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The incredible shrinking expertise in Brian Greene's books

Brian Greene has released and is promoting his fifth full-blown book for the popular audiences, Until the End of Time. I read the table of contents, a few extra pages, reviews, and summaries of some talks. I feel totally disillusioned by the trend.

You know, the first book, The Elegant Universe (which I enthusiastically translated to Czech, like The Hidden Reality, the third book; The Fabric of Cosmos #2 was left to my friend who has a name day today), contained a legitimate explanation of the relativity of simultaneity, presentation how the ultraviolet catastrophe was solved by the light quanta, why the spacetime has to be curved to communicate the gravitational force, topological expansion of string theory, T-duality, mirror symmetry, its application on the counting of spheres in a quintic, and much much more.

EU: Václav Klaus' prophetic talk 11 years ago

Today, it's 2020/02/20 but let us look 11 years, 1 day, and 1 hour to the past when Czech president Václav Klaus gave a speech in the European Union's Parliament (Czech video):

Speech of the President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus in the European Parliament (English transcript)
I encourage you to read all those 20+ paragraphs. The fundamental problems with the European Union look self-evident to all the sane people today but it wasn't always like that and in 2009, almost everybody – including most of us, I think – viewed Klaus' warnings as remote.

Petr Macinka (IVK) has picked some statements from the speech.

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Leftism, Marxism really are mental disorders

Sometime in 2013, Ann Coulter famously said that liberalism is on the spectrum of mental illness. Well, this was surely not the first time when a similar quote emerged. In 2010, Michael Savage released the book Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder.

Those statements might sound like memes or insults. The only problem is that they're not only memes and insults. They're also approximations of cold hard facts.

Slate Star Codex has organized a survey involving 8043 participants and investigating links between the formal mental diagnoses and the self-identified political beliefs of the people. Slate Star Codex is proud about the survey, it just finds it heretical for others to report the results or to link to them – so I won't do that. Instead, let me link to nicely reviewed stories

Sickness to Socialism: Leftists Are More Likely to Have Mental Problems, Survey Shows (The New American)

Survey Finds People Who Identify as Left-Wing More Likely to Have Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness (Summit News, Paul Joseph Watson)
All the numbers below divide the people mentally to those who have been formally diagnosed at least with one of four disorders; and those who haven't. The four disorders are depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Jeff Bezos throws away $10 billion of his money fund organized crime based on pseudoscience...

Last night, the media informed us about a shocking decision that was greeted by arrogant titles in far left outlets such as

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Figures He Might as Well Try to Help the Planet He Currently Lives On
He will never live on any other planet. The suggestion in the title is fake news and pure arrogance. He said:
Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet.
What a staggering moron. There is no climate-related threat to our planet, let alone a big one. Instead, the actual threat to mankind – not to planet – are active morons ("aktivní blbec" has been used in Czech at least for 50 years), psychologically ill Scandinavian spoiled brats, and children who were left behind and who are "capable" of saying breathtakingly stupid sentences such as the quote above.

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Dawkins vs Molyneux on eugenics

On Sunday, Richard Dawkins posted this tweet that many expected to lead to his absolute, immediate, and hysterical cancellation:

Yes, Dawkins wrote that "eugenics works" which just doesn't mean that it's a right policy to introduce. Needless to say, as a sane and honest biologist, he has to write it: humans are just another species of mammals and breeding and similar things (including genetic engineering) surely work for the other mammals, so it must work for humans, too.

A cute Czech bank robbery in Switzerland

Chur, Switzerland

Lots of events around us are full of violence, existential threats, and hatred. On Thursday, Chur, a town in Southeastern Switzerland, had the opportunity to see the advantages of criminals imported from Czechia over those from the Middle East and other regions:

A Czech robbed a bank and ordered a beer (DE)

Bank robber owes me six francs (DE)
A 55-year-old Czech man came to the main hall of a Cantonese bank, Graubündner Kantonalbank, on the Poststrasse 2. He drew a starting pistol and shot in the air twice, carefully avoiding the people.

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RIH Pachauri: 1940-2020

The sad death of many people who have been great to mankind and who have contributed something remarkable is a part of the decay of our civilization. The generations of achievers, sometimes modest and constantly smiling and self-sacrificing achievers, are being replaced by the generations of frowning spoiled brats that whine about microaggressions and stolen childhoods while on their intercontinental yacht trips that are paid by someone else.

Well, statistics makes exceptions unavoidable. On Thursday, February 13th, the 79-year-old Rajendra Pachauri ceased to live due to his long-term heart problems. He was an Indian railwayman, a sexual pervert, and one of the most notorious fraudsters in the world who has also led the IPCC panel promoting the climate change alarmist scheme.

Rot In Hell, monster.

Position, momentum modulo a grid may be measured simultaneously

Spiros leaked a trivial observation from a talk given by John Preskill: in quantum mechanics, the position and the momentum may be measured totally accurately and simultaneously, but only modulo \(\Delta X\) and \(h / \Delta X\), respectively.

The proof is a simple application of the CBH-like formulae such as\[

\exp(A) \exp(B) = \exp(B) \exp(A) \exp([A,B])

\] whenever \([A,B]\) is a \(c\)-number. And indeed, it is the case if \(A,B\) are linear in \(x,p\), respectively. The precise position \(X\) modulo \(\Delta X\) may be expressed by the (unitary) operator\[

\exp(A)=\exp(2\pi i X / \Delta X)

\] while the analogous momentum \(P\) modulo the inverse spacing \(\Delta P = 2\pi \hbar / \Delta X\) is expressed as\[

\exp(B) = \exp(i P \Delta X/\hbar)

\] Nice. So apply the CBH formula to get\[

\exp(A)\exp(B) = \exp(B)\exp(A) \exp([A,B])

\] to see that the commutator appearing as the last exponent is \([A,B]=-2\pi i\) and, as you know, its exponential is therefore one. If you choose units with \(\hbar=1\) and a dimensionless \(X,P\), you may democratically pick the spacing \(\Delta X =\Delta P = \sqrt{2 \pi}\), as announced in the original tweet.

