Friday, November 27, 2020

Hana Lipovská: birth of a legend

Can a modest young female scholar tame the neo-Marxist octopus in a country?

For a decade, I have read the IVK Newsletters published by the Institute of Václav Klaus, the second president of Czechia. Well, in recent 6 years, I have really read every sentence. The pro-freedom texts are very intelligent and touch many political, societal, and philosophical themes. One of the brilliant authors who has repeatedly caught my attention was Dr Hana Lipovská, now a 30-year-old economist. If you use a search engine, you will find out that this young scholar has published something between half a dozen and a dozen of books, including a serious economics textbook.

None of the superficial left-wing activists has read those things. Well, they wouldn't understand any of it. Many of them (including actresses who are painted as cornerstones of the intellectual elites of Czechia) are high school dropouts. Almost all of them are innumerate and some of them are borderline illiterate, too. Lipovská's texts may be considered sequences of dry, hard facts and logical reasoning. They're not the explosives full of misleading slogans and emotions that are useful to manipulate masses. In this sense, Lipovská's field is very similar to theoretical physics. It's no coincidence that between 2001 and 2005, we considered economist Larry Summers, the president of Harvard University, to be a natural ally of the physicists.

You can't find any porn scandals of hers and similar juicy things. She is really a modest, measured, and pretty quiet woman. I am fortunate to know her in person and I am proud of being treated respectfully by her although it's possible that there are many of us. ;-) Fine, so this smart young lady was chosen as a member of the Czech (Public) Television Council. The public TV is a globalist propaganda engine that depends on the $74 annual fee that every owner of a TV set has to pay even if he doesn't watch and doesn't like the programs of that channel. Thank God, the Czech commercial TV stations are generally more balanced (and even the Czech TV is much less hardcore than CNN or MSNBC, I think).

The situation is analogous to that of the BBC. I think that sometime after 1989, the public TV could have been objective. But I am sure that it hasn't been the case since 2000 – and probably a few years before that. In the late 2000 and early 2001, activists-employees of the public TV were occupying the headquarters, protesting against the "opposition agreement" between the largest parties of that time (right-wing Klaus and left-wing Zeman) and their modest influence on the TV. They were sleeping there, in their sleeping bags etc.

Ms Jana Bobošíková turned out to be the essential "de facto acting director" of the TV who was hated by those employees who were globalist activists at the same time – and indeed, the percentage is worryingly high. Your humble correspondent – who was a Rutgers PhD student at that time – was intensely supporting Bobošíková on the Invisible Dog news daily server. She knew me rather well because of that, we spoke several times. You may be sure where I stood in that famous early conflict between the SJWs and the sane people! ;-) So 20 years ago, we were following the TV Crisis Number 1 and it seems that we just entered a similar replay, TV Crisis Number 2.

OK, the Czech Television Council has 15 members but it is spectacularly clear that Lipovská punches above her weight. In fact, she even punches above the weight of Luboš Xaver Veselý, a namesake and an old-fashioned peaceful host who is also hated by the SJWs because he doesn't use his program to indoctrinate the listeners with neo-Marxism. I must say that Lipovská punches above Xaver's weight in spite of the fact that Xaver weighs about 3 times as much as Lipovská. ;-)

But it's her who is doing the real work – for the first time in decades in which all members of the TV Council were conformists towards the self-serving clique of new leftists (who have therefore "privatized" the public TV for themselves). So she has found out that the employees have organized a banquet – a standard setup in which they devour the funds from the viewers' fees. They were in some trouble. More importantly, she recently initiated the (ultimately successful) firing of a supervising committee that serves the Council. Now, there is no doubt that it is the Council (where Lipovská is a member) that actually plays the political role to check what is going on in the public TV. The supervising committee should be doing technical tasks such as acquiring documents from the TV that are subsequently given and explained to the members of the Council. The Council has a legal right to fire the members of the supervising committee. After Lipovská's successful campaign, each single one was fired. An SJW line of attack on Lipovská was revolving around the question whether they fired "each member" (which they can) or the "committee as a whole" (which they allegedly cannot). It's just plain ludicrous. Even if the dismissal were reversed, they can fire the members of the committee again.

For decades, the public TV was a heavily biased channel that was devouring the money from the controversial license fees without any checks and balances (but this situation became very obvious – and discussed – after 2000). For the first time, there are members who actually represent the checks and balances because they are not members of this globalist clique where everyone protects everyone else. And indeed, both sides quickly figured out that Lipovská represents the main change. I hope she will find it OK when I say that for these reasons, she is the Donald with a bust. The Donald #2 who came there to drain the swamp.

They have already tried many things to destroy her. Recall that the old Czechoslovak Marxists have only "explicitly executed" some 250 people for purely political reasons (many orders of magnitude beneath Stalin's and even Lenin's tally in the USSR). Dr Milada Horáková, a brilliant lawmaker, was the only female victim of these judicial murders. She was murdered by the leftists in June 1950, despite a compassionate letter from the likes of Churchill, Einstein, and Chaplin to the first Czechoslovak working-class president Mr Klement Gottwald, a powerful drunkard. There had to be some moments in which people gradually recognized that Horáková was a "main face" of the opposition to Stalinism in Czechoslovakia.

