Friday, November 06, 2020

USA really seems to drift towards a Soviet-style totalitarian hell

The winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election is still uncertain and while Biden seems closer at this moment, highly justified lawsuits may change the situation. The apparent multi-dimensional evidence in favor of the greatest voter fraud in the U.S. history that I have seen is persuasive and shocking. Tens of thousands of non-residents have apparently voted in Nevada and elsewhere. More tragicomically, thousands of people who are dead have voted, too. Here is Steve McIntyre:

Just the people who are more than 100 years old in Michigan seem to give you 1,000+ fake votes. And I am pretty sure that tons of the "voters" who are between 80 and 100 will turn out to be dead, too. I've listened to the testimony of the Democrat who saw the backdating ballots. Software apparently sent 6,000 Trump votes to Biden, a tabulating software glitch (the software, Dominion is its suggestive name, was used in tons of places in every single major swing state). A lawmaker determined that 20,000 ballots were fraudulently submitted and counted after the election day just in Harris, PA. A Texas social worker ordered 134 ballots for mentally disabled patients in order to steal their votes. I've seen the videos of the black truck drivers selling whole packages of ballots. Accusations that Democratic voting committees were fixing thousands of Democratic ballots that would otherwise be invalid. Vehicles with the ballots often had Biden-Harris stickers and the counting staff often Biden-Harris hats. The counting staff has often violated the court orders and prevented the Republican observers from being 6 feet away from the process. Even if you ignored all the likely hardcore fraud, I think it is immensely unfair that a clearly cheaper, less demanding mail-in ballot which was mostly pro-Democratic is counted as equally important as the in-person, mostly Republican, votes. This fake equality is another typical example of the extreme leftists' promotion of equality where the reality is clearly unequal.

Joe Biden has bragged that they have put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the U.S. history. I suspect he erred when he admitted this apparent fact but I honestly don't know what the original statement should have said if there was one.

Meanwhile, most tweets by Donald Trump are (increasingly) censored by the [beep] Twitter staff. I would surely [beep] these [beep] [beep] if I had the ability to do so. Fanatical leftists are bragging about the plan to suspend Trump's account altogether (perhaps in January). If it is true and if Trump chooses to remain the natural leader of the opposition, he will instantly join the ranks of the opposition leaders terrorized by several authoritarian or totalitarian regimes in the world. Do you really want America to join North Korea and Cuba in this important respect? Or are you still so clueless that you deny that the "people with the true momentum of power" are planning to do exactly these things?

I am terrified by these events that are likely to accelerate in the case of an officially announced "Biden victory" (which will still be challenged in the courts). It seems scary to me that one-half of Americans – a nation that was viewed as the world's main safeguard of freedom and democracy in much of the 20th century (it has brought freedom from uhm authoritative German speakers controlling my area both in 1918 and 1945) – have deteriorated into this horrible caricature of the Maoist cultural revolutionaries and their flavor tails.

Because I have mentioned the Twitter censorship (it is similar on YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere; every information or idea that is inconvenient for the Democrats is censored now, see e.g. Alex Berenson's tweet about the 100,000+ purely blue votes), I must say who does it. In these decisions about Trump, the hippie CEO almost surely contributes to the decision – while most of the censorship is done by a whole army of stinky far left trolls, even far less respectable individuals than Dorsey or Donkey or Aß or what is the CEO's name, who are harbored by Twitter. But some of this censorship is blamed on the fact-checkers. It is nice that the great Candace Owens is officially suing the fact-checkers who are really pathetic, manipulative, anti-freedom, far left-wing demagogues pretending to be authorities. They are the new would-be ministers of the truth from Nazi Germany or Orwell's or Huxley's books. They pretend that what they write is importantly true and some of their "fact statuses" are correct and useful but those are overwhelmingly the mundane, unimportant things – while almost everything that the fact-checkers say about the important things are lies or mostly lies (a textbook example of click and bait). If you don't despise them by now, then you are brain-dead.

The United Anti-Discrimination States of America will need a more progressive song. I have fact-checked that this "Go Ahead, Left, Not a Step Back" obeys all the criteria.