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Bojowald: Ashtekar school is fundamentally misguided

Hat tip to @mmanuF at Twitter

Martin Bojowald has been a well-known name in the loop quantum gravity corners and especially in loop quantum cosmology. Aside from other things, while he was working at the Max Planck Institute in Potsdam, he co-authored three papers with Abhay Ashtekar, a guru of loop quantum gravity, in 2003, 2005, 2005.

Amusingly enough, now, when Bojowald and Ashtekar are colleagues at Penn State, he just released a gr-qc paper

Critical evaluation of common claims in loop quantum cosmology
that tries to critically look at some basic aspects of the "Ashtekar school", as he calls it. Bojowald concludes that the Astehkar school fails in all of his nontrivial tests. It makes assumptions about the semiclassical behavior of the metric tensor degrees of freedom while the semiclassical approximation is almost certainly inapplicable in these examples. Also, Bojowald points out that characteristically quantum mechanical effects – such as ambiguities resulting from quantization – are incorrectly assumed not to exist.

Needless to say, loop quantum gravity people may be classified as full-blown or generalized anti-quantum zealots – people who actually think classically and who misunderstand everything in which the classical limit fails to be "basically right".

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Mad commie Sanders: a good reason to evacuate the U.S.

A great PC game for free: Kingdom Come Deliverance (EG page), an amazing 55-gigabyte 2018 Czech game about stories of Henry, a son of a blacksmith (in Rataje nad Sázavou, Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire), in 1403 AD (see Wikipedia), will be available up to Feb 20th for free (it went live on 5 pm today, Czech Winter Time, or here now) through the EG site. See a trailer and Amazon or YouTube. The creator-in-chief is Dan Vávra, a brilliant and politically sensible guy who also masterminded the famous Mafia 1 and 2. You need a good enough gaming PC with 8 GB or more and perhaps to download the EpicGames' platform first, too. Hat tip for the game, 2018: Crabik-Manzo

Viruses: A fascinating article on the Quanta Magazine about HIV and especially narnaviruses whose RNA may be read backwards and makes some sense, a very rare property. The curious people such as you and me immediately ask "why". The leading hypothesis is that they want the host to read the RNA backwards and think that it's meaningful but harmless – but the right reading is in the first direction in which it is meaningful and harmful, and the host gets fooled. ;-) Like people don't suspect that A Beers Dinners is dangerous but it is one of the 11796 anagrams of Bernie Sanders, a toxic thing.
On one hand, Bernard Sanders (I find the affectionate form of the first name crazy to be applied to a hardcore Bolshevik apparatchik) was a victim of the Democratic Party establishment. They probably stole the 2016 nomination from him and they were trying to do the same now. On the other hand, the Democrats' worries are understandable and by now, they're probably accepting the fact that he is a rather likely candidate to win the nomination.

Moderates such as Joe Biden aren't too moderate. On top of that, Biden is incoherent and his whole family should spend their lives in a prison for the corruption in Ukraine (and probably elsewhere). However, all these personal things are details relatively to what can change the United States of America and the most dramatic changes are associated with the name of Bernard Sanders.

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Even with Enyaq, electric cars make no economic sense

In the morning, we learned that the Eurozone's industrial production has dropped by 4.1% year-on-year. It's clearly one of the manifestations of the devastating impact of the neo-Marxist Luddites who took over the bureaus of the undemocratic transnational institution known as the EU.

Herr Bernhard Meier, the boss of Škoda, the second highest-margin brand in the Volkswagen Group, started to call for help. Spreading their medieval superstitions about the weather, the unhinged Luddites really want to destroy the car industry of the old continent.

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Trudeau runs Gestapo that secretly bullies, go after the neck of opposition

Peter F. sent me a totally shocking video with 470,000 views (and 99% upvotes) that was published by Rebel News Network, the main Canadian right-wing TV platform, on January 29th:

HIDDEN CAMERA: Police interrogated me about my Justin Trudeau book. They didn’t know I videotaped it
Ezra Levant published a book on Trudeau's corruption during the October 2019 elections in which Trudeau got 40%. The book made it to #2 at Amazon.

He was summoned to the capital, Ottawa, because of some complaint related to the book. The 26-minute-long video shows that the cops, apparently highly paid cops who previously fought terrorists etc., refused to tell Ezra Levant, the boss of Rebel News Network and the main co-author of the book, what the complaint or accusation was.

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Socialist "fighters against socialism" fail to see the important things

William Barr has proposed a sensible, cheap solution to remove the dangerous gap in the 5G mobile data technologies where China is 1 year ahead of Europe and 5-10 years ahead of the U.S.: just invest several tens of billions into Nokia and/or Ericsson, and elevate the indirect strategic control of the U.S. companies but also the U.S. government over these industries. Make sure that the abundant U.S. cash is being poured into these technologies so that the gap is disappearing.

Some clueless ideological hecklers have immediately greeted the sane proposal by Barr, a long-time Telecom companies' lawyer, with the insult: "It is socialism". Because I've been saying the same things as Barr for months, my ideas were labeled equally. I find these comments totally clueless and indeed, very analogous to the screaming "Don't touch Facebook, Twitter, and other private companies, they have the right to ban anyone".

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Nazi German lawmakers plan to imprison all Euroskeptics for 3 years

...and/or make them pay dearly...

Much like in the 1930s, freedom has been largely exterminated in Germany again but what we learned today (thanks, Prof Konvička and Counterstream) is perhaps even more shocking than most of the previous events. Several small German outlets have just superficially mentioned a shocking new addition to the German criminal code (Strafgesetzbuch, StGB) in progress, namely § 90c StGB, that wants to outlaw any criticisms of the European Union involving its symbols. This initiative has been discussed at the level of a "law of the state of Saxony" since 2018.

My understanding is that even e-mails with this playful satirical picture would be outlawed in Germany.