These weeks, we are probably going through the transformative process in which Hana Lipovská is emerging as the main face of the resistance against neo-Marxism/neo-Stalinism in Czechia. The cruelty and dishonesty of the SJW attacks against her is stunning. Some of them are physically confronting her, screaming at her wherever they can. They refuse to leave the places where she lives or works. Two hardcore SJW politicians from the TOP 09 party (both are former ministers who claim to be Catholics) have sent a letter to the Archbishop for Moravia, demanding that "he fires her" because she, a Catholic, wouldn't dare to resist the wish of the archbishop. (The archbishop – who was incidentally positively tested on Covid yesterday – has already refused the request to "fire her" from the TV Council. He explained to the two nasty politicians that... surprise... she was appointed by the Parliament, not by bishops.) This is how these neo-Marxists want to reshape the political process. If someone isn't serving the shameless promotion of the new leftist lies and the corruption of the system where everyone helps all his comrades to steal the taxpayer money while the conformism to the "only truth" is the only condition, the right reaction is to whine and write a letter to a powerful person, demanding the liquidation of the inconvenient dissident, right? The similarity to the methods by which people were removed before 1989 is obvious.

Twitter is full of nasty personal attacks against Lipovská and her appearance. And today, the PC media even started to question Lipovská's dissertation, with no justification whatsoever (unless you count the revelation that some "colleagues" were involved in the process: how they could not have been?). She and Xaver are subjected to "walks of shame" around the TV buildings. But sometimes it gets hardcore. Would-be investigative journalists in the typical globalist dens Respekt and Seznam News have discovered a truly damning material. Someone has seen Lipovská working with her hands – for the Zásilkovna delivery service that brings the packages from many e-shops to the buyers. Imagine the scandal. She is not only destroying the television, she is even working with her own hands! I don't know whether she's paid for the delivery service and whatever the answer is (I checked that she wasn't paid, she was just helping because she has a good heart!), there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. On the contrary, it's crazy when she is spied on in such an intimate context by activists who pretend to be defenders of ethics. And if Dr Lipovská doesn't have enough money so that she has to maintain an extra job, it's probably because some neo-Stalinist activists have damaged her standing at the workplace(s). I've heard some stories about these efforts. She should be given all the conditions to do economics and educate many new economists. It's absolutely outrageous if that is not happening because there aren't many economists of her caliber in Czechia. I suspect she is only one in her league among those born after 1989.

But the "journalist" in Seznam thought that she was just experiencing a nightmare, it wasn't real. Imagine the shock: a member of the Czech Television Council can use her hands! It's so dadaist and shocking. We mustn't tolerate it! ;-) Every nice person is just collecting the taxpayer money without doing any work whatsoever, except for insulting and harming the enemies of the new leftist elites. The Seznam "journalist" decided that Lipovská was The Woman Behind the Counter II. Note that The Woman Behind the Counter was a 1977-78 Czechoslovak communist propaganda TV series. A top communist-actress Jiřina Švorcová was starring as the clerk, the role model from the TV show. Lipovská must be just like Švorcová because... she can work with her hands, the neo-Marxist "journalist" has revealed.

I just can't believe this "criticism" is meant seriously. It's so insane. Lipovská is being compared to the most famous Czechoslovak female communist apparatchik in a hit piece that is, ironically enough, virtually isomorphic to the hit pieces against the dissidents from the communist propaganda. Instead of saying that Lipovská is a drunkard (which she isn't, unlike Havel who was semi-correctly described as a drunkard by the communist inkspillers), or that she did something terrible in the previous regime (which she couldn't because she's too young), they discredit her by observing that she can actually do real work! Every decent person knows that there is nothing wrong about the manual work. I've done it as well – although not too much, I admit. But the work with the hands is still very important for the societies to work. And the TV character, "the woman behind the counter", wasn't bad because she was working (more than others, I suppose). Who was bad was Ms Švorcová, mainly an apparatchik, who was getting pretty fancy roles and jobs, partly for political reasons. Švorcová really was a member of the Central Commmitee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia! Is it possible that someone calling herself a "journalist" can be stupid enough to conflate the communist actress-politician and her role of a clerk in a propaganda TV series? Or to completely misunderstand which of these two was actually an immoral person?

And it goes on and on and on. A modest Dr Lipovská is subjected to a treatment that would be too much for almost all people. It could be too much for me and I can withstand many things. What gives her the strength? Jesus Christ or Pat Robertson's protein shakes? ;-) I suspect that Colbert's first answer is correct. Lipovská is a full-blown Christian, a believer who doesn't just pretend to be a believer, as certain priests winning assorted Templeton prizes do. You may be sure that her variety of faith is rather rare not only in Czechia, the least religious country in the world, but even at the parties organized by President Klaus. But you may find several men over there who are on her frequency and I have heard some conversations showing that her (and their) relationship to God is more intimate than mine, indeed.

I wish her a lot of strength. I wish Jesus Christ a lot of energy in his reservoir because He will need to pump a lot of it into Lipovská, especially if He hypothetically doesn't exist at all. On one hand, I feel that her fight is a losing battle because she is facing a horde of cruel and dishonest people who have accumulated a lot of power, especially within and around the public TV. Maybe, I would have given up, like Czechoslovakia surrendered in 1938, 1939, and 1968. It looks "irrational" to keep on fighting a battle that is apparently impossible to be won. On the other hand, I don't want to underestimate something special about this battle, e.g. Jesus Christ. It might work and an important channel through which the EU-SJW-style propaganda is being pumped to the Czech nation – while all of us have to pay for that damaging process – could be tamed very soon.

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