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Another blatant lie by Adam Vojtěch and other covidists

Czech ex-president Václav Klaus for

At the beginning of the last week of October 2021, a new "breakthrough" thesis on the covid epidemic hit our media – the Minister of Health and some other "experts" are beginning to coin the term "epidemic of the unvaccinated". In a year and a half we have become used to all sorts of nonsense, but this is something else.

Czechoslovak communist shelves were in a better shape than the current American ones

I have seen numerous photographs of the empty shelves in the U.S. shops. They are shocking. They are being blamed on the gap in the supply due to the (crazy) lockdowns, the ludicrous maternal leave of the gay minister of transportation, and the increased demand due to all the helicopter money (not to mention panic buying encouraged by the Covid-hysterical filthy liars calling themselves the journalists). But this extremely accurate attribution is a propaganda of some kind because "most", and not just "few", of the basic mechanisms of capitalism are under attack in America right now.

As you know, President Trump has 3+1+1=5 kids with his three wives. The oldest three, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, were born to Ivana Trump (born Zelníčková [EN: Belonging-to-the-Little-Cabbage-Man] who started as a hot blonde skier; while Ivana Trump is an impressive lady, you still need to watch the Mr Tau blonde if you want to understand why a billionaire would pick her), and the older two speak some Czech. They remember visiting the communist Czechoslovakia in the summer of the 1980s, to see their grandparents. Well, Don Jr just pointed out that the state of the shops in the U.S. these days starts to resemble what he remembers from Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

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Slovakia has its own Watergate

Robert Fico (picture below) is arguably the main leader of the current Slovak opposition and a former prime minister of Slovakia (party: Smer/Direction Social Democracy, estimated to be 2nd strongest in Slovakia now and get ~18% in future elections).

I was never "thrilled" by him, after all, his party is a (moderate) left-wing one, and (much like Babiš), he had some ambiguous relationship towards the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. However, he always looked like a chap with common sense, I don't remember anything "terrifying" from his reign, and despite their different backgrounds, he might be comparable to Babiš in my optics.

The current Slovak government is doing lots of bad things. Like many other governments, it has imposed rather draconian restrictions on civil rights that are being justified by Fauci's virus. But there is another frequent theme. The Slovak government has launched a full-blown war against the alleged "Mafia" which is supposed to include many politicians, investigators, police bosses, and judges from the Fico era and business people who are considered their friends – and, at least as written in between the lines, Fico himself.

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How to survive the Islamists

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

The murder of the "distinguished" and popular English MP David Amess, stabbed to death by a 25-year-old British man of Somali origin, has stirred the media waters. It seems that at least the right-wing and conservative newspapers are running out of patience with the evasive and cowardly attitude of politicians fearing accusations of Islamophobia. That strange trap set by the Islamists for politicians.

There is no such thing as a phobia of Islam. It is only Muslims who find any criticism not only of the Quran but also of political Islamism unacceptable.

The first time we heard this accusation was perhaps from the mouths of the Ayatollahs of the Shiite theocracy in Iran after the 1979 coup.

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Death, injury caused by Baldwin were hardly unexplainable miraculous flukes

A tragedy occurred during the shooting of Rust, a Western film. Alec Baldwin stars as a famous criminal Harland Rust who learns that his grandon was accused of an accidental murder. Meanwhile, the actor also accidentally shot at Halyna Hutchins, the chief of photography, and Joel Souza, the film director. He killed the woman and injured the man. Condolences to Hutchins' family, starting with husband Matthew Hutchins and her son Andros.

Hutchins was born in Ukraine and grew at a Soviet Arctic military base between reindeer and submarines. An impressive background for someone who later became a rising star in the U.S. film industry.

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Why "science replaced by hodgepodge" is even worse than alchemy

Maritime hodge podge

For two days, I wanted to write another text about the evil trend of "pretending that some chaotic playing with computers is the new science" and Robbert Dijkgraaf, the director of the IAS, pushed me above the critical threshold when he wrote

The Uselessness of Useful Knowledge
in the Quanta Magazine. The title looks bizarre, the normal thing to describe the body of his essay would be the opposite, "the usefulness of useless knowledge", a title that was picked by several authors in the past. Isn't it a typo? At any rate, Dijkgraaf argues that the "hocus pocus AI-based quasi-science" is analogous to alchemy which may look bad but it was very useful. And the periods of chaotic expansion of science and the epochs of systematic consolidation are equally important and they alternate which was good and it is good now, too.

