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Democratic Party voters already mentally live in a new Stalinist regime

I was intrigued by the unbelievable corruption in Joe Biden's family and especially shocked by the extreme left-wing Internet companies' efforts to censor the news and interfere with the U.S. presidential elections that are just 18 days away. It is my belief that these companies should be nationalized and the people responsible for the interference should be sent to jail for many, many years.

Hunter Biden was born in 1970 and he is dumb as a doorknob. But his father became a U.S. Senator in 1973 and Hunter enjoyed the treatment of a spoiled brat from a corrupt family of a (mostly left-wing) politician. Of course that the Senator's son must be admitted to a high school. Or even a college. A law school! Meanwhile, it is still the same Hunter Biden. So of course he becomes a drug addict with zero skills, no talent, and no desire to work and sells the only thing he can offer. "I am a beloved son of a powerful U.S. politician, so pay me for the contacts." Ukrainian folks only paid tens of thousands while the disappeared Chinese Big Energy entrepreneur was negotiating $10 million for Hunter Biden every year (for 3 years), just for the "introductions". This man is my father Joseph, also known as Joe. Ten millon! ;-)

Fine, Hunter was high again, was having a bath with his MacBook, and brought the wet MacBook to a repairman, Mr Isaac. The laptop wasn't picked for quite some time. Isaac claimed the legal ownership (it seems strange that you could claim the ownership of the data, even after time X) and the hard disk data gradually got to Rudi Giulliani, the legendary mayor of New York in 2001 and a lawyer of Trump's, and the New York Post, the 4th U.S. news outlet by circulation. Do I understand well that Rudi is the person who picked the New York Post as the glorious outlet that would get this explosive material?

The story makes perfect sense. I am almost certain that Guilliani et al. possess the laptop and the hard disk. The data must be there. An expert could find out when the data was approximately saved. I don't believe that Guilliani would be taking the risk of lying or fabricating the hard disk content or something like that. The stories are completely compatible with Hunter Biden's identity. He is a drug addict who can only sell the illegitimate access to a powerful U.S. politician, a father who unconditionally loves his son, and that's what he's doing. No lawyer around Biden's family has denied the authenticity of the e-mails.

It's touching that Joe loves Hunter but this love would clearly becomes a grave national security risk if Biden became the U.S. president. Joe Biden is arguably a normal old-school career politician and a man who can be praised as a father and it's the son who is the huge troublemaker. But the relationship is enough to turn Joe Biden into a huge nuclear problem, too. This is a classic October surprise that should be enough for a safe Trump landslide victory. Americans just can't take the risk that the loving Joe Biden sells the United States to China for a pound of crack for his beloved son or something like that.

I was terrified when someone wrote me that these Biden family stories are human and touching and may increase the support for Biden. They may be touching and such events are surely human but the consequences for the 330 million Americans are absolutely scary and pathological. This is the kind of corruption showing that "everything has already collapsed". The amounts of money that are being thrown around are unimaginable for almost all Americans. It's human to err but this is the "totally wrecked human", not the "good human", behavior. Joe Biden is for sale and the toughest players may buy pieces of America through their attachment to the spoiled brat named Hunter Biden. Joe Biden should take care of his beloved son but he simply mustn't be allowed to use the collective and private assets of 330 million Americans to perform this care.

But it was the reaction of the big Internet servers and especially Twitter that was utterly shocking for me. Folks who have linked to the explosive New York Post stories (both of them) were suspended on Twitter – that included Trump's spokeswoman McEnany, TrumpTeam (his campaign), journalists at Politico, and many others. All other Twitter users were blocked from posting the URLs. Incidentally, if you need to post a banned URL on Twitter, just add the "http colon slash slash nullreferer dot com slash question_mark" in front of the URL, e.g.
It's useful for the New York Post, Bitchute, and other essential servers that are being blocked these days. Fine. So people couldn't post the URL to the New York Post without tricks, their accounts were suspended, and so on. In a "mostly free" world, it is of course ludicrous to try to suppress the information in this way because many people will get even more motivated to inform others, through the so-called Straisand effect.

Effective clones of the New York Post stories were posted at various places. Most hilariously, a copy of the information appeared on a website of the Republicans in the U.S. Congress. Twitter has banned that website, too! ;-) I just couldn't believe it. If I had any stocks of the company, I would be surely looking for ways to make sure that the responsible employees are professionally liquidated and encouraged to starve to death. You just don't want your company to wage a war against the official institutions of the world's only superpower. It is very clear that capitalism has been effectively eliminated and the shareholders no longer have any tangible control over "their" companies.

