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A new minister, a new hope

Fer137 recommended us a very nice article on lockdownism, a new totalitarian ideology (or religion) that is spreading like fire. It is an extreme form of germophobia that tries to pretend it is healthy instead of a pathology (which is what germophobia has been for centuries – and I say it as a former child germophobe although probably a lite version of Sheldon Cooper). It envisions an ideal world where people never meet let alone touch each other.

If you want to read a text demonstrating lockdownism at the intelligence level of a 2-year-old communist, check Tommaso Dorigo, a CERN physicist (!). Summary: All of us share commodities and fuel tanks because we live in an advanced communist society. Everyone can infect someone else which is an exponentially growing process. An exponentially growing process is infinite, an infinite amount of harm is being done, and that's why going outside is at least on par with shooting tons of people with a Kalashnikov. It follows that everyone is obliged to show the huge courage by staying home! I kid you not. I just can't believe Tommaso is serious because this is so incredibly stupid. I haven't ever met a baby who was actually this stupid.

(OK, Tommaso: the exponential profile doesn't last indefinitely and doesn't go to infinity. The rate of increases always naturally slows down. The total damages end up at shortening the average life by 0.5-2.5 days which is compensated by 5-25 days of the natural increase of the life expectancy which adds a year to the average life in every decade. And that shortening must be compared to the huge costs of the restrictions which are clearly larger, like 10% of the GDP or more in each quarter with these policies, plus the loss of freedom, culture, education of kids, and comfort. On top of that, the infection is largely unavoidable and an infection of Y by X may be a good thing because X usually makes Y immune – and capable of abandoning fear. It is BS that the infection is always a negative thing, too. Only clueless parasites in the ivory tower can afford moronic fairy-tales about the "moral justification of staying at home". Someone else must be working for clueless egotist Bolshevik parasites like you to survive, Tommaso.)

OK, the almost universally hated Czech minister of health, Prof Colonel Roman Prymula 007, a former apparent officer of the communist secret police, was finally replaced today, a day after he managed to receive the Order of the White Lion, Czechia's most valuable official award (despite his terrible results: in five weeks, he increased the Covid activity in the country by a factor of 15 and destroyed 50% of several industries, too). Note that the double-tailed white lion has been Bohemia's coats-of-arms since 1247.

So far, the new minister seems to be very, very different. Dr Jan Blatný is not only an official in the Brno hospital but an achieved hematologist (who focuses on the children's blood). See Google Scholar to check his rather impressive research credentials. Almost like mine.

Instead of the increasingly hardcore Coronazi proclamations (that are creating new lockdowns in France and Germany; not to mention a planned, totally crazy, 6-month extension of the state of emergency in Spain), he said something different. His primary task is to defeat fear which is paralyzing us. He wants to replace the widespread fear by respect. The fear is not only fear of a disease; it is fear of the material conditions in the future, too. While keeping his distance from the violence by the soccer hooligans at the Old Town Square, Dr Blatný pointed out that even the rally at the Old Town Square was a manifestation of fear that he would like to heal.

He said that Covid-19 is "not the only disease" and it is a "serious illness of the flu type". I guess that the Coronazi fanatics who hate any comparison of Covid and flu must be triggered today! He expects that no extra tightening will be needed and he thinks that no extra field hospital will be built (I think that even the first one will remain unused). We can deal with it within the existing restrictions assuming that they will be taken seriously. Of course, confidence in the minister helps to shape people's will to cooperate. Like millions of others, I just didn't want to help a person with the Gestapo behavior such as Mr Prymula.

While Czechia is the world's leading country in the Covid-19 activity per million people in the world (because some 30% of us really don't think that we should restrict our lives significantly), there are still 1100 empty ICU beds waiting for patients (i.e. more than a doubling of the Covid-19 ICU patients is possible within the system). The system is dealing with the epidemics – and it is epidemics in Czechia for the first time – just fine. According to preliminary results of Dr Vojtěch Thon's survey, some 20% of Czechs already have antibodies. The amount of cases and deaths is in 1/3-1/2 of the final values. Not many events that are "qualitatively different from what we have seen" should be expected and sometimes in November, it's very likely that more than 50% of the Covid-19 trouble in Czechia will be a matter of the past.

Good luck to Dr Blatný. The opposition parties and the president have wished him well, too. Being a kind and balanced guy could be enough of a positive change after 5 weeks of an emerging terror that has intensely polarized the Czech society. Dr Blatný wants to heal this polarization and, along with the economic interests that he will take into account (unlike his predecessor, I would add), as he emphasized, it is probably more important than the detailed evolution of this serious disease of the flu type (it's so nice to sound cautious, sensible, yet 100% compatible with the minister of health again!).

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