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Most Covid deaths are not due to Covid now

A simple calculation showing that Covid-delta is far less lethal than flu

One of the points that those of us who opposed the uncontrolled Covid hysteria emphasized from the beginning was the fact that

the people who got a positive PCR test were not necessarily ill.
In practice, what matters are the fractions. It is a quantitative question. Some of the Covid-positive people have been ill, some of those were hospitalized or they died. But some of the PCR tests are false positives and many truly infected people with a positive PCR test are asymptomatic (or their illness is so mild that it is not worth mentioning). A related statement was that
In most countries, a Covid death only means a "death with a positive PCR test" which doesn't mean that the death was fully or mostly caused by the Fauci virus.
Again, that is an important point to have in mind. But a year ago when the Czech daily casualties became substantial, I finally became certain that the distinction didn't matter in the 2020-2021 winter season. One can look at the total weekly numbers of deaths. In Czechia (10.7 million people), there were numerous weeks in which the normal weekly number of deaths (2100) was doubled (4000+). In fact, the 2020 excess deaths (17k) surpassed the number of Covid deaths by dozens of percent. Some of the other deaths could have been either due to the lockdown and a less inaccessible healthcare; or they could have been deaths that were secretly due to Covid, too.

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IVK statement on Mrs Leyen's attacks on Poland

By former Czech president Klaus and his team

When there is a clear threat to democracy in Europe, or rather in the European Union, it is necessary for European democrats to protest loudly. This is no small matter today. Mrs Leyen declared in the European Parliament – quoted in the media, for example immediately by Czech [Public] Television – that 'the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court threatens the foundations of the European Union. The European Commission must protect the citizens of the Union and will therefore act'. That is an unprecedented statement.

Some time ago, the Polish Constitutional Court asked a question that all true democrats have been asking for many decades – should the European integration process result in the creation of a supranational entity that is superior to the individual Member States, or should these states continue to have their sovereignty and only part of it eventually be transferred to Brussels? This has been the whole problem of European integration since the 1950s. Everyone knows or should know. And no one must turn a blind eye to this question. Not even Mrs Leyen.

Aspects of a deleted Twitter account

Two hours ago, TRF commenter gnail was the first source that informed me that my Twitter account "lumidek" was finally deleted. It was created in 2012 and had some 2670 followers during the final moments. Of course it would have had much more, by orders of magnitude, if Twitter weren't running a massive campaign to suppress and/or delete right-wing accounts.

I believe that the tweet quoted as an excuse for the deletion was a response to this distasteful tweet encouraging violence against Czechs because they are Czechs (a white nation that hasn't started to apologize for its existence). Of course this is not the "main" activity or topic that my account was used for; but I pointed out that BLM thugs that are responsible for similar violence belong to jails or should be punished even more harshly (the injury in the English soccer league could have been a coincidence; but injuries caused by this particular Twitter user, if any, are almost certainly not coincidental). It is a fact and you can't change it by the deletion of an account. Of course, Twitter stands on the side of the racially motivated violence and on the side of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Needless to say, I could have been banned for dozens of other reasons (true observations about Covid-19 were more likely these days). The Twitter moderation tools have been completely hijacked by nasty, dishonest creatures that are wrong about absolutely everything and that are crippling the civilization and decent individual people at every single level.

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\(J\bar T\) deformations: how a non-local theory stays UV-complete and conformally symmetric

Primordial gravitational waves: A combo, when BICEP3 is added, claims that there aren't any so far and \(r_{0.05}\lt 0.036\). Google News.
Two or three decades ago, theoretical high energy physics was much more lively. An aspect of this liveliness was the constant stream of uprisings and minirevolutions. Sourballs and crackpots may have called them fads and they may have criticized the fact that many researchers were joining them because of FOMO. But it was an overwhelmingly good phenomenon. People were sufficiently excited and the system motivated them to work. So when someone found something new – about twistors, BMN string bits, and dozens of other topics (later – many people (including young ambitious people) worked on them. Researchers could have been sure that someone cared about their paper on the fashionable topic and it further stimulated their research.

It's not necessarily Monica's cup of tea but Ozone's Dragostea Din Tei is the greatest product of Romanian culture since Count Dracula. ;-) Leony was recently inspired (what is the polite word for plagiarism?) by that song, the new one is in English.

