Thursday, October 22, 2020

Slovakia becomes a regional leader in the Coronazi insanity

OK, so Czechia is going through a real Covid epidemic for the first time (the country surely has the highest number of cases per million people, having finally surpassed Andorra LOL), districts around my hometown of Pilsen are among the top 10 most active ones while the 3 larger (and largest) cities, Prague, Brno, and Ostrava, clearly see a significantly lower activity. They have already gained enough immunity of the people so that the rate of the acceleration has dropped. The previous minister of health Mr Adam Vojtěch resigned on September 21st when there were 1400 positive tests a day (and this number stayed almost constant for another week). His successor, Col Roman Prymula who couldn't get the paperwork confirming that he wasn't a colonel of the communist secret police (but no one seems to care), started to immediately tighten the screws. The result is the increase from 1400 to 15,000 a day. Such policies almost never work but the more they fail to work, the more the insane people escalate them.

As the world media write about the (non-existent) Armageddon in Czechia, our "allies" are giving us gifts to save the last lives that can be saved, like 12 mechanical ventillators from the EU or 28 doctors from the U.S. Thanks, it's funny. Czechia doesn't need either and if it needed anything, these tiny "gifts" wouldn't make a difference. My homeland still has some 1,000 spare ICU beds (also because some were added), 55,000 doctors (notice that the number is "slightly" greater than 28) are ready to deal with the patients (and indeed, Covid patients are the easy ones so non-infection specialists may do this job and are sometimes doing this job, too). 4,700 people are in hospitals but 40% of them have no symptoms whatsoever (no one wants to be with them, however), serious cases surpased 700. The capacities are large and medical students are used as doctors, too (sometimes even without compensation which is crazy). But the "gifts" create a great impression of a crisis which is great for harming the image of Czechia, for increasing fear, and for making the Coronazis stronger. These "gifts" are stupid gestures but their main consequence is the reduced sovereignty of the Czech Republic.

Still, our new minister insists that we don't have a lockdown in Czechia and I mostly agree although the word just doesn't have a precise definition. I could still legally escape for a long trip, away from the crazy stuff and fanatical people who can be heard on the Internet and in many media outlets, and listen to our local radio which is making fun of the "crisis" one-half of the day and ignoring it in the other half (the market still works and they noticed that people want to be entertained, not brainwashed and psychologically tortured). Slovakia turned out to be more hardcore even than our new minister of health.

The new Slovak PM Igor Matovič (who has had this job from the spring) turned out to be the most hysterical politician in Central Europe when it comes to Covid-19. I have been watching his Facebook statuses with amazement for a few weeks. He's been ready for a padded cell for a very long time. Sadly, Slovakia didn't manage to contain him. Clearly, he considers the "common sense" first real wave of Covid in Slovakia as a personal harm because it proves that his whole "amazing success" in the spring was a complete mirage (the Covid activity was just delayed a little bit, as I had predicted in advance, for 12% of their GDP, but was guaranteed to restart at a moment when the patience with this moronic "war on Covid" evaporates which was a month ago). So he declared a complete home prison in Slovakia. And in four districts, the home prison is really complete. You can't go outside for 9 days (which he wants to inflate to 21 days) to do anything. No work is allowed and you can't buy food unless you have a negative test which is hard to have if you can't go outside to have it.

On top of this breathtaking violation of the basic civil rights, he plans to violate them in another way, by the mandatory antigen testing of the whole Slovak nation (the Slovak president Ms Zuzana Čaputová was calmer and more pro-constitutional in all these topics but the only way she can stop him is to fire him and she doesn't feel self-confident for that so far). 3 million test kits have already arrived from North Korea. I mean from South Korea to a new European clone of North Korea. But the total home prison in the 4 districts is stunning. Do you think that all families can get enough food for 9 or 21 days? It doesn't fit the fridge of most of them, right? So it won't be a decent enough food if it will be possible at all. How do all the pensioners guarantee to have enough food for 9 or 21 days? They need to buy it today because the lockdown starts on Saturday.

There are just 115 deaths due to Covid-19 in Slovakia as of now (Slovakia rarely counts "deaths due to Covid" and the "deaths with Covid" may be about 3 times higher than their reported number). But this new policy has the capacity to starve thousands of people to death. If hundreds die, I will work hard to help other good people and make sure that this lunatic is moved to the Hague, and even if he is not, he is hanged for the crimes against humanity, perhaps in a more informal setting.

There are lots of reasons to think that these lockdowns (even the current Czech semi-lockdown) don't do much good. In the morning, the supermarket was more full than I remember it in years right after it is opened at 7 am. Maybe some people were hoarding food. But I also think that lots of people tried to buy non-food products there (Lidl seels lots of things these days) because most of the non-food shops are closed. This situation of an increase density of citizens in the grocery stores is clearly a recipe to increase the number of infections. If you wanted to lower the infection rate, you would try to open many more shops and make them larger so that the buyers may be "distanced" from each other. I am pretty sure about this logic and I think that lots of other people have thought in this way but the mindless locking has a greater political power again.

So I find it imaginable, although I am far from certain, that this will lead to another escalation of the number of infections and even the number of serious cases because people get higher doses at home and in dense environments, just like they did in Lombardy. At any rate, a majority of Czechs will undergo the disease in one case or another (because the general desire to actively fight the disease by social distancing etc. is lower in Czechia than anywhere in the world – which I consider a great virtue of our nation). The political behavior of the government is pretty independent of the citizens' views and I am ashamed of that – although I would be even more ashamed of my government if I were Slovak.

So far, it would be extremely hard to find someone doing quite these crazy "Slovak" things in our nation (even though the number of hospitalizations per million people etc. is about 3 times higher in Czechia than in Slovakia). We needed an apparent officer from the communist secret police, a hardcore guy who has been trained to enforce tue authoritarian order. However, Slovakia has a very different locker-in-chief. The apolitical politician Igor Matovič who is roughly my age. How does it happen that he has these insane opinions? He is a leader of OĽANO which stands for "Ordinary People and Independent Personalities" in Slovak. Years ago, he departed from Richard Sulík Libertarian SaS party and this departure was successful. Clearly a cheesy and vacuous P.R. name helped, like it did to other contemporary political parties which aren't political at all.

I think that these politicians who start with their apolitical parties are the worst. They tend to adopt the most insane, extreme attitudes and policies. They are the true extreme left of the present – beating the Old Left and maybe even the "Intermediate Age Left" which could be a name for the green parties. And I think it is no coincidence. They are not ideologically anchored at all. And exactly because they are not politically anchored, they are ready to be blown to the extreme side by the ideological wind of the Zeitgeist. So it is extremely fashionable among those who want to be "really in" to be hysterical about this infectious disease. And that's why apolitical "politicians" such as Matovič are becoming the most extreme warriors for the new kind of Nazism, those who don't care about the civil rights at all.

At the same moment, all competent doctors and other people who have done their homework are being brutally silenced by the emerging authoritarian power. This new non-free status quo will probably be heavily defended even in 2-3 months when the virus will be a tiny fraction of what it is now because the people responsible for the ongoing insanities will be afraid of the aforementioned death penalty. And even if they are likely to escape the death penalty or any obvious punishment (if not for hundreds or thousands of starved lives, at least for the trillions of crowns), they won't like the idea that millions will be capable of saying that a gigantic mistake will have been made. That's why they will probably do their best to keep these "emergency state" conditions for as long a time as they can, to elevate increasingly insane psychopaths who will spread increasingly insane justifications for the indefensible theses and harmful policies. At some moment, a civil war will be the best option. I am afraid that the moment is already now.

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