The Bundestag has already discussed this addition in the first reading in mid January 2020 and the documentation was prepared in October 2019:

Drucksache 19/14378
The proposed form of the new paragraph § 90c is written on Page 5 (in German). The two parts say:

Criminal code is extended by § 90c, Defamation of the EU symbols
  • Who publicly, during an assembly, or by spreading a written document defames the EU flag or the EU anthem, will be punished by a prison term up to 3 years, or a financial fine
  • The same punishment waits for everyone who removes, destroys, damages, publicly abuses, makes unusable, or publicly humiliates the EU flag. Even an attempt to do so is punishable.
Wow. It is just staggering. But yes, I still laughed when I read the verbs in the second verse. They reminded me of a scene from a Czech fairy-tale, "There Is No Fun With Devils", where the officer says "He is a rebel! When he was being arrested, he seriously injured three soldiers, bruised two soldiers, and... he humiliated another one!"

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Barr's right, the U.S. should buy 51% of Nokia and Ericsson

The U.S. Attorney General William Barr gets it and has finally articulated the same proposal that I have been promoting for several months (e.g. in this tweet one month ago):

The U.S. government, with or without a help of the U.S. private companies, should acquire a majority stake in Nokia, Ericsson, or both, and become a major player (and, in a few years perhaps, the #1 player) in the 5G mobile data industry because it will be a vitally important part of the economy that also gives the providers quite some influence and China – with its otherwise dominating Huawei provider of the 5G hardware – poses certain risks for the U.S. and its allies.

Mike Pence and the chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai have already declined to support the proposal, offering a non-solution instead, but that refusal may be just a maneuver to cover imminent plans to buy the stocks.

Can holography in the flat space be made manifest?

The last hep-th preprint today was written by the colaboration consisting of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva:

The Holographic Nature of Null Infinity.
OK, the actual names are Laddha, Prabhu, Raju, and Shivastava but I was pretty close. They courageously claim that you don't need to study anti de Sitter spaces and beyond-QFT effects to establish holography. You may see holography in the flat space and the general relativity quantized in the naive way, too.

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Consensus vs Czech rate hike

Bloomberg posted this amusing map of the world:

Countries with central banks are divided to three groups: those that haven't made a decision in 2020 yet (grey), those that kept rates (yellow), and those that lowered the interest rates (cyan).

And then there is a fourth group, a league of their own, the Czech National Bank (pink). It raised the discount, two-week repo, lombard rates to 1.25, 2.25, 3.25 percent, respectively, all by 0.25%, today at 2 pm Prague time. (The middle, repo rate is crucial to determine commercial interest rates.) The announcement was delayed by 1 hour – either because they wanted to lower the shock or because they needed an extra hour for wrestling.

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Iowa caucus glitches wonderfully show why leftism is dysfunctional

KOTO kaon anomaly: just some links, a fresh Science News review of a September 2019 talk by Satoshi Shinohara (PDF). They saw four long-lived kaons decaying to neutral pions plus missing energy, instead of a fraction of an event. It's probably noise but you may look at some theorists' proposals to explain it with light scalars, leptoquarks, new sources of CP violation, and more.
Iowa started with the caucuses on Monday. Caucuses are similar to primaries – elections to choose the nominee of a party – but people vote publicly, after they loudly persuade each other to move to one side or another side of a gym. Similar caucuses have taken place for some 250 years in the U.S. but it suddenly failed. It's Wednesday and the partial result from 62% of districts (not necessarily representative ones) are the best thing we have (the number jumped to 71% before I completed this blog post).

We are really used to final results 2-3 hours after the Czech elections end.

Ellen Feiss, a stoned Democratic organizer, tried to report the results from her district

This event has quickly become the world's second most notorious technological screwup of the recent 40 years after the Chernobyl accident. Both accidents show why it is utterly insane for millions of people to allow leftists to decide about the public affairs. I can tell you: "been there". Well, we've lived under communism for 41 years so all these events in Iowa look extremely familiar to me.

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ČEZ seems serious about small nuclear reactors

ČEZ (Czech Energy Works) is the dominant Czech power utility. The company has the capitalization €10 billion now (CZK 503 per stock), 60% of which is state-owned. It operates some power plants and business in many other countries, too. If you're a fan, you should check the virtual tours into numerous power plants of ČEZ – nuclear, hydro, and the Long Slopes (Dlouhé Stráně) hydro "battery".

It produces most of the Czech electricity – Czechia is a net exporter. About 1/3 of the electricity is made by 2000 MWe in Temelín, South Bohemia (divided to two reactors), plus 2000 MWe in Dukovany, South Moravia (divided to four reactors). If you want to follow the reactors and wait for the explosion, check the ČEZ website.

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When dumb humanities trainees deform education

In the morning, Europeans learned that the number of dead and cured Covid-19 coronavirus patients grew to 361 and 475 or so, respectively. The second, "recovered", figure starts to clearly dominate. It may become even rosier in coming days when the HIV+flu drugs improve the treatment of the patients.

The London attacker was an ISIS fanatic who wanted his GF to behead her parents, who has done some planning of terror attacks in the past, who was arrested, who shouldn't have been freed again, but who was freed prematurely instead (deja vu). Within days, he went to stab the people. What a surprise. In a society that encourages murderous scum, the murderous scum feels encouraged (Sky News called the terrorist a Gentleman, cool).

In a Quora digest, the following question stimulated my interests and raised my adrenaline level even more, however:

Why do so many Americans insist that “anyone can learn mathematics” when the available evidence strongly suggests otherwise?
A fair enough question. The answer is that these Americans are either stupid and misunderstand mathematics themselves – and they actually say that everyone has enough brain power to misunderstand mathematics as much as they do – or they do understand mathematics but they are politically correct liars who build their well-being on similar "everyone can do everything" lies.

Among the 50 answers, the most successful one is the answer by Jean Rafenski Reynolds. It has some 200k views and 2k upvotes and it's annoying, indeed.

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Soros: Zuck has replaced Putin as Trump's co-devil

Can Zuckerberg become a champion of freedom and civilized values?

After Katie Hopkins, Twitter banned another major account: that of, a mainstream Libertarian financial server. It happened shortly after ZH published some breaking news and results of investigative work about the possible man-made role in the origin of the coronavirus causing the Covid-19 illness.