I am confident that the number of such signs of collective excitement and widespread activity has significantly dropped in a recent decade or so, and especially in the recent five years (some sourballs and crackpots probably celebrate). But there are still examples of mini-industries that look as healthy as we used to know them, their number is just smaller. On Saturday, it will have been four years since the launch of one such mini-industry.
An integrable Lorentz-breaking deformation of two-dimensional CFTs
Monica Guica – whom I have known as a brilliant Harvard grad student (and who has been to Pilsen once) – has found a new class of UV-complete quantum field theories that are actually... not local. Well, this broader industry was founded by Smirnov and Zamolodčikov (Sorbonne+Rutgers; the latter approved my spelling of his name when he was my instructor LOL) in August 2016, i.e. a year earlier. They added some composite operators \(T\bar T\) to the two-dimensional CFT (conformal field theory) action. The action has some extra term that is bilinear in the stress energy tensor.

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Where the policy of decarbonising the economy is taking us

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

Somewhat hysterical fears about the contribution of human activity to global warming have dominated the Western elite for several decades, but only relatively recently have the dismantling of coal-fired power plants and the ban on internal combustion engines planned for 2030-35 come into play.

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Despite 20% predictions, just 2% of the Czech Parliament will be the Pirates

When I took the picture of the Piratostan bus and these Pirates, I told the comical Pirate that he must expect to be photographed, this is why he wore the hat, right? No, I was told, he wore the hat in order for other Pirates to identify him as a Pirate! ;-) A mature party LOL. I took a picture of their boss Bartoš and many other things there a week ago.

Czechia has more advanced voting procedures than the US or Germany so 1-2 hours after the voting rooms closed at 2 pm on Satuday (they opened at 2 pm on Friday), we had extremely accurate predictions. My Tricolor #8 didn't get in, its 2.76% was highly compatible with the average predictions of the agencies (the Tricolor will get $5 for each voter, about $500,000 in total). But after 100 years, communists dropped of the Parliament (the party was founded in 1921 and it became Stalinist in 1929). Good riddance. Social democracy dropped from the Parliament, too. They were below 5%, and so was the Pledge led by the cop Šlachta (who removed Nečas' government because Nečas' love got a nice purse, and two very similar "crimes").

So far, "Artificial Intelligence" comments are just a preprocessed message picked by a "coach"

AI bots and climate models aren't unique, important, trustworthy, independent sources of information. They are puppets designed to deceive gullible consumers.

In the last debate between some chosen 8 party leaders broadcast by the Czech Public TV (which was considered a terribly chaotic debate with no real opportunity to convey ideas, short time dedicated to each politician, and an excessively dominant or arrogant host, Ms Světlana Witowská), there was an unusual twist. They included Matilda, an Artificial Intelligence Bot (with a female face) who asked a question to each politician (which included the video of the artificial female face in the middle of the screen).

I think that this small farcical event was a good example answering some question about "what the AI subjects think", "who may have responsibility for it", "whether the AI should have human rights", and so on.

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Some EU laws are unconstitutional in Poland

The belief that Poland has transferred most of its sovereignty to unelected EU officials and declared the primacy of "EU laws" over the Polish constitution is legally incorrect

Some institutions of the European Union have been attacking Poland by saying that their judges didn't have enough independence. Well, the Polish constitutional tribunal just showed quite a lot of independence when it sensibly analyzed the legal conditions and concluded that many laws of the European Union are incompatible with the fundamental Polish law architecture.

OK, Evacuation just sounds as a good song for the talk about the "legal Polexit". ;-)

In particular, it is the laws that were constructed without a tangible influence of the authorities of the Republic of Poland. Note that in 2004, Poland and others joined the European Union which was conceptually still an international organization with a large number of multilateral treaties that are usually signed and obeyed by all member countries. The conversion of the EU to "something else" (a superstate or an empire) was already planned by the 1993 Maastricht Treaty but in 2004, the EU was still just an intense collection of treaties between sovereign countries.

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Blanket electricity subsidies are yet another communist insanity

I simply have to return to the topic of inflation which I last discussed four weeks ago. Things have clearly gotten more exreme. Inflation has jumped in most countries; and the deniers of the inflation have become even crazier. Only a few central banks led by the Czech National Bank do the right thing – which is to truly aggressively hike the interest rates (which really shouldn't have been lowered in 2020 at all because the crazy Covid lockdowns mainly brought a reduction of the supply which is really the "opposite" than a reduction of the demand).

Five months ago, I correctly predicted that the European electricity prices would go to the Moon. It was unavoidable because there were many effects that implied an increasing and perhaps accelerating demand (post-Covid recovery, wealth of people from the Covid helicopter money, and the expansion of the silly fashion of the electric cars, among many other things); and a decreasing supply (the constant shutdown of fossil fuel and German nuclear power plants). Also, the wind wasn't really blowing as expected etc. What a surprise, if you go to, the quarterly Czech prices are 267 and 416 Euros per MWh, beating yesterday's already wild record by some extra 40%. It looks like a singularity, we are approaching the point when the prices will have added an order of magnitude in a year.

