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Dishonesty of the Coronazi fearmongers and bullies is too obvious

You Are My Lord, from the musical Dracula. Music by Karel Svoboda (the genius who shot himself dead).

The celebrities meet more people than the regular citizens and they are also more likely to be tested (or to need tests) which are reasons why the percentage of "known" positive Covid cases is higher among celebrities. The Czech ones (singers and actresses etc.) who have undergone the virus include Ivana Andrlová, a princess from 1980s fairy-tales, singer Hana Zagorová, her husband Štefan Margita (who is known as her husband in Czechia but he is also an opera singer LOL), Mr Ladislav Frej, Mr Láďa Vízek, Mr Lukáš Konečný, and more.

The latest announcement came from Ms Lucie Bílá (*1966; some YouTube videos). Since the 1990s or so, she has arguably been the #1 Czech female singer. To say the least she has won the Czech Nightingale contest 20 times, one-half of Karel Gott's 40 victories in the male category LOL. She announced her victory over the coronavirus in this Facebook video (92 seconds).

The singer who has a much younger male partner, an asset class that is called "a bunny" in Czech (unlike Zagorová whose husband is only 10 years younger LOL), titled her message "A message for you: Lucíe Bílá 1 vs 0 the Coronarch" (a friendly nickname for the virus). Let me fully translate her motivational monologue here.

"Distinguished and dear ones, how do you cope with this uneasy era, this overly laughing one? I hope that you are doing at least a little well, within the realm of possible. We haven't heard and seen each other for a long time so I had the idea to tell you a couple of things for you not to forget about me. One of them is that I am still home, up to Sunday, and I am not quarantined. I am isolated because, as you may suspect, the bastard [haha] didn't just walk around me but he also grabbed me by some organs nicely. But what's good is that I can tell you about my experience that it is just a stupid flu that can be survived. And that it is necessary to get used to it and just be careful about oneself. But otherwise I wouldn't turn it into any horror. I would like to tell you, however, that since Monday, I have been in the full combat gear [healthy and ready to do anything], that I am back in a good condition, and I am looking forward to the opening ceremony of my theater, the christening in that theater, the christening of a fantastic CD of four of my friends-tenors, and also to Sunday September 27th when I have a concert there. And I will be able to show the theater to you, the viewers, and also sing there. I look forward to present my new book to you and I am primarily looking forward to the world where everything is alright again and where we will meet just like we were used to. A world where we can hug each other, shake hands of each other, kiss each other, and be together. Because I really need you. Be well. I am yours and I am looking forward to Monday when I am already back. Ahoy!"

I can't be sure that she composed this message herself but if she did, it is just excellent. Reasonably emotional, motivational, well-formulated, and informative. Lucie Bílá is sometimes claimed to have a lower IQ. She was also claimed some folks to be a gypsy (her original name is Hana Zaňáková and it sounds gypsy-like). Well, she told us that she was not a gypsy but she wouldn't be annoyed at all if she were one! She likes her gypsy fans and she thinks that they love her, she told us (and shocked some of the more eagerly anti-gypsy Czechs). Nice.

At any rate, she has described her experience. It was just a flu episode for her (and a regular "stupid flu", not "severe flu", as some people seem to add almost automatically because not adding the deceitful adjective "severe" is non-PC!), the conclusion seems to be (and she is clearly far from being the only one with that summary). Of course, this message may be interpreted as (1) a motivational comment because she wants her fans to be upbeat which is a good thing, (2) more importantly, an actual accurate report (it seems accurate because she just looks fine enough) that helps others to independently decide what they should expect from the virus with various probabilities, when they add her experience to the experiences and fates of others.

Over 1,000 comments quickly appeared under the video. Many of them were just real fans wishing her well (she doesn't need it right now, I think). But a substantial fraction, perhaps a hundred or hundreds, were saying things like "I am terribly disappointed by you because you downplayed the virus which may be lethal for other people". Sometimes they added the more hardcore stuff like "I am dreaming about the moment when the people whom you love will be dying of Covid" etc. Yes, these people drive me up the wall. They drive me up the wall because it's clear that they want to add to the misery of the economy (and especially the music industry); they drive me up the wall because they wish something terrible to other people even though they pretend to do the maximum to save all other people from any disease; but they especially drive me up the wall because they are just self-evidently dishonest liars. Already as a kid, I was influenced by the proverb "who is lying is also stealing and digging his tunnel to Hell", whatever is the English counterpart (if any). The Czech reformer Jan Huss had "pravda" (the truth) as his key word (and he was burned at stake because of that, the classical Czech legend-like historiography says); the presidential flag of Czechoslovakia and Czechia has had "veritas vincit" (truth prevails) on it since the times of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, our first president. Even Harvard, a former employer of mine for 6 years, has (increasingly ludicrously) "Veritas" in its logo.

Was she downplaying the disease? To answer, we must know what the word "downplaying" means. It means to present the disease as less serious than it is. But she just presented exactly her experience, without any bias. According to everything she has perceived, she has had flu. Others are more lucky and they don't have any symptoms whatsoever. Some people may die of Covid but exactly the same is true for flu that actually claims a higher number of Czech lives per year than Covid, despite the 6 months of the panic and despite the recent acceleration of Covid propagation in Czechia.

