Friday, June 26, 2020

Stunning dishonesty behind the "second wave" fake news

While Czechia has apparently restored its sanity completely and the last traces of the Covid-hysterical era should be removed on July 1st (e.g. face masks in the public transportation), and even the hexupling of the percentage of the positive tests isn't changing much about it (from 0.5% at the lows to about 3% now; epidemiologists do manage to preserve the realistic image of the elevated number of "cases" as a measure of irrelevant local outbreaks that are wrestled with locally), the U.S. fake news media have apparently decided that they have the power to start the second wave of the coronavirus hysteria in the country.

(That wave has already started in Australia, because of 1 "Covid" deaths after more than a month: 1,000 soldiers are visiting every house in Victoria and lots of people even restarted the crazy punic buying, holy crap.)

Open CNN.COM now and you will see a huge headline "US sees record number of new Covid-19 cases". What a news story. The U.S. is doing many more tests so of course a larger absolute number of them end up positive. It seems very clear by now that this filth wanted to increase the number of tests just in order to be "able" to create these fraudulent headlines. The actual disease is obviously much weaker in the U.S. than it was some two months ago.

The subtitle talks about some number 37,077 and "a record". Another "shocking" story is from China that records 13 new coronavirus cases. Imagine the catastrophe, a country of 1.4 billion finds 13 people (less than 1 person out of 100 million) who test positive for a well-known flu-like virus. The next story is about "massive surge of cases in California", then there's a story about a hysterical Bill Gates, changing U.S. face mask policies, CDC and "stunning" new statistics, Covid-postponed wedding of a PM. The second column talks about "Trump's failed Covid strategies" and his "landslide loss". And it goes on and on and on.

What sort of brain-dead people are willing to be exposed to this absolute garbage? I recommend euthanasia to all of them because this kind of brain death is almost certainly irreversible. So first, as I said, the "new cases" mean absolutely nothing. There is a large absolute number of positive tests because there is a greater number of tests than months ago. This increase of the testing was claimed to be a "great thing" by the very same fraudsters months ago. (It's not a great thing, it's stupid to test too many people and thank God, the testing in Czechia also dropped from 8k a day to 3k a day in average now, as we have just ~1 death a day in average.) Now, when it's here, they present the very same change of a variable (number of tests a day) as a catrastrophically bad thing. How fudged up someone has to be not to understand this basic point?

When the number of tests is high enough so that a huge majority of the tested people end up being rather random citizens, then the percentage of positive tests is a much better quantity for monitoring the concentration of the virus in the population.

Another meme of this "second wave of the Covid brainwashing" is the idea that the "Sun Belt" states (some 145 million Americans in the sunny South) face a catastrophe. This whole "story" is a fabrication. There is nothing unusual happening there. These warm states just follow the phases of the epidemics at a slower rate because it's harder for the disease to spread in such environments. But otherwise e.g. Florida has lots of pensioners – Americans love to retire to Florida – and is dense enough so of course you expect a high enough number of fatalities there. Of course Florida's overall fatalities will grow and be ultimately closer to those of New York than 10% of New York, relatively speaking. Teamed up with the filth in the fake news media, you find some truly atrocious politicians such as this politician from New York:

What? This is just absolutely incredible. Cuomo is the governor of the state that has 1613 deaths per million people by now, second only to New Jersey (1690, a statistical tie). DeSantis is the governor of a state where this quantity is just 155 per million people. DeSantis is doing better than Cuomo – by more than one fudging order of magnitude! Where does this fudged up piece of šit, Cuomo, find so much arrogance to say "look, I am doing better than you"? The answer is that this trash of politicians is backed by the whole fake news media so no one can really call him out effectively. America is currently controlled by this disgusting material that should have been executed for a very long time but it hasn't happened because the Americans tolerate the near-monopoly of this trash over the political power and the U.S. media.

More generally, it's comically outrageous for him to say that the Republican governors are doing badly. Virtually all the heavily affected states and cities are Democrat-run; and all the states that don't see much of a Covid problem are Republican-run. Almost every statistic confirms this basic image. How broken the U.S. media landscape has to be when hundreds of millions of Americans apparently remain clueless about these basic facts and patterns?

