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RIP Joan Feynman (1927-2020). Media supporting "women in science" are 100% silent

I had a pleasant and refined German guest-scientist in Pilsen today. We chatted about lots of things and – because of some related work by my guest – we also mentioned Joan Feynman. With some uncertainty, I said that she recently died – because it followed from a tweet by John Preskill that I read in the last week:

I didn't quite internalize the information about her death because "-2020" were the only characters in the tweet that talked about the death. Sadly, a Californian funeral website supports the theory that she died and/or had a funeral on July 22nd.

The video that Preskill embedded shows her lively mental abilities and her charmingly modest yet realistic sense of humor – when she was already over 90 years old. I also think that her way of speaking and gestures are extremely similar to her brother, Richard Feynman. They had the Far Rockaway, Queens, New York accent, some Jewish flavor added into it, but the similarities go much further and deeper, into the rhythm of the smiles and the "preparation for a shooting of ideas" with some degree of a combative, suffering frowning at the right moments that precedes the smiles. You are invited to provide us with a more detailed quantification of their similarities.

Google Scholar lists 2,220 articles that mention her name somewhere. She wrote many of them. Her top ten were above 100 citations. Now, try to use Google News to search for all the media stories about Joan Feynman in recent 30 days. You get zero. Because of this media silence, her Wikipedia page is still not showing her death, more than a week after she died! Wikipedia rules require a published source of the information and there is simply none. She's officially alive at least 10 days after the death by which she surpasses her ethnic compatriot Jesus Christ by a week or so.

All the media, the Democratic Party, and similar progressive tools of power are obsessed with the intimidation of men and would-be promotion of women. Men are being forced to support the incredibly stupid claim that women are equally important as men for physics; or commit suicide. But when a female astrophysicist – one with such a famous name, to say the least – dies, they don't write a single story into their would-be mainstream newspapers. Why is it so?

Because the leftist media don't give a damn about women in science at all. Instead, what they want in the institutionalized science and other places are intellectually mediocre parrots who repeat the extreme left-wing lies and who help to deconstruct the civilization that mankind has built – one that especially the white men have built. Those are often stupid women or stupid blacks but there's no universally valid link of this type and they may also be stupid men – and on the contrary, those who oppose this untrue garbage are usually whites and/or men but they may also be women or the people of color. The absurdity of the self-described pro-minority fight is captured by this video:

The obnoxious, self-evidently white, man screams at the self-evidently black woman that he is more black than she is. How is it possible? He is more black on the inside inside! Right, exactly. What he really wanted to say instead of the placeholder "black" is "a lying, unhinged creature". He is clearly more of a lying, unhinged creature than she is and that's why she is making it clear to him that he is cuckoo (I don't need to explain to our black TRF readers that they don't need to be white to figure out that this white guy is cuckoo); he is just using totally deceptive words to express this simple idea. The situation is equivalent in the case of the promotion of female scientists – such as Joan Feynman.

It is very easy to see that Joan Feynman was a smart independent thinker and she was among the last ones whom the extreme left-wing movement would find convenient. Her name is mentioned in six TRF blog posts and at least one of them mentions an article she co-authored that is about the Sun-climate connection. Like my guest today, she was among those who studied (and the survivors still study) the internal processes in our nanny star that may be very important to understand the processes in the Earth's atmosphere. At least in effect, she was a climate skeptic. Of course, even if that were the only "problem", it would be enough for the dishonest, scientifically illiterate and deceptive, leftist ideologues to "cancel her".

Unlike the guy who is cuckoo, these Czech Yellow sisters are really black inside, true tubab women. I've had a lunch with one of them (DivaBaara is the daughter of a witch who is a daughter of a bat and Harry Potter's grand-auntie), one of those rare members who married a white, not a black, man.

The dishonest and often very aggressive layer of the contemporary human society composed of fake scientists who aren't really scientists, fake journalists who aren't real journalists, and many similar creatures has hid the death of Richard Feynman's wonderful sister, a scientist, for two simple reasons: She could have thought for herself; and she has never pretended to be something else than what she was. Both traits are inconvenient for their plans to fill the universities and other important places with extremely arrogant, materially self-serving, but ideologically obedient entities lacking any moral compass like themselves.

Rest in peace, Dr Joan Feynman.

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