Friday, June 19, 2020

Stephen Hsu is a "heretic", too

Stephen Hsu is the "Senior Vice-President for Research and Innovation" at Michigan State University, a trained theoretical physicist whom I partly know as a protégé of Anthony Zee, a blogger at InfoProc, and a dude who is interested in education, IQ scores, and perhaps even startups that want to pick smarter embryos in order to reach IQ=1000.

I've previously used some of his data concerning the IQ of different fields and similar things. Given his sanity concerning the existence of the IQ, interest in group IQ differences, and plans that could be considered close to eugenics, you could wonder why it took so much time for the far left inquisitors to accuse him of heresy. Well, the answer is that these leftists are ardent but they are also stupid and their brains are extremely slow and mostly dysfunctional.

At any rate, like so many intelligent people in the Anglo-Saxon world these days (yes, I admit that those of us who managed to escape from that worsening hell feel a bit enthusiastic), this dude – who isn't a real right-winger in any sensible sense, as far as I can say (sorry for that, Stephen, this is really meant to be a serious critique) – was labeled another heretic who should be fired from his administrative position (which would still allow him to be a professor). You may start with his blog post about the tensions or Google News. Or try recent tweets about him.

Hundreds of his "kind colleagues" demand his professional liquidation because his views and intellectual work must surely have something to do with "race science" and that's terrible. On top of that, like Noam Chomsky and many others, he even dared to appear on the show of Stefan Molyneux, another guy who was previously labeled a heretic by these left-wing loons because his sociological wisdom actually makes a lot of sense, unlike theirs.

At some level, I think that Hsu must be really attracted to the money if he struggles to keep his position. Would you like to continue in a job where you're surrounded by hundreds of nasty, braindead, hateful "colleagues" who wish you the best exactly for the reasons that should be the reasons of their love and admiration instead? The concentration of nasty people at MSU who fanatically oppose the basic values of the traditional Academic environment is clearly way too high for that place to be a good environment for intellectual work, at least work of Hsu's type.

There is also a competing petition to support Hsu. Scott Aaronsons signed that petition after lots of hesitation (because Aaronson is pretty much a far left loon, too, but one who still tries to pretend that he is better than the rest of the far left vermin in some incomprehensible sense). But when I read Aaronson's text (and the discussion underneath), I am thinking about the saying: Who needs enemies if he has friends like Aaronson?

The bulk of Aaronson's text is actually dedicated to the alleged reasons why the inquisitors are basically right! Many minor topics in the debate over there are incredible, too. For example, a Peter Singer – who wants to redistribute all the world's wealth and give human rights to animals – was originally called a leftist moral philosopher. But some "truly leftist" readers protested so this looney leftist Singer had to be renamed to a "liberal" – meaning a far right reactionary. Indeed, the folks like Peter Singer are right-wing relatively to the insanely cataclysmic far left junk that became omnipresent at the Anglo-Saxon universities.

As in many similar situations, I honestly cannot figure out whether some of the comments were written seriously or as The Onion-style parodies. STEM Caveman wrote:
...Hsu’s activities are light-years beyond what got Larry Summers fired....

...But there is absolutely no way [Hsu] can pretend compatibility with the modern orthodoxy. He skirted the line of heresy too many times, too explicitly, with not remotely enough plausibility to the deniability he attempted then and now. It isn’t simply a matter of being Haidt-adjacent, Pinker-positive or Summers-supportive, his views and advocacy have been a lot more specific and invidious and the grad students have only scratched the surface. Further investigation will make Hsu look somewhat worse (in real terms) and much worse (relative to current acceptable thinking). He has been a more or less open HBDer and a racial cheerleader for Chinese and East Asian genetic IQ advantages...
STEM Caveman basically says – and using the very same words that we normally use to mock the leftists and emphasize (and sometimes perhaps exaggerate) their similarity to the medieval Inquisition etc. – that Hsu is a "heretic" who violates the "orthodoxy" and can even be linked to the far right heretics such as (centrist) Haidt and (Democrats) Pinker and Summers. And to make it even worse, Hsu has noticed that the East Asians have a higher average IQ than some other races. That's really damning! We are also learning that the heresy of these non-Republicans is considered increasingly grave which is why Hsu is already light years beyond Summers.

I have always considered and I still consider e.g. the third-wave feminism (or feminism in the prevailing Anglo-Saxon sense) to be a serious intellectual limitation or a mental defect that is incompatible with the scholarly work or a simple rational approach to almost anything. But things got much worse. Even the kind of feminists that was common (and driving us up the wall) a decade ago is already too heretical in the university-like environment because it's too sensible and meritocratc relatively to what the worthless scum that has hijacked the environment want to demand.

When the work of the likes of Stephen Hsu becomes impossible, it is time (well, it has been for a few years) to admit that universities such as Michigan State University have totally broken down, need to be abolished, and if there's some material at such universities that has a chance to be meaningfully recycled, it should be recycled by other institutions or companies that haven't quite broken down yet. The existence of entities such as MSU is a net negative today and it's irrational for taxpayers to contribute to similar hotbeds of dishonesty, stupidity, bullying, misinformation, and destruction.

P.S.: Hsu has threatened to sue the leftists who lie about him (some libel law). While I appreciate his energy and combativeness, I have doubts about his plan's morality as well as effectiveness. I think that one needs stronger ace cards, e.g. Trump's help, to deal with this much deeper and systemic problem.

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