Saturday, June 06, 2020

Senior Czech Canadian chemist, the latest target of SJW witch hunts

Tomáš Hudlický is a prominent Czech Canadian organic chemist, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair at Brock University, an innovator of the year, a man with 13k+ citations. Days ago, he published an essay
“Organic synthesis—Where now?” is thirty years old. A reflection on the current state of affairs

(full text PDF, a very difficult file to find due to the censorship)
in Angewandte Chemie, a chemistry journal. The first words of the title are recycled from the title of a famous (in their field) article published 30 years ago by Dieter Seebach whom Hudlický dedicated his essay (a birthday). Hudlický's essay touches numerous aspects of his field and its – sometimes unhealthy – interactions with the societal dynamics.

One paragraph talks about the "diversity of work force". Hudlický defends meritocracy and says that the hiring of someone for identity politics reasons means not hiring a candidate who deserves to be there. As you must have predicted by know, the subhuman SJW trash finds meritocracy one of the ultimate crimes and a witch hunt against Prof Hudlický unavoidably began.

Like other journals, this one has an editor-in-chief who is a scientific nobody in comparison and a morally worthless spineless creature whose value can't surpass the market price of the lipids in his body. So he quickly removed the peer-reviewed article and published a disgusting and insulting statement from the editor-in-chief in which he denounces the thoughtful essay and promises an "investigation".

What do you want to investigate? A prominent organic chemist, Prof Hudlický, wrote a thoughtful essay containing some important truths and some organic trash hates the truth which is why they started to harass Prof Hudlický, like in so many previous examples. An overwhelming majority of these harassers are obviously the people who were hired because someone found it convenient to hire lousy-quality candidates for identity politics reasons. You are one of them, cheap "investigator". All of you are parasites who feel threatened and that's why you instinctively attack decent men.

Investigation ended.

It's pretty amazing to read the SJW reactions. Check for Tomáš Hudlický at Twitter (recent), MJbojdys, Retraction Watch. Aside from the degenerated leftists in the West, the Chinese Chemical Society, claiming to speak on behalf of "all the chemists" in the Maoist country of 1.4 billion, is attacking and threatening Prof Hudlický, too. Quite an evil coalition, indeed.

I am pretty sure that the combined contribution of all the Western whining SJW parasites to chemistry fails to match the contributions by Prof Hudlický. But they have no real enemies in the deteriorating Western Academia and they massively abuse the fact that no one is planning to quickly clean the institutions from the toxic trash that has spammed them, namely themselves.

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