But America is really quickly evolving towards a dystopia in which Candace Owens, with her totally valid and mild assertion that the fact-checkers are just activists, may be harassed if not prosecuted for her heresy against the new ministry of the truth. Because these Dorsey-style bullies may and basically already are blackmailing everyone else, perhaps including the judges, even the courts may fall quickly and become another tentacle of the neo-Marxist totalitarian octopus that has spread across the U.S. as a metastasis of a deadly tumor.

Steak sent us an article in Newsweek written by Sergiu Klainerman, a Princeton mathematician, explaining why he was voting for Trump. He is a Jewish American mathematician investigating classical GR (plus related hyperbolic differential equations) who was born in Bucharest. 95% of similar U.S. professors despise Trump and almost all the remaining 5% are afraid of admitting that they don't, it is being reported. Well, he is an exception. Clearly, Klainerman agrees with me and Trump in the fundamental questions – we are against identity politics, higher taxes, Paris agreement, and lots of these destructive things. Klainerman correctly says that even if some Trump's statements are exaggerated, they almost universally have a very important and valid core. Trump has gotten the greatest support from non-white voters among Republican presidents in half a century; for this and related reasons, the claim that Trump is a racist etc. is more false than true, to say the least. He has achieved the highest number of jobs ever. He really stopped wars in the world, built a wall, got the troops home, fulfilled his key promises.

OK, while Trump is a man in a very good shape, I don't think that Trump is a perfect superman. I do find his language somewhat harsh and his formulations somewhat unrefined. Like Ronald Reagan, he has had an experience of standing in front of a camera. But although Reagan had been an unknown actor, he was still an actor in a higher genre of arts – than Trump's reality shows. Sorry, the Donald. Despite his being a billionaire, Donald Trump does speak like a rather regular man who has sorted lots of important things in his head, however. I am surely not addicted to listening to his speeches but there is some sense in which I like Trump's whole personality.

At the end, I think that the media, public, and Klainerman greatly overstate the importance of Trump's "unusual" (for a contemporary leader) personality and it is very dangerous that they are doing so. Well, I don't really believe that Trump's personality is so extreme or unprecedented. I don't really think that Trump's personality is infinitely different from that of other self-confident men in politics. Václav Klaus Sr. Larry Summers. Pick your names. These men differ in lots of important ideological and intellectual questions but their egos aren't that radically different.

So I think that Klainerman is wrong when he states that scholars are being terrorized for being supporters of Trump in the sense of Trump's personality. The grassroots movement-created atmosphere has shifted and people are really being terrorized for not being fully loyal to identity politics, climate hysteria, Covid hysteria and lockdownism, feminism, homosexualism and transsexualism, and other -isms (but also Russophobia and a few more "bipartisan" diseases plaguing the U.S. public).

Donald Trump isn't hated by these loud activists because he has an ego. Many other people have an ego. He is hated by these activists because he hasn't really succumbed to their pressure. Almost everyone else has turned into a spineless part-time SJW jelly but Trump hasn't. Trump isn't really extremely right-wing in any sense, as Klainerman correctly observes. After all, Trump has been a Democrat for quite some time and his recent protectionist campaign should be counted as a typical old-fashioned left-wing policy. But it's his combination of "being a rather ordinary Republican by his opinions" and "his stubbornness" that creates the thing that the left-wing activists just can't swallow.

Donald Trump Jr (who has spent summers in Czechia by learning Czech, camping, fishing, and hunting) has correctly observed that even now, the 2024 hopefuls are behaving as traitors. It seems that lots of the GOP faces are quickly turning into spineless immoral jellies again. The main example is obviously Nikki Haley. I have always considered her a terrible politician and in some sense, her job in the U.N. or what it was brought no improvement relatively to her catastrophic predecessor Samantha Power or what was her name.