These people who have attacked Lucie Bílá make it very clear that they don't want people like this top singer to be free to honestly share their experience with the virus. The only want to allow the propagation of news of a "certain kind", news about some people who badly suffer or die. Everything else should be censored, they think, and everyone who dares to say something else must be bullied, they are convinced. According to the Covid fearmongers, Lucie Bílá's life (and her having been cured) doesn't matter and cannot matter; only the lives of the super-old snoring fat seniors with cancer and heart problems (who would have a month ahead anyway) are those that matter! Oh, really? Is that how the verb "matter" should work in our world? I think that they are very explicit in their desire to lie to 10 million Czechs and to distort and censor at least 97.5% of the relevant facts about Covid (because 97.5% of known Covid cases in Czechia aren't hospitalized and they are similar to Lucie Bílá's case; the actual percentage is higher than 97.5% because the asymptomatic patients are more likely to escape tests than the symptomatic and serious ones). Statistical surveys show that Covid is less dangerous than flu for the young people and may be more dangerous than flu for the very old ones. In average, the infection by this virus is comparable to the infection by an average flu virus, to say the least.

I am just amazed how some people may be literally bragging about their complete absence of integrity. They just make it very clear that they want to hide "most of the truth" from everyone else. They only want to allow the statements and anecdotal evidence that support fear and fearmongers. They clearly want the people to overreact because they want them to think that the disease is worse and more dangreous for them and for others than it actually is. It is spectacularly clear that it is so and it is rather understandable why they are doing it, too. They just benefit from the fear, politically and sometimes financially. They benefit when people become more obedient, they benefit when the economy is declining, too.

Does this strategy work? Well, it only works for the brain-dead readers and listeners who just can't think. Everyone who can think must have noticed that the truth has been systematically and brutally distorted into the alarmist direction. Everyone who can think sees that the critics of Lucie Bílá are fraudulent liars, filthy demagogues, cruel bullies, and stinky scum whose words simply can't be taken seriously because they are self-identified liars. The Coronazis should be called out as the cesspool of the human society but the media are failing to do this job because the bulk of the media have been flushed into this cesspool for many years, too.

Lucie Bílá peacefully reacted and said that she didn't want to downplay anything but she didn't want to spread fear, either. She also explained (a bit surprising, for many) answer to the question that many have posed: don't you have to undergo another test to know that you're healthy? Well, it turns out that you only need another test if your last one were negative. If you have a positive test and you feel OK, it's assumed that you're OK and unable to spread the virus 10 days after the positive test! That's simply how the Czech rules work. Of course one can't be 100% sure that this is an optimal mixture of rules but I personally think it is very sensible. If you feel well and you were positive 10 days earlier, it means that your body has defeated the virus and you're no longer in the stage where you're able to infect others because it's been measured that the mild courses of the disease are unable to remain contagious for more than 10 days, at least in a vast majority of such mild cases. Of course the safety of such rules can't be 100.000% but to make these rules even safer would be far too restrictive for tens of thousands of people.

The Covid hysteria isn't the only example but it is one of the most flagrant examples ever of the fact that some people are just overtly lying and distorting the truth and they still assume that it doesn't matter because even self-evident falsehoods should be bought as the truths. And because tons of these dishonest lying scumbags have filled the "mainstream" media, it unfortunately seems to be the case. Even the statements that are totally self-evident falsehoods in which the liars explicitly admitted that they distorted and hid the truth or the inconvenient majority of the data are being bought as "the truth" by millions of people because, apparently, a falsehood that is repeated 100 times "becomes" the truth. It's just terrible.

Bossa Nova is a type of samba from a Covid-sensible country named Brazil.

P.S.: Lucie Bílá's music is hard rock of a sort, she is full of the rock-style energy. But it was another female singer, Ms Bára Basiková, who chose a less nurturing language towards the Coronazis. "Let everyone who annoys us with the coronavirus news and the terrifying stories about it go into the aßhole!" Needless to say, "go into the aßhole" is a Czech version of "fudge off". She added that none of them bothers to inform us about the health problems and fatalities at the oncological, cardiovascular, and (non-Covid) infectious departments of hospitals. What the government did in spring "looks like crime" and she would like to experience Covid so that it's over for her. Her Facebook status "PEOPLE, PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER" has 26k likes now.

This old man (original) is Ms Bára Basiková in her fresh Your Face Sounds Familiar (CZ: Your Face has a Familiar Voice). Lots of the Czech artists' performances in this context are cross-sexual like this one. Not bad although I have seen even better ones. The Czech visagistes are often amazing; and the emulation of the songs by folks like Basiková is almost isomorphic, too.

Five days ago, the coronavirus hysteria was also criticized (and identified as a method for someone to get rich) by an influential singer especially from the 1990s, Mr Janek Ledecký, who also happens to be the father of the double Olympic winner (ski, snowboarding) Ms Ester Ledecká. Ledecký has shown the global graph of cases and fatalities with Covid, he emphasized the word "with". He clearly showed far more understanding of the issues than the typical TV dummies-fearmongers. He observed that the "cases" dramatically grew but the deaths with Covid didn't. So it's the best time to step on the brake but not the economy's brake, on the brake of the hysterical marketing campaign organized by the Big Pharma (in his opinion). They know it's the best business of the Big Pharma in the history: tests, drugs, vaccines. And maybe the latter may be mandatory. Stop scaring people. Stop the useless testing of people without symptoms. The numbers don't mean anything, he observed. Focus on your energy on those who actually suffer from the disease. Leave the rest of us live! At the end, he showed that on Sept 10th, the European map showed Sweden as the BINGO best country in the cases per million folks. The same Sweden that avoided all draconian restrictions. 25k likes, too. I needed 5 minutes to understand his self-contradictory slogan "Remain negative and be positive". It means "remain Covid-negative and be optimistic" LOL.

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