Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Unnecessarily many Covid drugs, vaccines work

The insanely huge competition shows how much this problem was overblown, too

The stupid part of the public was brainwashed by the fake news media that have claimed – screamed – approximately since mid February that the Wuhan coronavirus is a catastrophe of global proportions that would either end the life on Earth or at least totally change the life of humans. None of these things has happened and none of them could happen (at least in mid February, it was already clear that it was not a serious problem); on the other hand, the implications of the fake news, hysteria, and the mad policies building on it have been deep. Some $10 trillion of economic damages are just a part of the problem.

Average people's imagination was encouraged to contribute to this hysteria. People were inventing their own variations of fake news what terrible ET-style symptoms and threats every infected person gets; what bad events in their life may be blamed on the coronavirus (after a motorbike accident death was counted as "Covid", a health official seriously claimed that motorbike accidents are caused by Covid); and people also volunteered to spread the idea that this disease will never be curable or cured because it's at least as might as God.

In particular, perhaps in April, it was still reasonable to suggest that all Covid vaccines would fail to work. It's not reasonable at all today because numerous Covid-19 vaccines have been pretty much proven to protect against the infection and be reasonably safe with respect to side effects, too. The fact that they're not being served to the hysterical people is either a sign of overblown bureaucracy; or a proof that no one actually wants to be protected against the virus, these people just enjoy to contribute to the hysteria.

Look at this Raps.org tracker of vaccine candidates which has 41 entries right now.

* A Bacillus Utrecht-Melbourne-Massachusetts vaccine is in stage 2/3 (derived from tuberculosis vaccines)
* So is AZD1222, Oxford-Jenner-AstraZeneca
* Moderna's mRNA-1273 is in stage 2
* The Russian Gam-COVID-Vac, Pfizer+BioNTech's BNT162, and 6 others are in stage 1/2
* Several in stage 1, dozens in pre-clinical, Novavax is ready to produce 1 billion near Prague

You may Google search for the name or producers of either vaccine. In many of them, you will get not only "hype" about the extremely encouraging results but also the information about the actual tests that imply that it seemed safe in their trials and produced the antibodies. So the vaccines already exist now; their delayed path to the "consumers" is just a result of bureaucracy. Nothing "research-related" will change about the effective vaccines in the future; it's just the people's faith and bureaucratic confirmations that may be straightened out.

Everyone who is afraid of this flu-like virus should get the opportunity to choose one of these vaccines and buy it under some conditions. The fact that this is not happening proves that this hysteria is not about the health (and especially genuine health-related worries) at all.

There is no vaccine against HIV but it has some very good reasons. Covid is more like flu in these respects. In fact, it's more flu-like than flu, mutates less than flu, and it is generally easier to find and maintain a Covid vaccine than a flu vaccine. But if mankind had ever been this insanely obsessed with a respiratory disease, it would have found the flu vaccine or another vaccine much faster, too.

Aside from tuberculosis (first entry on the list above), vaccination against some other diseases such as MMR is suspected to help to resist Covid-19, I won't talk about it because I still find the evidence somewhat uncertain.

But aside from vaccines (and the convalescent plasma that I consider the #1 common sense cure), there are drugs for people who got it:

* brilacidin (NEW: inhibits the virus by 90% even at low concentrations, more potent than anything below)
* favipiravir (for earlier and medium stage)
* avifavir (Russian similar magic cure: negative in 5 days)
* remdesivir (latest death reduction measurement: by 62%)
* steroid dexamethasone (very cheap, risk of death down 36%)
* Synairgen's hot drug: deaths down by 79%, stocks up 400% a day and 3000% since January

and I could go on and on. A Nature article has found 21 Covid drugs in some sense. I choose not to add HCQ (or HCQ+Zinc+something) to the list because I consider the potentially lethal heart arrythymia to be a worse (consequence) of the cure than the (Covid) disease (and I am not certain about the positive effects of HCQ, anyway). But cures and drugs are numerous – and probably tens of effective vaccine types will compete.

The claim that Covid-19 is a difficult disease to deal with simply contradicts the basic facts. Nevertheless, lots of people love to spread this lie. And it seems to me that lots of the laymen who don't seem to make any profit out of this lie have been persuaded to become passionate liars and spread this lie, too. There must be some amazing hormonal or emotional reward going to all these people who spread these lies. The more you worship the powers of this otherwise mild flu-like virus, the better you must feel, or something like that.

Lots of resources have been reserved to wrestle with this virus. The spending is still a tiny amount of the money that has been wasted because of the Covid hysteria; but it's huge and obviously overblown, too. Right now, there are some 5 million active Covid-19 cases. Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized and 64,000 are considered serious or critical (in the world). Once the vaccines start to be pumped into many people (I am among 43% of Czechs who are determined to avoid any Covid-related vaccination), the drugs will become almost worthless.

For example, Synairgen currently has the capitalization of $300 million and it's all about their Covid drug (reducing the deaths by 79%, it seems). Is that reasonable? I am not so sure. Assuming that the disease will drop (and vaccines will help it soon), 100,000 may be the estimated number of buyers. You need to charge each patient many, many thousands of dollars of dollars for the pill to get the capitalization back. But it won't even be true that "everyone" will be getting Synairgen's drug because the people have many other options. For example, the drug is competing against the steroid that costs a dollar! ;-) And new competitors may keep on emerging every week.

The companies and universities have already produced many more drugs and vaccines than what is actually needed. This miscalibration is another proof of the fake news media to cause a brutal misallocation of the human interest, of professional efforts, and of the finances, too.

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