An Indian preprint claims that there are "uncanny similarities" between the coronavirus and two types of the HIV virus – suggesting that some Chinese (perhaps with some passive Canadian help, we read elsewhere) researchers did something deliberately harmful. You know that I've considered the "bioweapon" explanation as a possibility since Day One but I am somewhat unimpressed by this paper. The sequences that agree are rather short and may occur accidentally (especially because not all sequences of a given length are equally likely). The HIV has 10,000 bases but many variations exist. Also, "uncanny similarity" is the kind of loaded, non-quantitative language addressed to the laymen that raises red flags from my viewpoint. Why isn't the probability of an accident like that quantified in the title or close to it?

On the other hand, there are really many reports that the HIV+flu cure does cure the coronavirus as well which is... really interesting (and optimistic). But even if HIV were present at the birth of the coronavirus, it doesn't quite imply that genetical engineers were involved. Also, even if they were involved, it doesn't imply that the coronavirus is a serious disease.

At any rate, I think it is essential that the free debate about these questions – even because they're important questions and especially because they're important questions – exists (the accusation against the Chinese man may be unfair but it may also be true and important, even for the health of nations) so the ban of on Twitter is absolutely unacceptable. The formal justification was "harassment" of a Chinese scientist who may be involved with a similar research. Note that it wasn't the Chinese authorities but a U.S. media cesspool that demanded the punishment for – the same aggressive cesspool that harassed the 14-year-old political scientist and de facto distinguished professor Soph last May.

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Left-wing lunacy spreads because people were led to forget that negative numbers exist

The U.K. is no longer formally an EU member. Millions of aßlickers of the EU were waiting for the British islands to sink into the ocean last night and the naughty islands shockingly failed to do so!

The ongoing discussions about the coronavirus-caused Covid-19 disease have reminded about a very general thesis of mine about the reasons behind the proliferation of left-wing lies, lunacies, and hysteria and the disappearance of critical thinking in general. My thesis is that the character of the discussions, newspaper articles, TV segments, and curricula at schools have led a huge number of people to forget about the negative numbers.

Effectively, a huge fraction of the people makes the assumption\[

\forall x \in \RR, \quad x\geq 0

\] in most of their "thinking" about the real-world problems. The general problem is this simple! Note that the known records of negative numbers first appeared some 200 years before Christ in... China, indeed... under the Han Dynasty. In the 7th century India, negative numbers were practically used for debts. An everyday drill emphasizing the naturalness of a concept probably does a lot of work to make the concept acceptable.

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Health researchers under attack by anti-meat holy warriors

Climatology has become one of the most typical examples of a politicized discipline in which the legitimate researchers have been largely bullied and/or replaced by hardcore activists who want to impose an ideologically motivated pseudoscientific misconception that "there is a problem with the climate" on everybody, including the most revered scientists, and prevent everybody from saying anything else about the climate.

Everyone who hasn't mentally lived in another galaxy realizes that most statements in this discipline are untrustworthy and likely to be corrupt in 2020.

Generous Czechs have contributed to the collection of food to welcome the refugees from the Middle East. I have embedded the image because I hope that it will reduce the number of readers whom I consider undesirable as readers of this text.

However, activists have intervened into many other fields. Even the hardest scientific discipline, fundamental physics, has been under attack by the activists who would ban string theory, supersymmetry, and maybe even experimental particle physics exploiting the accelerators if they were just a little bit more similar and confusable with the great physicists in that field.

But here I want to mention the events in a traditionally softer discipline, the health science. Thanks to Willie for the links. Do activists influence that discipline? You bet. What kind of interests are at the top of their agenda these days?

Far left-wing terror against Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is one of Britain's most important opinionmakers and a critic of many wrong trends in Britain and the West who was sometimes retweeted by Donald Trump. In recent years or months, the no longer civilized court system of the U.K. has stripped her of a breathtaking amount of money comparable to one million dollars for a basically non-existent (or political) reason. She had to sell her house and move to a rented house. During my childhood, the communists were no longer behaving quite in this way towards the dissidents.

Yesterday, Twitter has suspended her account with 1.1 million followers. They deleted all her tweets and only cherry-picked one to be saved to shape her image among those who have any trust in the Twitter system. The official reason is that – while making IMHO reasonable guesses about his real name etc. – she dared to point out to an unfair, obnoxious rapper that it's harder to be white in Britain these days and he should stop whining.

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Shareholders who also buy products: why Tesla is pathological

When I was writing this sentence, the Tesla stock was traded around $640 a stock which is more than 50% higher than the – previously miraculous – level of $420 mentioned in a deceitful tweet of Elon Musk's. The stock price has clearly lost any connection with the reality – but that has been true for some time. The shortsellers are completely right about the essence but they have lost an incredible amount of money in recent months and because this game has been rigged (because those dishonest "investors" who want to drive the price away from the fair price have outnumbered those who are seeking the right price), they may keep on losing if they keep on playing.

Tesla reported that by some counting, it achieved the first annual profit of just $36 million in 2019. According to a more reasonable counting, Tesla achieved a $862 million loss for the shareholders in 2019.

But even if you assume that the $36 million profit is the right way to summarize the year, the car industry's standard 6-to-1 ratio should mean that the capitalization of Tesla is estimated as $200 million. The capitalization indicated by the current stock price is around $115 billion (note the "b", it is not due to a running nose). The Tesla stock is overpriced by a factor of 500. I mean five hundred.

New coronavirus is effectively just a new disease between common flu and SARS

Six days ago, I wrote a text titled I don't believe that this coronavirus is new. My reasoning was simple: that statement about the "age in weeks" depended on the assumption that all infections are mapped quickly which seems implausible. And indeed, a few days later, a Lancet study was advertised that said that the virus and/or the Covid-19 disease is from October or older. I would guess it's even older but my certainty about such claims decreases as you increase the proposed age.

Respiratory illnesses apparently existed in the 1980s, even in songs LOL. I think that during communism, we had access e.g. to this Italo Disco music (band: Scotch) that was much easier than the access of youth to things from Russia today, for example. The fanaticism of censors has already surpassed the late communist levels.

