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May America vote to ban fossil fuels?

In the last debate, Donald Trump was presidential, wise, and kind, the same Trump who brought Kevin back to his mother. Under normal circumstances, Trump and Biden would be two relatively close, standard, centrist politicians. Even Biden's corruption is somewhat widespread; and so is his attraction to younger girls. Do you know what is the name of the sexual deviation that makes a man attracted to 17-year-old girls, for example? It's called heterosexuality.

But we are not living in the old-fashioned times anymore. Joe Biden relies and must rely on the grassroot support and the Democratic Party is basically run by the most extreme and unhinged leftists that the planet has seen for a long time, perhaps ever. So he is constantly switching from being a sensible mainstream candidate to being a would-be darling of these far left loons. It's a difficult game. Also, if this puppet were elected, those that made him elected will demand his suicide for greater good so that he may be replaced with a more radical politician, one from a more privileged group. And she would soon be replaced by an even more progressive one, and so on.

OK, Trump and the moderator asked Biden whether he wanted to ban the oil industry. And coal and the fracking and everything else that includes flammable materials with carbon inside. And incredibly enough, he basically said Yes, we have to make the transition away from all these things. OK, this is clearly not what a politician in the "old-fashioned mainstream politician" may say. It's what you say if you want to secure a padded cell next to Greta Thunberg's padded cell, an adequate home for a mentally broken teenager who thinks that she sees CO2 by her eyes. Everyone who really wants to abolish the fossil fuel industry is mentally ill. Have these mentally ill people really become a majority of the U.S. citizens?

The fossil fuel industry is just some $200 billion revenue industry in the U.S., roughly one percent of the GDP. It should be enough to win Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas. But it's not just about the people who are employed in this industry and their families. Americans may see that this is clearly just a beginning – if the "transition" away from the fossil fuel industry is what the candidate says before he is pushed by his more extreme far left comrades, what will happen when the pressure by those who rooted for him is allowed to be expressed fully (because they no longer have to care what the centrist let alone conservative voters think)?

I think that a ban on (regular petrol and diesel) cars, among other things, would become rather likely within years, too. How many Americans are wiling to actively support this trend? Perhaps 50,000 of those who have an electric car and no other car? Almost all of them live in California (which is unlikely to vote for Trump but I think that even that surprise may happen). Even before the intense pressure to ban cars (which may include the duty of hundreds of millions of Americans to throw their car to a trash bin), the fuel would almost certainly become more expensive, throwing millions to fuel poverty.

Well, I don't really believe it will happen. The percentage of Americans who are actually looting in the streets or who are saying insane far left delusions from an ivory tower or from a left-wing newspaper (there are almost no other newspapers) is very small. These people are extremely visible and they're being shown all the time through the media but this optics totally distorts the reality about the Americans' opinions (and the organizers of the surveys intentionally add another layer of the anti-Trump distortion to their results). A majority of Americans is the silent majority that has figured out that the far leftists are intimidating everyone else and it's easier or safer to look compatible with them. But they will vote for Trump because they are not actual loons themselves; they have just been marginally blackmailed by the criminal extreme leftists. I think that even most of those who have helped the far left racists and scum to remove Uncle Bens from Uncle Ben's and do tons of these incredible events in the ongoing culture wars will actually vote for Trump because the leftists can't control the ballots yet.

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