Wednesday, June 10, 2020

SJWs are looting today isn't just another server for me. To say the least, it is the server that was most responsible for the fact that I have spent a decade in the U.S., as you may understand from a New York Times article written at those times when the Gray Lady was still capable of promoting nice stories of full-fledged rightwingers.

Surely, I am not the only one who is used to checking new papers at 1-4 subarchives of, the server with "STEM" papers that may be posted long before some bureaucracy in the journals is completed. The server was originally founded as a mailing list by Paul Ginsparg, a string_theorist-turned-important_coder. It used to have the URL and was hosted by a Los Alamos lab. XXX was misinterpreted by the airport security systems as "porn". After decades, the main address is and it is hosted by Cornell today.

Now, I have followed since Fall 1992 so I belong to a small fraction of "basically original" users of the platform. Paul Ginsparg is a rather ordinary leftist in the Academia (I was sitting next to him for a while during the 2005 Sidneyfest). But I still believe that what is happening now wouldn't have been possible a decade or two decades ago.

Fine, those who tried to see their new daily dose of preprints today clicked at and found zero new preprints: all the papers they saw were posted on Tuesday. On the title page, there is a terrifying message written on the black background and saying something like this: has updated its staff. It contains a huge concentration of leftist filth today and the filth thinks that it has the right to simply stop working (and, probably, be paid for the non-work, anyway). So there won't be any preprints for a day or so. Instead, we have the stunning arrogance to send the visitors of – who are looking for new science – to some despicable pro-criminal far left propaganda about "racism" and similar junk.
Holy cow. Not even the Nazis and communists had the arrogance to do things like that in my country. Is there some adult in the room left at Cornell University? Why don't you immediately stop the decay of the scientific institutions? Why don't you use all legally impeccable tools to liquidate the scum that is behind this looting of the scientific resources on the Internet? Can you imagine that the server is used by scientists across the world, including countries that haven't gone insane and where most people stand on the side of the cop, and not the black criminal, in this recent story that has nothing whatever to do with science?

Incidentally, the left side of the same page promote the Covid-19 hype. It's been there for a few months, too, and shouldn't be there because it is a physics server, not a medical server. Even that frame (with a red contour) showed the politicization but the endorsement of the Black Lives Matter is clearly a worse example of the political hijacking of the scientific tool.

You may ask: Is Paul Ginsparg personally supervising this absolute insanity? The answer is No. If you want to see who is the current boss of, Google search for an incredible phrase "LGBT right advocate, feminist astroparticle physicists" [the plural in "physicists" is probably a part of a special sexual identity]. When you complete this truly bizarre exercise, you will see the name of the (loose) bound state that currently directs, a leading scientific server!

Clearly, the server should be moved to another, safer country.

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