It's also possible, as I pointed out, that the coronavirus was engineered as a Chinese bioweapon; an Israeli analyst and others joined me days later, too. If that highly speculative scenario is true, I must say that the Chinese are very humane folks because, as I want to argue, its effects really make it equivalent to another strain of flu. But to donate a "new kind of flu" to the enemy's army could be a rather effective part of the warfare, too, at least psychologically.

Whether "we should panic" is clearly the most divisive question right now.

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Trump's tunnel connecting West Bank and Gaza

Donald Trump not only decided to make America great again – and he has already completed over 3/8 of that job ;-) – but he also wants to improve the world in general. One old problem is the Israeli-Palestinian one.

Well, Donald Trump has a solution, a two-state solution. It's not new but Trump has added some gadgets, cute illustrations showing to his Palestinian friends what various new regions of Palestine may be used for, how they're connected, and where they would be welcome assuming they are kind.

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A remarkable bullish, correct PBS video on Heisenberg, Bohr, bootstrap, and amplituhedrons

Peter F. sent me a link to a new PBS SpaceTime video

Hacking the Nature of Reality (17-minute-long YouTube video)
and told me that it would make me smile. I was very skeptical about that claim. Everything that other people systematically create to bombard me/us with seems frustrating these days. But holy cow, Peter was right. I was smiling soon and despite additional skepticism about my continued smile, I did continue to smile. ;-)

The video is amazing. This part of PBS was clearly conquered by someone who knows the stuff, who is on the right side of everything when it comes to discussions about modern fundamental physics.

Okamura: integration of V4 needed to defend the European civilization

Tomio Okamura was born in Japan, is genetically half-Asian (quarter-Japanese, quarter-Korean), half-Czech, and is the leader of SPD, the main nationalist party in Czechia. His colorful ancestry should make you sure that the "Czech nationalist scene" is actually very meritocratic and fair.

Far left loons are using the term "far right" for almost everybody these days but I find it likely that Okamura would be considered a classic "far right" even in the 1980s when the contemporary type of the extreme left was rather weak.

Just a decade ago, I found it clear that I wouldn't ever vote for parties like SPD. You know, they're also low-brow, working-class-addressed. Nevertheless, they did get one vote from me, the latest election to the European Parliament, although it was a temporary fluke and I was quickly given a more intellectual Tricolor Movement as an alternative that I am ready to vote in the near and medium future.

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What superficial "scientists" in the media misunderstand about quantum field theory

Cutely enough, my pure report about 33 mandatory hours of climate hysteria in Italy a year was labeled "hate speech" by Google and demonetized. The attack on free speech keeps on escalating.

First, something about the "interpretations" of quantum mechanics. Under a 2018 blog post about Bohmism, FF asked how I can precisely prove that Bohmian mechanics predicts lots of unseen phenomena in a specific experiment and what the experiment is, something that I also discussed on Quora.

Well, as I wrote on both places, we can't make any specific, quantitative, or precise predictions because there is no well-defined "Bohmian theory". Proper quantum mechanics describes ongoing phenomena as a sequence of two kinds of processes: the unitary evolution of the wave function (or density matrix) that reversibly spreads into superpositions (that evolution is encoded in a unitary operator, often equal to an exponential of the Hamiltonian); and the reduction or collapse of the wave function associated with the observer's learning of an outcome of an experiment (that's given by a projection operator on a space of eigenstates). These two things are alternating – like loading and shooting, loading and shooting.

For stupid ideological reasons, Bohmists and other "realists" (i.e. anti-quantum zealots) dislike especially the projection (or reduction), the measurement. So they erase it and also totally differently interpret the physical meaning of the objects in the unitary evolution (they promote them to classical degrees of freedom). But they don't have any well-defined replacement for the measurement (projection) part of the quantum mechanical evolution. They remove one-half of the engine of QM, create the other half from wood, but they don't replace the first one-half by anything. So it doesn't work at all. We may only speculate about a hypothetical theory that fills the gap.

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Greta never went on strike

...she is served by apparent gangsters funded in an opaque way...

Willie Soon sent me this 28-minute long Rebel News video that was posted yesterday:

The journalist, Mr Keean Bexte, has shown quite some courage and professional attitude when he tried to find the answers to some elementary questions about the first events that led to her fame (or infamy), about the funding for assorted activities that surround her, and other things.

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I don't believe that this Covid-19 coronavirus is new

China – but, to a lesser extent, the rest of the world – is terrified by the newly named coronavirus disease, Covid-19, a new potential pandemics that could produce as much anxiety and danger as SARS, the symptom of the abruptly terminating breathing. Note that in 2017, researchers have traced SARS – that exploded in 2002-2003 – to horseshoe bats in Yunnan province.

The Chinese eat bats and cook soup from bats and similar monsters – did you give them the permission, Batman? – and it is clear that this kind of inter-species multiculturalism increases the risks that the viruses jump. I have chosen the Chinese cuisine for most lunches in a year or two while in Greater Boston but I prefer to eat "tested food". Also, I insisted on a fork and knife, as a civilized person – to avoid the extra work that Zdeněk Izer had to perform when he was served the chopsticks.

Kung Pao Chicken has surely become a regular food for me that I am not afraid of (but any regular enough sauce with beef and pork is also good enough – and so are eggplants and even that exotic bamboo). The Chinese and many other nations have a pretty high life expectancy which is the reason why I don't believe that an occasional Chinese lunch (or a kebab that I had last night once again) will seriously reduce my (or another individual's) life expectancy.

RIP, Tony Smith, a kindest and most prolific of crackpots

I learned from the GA Net, Geoffrey Dixon's blog, and Not Even Wrong that Tony Smith died on October 11th, 2019. He was one of the Internet's most famous... "alternative physicists"... and I've had some communication with him over the years. shows that he has posted an incredible 102 preprints over there. They're mostly about the Clifford algebras and exceptional groups as unification dreams; and some philosophy of physics and its relationship with other disciplines.

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European Green Deal: 120 silly demands

In Summer 1989, many of us were making fun of Milouš Jakeš, the boss of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (especially because of his notorious Red Little Castle leaked speech to his comrades 3 miles from my home), and other commies had a similar image.

