Wednesday, October 07, 2020

President's illness and the sick America

By Alexander Tomský, a Czech publicist who has been a political scientist in the UK for many years

It is probably the first time since the Civil War when democracy in America finds itself at existential risk. The progressives have been controlling the Democratic Party for quite some time, much like the humanities at the universities, almost all media, and the large corporations. Building on their utopian demand for social justice, they are attacking the capitalist economic inequality, the "institutionalized" racial discrimination, the traditional family, as well as the churches and they are undermining the legitimacy of the foundational 1789 American Constitution.

The statues of founders of the "city on the mountain" are falling and the protestors are burning the Bibles (Portland). Regardless of their individual skills, revolutionaries are demanding the racial diversity at every professional level in every occupation, compensation for slavery in the distant past, they have provoked the black minority (40 million) to come to the streets, and they deny both the street violence as well as the numbers of deaths and injured people. And there's more to it! They not only reject patriotism and the faith in America's mission but also the very foundations of democracy, the discussions, the search for the truth from various perspectives, and the political compromise. They are introducing censorship and the new anti-national paradigm of the society which should be based on the identity of the oppressed minorities (including women?), and not on the unity of a multi-ethnic nation. They haven't won yet but they are backed by a majority of the intelligentsia in the humanities and by the ideologically fanaticized youth while the terrified majority is silent.

The lawyer (!) Amna A Akbar has enthusiastically described the situation in the New York Times, a daily.
Instead, the people making these demands want a new society. They want a break from prisons and the police, from carbon and rent. [...] While many may find this naïve, polls, participation in protests and growing membership [...] show these demands are drawing larger and larger parts of the public toward a fundamental critique of the status quo and a radical vision for the future.
Yes, the "practical moves" create fear but this lady has apparently no clue that in the struggle for the "radical vision", the survival of the United States of America is at stake, too. It is because these visionaries are being supported by the Speaker of the House and most commentators, intellectuals, and politicians in the Democratic Party that have turned the minorities into its electorate. The looming election with a problematic president in the quarantine may end up being a grenade, or just a fever that fades away, but it won't stop the march of the revolutionaries. In the country where mandatory seminars aiming to reeducate the people away from the subconscious racism are taking place, the time for a compromise has already ended and the subtle cohesion of the multi-ethnic nation is crumbling. Both parties consider the other one as a threat for the civilization.

The greatest and very likely threat revolves around the dispute about the elections. Hillary Clinton has recommended the presidential candidate Joe Biden not to recognize his defeat if the defeat is narrow. Democrats assume that Trump wouldn't accept his defeat in one case or another, he will challenge the mail-in ballots which are inadequate for the estimated 80 million voters, and the threat of the manipulation with ballots seems real. The president may rightfully point out that the quarantine as well as the cancellation of two TV debates has damaged the last stages of his campaign. Both sides are already preparing for court battles.

Biden has stated that he possesses 600 lawyers and teams of volunteers that will search through every state where a suspicion of a fraud could emerge. The Republican National Council has announced that it is getting ready for lawsuits against the Democrats regardless of the costs. A constitutional battle concerning the Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court is already ongoing and no one can imagine what would happen if the president were so ill that not only his campaign but even the execution of the job would become impossible or if he died.

In the world history, every revolution was preceded by some political or natural catastrophes. In this case, it is a new virus that has also contributed to the decay of America.

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