whether Daesh wants to be called Daesh, ISIS, or IS. I, and almost all people in my nation and others, care about the fact that this behavior is fundamentally evil, infinitely dishonest, obviously widespread across the American and British societies, disrespectful towards all people who disagree and those who have achieved anything, and is clearly heading towards a brutal destruction of the civilization's most fundamental values, achievements, and mechanisms – and of the people's basic freedoms and pleasures. The question is whether we want these "cultures" to exist on our planet, not whether they call themselves "private" according to some definition that is absolutely irrelevant for a non-U.S.-citizen like me.

You are impressing yourself with clichés that "all of your lives matter" (while you are "obliged" to emphasize that the black lives surely matter more – the usual new kind of "equality", something that we know from all the previous totalitarian regimes too well, too). But it is a fundamental lie. Your lives don't matter. If you are reduced to collaborationists of some wild animals who are destroying everything valuable that has been created by your biological ancestors (who are clearly no longer your cultural ancestors because you have devolved into some scary monsters), then your life's worth is closer to that of a pig or an Islamic State thug who is demolishing Assyrian churches. You are actually a serious threat for all the people in the world who are deeply human and who are enjoying, appreciating, and creating valuable things – like Gone with the Wind – while you are only blackmailing, whining, banning, destroying, and producing "politically correct" worthless garbage now.

As a typical citizen of the world's tenth most peaceful country, I am super-peaceful so I possess absolutely no ready-to-be-followed plans to flatten your cities. But I simply couldn't hide the feeling of a relief if someone else did it. It's because by now, I don't really believe that someone who has the ability to flatten your cities can be worse for the world than you. Iran, China, and Russia can have flaws (and I've been worried about many of them many times) but I don't think that their flaws are as lethally dangerous and deep as yours. Feel free to defend the fascist decisions by HBO and the BBC.

But the real point is that I don't want to live in a world where we are facing a genuine risk that the hardcore anti-Western loons in your countries will hijack (e.g. when they conquer the White House due to some chaos) the powers built by their biological (no longer cultural) ancestors and they will try to impose the same new world order on my own country and others, too (just like Hitler and Stalin tried). If it's impossible to get rid of this huge risk while preserving your lives, the risk should better be eliminated differently and I pray that something will happen that will stop the proliferation of this new fascist brain-eating cancer that seems to originate in the Anglo-Saxon world right now (despite all the terrible pathologies in Brussels) and that is a credible threat for the human civilization.

The real problem is that according to the subjective perception of millions of people like your humble correspondent, the U.S. (and the U.K.) has really evolved into an enemy, something that we simply don't want to strengthen or thrive. That's the case despite the decent leaders in both countries (or at least partially because of it?).

A technicality: HBO Czechia has banned the movie as well. Fortunately, while big, we can consider HBO CZ "non-essential". Copyright piracy has almost disappeared in Czechia in recent years but if the copyrights-respecting system collapsed so badly that we couldn't even access the best movies ever, of course my nation would return to the "piracy" approach to movies on the Internet which would undoubtedly be vastly superior – simply because the freedom of expression and the right to get the truth about the past is incomparably more important than someone's profits from a selectively applied copyright law.

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