Thursday, July 23, 2020

Portand, Chicago: did this America teach democracy to others?

During a yesterday's bike trip, my friend told me that a major international news agency has declared its desire to capitalize the word "black" but not "white" in the racial sense. I didn't want to believe because it still sounds like a story from The Onion. But it is true. Days ago, The Associated Press decided that its employees are obliged to violate the basic rules of English in this self-evidently racist yet childish way. And indeed, some articles about "black men" were edited even retroactively.

Even if the unhinged anti-white racism that cripples America these days spread in Czechia, I still think that the Institute of the Czech Language would show its authority and it would send its grammar cops, an occupation we copied from the Romans, who would punish the rogue inkspillers. Incidentally, the Life of Brian (by Monty Python) is really excellent and you should watch the full film if you have never done so. It's generally respected that the language is something we inherited from 1,000+ years of our ancestors and we have the moral duty to protect it against putrefaction.

While the childish bastardization of the rules of English by the uneducated and stupid Associated Press morons may be seen as more amusing than dangerous, the violence and vandalism that has spread to so many cities isn't too funny. A court has been put on fire in Portland and lots of similar damages are appearing in many other cities. It seems rather obvious that unless these criminals are shown that they're on the losing side, their self-confidence and intent to damage and harm will unavoidably grow, perhaps quasi-exponentially. Trump is doing something – although he is doing way too little and way too slowly. And yes, I think that the silent majority is appreciating his role, anyway – and the poll agencies claiming that he is losing his support are spreading completely fabricated fake news.

Meanwhile, tons of scumbags in the far left media ("MSM") are increasingly openly siding with the criminals, calling them "protesters". Are they protesters? Was Osama bin Laden a protester? Yes, no, what of it? What's much more important is that they're dangerous criminals who have to be stopped. If they can't be stopped without tear gas, tear gas is necessary. Rubber bullets or real ammunition also need to be used if it becomes obvious that it doesn't work without them. If neutralizing a few of these criminals won't be enough to stop the decay of America, well, then dozens, hundreds, or thousands have to be neutralized.

Aside from the unhinged pro-terrorist inkspillers, the "mayor of Chicago" sides with the criminals, too. She won't allow "Trump's troops" (the federal law enforcement officers) to enter Chicago. Wow. Does this parody of a mayor really believe that she may beat the U.S. army with her muscles? It's just amazing what kind of growing arrogance similar low-quality human beings have been encouraged to exhibit.

I still remember the 1980s and the 1990s – and how I felt about America. The U.S. has been a natural paradise, a role model in so many things, and America was happily embracing this role of the global role model and the good global cop. Of course, once I came to the U.S. in 1997, my ideas about the U.S. became far more realist, and approximately around 1999, in the context of the anti-Serb wars, independently of my being in the U.S., I started to have a suspicion that America may be on the morally wrong side of conflicts. This feeling was increasingly growing because of some other conflicts such as the Second Iraqi War (for me, the first one was still great and an example of America as our glorious superhero friend) and especially the Orange Revolutions and Arab Springs in which the U.S. have helped to turn many countries into a mess.

The situation has changed so much relatively to the 1980s. When I read the reports about the events and societal changes that take place in America these days, I feel a mixture of despair+terror on one side; and the complete calm and gratitude for those 6200 km (Pilsen-Boston) that separate me from those places (and the relative common sense that is omnipresent around me). For decades, we were led to say that "we should be grateful how blessed we are" to live in the rich and civilized part of the world. For decades, we thought that the U.S. obviously has been blessed, too, and perhaps even more blessed than Czechia. Right now, it's pretty clear that it's not the case. The stories from America are analogous to (if not worse than) those from many Muslim dictatorships and similar countries and failed states. Absolutely uncivilized, immoral, hypocritical, evil, and anti-freedom savages seem to have much of the real power today – and they are increasingly terrorizing those who aren't quite the same scum as the savages. And a big part of the savages likes to call itself the elites.

Meanwhile, most of those who should be opposing this societal decay are doing nothing at all (or almost nothing). They often deny that America is decaying in front of our very eyes and they are beacons of cowardliness, spinelessness, and opportunism – and many of these people are increasingly tempted to cooperate with the forces of the decay and anti-civilization. There must be those 60 million and perhaps 150 million Americans who are great people and who are carefully being hidden by the left-wing media. But from the optics I am given now, I just totally despise some 95% of the Americans whom I can observe. It's a nation of invertebrates whose lives just don't matter, as far as my evaluation goes.

It has always been my natural instinct to "intervene" on the side of the good ones and victims of bullying etc., in the real life situations and perhaps also "internationally", but in this case, it seems like a hopeless waste of energy. And perhaps the good guys seem almost non-existent in most of the relevant events in the U.S. these days, everyone seems to be either a hardcore or softcore braindead scumbag. America is way too big, we are way too small, and the crippling trends in the U.S. seem too fast and too vigorous. Whether we believe the idea that we should or shouldn't intervene into countries that are deeply troubled, our "action" just doesn't make a tangible difference and the fall of America seems unavoidable. Donald Trump is rather clearly the most important single person who can stop this rather dramatic and speedy death of the U.S. that we have known since 1776 – and the fate of America may be decided by his ability to realize that what he is doing against the scum right now is way too little.

P.S.: You may want to read the most upvoted comments by users on the most mainstream Czech news server,, under an article about the removal of the Confederate heroes' statues from the U.S. Congress. Thankfully, there's a consensus in my nation that the ongoing events or the cultural revolution in the U.S. is terrifying.

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