But I must really apologize for having mocked them: neither Jakeš nor any other top Czechoslovak communist could compare to the previously unseen imbeciles who are employed as members of the European Parliament and who approved

European Parliament resolution of 15 January 2020 on the European Green Deal (2019/2956(RSP))
one week ago. If I were a teacher or a neurosurgeon whose task would be to fix these MEPs' brains, I would give up. There is not much that can be done with these utterly fudged up brains – perhaps if we started from scratch on the other side of the body, in the rectum. That's where the most promising seed of a new, better brain could be found within these MEPs.

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Wigner wasn't wrong

When you don't see patterns or elegant solutions, it doesn't mean that they don't exist

The featured Quanta Magazine article right now is about the connection between the colliding blocks and quantum search. If you have never watched the "surprising appearance of \(\pi\) in a counting problem", you should watch these three videos by 3Blue1Brown:

* Pi: how it appears in colliding blocks (5 minutes)
* Why it's so (15 minutes)
* Add a beam of light (14 minutes)
A small block is moving back and forth between a wall and another rectangular block where the mass ratio is a power of 100. The collisions are elastic and you need to count how many collisions there are. You will find that the number of collisions is a number like 314159... And it goes on and on, you clearly see the pi. In the phase space, the critical points belong to a circle, a beautiful problem with a beautiful solution due to Gregory Galperin (2003).

The new Quanta Magazine article points out that the very same "approximation of a circle" by many points appears in Grover's algorithm, the most famous quantum computer's method to search in a database. In that algorithm, the state vector is also being gradually turned to the right direction so you're also approximating a circle. The similarity of the "quantum search" and "the billiards" was promoted in a recent preprint by Adam Brown.

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Kubera, Czech constitution's man #2, abruptly dies

I do think that the cigarettes "helped" the sudden cardiovascular event to come

The chairman of the Senate, the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament, Mr Jaroslav Kubera abruptly died today (of a heart attack, unconfirmed reports say; ambulance was transferring him to a cardiovascular center), at age of 72. He belonged to the tolerable wing (or at least to the joint connecting the wing with the chest) of ODS, the Klaus-founded party that I supported up to Spring 2019.

Source: Sorry, I couldn't find a picture without a cigarette, such moments were rare

He's been a true veteran of (nationwide and North Bohemian regional) politics. He was chosen as the chairman of the Senate in 2018 and, as promised, he became the uniter and the social glue that dramatically improved the relationships between the main constitutional representatives of Czechia and the parties, too.

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Critic of science: universities should protect physics students from Arkani-Hamed's ideas on QFTs

...the ultimate safe spaces...

Mark Goodsell is a young (but habilitated) HEP professor at LPTHE, Paris. He has a not very well-known blog, Real Self Energy, and wrote something about the critics of HEP yesterday:

How to make progress in High Energy Physics
His article starts with an LHCb CERN press release about some... 1-sigma... flavor violation seen by the experiment that is sort of compatible with some other flavor violation excesses at LHCb. That's great and it might indeed be a small step towards making a clear picture of a new, flavor-violating (electron-muon-asymmetric) phenomenon or a new decaying particle.

But even if that will be the case, I am afraid that I will always consider a 1-sigma step as something that is right to ignore – and I would see it in this way even if the flavor-violating new physics is discovered and I reinterpret the history with hindsight.

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The culture of chronic complainers

The decay of the Western society is mostly powered by the postmodern Left. All of us know the typical words associated with this growing, degenerated portion of the society – verbs that must be repeated more often than Allah is repeated by the Muslims. They're words like

discriminate, privilege, oppression, victim, microaggression, offended, diversity, outrage, cancel, racism, Islamophobia, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, pedophilophobia
and many others. Clearly, some of these are associated with radicals who still represent at most 15% of the Western nations. But there is one "more civilian" verb that used to be rather normal but whose role in the society has transformed to dangerous proportions and it's the verb
to complain.
Each of us may sometimes complain, there may be good reasons for it but complaints may also be unjustified. My main point is that our societies have transformed to the worshipers of complainers.

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Craig Wright claims to have received $10 billion's more likely that he is Satoshi...

The prices of cryptocurrencies have increased by something of order 10% in a recent day or two. The total capitalization is $238 billion at this moment, the BTC Bitcoin is 66.4% of it i.e. $158 billion. It's followed by Ethereum at $18 billion, Ripple at $10 billion and...

BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) championed and engineered by Craig Wright has become the 4th cryptocurrency by capitalization, over $6 billion right now (since Christmas, its price has quadrupled).
The fifth is the old Bitcoin Cash (it jumped above BSV some hours after this text was written, it's a fierce contest), the sixth is Tether USD, and the seventh is the Litecoin.

The main reason is that Craig Wright, the Australian self-admitted father of the Bitcoin, has submitted the documents claiming that he has received the keys needed to unlock his BTC 1.1 million (well, plus over a million of all other forks of the Bitcoin). Only he can be sure whether he may unlock the coins but a sufficient market was persuaded by the validity of the claim.

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Cosmologists neglecting the motion of the Solar System are crackpots

For a year or two, all of us were aware of discrepancies in the measurement of Hubble's constant.

Several updated, comparably plausible methods yield values of \(H_0\) that differ by as much as 10%. I think that without the elimination of some of these determinations, we are forced to admit that very many cosmological parameters, perhaps including the age of the Universe, are only known with the precision of 10% or so and the "high-precision cosmology" started in the late 1990s was an illusion, at least at this moment it should be treated as one.

It is possible that the resolution to these strange results will be mundane – some error in some of the methods. It may be very deep, connected with some of the deepest facts about string theory that we still don't understand – some deep insights that will completely change our views about the landscape, swampland, and the cosmological constant in string theory. There exist various strategies by which the people try to wrestle with this new Hubble confusion.