Je Suis Donald Trump. Both of them. I have had quite some experience with spineless RINOs, too. It was a terrible experience to find out that a well-known Harvard's physics department "Republican" would do absolutely nothing to defend me against some truly nasty acts by some unbelievably nasty individuals in other departments. But I did get the lesson and I think it's rather universal. The Republican Party is full of people who have absolutely no character. They are ready to turn the GOP into another tentacle of the pro-totalitarian SJWs.

The people who are pushing these fast ongoing changes have absolutely no respect for freedom, the rule of law, true democracy, fairness in games, meritocratic rules of any human activities. They are ready to lie, censor, deceive, destroy other people's lives, and abuse absolutely anything and everything in order to strengthen the influence of their idiotic delusions over politics and the American society. Their incompatibility with freedom and democracy is arguably much more self-evident than in the case of the communists whom I could see as a kid in the 1980s. Yes, I forgot to say that Klainerman also knows something about the totalitarian regimes in communist Europe. It is likely that most overt Trump voters in the Academia have some Soviet bloc background. Everyone else in the U.S. Academia seems to be absolutely bought into these pernicious ideologies or into collaboration with them.

Concerning the abuse. Well, I am thinking about the analogies between the Czechoslovak 1948 communist coup and the current, 2020 transformation in America. Between 1946 and 1948, Czechoslovak communists were "one of the government parties" (after "winning" the 1946 elections with some 35%) but they controlled the ministry of Interior. That is how they managed to decide about the "balance of power" on the streets and similar important things. That's how they could make sure that the pro-communist mobs could intimidate many others. They ultimately leveraged their influence over the ministry (which they managed totally nondemocratically) to a complete control over the whole society. No politician opposing the Communist Party could have any influence over the Czech public affairs in the following 41 years.

Now, the leftists are abusing their control over the ministries – well, especially the ministry of the truth as represented by the media, social networks, and the aforementioned fact-checkers. But there are less prominent occupations that are being abused by the leftists, too. The anti-Trump truck drivers were apparently doing dirty things with the ballots. Whenever I was explaining that it was unacceptable for near-monopoly social networks to shape the political discussion, I was producing old-fashioned analogies. A company printing ballots could have decided to selectively print Biden ballots only. Road menders could have only repaired a sidewalk in front of the city hall when a Democratic politician would try to enter the building. ;-) That's how they could have turned a totally corrupt politician into a president several decades ago. But the sad news is that while the media and the social networks are the most abused occupations now (leveraging their power over some technicalities of the Internet code to new levels where their power is completely unjustified and counterproductive for the society), the Democrats seem to abuse their better access to truck drivers, counting committees, the USPS, and a few other occupations, too.

I find it shocking that the non-SJWs seem even more clueless than the anti-communist Czechoslovak politicians were in February 1948. Don't you see what may be coming? In early February 1948, Czechoslovakia was a country with a very long tradition of civilization and democracy. So one may forgive the 1948 politicians their inability to figure out that Czechoslovakia would be turned into another Stalinist country (although a bit less hardcore one than Stalin's original union). But if the people who aren't radical neo-Marxists are failing to counteract the dramatic changes now, there is no excuse. It is a clear fact that a country with a long democratic tradition may easily turn into a totalitarian hell when similar processes driven by too many extremists seem to be accelerating and they're not opposed by anyone who has enough power. Just do something! The people who fail to counteract may be genuinely stupid and clueless but I think that most of them do know what is likely to be coming – and they are ready to get personal advantages from the collaboration with the new regime. I don't believe in hell but you will burn in one, opportunist spineless jerks.

In the now possible scenario in which Donald Trump won't get his well-deserved second term, I urge him: Survive! The number one priority for you is to survive and protect your family and close collaborators (exile may be needed). Second, keep at least one or two billions, whether or not you will stay in the U.S. Third, try to stay in politics because America will need someone like you much more than it has needed for a very long time. If the democratic mechanisms will be (almost) irrevocably ruined by the extreme leftists, it will be your natural moral obligation to become the general who will take over the U.S. territory again, restore the civilization, and make sure that the Democrats can't tax you without your and your people's representation. So study some materials about 1776, 1863, and 1945 etc. so that you are ready for the battles, Mr Trump.

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