You know, we may be having the discussions about the question whether the right legal status of Twitter is a "platform" or a "publisher" or some carefully engineered hybrid of the two. There is obviously some problem that needs to be fixed. But the discussion about "platforms" and "publishers" is making the problem look much subtler and more technical than it is. What is primarily going on is that an organized group – which includes "accidentally powerful" employees of Twitter and other Internet companies – has waged a war on the United States of America. It is organizing election interference, election fraud, sabotage of major news companies (NY Post), and so on. The goal of their jihad is clearly a perfect monopoly of power (including 100% of the media influence).

These criminals must be caught and punished for their crimes. People just can't prevent tens of millions of Americans from getting and/or offering access to some clearly very important evidence or allegations that may and should affect their decisions in the presidential election. People responsible for this war on the U.S. Congress and for the election interference must be located and arrested. It's a technicality whether Twitter's CEO and managers would be in the set; and whether Twitter as a company would be dismantled, nationalized, or banned, or whatever. But clearly efforts to destroy the very basics of the functioning democracy in the United States of America are more important than the jobs of some rogue employees (who clearly don't serve to the Twitter shareholders, as they should, anyway: they are a creating a threat that the Twitter stock will become worthless).

And it's not just Twitter. Facebook has fought the inconvenient data, too, although it chose a milder path through the shadow banning, i.e. less overt methods to suppress the truth. On Wikipedia, far left troll-editors managed to label the New York Post as an untrustworthy source (a futile effort because lots of other news outlets have written about it as well) and the whole Hunter Biden stories are being presented as "far right conspiracy theories". OK, the phrase "far right conspiracy theories" is repeatedly used for the truth (or statements that are almost certainly true) by fanatical, brainwashed, and brain-dead imbeciles who want to sound 50 IQ points smarter than they are. These people are so brain-dead that humane ways to end their suffering should be looked for and those who have taught the kids to parrot the phrase "far right conspiracy theory" in such clearly inadequate contexts deserve their electric chairs.

I have lived in an unquestionably totalitarian regime for 16 years of my life. Czechoslovakia of the 1980s was already a "softened" totalitarian system where people weren't executed for their political beliefs on a daily basis (like in the early 1950s). In fact, although lots of cowards and collaborationalists from those times find this fact inconvenient, people weren't even "routinely fired" for their inconvenient political stances. But there weren't any real elections (with at least two competing candidates) and all "opposition opinions" were treated as a "problem for the state" that was being "solved" by some "authorities".

The far left trolls and manipulators on Twitter are already mentally living in a similar system – except that it looks much closer to Czechoslovakia of the 1950s than Czechoslovakia of the 1980s. They live in a system in which the far left ideology and the people worshiping it has the absolute power and the monopoly on truth. Everyone who is inconvenient for this far left center of power may be (and, according to them, should be) canceled, character assassinated, lied about, removed, suspended, banned, fired, robbed, or murdered.

It's the point of freedom of democracy – the fundamental huge advantage relatively to North Korea – that people actually have the right to discuss the new evidence, allegations, documents etc., whether or not they are convenient for high-tier Democratic politicians and the political interests around them. That freedom and the officially protected competition of "many candidate truths" is the main mechanism that prevents a would-be Stalin and Pol Pot from murdering tens of millions of people for "being against the [leader's] truth". It is really a primary driver of the progress and the improvements of the human society. The freedom of the people to share the story is absolutely essential; whether a few thousand far leftists' lives of rogue Twitter employees are threatened when this freedom is being restored is absolutely secondary. Their lives do not matter. It is the basics of freedom and democracy that are at stake and its enemies who have launched a bloody and fanatical war with no ethical restrictions must finally be treated as enemies of the United States of America who are at war with the nation – i.e. as counterparts of Al-Qaeda or the ISIS.

Sorry, individuals who are willing to vote for the left-wing scenario in 18 days – despite all this unbelieve terror that is taking place even before they conquer the power – are absolute scum with no traces of morality or the respect to basic societal values and I refuse to recognize them as full-blown human beings. And of course, the possible damage of the GOP's result that has already been done by these criminal interventions is so huge that Trump and his supporters simply mustn't accept the result if it happens to say "Biden wins". Of course that if Biden "only" won 60-to-40 or something like that, it would be a number describing totally rigger elections in a banana republic.

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