Jonathan Kerr, a new featured anti-quantum warrior

Dark energy an error? reviewed a one-month-old Korean preprint claiming to have made measurements and showing that type IA supernovae's light intensity is correlated with their population age, after all. Such an "astrophysical" drift of the "standard candles" may mimic the "cosmological" behavior attributed to dark energy and dark energy as extracted from the supernovae may therefore be spurious. Of course it's plausible (and would be far-reaching if true), we may hear from others soon... Well, Rubin+Heitlauf have already claimed that the Koreans err in their treatment of distributions and even neglect the motion in the Solar System. Colin et al. (who wrote a similar paper to the Koreans in August 2018) disagree and they even criticize the corrections from the Solar System motion as "arbitrary corrections". Sorry, this is silly. Failing to recognize Galileo's "And yet it moves" is a pretty serious and unquestionable mistake. Galileo isn't an "arbitrary correction". ;-)
We haven't discussed the "mainstream" media's hype about a perfectly deluded critic of quantum mechanics for a few weeks.

Well, Max told us that there is no hiatus. The Telegraph's Sarah Knapton (also reprinted at MSN) chose the title
New theory of quantum mechanics shows matter is not in the eye of the observer
We're promised that a 19-page-long paper (PDF) will soon appear in a "well-respected peer-reviewed journal". By a complete accident, a popular book by the author, Jonathan Kerr, just appeared in the bookstores (click at the icon in the corner) and the Telegraph readers are encouraged to buy it.

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Bitcoin halvening optimistic arguments, an example of wishful thinking

A great portion of the activists' arguments that are completely irrational may be classified as symptoms of a wishful thinking. Czech ex-president Klaus who has spent years by fights against the wishful thinking would also add the term in German where he has used it often, Wunschdenken. In general, these people often conflate two things:

  1. What is true or what is likely to happen
  2. What would be good for me or for my favorite product or my social system or my political movement
Arguments defending socialism are often of this type because they implicitly assume that people behave in ways that would make socialism work. They just ignore the fact that according to observations or logical arguments, people actually behave very differently.

The mandatory belief that \(P\neq NP\) in computer science is arguably another example of a wishful thinking. The actual argument that drives those people towards the fanatical \(P\neq NP\) faith is that \(P\) couldn't possibly be \(NP\) because if \(P\) were equal to \(NP\), computers could someday replace the thinkers and left-wing intellectuals (who are looking for the path for a traveling salesman when they're not destroying Trump cereals, the job of theirs that they actually care about) would become unemployed.

It mustn't happen that they become useless, the reasoning goes, and therefore \(P\neq NP\). However, this argument is totally irrational. It may just happen that \(P = NP\) and the exponent and prefactor may even be low and some people's work could really become cheap etc. It could be bad for some people but it doesn't mean that it's untrue or impossible. After all, computers and robots are replacing many of these occupations right now, almost completely independently of someone's belief in \(P\) vs \(NP\).

Truth on Ukrainian Boeing, arsonists slowly unmasks itself

Hours after an Ukrainian Boeing 737 crashed near Tehran, I wrote:

I don't know about you but I would think that the Ukrainian aircraft near Tehran - 180 casualties - was taken down as a part of the revenge against the U.S. and "its allies". [...]
Well, it took a day before before the U.S. and Canadian intelligence services (and any sources in the West) joined me.

For another day, Iran denied that the Boeing was downed by any missiles. Finally, on Saturday morning, Iran admitted that the Iranians shot down the airplane, indeed. It was a mistake, we hear. Well, maybe, we don't know and we will probably never know for sure (because any such intentional downing may be claimed to be a mistake and vice versa, any mistaken downing may be claimed as an achievement by a warrior) but it's almost certainly a "mistake" related to the ongoing U.S.-Iranian tension. It's just extremely unlikely that the same country of Iran would see such two major events at almost the same time if they were unrelated to each other.

I hope that this tragedy will help to calm down the situation. 147 Iranians died along with 12 Afghani, 11 Ukrainians, and 6 Westerners. However, many Iranians had some dual citizenship, too. Some ancestry matters to most of us, however, so most of the fatalities were Persian in this sense.

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Dollar: 500th birthday

LHC: ATLAS likelihoods offer theoretical physicists a new way to access the open HEPdata: see CERN, ATLAS
Today, we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of the dollar. Well, it was pronounced and spelled "tolar" back in 1520 but the "dollar" is clearly a result of the evolution of that word. And yes, the dollar was born in a Czech town where 3,500 people live right now, Jáchymov.

The same town is also the source of uraninite that has allowed Marie Sklodowska to discover radium and therefore radioactivity. In 1898, she along with a French assistant and the first major sex toy Pierre Curie discovered radioactivity in that ore; in 1910, she isolated radium (along with polonium) inside these rocks.

If you click at the dirty coin above, you may buy a tolar from 1550 or so – minted a few decades after the 1520 beginning – for as little as $500.

The BBC published a fun story, Welcome To Jáchymov, the Czech Town That Invented the Dollar. Cutely enough, we learn that no one in the town accepts the dollars today – only crowns, euros, and perhaps roubles seem to be OK – and they haven't seen an American for 3 years. This town which is really the "Mother of All Federal Reserves" should be a tourist magnet for the Yankees on steroids but it isn't.

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Donald Knuth clarifies why \(P=NP\) seems likely

Neutrino physics: IceCube has ruled out an astrophysical explanation of the strange ANITA events, see arXiv, by placing an upper limit on the flux from the would-be sources, thus strengthening the odds that they have observed a stau (supersymmetric partner of the tau lepton \(\tilde \tau_R\))
Old men who have been amazing contributors to STEM fields evolve in various ways. When I randomly saw the 599th followup of the Weak Gravity Conjecture – the first hep-th paper posted in 2006 (hep-th/0601001: I didn't have to be particularly fast to get this nice number), it turned out to be a paper titled "Musings..." by Mikhail Shifman who got an even better number arXiv:2001.00101 but it only appeared on a historical archive dedicated to crackpots, senile men, and the public.

Shifman has been great and he's still extremely active but I think that he has lost the ability to follow and evaluate the new ideas from the truly best physicists who are around right now. In many respects, the paper seems as shallow as the whining by many childish fake scientists who just repeat "physics or string theory must be wrong because I don't understand why they're correct, so it must be bad science or no science" and all this amazing garbage often heard from the failers-to-think who pretend to be thinkers.

