Tuesday, October 13, 2020

We're not at war, we don't need draconian restrictions

Statement by the Václav Klaus Institute, October 13th

1. The evolution of the coronavirus epidemic mustn't be underestimated and we are not underestimating it, either. We are seeing the numbers supplied by the government but we see them a bit differently than Mr Hamáček [Czech minister of interior and leader of social democrats], Prymula [minister of health], and similar men. The interpretation of these numbers mustn't be left to the physicians; statisticians (experts in time series) must speak about them. And the conclusions must be made by politicians. We are – in harmony with a spectrum of leading Czech immunologists – convinced that Covid-19 is only threatening those who are already seriously ill. On top of that, we emphasize once again that the people with a positive test are infected, not necessarily ill.

2. The recent acceleration in the rate of the illness doesn't justify threats and other propositions that have left the mouths of the members of the government in recent days – about freezers full of corpses from the streets, the optimal method to bury the dead which is not "into the soil", and so on. The rhetoric that was used is a weapon for an attack and its usage aimed at terrifying the citizens by unacceptable, because inadequate, moves by the government. The Parliamentary opposition has been pushed to produce similar statements, even if it doesn't want to admit this fact to itself.

We refuse the fearmongering directed at the public composed of unclear and misinterpreted data which cannot describe the actual state of the evolution of this infectious disease and which don't enable a comparison with previous moments of time or with other countries. The number of fatalities is mentioned in the terrifying reports but the overall fatality rate in this country – relatively to the previous years – is not being mentioned at all. The number of people who died in 2020 between January 1st and this date is apparently lower than it was in the previous two years. We mustn't allow the elevated risk for one specific group to paralyze the whole country. This is not cynicism; it is a rational evaluaton of the situation.

The fear of millions of people of our country about their well-being if not their material existence in the wake of this articial war on Covid-19 is far more real than the fear of the disease itself. We are encountering the people with the material existential fear every day.

The costs of the Covid-19-related situation aren't just medical in character. The main consequences are social, economic, educational (our kids), and so on. We refuse the shutdown of the schools and the damaging of the youngest generation in the situation that demonstrably doesn't threaten this generation medically. We are losing our freedom, we are losing our privacy, we are losing the elementary interpersonal contacts that are essential for the human life, and we are losing our money.

It is the first example in the modern history when the whole countries, by making arbitrary decisions that are done merely to pretend some activity, intentionally ruins a significant part of the economy. The second side of the same coin is the total irresponsibility of the government towards the public finances.

Because of all these reasons, we reject the radical nationwide restrictions of the life in our country.

4. Politicians must choose political solutions and be responsible for them. It is unacceptable for the government and its prime minister to pass the buck and hide behind unelected experts – who are driven by opaque motives and who aren't accountable to their electorate.

5. We are experiencing a test of the society that will find out how much we are willing to tolerate. Now is the moment to say "enough is enough". What is at stake is not a war on Covid-19. We are fighting a war against strange international organizations, the globally coordinated politico-media complex, and powerful business interests. Everything is taking place according to one formula, it affects the whole world, but the guilt and responsibility for events in our country ultimately belongs to particular domestic politicians.

6. All of you who could connect with this statement are encouraged to support and spread this text.

Václav Klaus et al., October 13th, 2020

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