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Klaus: Let us not allow fear to take over our lives

Remarks of the 2nd Czech President commemorating the 102th anniversary of the birth of Czechoslovakia

One-hundred and two years ago, a free and democratic country was declared in this very building whose heir is the current Czech Republic. This anniversary used to be celebrated in a dignified manner, with a respect and humbleness towards the achivements of that bygona era, and with a confidence and faith in the future. Today, it isn't the case.

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The founding fathers of our republic didn't succumb to fear in the difficult wartime circumstances and they were capable of turning their intents into reality. Let us follow their example. Let us not allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear that is being intentionally spread. It is only up to us whether we will be defeated by that fear.

The subsequent century was filled with the efforts not to lose the freedom and the national independence that had been once achieved. And it wasn't lost, thanks to the courage, sacrifices, and work by whole generations of our ancestors. This historical knowledge should be filling us with optimism and motivate us towards the civic activities now when we are facing new and serious challenges, certainly not just challenges of the medical character.

Under the cover of anti-epidemic policies, the constitutionally guaranteed civil freedoms are being restricted, the economy is being liquidated (along with the dignity of hundreds of thousands of lives), the public finances are being subverted, and a new debt is being created that will be a burden for us and whole generations of our descendants for long decades.

If we stay passive, if the fear prevails over freedom, if we allow the arrogant decisions by alleged experts to be imposed on us, and if we subordinate ourselves to some foreign interests, we will lose everything. Not only the things that were created by us, the generations living in recent decades. We will also lose the structure of work by those whose legacy is being rightfully remembered today. Thank you for your attention.

Václav Klaus, comments on October 28th, 2020, in front of the Municipal House in Prague

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