Thanks to Willie Soon for the video

When I listen to Donald Knuth, it's a totally different experience: even though he sometimes stutters (and if you are annoyed by this superficial imperfection like I am, believe me that our reactions are mostly due to our compassion and intelligence, we just can't help ourselves), he is clearly the intellectual master in the room, despite the fact that the young host Lex Fridman isn't just a journalist. He is developing some AI and autonomous vehicles at MIT. But relatively to Knuth and his depth, Fridman sounds like just another journalist who is interviewing someone who is vastly smarter.

Between 58:02 and 1:10:05 in this 1:46:00 long interview, he addresses his reasons to think that \(P=NP\) is more likely than \(P\neq NP\) although many people would love to promote the latter to the only allowed faith. I have previously discussed Knuth and \(P=NP\) in 2016.

Fukushima: boars, pheasants, monkeys...

The Fukushima-ruining earthquake took place 8.9 years ago (TRF about Fukushima) and whole irrational nations that live tens of thousands of kilometers away have abused that event as an excuse to abandon the nuclear energy entirely.

Nations such as the so-called Germans will pretend that there are no nuclei sitting in the heart of each atom, no seeds where the characteristic energy changes are one million times higher than the energy associated with the atomic orbitals i.e. the state of the electrons. Given the fact that Germans suck this much in nuclear energy, you must forgive Werner Heisenberg that he wasn't capable of producing the damn bomb.

Meanwhile, like in Chernobyl, animals behave as if this weren't even a local catastrophe, let alone a global one:

Wildlife is doing just fine... (ZME)

Rewilding of Fukushima's human evacuation zone (Frontiers of Ecology and Env.)
James Beasley et al. from University of Georgia have installed lots of camera traps at 106 places in the region around the Japanese nuclear power plant.

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Bushfires: 183 arrested

...including 24 arsonists: State of Fear?

The Australian bushfires look terrible and half a billion animals may have died (including 18 animals from the homo sapiens species).

The authenticity of this apparent photograph has been disputed, see the comments.

Some sources say that these are the worst Australian bushfires in the living memory. Jennifer Marohasy disagrees and argues that it has been hotter and fires have burnt larger areas, in January 1889 and Summer 1938-1939, respectively (yes, Australia has a summer when we have the winter).

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A paper on highly damped quasinormal modes

According to, our quasinormal paper with Andy Neitzke joined our "famous" articles according to their terminology (250+ cits; more inclusive Google Scholar shows 302) because a two-year-old Indian thesis was finally scanned.

It was a fun calculation with a rather exciting pre-history and post-history – with lots of interesting technicalities but also some very general conceptual insights about the scientific method as a general approach to the truth. I described much of the context in A Quasinormal Story On Quasinormal Modes but let me add a few more comments about this specific paper.

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Will Trump turn Iraq into a full-blown enemy?

Exactly 50 years ago today, Max Born died. In 2020, it's common for pseudoscientific activists to question the fundamentally probabilistic meaning of quantum mechanics that brought him his Nobel Prize.
Donald Trump has decided to assassinate Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a widely respected general in Iran whom Trump blames for the death of many Americans and for his plans to murder many more. The U.S. military has fulfilled Trump's order flawlessly. Some extra powerful Iraqi folks were assassinated, too.

Iran vs U.S., perhaps a helpful 101 ten-minute-long video.

I am willing to believe that there is a good justification for the assassination of that Gentleman and even if his personal guilt were insufficient, I think that it may be a good idea for the U.S. to remind Iran who is stronger – before a hypothetical peaceful negotiation takes place. But I am not actually sure that the attack was a great idea. Also, I am not sure whether it was mainly decided as a Trump's idiosyncrasy, or by the deep state, or by the public opinion.

Even more curiously, I am not sure what I would do if I could make such decisions. Well, I didn't really know what to think about the 2003 Iraq War, either.

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Let us acquire the bomb or let us learn Russian

Guest prophesy by Dr Martin Konvička, a leading Czech critic of Islam
Original text was posted at New Bourgeoisie

In the Unionist Northeast, Timmermans' plan runs like clockwork.

Germany's New Year's Eve was traditionally marked by the ritual of groping of the native women; a few cops who were nearly killed were a novelty. But who would care about them? The young generation is enthusiastic because the Reich has gloriously entered the Climatic Decade. The power plants started to be shut down (as an appetizer, they shut down some nuclear, climatically harmless, ones but don't look for logic in insanity), there are plans to ban cars in cities and to tax basically everything in such a way that the country will fall to poverty. The metaphysical enemy is carbon dioxide (that has always been in the atmosphere and that will always be there – the fight against it may therefore continue indefinitely), a particular named group of pests are the environmental swine – i.e. the Germans from older generations. They are awaiting the fate of the German Jews of the 20th century but I am getting ahead because they will be allowed to exhale CO2 for a few more years.

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China has three Suns: sun dogs

RT has just informed me that the inhabitants of Fuck-you, a town in Northeastern China, were puzzled by the number of Suns in the sky. Their trustworthy communist schools have taught them that the number should be one but three is what they observed. Who is right: the authoritative schools or their own eyes?

It's hard to compete with the Chinese comrades if they have three Suns instead of our one.

The effect is apparently called a sun dog and the 22° halo is the most widespread subvariety.

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Unregulated private NYE fireworks, an amusing aspect of the relative Czech freedom

Happy New Year! Our media tell us that the New Year's Eve celebrations were extraordinarily peaceful in Czechia. Ambulance had to go less frequently than a year ago and than on an average day! Most of the people who needed some help were drunk or participating in brawls. One kid in Prague had its face injured by pyrotechnics.

Pilsen has seen worse non-fireworks events just in recent days: an 11-old-boy fell from the 9th floor in Bory and died in the hospital; an 19-year-old young man was killed by a train in Doubravka.

I think that you wouldn't expect such an "extraordinarily peaceful" summary if you were actually watching (and listening to) the battlefront in Prague and many other large enough cities including Pilsen. It was rather explosive and it felt dangerous.