Now, look at the statement about the "second wave". You won't really find any state where any objective data unambiguously indicates something that could honestly be called a "second wave" even if you defined the "second wave" as an innocent observation that "the cases were already clearly dropping and now they're clearly rising again". But some of the Sun Belt states get close to this description of the graphs. However, the right question is: And what? It just means absolutely nothing interesting.

You know why the sign of the derivative \(y'(t)\) may switch from positive to negative values and back? It's because... and now listen to me... the curve \(y(t)\) has basically been "flattened"! The "flattened curve" means that for a long time, \(y(t)\) is close to a constant function of time. But when it's close to a constant function of time, the derivative is ambiguous and uncertain. That's why \(y'(t)\) can easily switch from positive to negative values and back!

You see the same kind of chutzpah as in the case of the "increased testing". The "increased testing" was screamed by the hysterical leftist trash to be one of the most important positive developments that may happen. And when it happened, they present it as a proof of another catastrophe. In the case of the changing signs of \(y'(t)\), this dishonesty is even more self-evident because the "flattening of the curve" was claimed to be the #1 purpose of all these draconian devastating policies that the aßholes were capable of promoting. Now, when it happened, Florida had a stay-home-order from April 1st, and it stabilized the number of cases and deaths \(y(t)\) at low and nearly constant levels, the very same achievement is presented as a catastrophe. Again, if you can't understand the self-evident deception here, you are brain dead and very unlikely to restore your intellectual health in the future. Give it up!

Florida and other states were exactly examples of the "flattening of the curve" which the sensible people like your humble correspondent always explained to be a worthless yet almost infinitely expensive exercise because it just delays the growth. See e.g. "Flattening the curve" is a striking example of innumeracy of the fake news media from March 14th and It's totally obvious that these lockdowns are nothing else than an unprecedented waste of money. More than 3 months ago, I explained – and all honest people with the IQ above 80 understood – that the "flattening of the curve" means nothing else than the delaying of some unavoidable dynamics by the time equal to the duration of the unsustainable, economically devastating restrictions.

Now, we experience events that take place 3 months later and indeed, all my predictions turned out to be right on the money. Florida was just "flattening the curve" i.e. keeping the daily numbers of cases at some low, nearly constant levels. But of course this lockdown is unsustainable and Florida had to start reopening itself and when it does so, the cases go up pretty much just like they would do 3 months earlier if the stay-at-home order were completely avoided. If someone's lives were "prolonged", it was at most by 3 months – the same period in which one-third of Florida's economy was basically liquidated (hopefully temporarily, for most of it).

How breathtakingly moronic do you have to be not to understand that the people like me were always right, the hysterical and pro-lockdown people were always wrong, and that the latter are lying to the face of hundreds of millions of people and destroying trillions of dollars in the economic activity and wealth? Can someone finally phase out the pests that call themselves "journalists" even though they are just terrorists doing everything they can to destroy the U.S. and the peaceful world in general?

The leftovers of the civilized world must be preparing for a war because it may hypothetically happen that the demented senior wins the November 2020 elections. I am not afraid of Biden's approaches themselves – he is just another "mainstream" old-fashioned pervert-politician who isn't too different and, under normal circumstances, his dementia would mean "fewer government actions" which is a good thing and it was a good thing e.g. during Bill Clinton's reign, too (it was good for the U.S. economy and others that Bill was spending his quality time with Monica and his dick in the Oral Office!). But I think that we may justifiably be scared of the scenario that the dementia of the U.S. president would be used by the loons in his party to actually take power and the evolution of the events could be cataclysmically fast. It's enough to observe how many people, movies, journals, and Eskimo ice creams are "canceled" every day. These shocking processes could be escalated by additional orders of magnitude and reach truly existential levels. We need to be ready to invade and (using Havel's Serbian terminology) perform the humanitarian bombing of the U.S. that goes rogue. Well, the first task is to realize who are actually "we"! ;-)

P.S.: An unimportant addition. I had to laugh about the difference of the narrative in the U.S. and Czech media., a leading-three news server, started its "live article" as follows: Good morning from our newsroom in Prague. The world is yet another day closer to the end of the coronaviral pandemics. All events are being watched in our online live report. – So much for the claims that Yankees are more upbeat than Czechs. ;-)

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