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Klaus: a progressive victory in the US is a more serious worry than the Chinese politburo

A statement of the [Czech ex-president] Václav Klaus Institute, August 13th

Which side do we stand on?

Today, the Czech media have informed about the visit by Mike Pompeo with headlines such as "You have our backs". They were quoting the American secretary who expressed worries about our freedom and democracy which are, in his opinion, threatened by the activities of the competing superpowers, China and Russia. He was assuring us that the U.S. is ready to help us to defend the conditions of liberty. We must praise it, that is how it should look in between allies.

However, we are afraid that we haven't heard a reciprocal statement from the Czech side, the analogous interest in the future of American democracy, worries about its future, and the expression of our support for the attitudes of the current administration. We think that this omission is a great mistake.

The American leader should hear from our top politicians that a great part of the Czech society is deeply worried about the evolution of America during several recent years, that it is frustrated by the attacks on the very foundations of the American democracy and its symbols, that it is scared by the rise of far left forces to power that are refusing the fundamental values and principles of a free society and market economy, and that it is scared by the propagation of absurd gender and environmentalist theories, by the intentional fabrication of fear in the society, by the silencing of the freedom of speech, and by the trampling on the academic freedoms at universities.

We are terrified by the attacks on the current, democratically elected, president that have been continuing during his whole tenure, we are terrified by the deepening gaps separating the American society, we are terrified by the new control over the media mainstream acquired by the leftist progressives. We are afraid of the events during the looming presidential elections and its impact on the American democracy. We are afraid of the future of the unique American society in the context of the ongoing efforts to transform the American nation to a commonwealth of antagonistic racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual minorities.

Czech politicians should tell Secretary Pompeo that we are greatly worried about the evolution in the wake of a hypothetical victory of the extremist forces in the U.S. And unfortunately, it looks like the events are trending towards that outcome. They should have told him that the possible victory of these leftist extremists in the U.S. is more worrisome for us than the Chinese politburo because they represent an immediate threat for the preservation of our freedom and our market economy. If the U.S. falls into the havoc and leftist experiments, the freedom in Europe and the world will be lost, too.

We have the right to be worried because our country has already accumulated bitter experience with the left-wing utopias. One of the most important members of the American administration should have heard in Czechia that the U.S. have a friend and ally in Central Europe, one who cares about the fate of America, not just an irresponsible vassal that is used to subserviently – and in analogy with the good soldier Švejk – agree with the overlord's words, something that has become a rule in Czechia.

Jiří Weigl and Václav Klaus, published on the server, August 13th, 2020

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