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If many ETs exist, they have diverse characters and political views

But it is still true that SJW-like and similarly pathological species get extinct soon

A week ago, under a SETI article, the discussion evolved towards a widespread theme in the extraterrestrial discussions: What behavior can be expected from the ETs? Are they predators? Are they shy? Are they downright cowards? Do they favor equality? ;-) There are lots of questions of this kind. As the title indicates, the main message of this text is the answer "it depends" or:

Among many ET species or civilizations, there will be a big diversity of behavioral patterns, moral characters and personalities, and political views.
Can I prove it? I can't. Sociology of ETs isn't as rigorous as mathematics. Well, as you know, it isn't even as rigorous as physics. To make things worse by several levels, it's less rigorous than social sciences about humans. It's much more speculative because the existence of the ETs is just a possibility, not a fact.

Nevertheless, I find that assertion rather solid for a simple reason: the diversity exists on Earth which is enough to claim that "the diversity of the life forms in the Universe exists": the Earth is a planet belonging to the Universe. In fact, I find it almost obvious that this argument is way too weak and understated and a much stronger statement is true:
The diversity of many ETs' characters and political views, if many ETs exist, is much larger than the diversity that we observe on Earth.
All life forms on Earth seem to be biologically related to each other, they have a common ancestor, or perhaps a bunch of them. We wouldn't have common ancestors with sufficiently faraway life forms in the Universe – the absence of common ancestors is guaranteed by causal arguments in physics if the aliens are behind the cosmic horizon (outside the visible Universe) – and that is likely to result in some "deeper differences" than the deviations that we observe on our blue, not green, planet.

If we came in a contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, I would find it likely that almost every ET is either "vastly more courageous" than almost all people on Earth; or "vastly more cowardly". They would be either "vastly more fanatical exhibitionists" or "much more shy" than we are. They would find egalitarianism either "much more desirable than most humans" or "much more criminal than most humans". And so on. Ask any morally loaded question about politics – e.g. is it OK to like beings with the same skin color more than others – and the ETs will either be much more likely to answer "Yes" than the average human; or much more likely to answer "No". But ETs from another place would have the opposite opinions than the first ETs.

If we were contacted by ETs and started to understand their political thought, we would probably realize how close the humans are to each other. Fundamentalist Islamists with suicide belts are rather insane from the viewpoint of most of us (and I don't even want to mention SJWs or people hysterical about Covid-19 or "climate change") but it's possible that they could look decent in comparison with the ETs' thoughts. However, it's also possible that lots of ETs would be rather sensible. A whole civilization from a planet orbiting a star (that I decided to keep anonymous, in order to protect them) could end up being similar to the Czech nation when it comes to its national character. But as you should understand, that would be quite a coincidence, not a likely assumption we might built upon.

One reason why I am writing this text is to point out that some arguments why we haven't seen the ETs so far – they must be cautious or shy – is almost certainly rubbish. If there were many places with the extraterrestrial life, as some people want to assume, there would be unavoidably some of them that wouldn't be shy, that wouldn't be hiding, that would prefer to act as predators, and I mean predators who boldly catch their prey instead of luring it while being hidden somewhere.

Well, we already have one planet that has life on it, the Earth, and we may discuss many issues of our civilization. Our civilization just isn't too shy. Look at it from the ETs' perspective. If and when they are observing our Solar System in the microwave spectrum, they see an amazingly bright star called the Earth. The amount of information that we broadcast is amazing and it will become even more amazing in 2020 when lots of countries turn on the 5G networks. The ET astronomers could quickly find out that there are preferred frequencies and lots of irregularities and semi-regularities in our electromagnetic communication. The apparent information transmitted by these waves is huge. We're not really hiding ourselves well! If you think that we are, you must have made a mistake in your observation of our civilization.

And neither would – and should – a majority of comparably advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. It makes no sense to hide ourselves because such a hiding would cause restrictions to our behavior which is a bad thing – and on the other side of the cost-and-benefit analysis, there seem to be almost no virtues because we haven't really detected any ETs that would want to destroy us. Even if they wanted to destroy us, it is extremely far from obvious whether "hiding" is a good strategy to survive. Maybe it's better to scream instead! What do you have to do if you meet a bear? You don't need to do anything, the bear takes place of all the acts. Alternatively, you want to scream with a deep voice, pretend that you are large, and persuade the bear to respect you as a big guy.

This brings me to the second major point I want to make and it is the following:
Even an esoteric pseudoscience or science-fiction as "sociology of the extraterrestrial civilizations" are being brutally abused as tools of political propaganda on Earth.
What do I mean? Well, the (overwhelmingly) leftist ideologues want to force all of mankind to behave in a certain (totally counterproductive and irrational) way and to believe in certain (totally wrong) theses. And in their efforts to achieve this outcome, they even seem to offer the ultimate argument: Look, even the ETs are behaving in this way. Even the ETs shut their mouth and avoid saying politically incorrect truths. Even the ETs are hiding in their basement because they consider Covid-19 or "climate change" serious threats. You must do the same! Look how ludicrous and lonely in the Universe you are!

Well, that's just a stupid kind of bullying. I look carefully and I see no ETs. So it is true that all ETs that I see behave as looney extreme leftists; but it is also true that all ETs that I see behave differently. Both sets are empty. But even in the absence of observed ETs, there may exist a discussion that is rational to some extent. And principles that probably hold at other planets with life include statements such as
Natural selection probably works there just like it does (or did) on Earth.
Rational behavior is likely to result in comparative survival advantages.
And a big part of the "rational behavior" contains the commandment "when being cautious, behave adequately to the threats". Species and individuals that have systematically behaved either "too recklessly" or, on the contrary, that were "too constraining themselves" did poorly. If you don't believe that these claims are mostly correct at least statistically, then you don't believe in the most important insights in the science about the "origin of species". Don't get me wrong: shy and assertive species exist and are viable but their shiness or assertiveness must still be linked to some other characteristics of these species, their prey, their enemies, and their environment in general. And it's certainly not true that "the more suicidal or shy or left-wing you become, the better your kin will do".

In particular, a person who abandons the cheapest sources of energy (in our case, especially the fossil fuels) because of the "climate change" fearmongering is an idiot (sometimes with numerous medical diagnoses) and a nation or civilization composed of such idiots is bound to be replaced with a more viable – and more honest – one. The same comments may be made about the Covid-19 hysteria, kneeling in front of the least intelligent but violent people on the street (despite having a gun in the pocket), and other mental pathologies that are widespread in the currently collapsing Western nations. And a general form of this lesson obviously applies to extraterrestrial aliens, too: a species or a civilization of ETs that behaves like the SJWs is just a condensate of psychopathological garbage that isn't viable as a whole and that will soon disappear, either spontaneously or with the help of someone more viable, either without a replacement or with a superior replacement. The only major uncertain variable about this statement is the number of planets where these important principles show their muscles. But the assertion that the SJW-like behavior that we're witnessing in the West today is a pathology leading to a collective suicide is a principle that is valid in the whole Universe, not just on Earth, whether or not the SJWs want to deny this statement by fairy-tales about the non-existent ET data. It is useless to think about the SJW stages of ET civilizations because those are just short and unimportant episodes in the histories of the hypothetical other planets with life.

And that's the memo.

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