Monday, December 21, 2020

Insane hysteria over a new strain of Covid-19 no longer surprises me

...but I am still infuriated by it and I will always be...

The SARS-CoV-2 virus normally has 29,903 base pairs which you are invited to memorize (30 kB uncompressed). Well, that's how the page presents it – as if it were a DNA double helix – but the virus really carries an RNA, not DNA, and it doesn't have base pairs but just the single bases, right? RNA is a single helix and instead of the A,C,G,T letters of DNA, it has the A,C,G,U letters.

At any rate, both RNA and DNA normally mutate all the time. Two humans' DNA differ in millions of base pairs (1/1,000 of the 2 times 3 bilion bases typically differ in two humans). The Covid-19-causing virus is also evolving and mutating and many mutations have been observed. The most carefully observed one was D614G. The old virus had D at some position 614 which was replaced by the newer G. The new one is the G614 virus. And it was seen to be more contagious. No one really cared much because the media and stupid politicians haven't told the millions of brainless sheep to be hysterical.

OK, this time, someone located (mainly) in South England decoded a "current" RNA of Covid-19 again and found another mutation (VUI-202012/01 involving mutations at 17 places) which is also increasing how much the virus is contagious but only by 70% (D614G had a higher impact). This time, however, pretty much all experts agree that there is no real reason for a worry and officials urge calm. It is unlikely that this mutation changes anything (e.g. the ability of the vaccines and immune systems to deal with the virus; of course, after some sufficient changes, the immune system no longer recognizes the modified RNA).

But say it to Boris Johnson, a ruffled English imbecile.

Yes, he canceled Christmas and indirectly evacuated London, for the first time since 1939. Politicians in other countries probably consider this visually self-evident idiot a role model – if not a leading epidemiologist – so they banned all flights from the U.K. and do many other insane things. Many stock market indices drop by 3-4%, many individual stocks are even more punished. For absolutely no justifiable reason.

We really live in a world where tens of millions of people, if not hundreds of millions of people (and they include men at positions such as Boris Johnson's chair), are absolutely braindead. They are obediently waiting for the most silent and stupid possible instruction to be hysterical and when they get it, they immediately get hysterical. It's absolutely ludicrous to be sacrificing a penny for preserving these mammals' life because they're at most as justifiable members of "homo sapiens" as an average lamb. I still believe that the lamb at least tastes better but I have only tried the lamb so the comparison isn't perfectly well-informed.

This world is so flooded by braindead idiots that it's dangerous for everyone else to live in it. An encouraging detail is that the people who are walking on the street are probably more sensible which means that the streets are rather safe. The loons are more likely to be at home.

The degree of scientific illiteracy that makes these reactions is possible is absolutely incredible. The education systems have failed completely. The "alumni" that they have produced are so utterly unusable for living in a civilized world that it makes no sense to tutor them. It's far more realistic to start from scratch: cancel the individuals who contribute to such hysterias and conceive and educate new children who won't have such brutal defects.

It's completely normal for RNA or DNA to mutate and there exists absolutely no reason to think that this particular mutation is a far-reaching event, let alone a far-reaching negative event (whether this small event is good for us or bad for us is an extremely subtle question). On top of that, it's ludicrous to imagine that the mutation was caught at the very beginning. It's probably widespread across the world. People taking PCR tests aren't normally analyzing the whole genome of their favorite virus. The tests are good enough to prove that a glass of Coke is always Covid-positive, as an Australian lawmaker showed in the Parliament. The low (acidic) pH of Coke (around 2.5) simply destroy the strips directly, without any complicated RNA chemistry, so the strips look exactly as a positive result of the (antigen) test. ;-)

But surely the average intelligence should be enough for a person to understand that similar tests with strips aren't good enough to do detailed genome surveys let alone determine whether some details in the genome are terrible news. The PCR tests are just a totally dumb ritual. The sudden obsession of the humans with one virus – and even with an individual base of its RNA (among 29,903) – is just totally insane. The general public has never watched one-base-mutations of the flu virus, has it? A mutation of a flu virus also changes the properties and may hypothetically turn it into a vastly more dangerous disease. But hundreds of millions of people have never been tuned to this kind of "events". Why are they now? Why have hundreds of millions of people been completely mentally fudged up? What's wrong with all of you, Borises Johnsons and similar crap?

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