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Global warming: Nobel Prize in Physics has become a joke, too

Yesterday, Scandinavian officials announced that the Nobel Prize in Medicine went to some folks who discovered the receptors of temperature and touch which sounds like interesting biophysics (in fact, a better candidate for a physics prize than what we discuss below). However, minutes ago, a new shock awaited us, especially 1/2 of the announcement is utterly shocking.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021
Giorgio Parisi got one-half
for the discovery of the interplay of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from atomic to planetary scales
which is acceptable although I would obviously vote No. Giorgio Parisi has been a top notch particle physicist who has worked on QCD, partons, asymptotic freedom, Monte Carlo simulations, and even SUSY, and co-authored with men like Virasoro, to show that he has really been close to "my field" (his collaboration distance from me is 3, through Ferrara and Freedman). He increasingly focused on things like spin glasses, complexity, behavior of flocks of birds and planetary systems, and similar things.

Complexity-related ideas may be interesting but none of them is true Nobel Prize-level material – well, with this drop of the Nobel Prize, my assertion just became tautologically false.

Facebook outage highlighted the instability of the dependence on the web and its Gleichschaltung

Facebook and all of its services such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, among others, had a 6-hour-long outage yesterday. Because of the transfer of the unsatisfied FB users elsewhere and their need to constantly check what is going on, other parts of the web got overloaded. The UPC-now-Vodafone cable Internet which I use was down for more than an hour in Czechia, too. It seems that a similar "secondary effect" explanation applies to outages of Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Zoom, Snapchat, and others.

The root cause was a disappearance of the routing data for Facebook servers from the Internet. Someone did a BGP update, apparently through a web interface, and made a mistake (or a deliberate sabotage, whatever we think about the existence of an intent). The routers across the world were preprogrammed so that no domains related to Facebook existed. This has resulted not only in an inaccessible Facebook for billions of users across the world (all of them); the employees of Facebook couldn't work (which they do through "Workspaces"), either. Independently of that, it was claimed that files with 1.5 billion users' data were offered for sale. Some people have speculated about the relationship between the outage and the screaming by a whistleblower (as far as I understand, it is just some worthless activist who is even more far left than Facebook itself and doesn't have anything whatever except for insults around "hate speech" and similar BS).

In fact, a more dramatic (and comical) consequence of the glitch was that most FB employees couldn't get to their buildings because the locks are operated by an electronic mechanism that basically requires a Facebook login as well. Because you can't log into Facebook, you can't make your key card operate, and that is why you can't even get to the building which might be needed to fix the problem with the Facebook login!

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Massive industrial indoctrination of UK freshmen began

Symptoms of a collapse of a country in a very advanced stage

Last night, iDNES, the leading Czech Internet news server, published a remarkable story

British universities launched controversial courses. Indoctrination, opponents call them.
I won't translate the text because it's been based on English sources such as The Daily Mail (mostly about St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland) and The Times (mostly about the University of Kent, just East of London).

The new academic year started and their new freshmen are subjected to an unprecedented lobotomy. They must memorize and "correctly" answer tons of questions about equality, diversity, discrimination, sustainability, carbon guilt, other guilts, and even the role of second hand clothes in discrimination (a person's second-hand clothes means that he belongs to the "underprivileged" i.e. privileged groups and you must worship him – or on the contrary, I can't care about this particular stupidity).

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Attack on children finally made the Czech diplomacy act against Scottish BLM-affiliated thugs

Glen Kamara, the black "international Finnish" player of Rangers, a Scottish soccer team, became the most hated athlete in Czechia after his violent behavior on the stadium (against SK Slavia Prague), after he beat Czech player Ondřej Kúdela in a dark Glasgow tunnel, and after his rather demonstrably fabricated accusations of Kúdela from racism that were created to mask his own (real) unacceptable behavior.

Video and audio with a local perspective on the atmosphere is here. It was chosen to demonstrate the kids' selective negative emotions to Kamara. You will be the judge whether anything inappropriate has taken place.

Like United and City in Manchester, Slavia Prague and Sparta Prague have been the two traditional rivals in the Czech capital for a century. It just happens that in the current table of the main Czech league, the second Slavia and third Sparta are bettered by FC Viktoria Pilsen (my hometown), despite some 5 years of lousy performance of the Pilsner team that had suddenly become the main star of the Czech soccer in 2010. (Robert Platek, a rich dude in New York, considers buying our club.) Pilsen has surely added complications to the traditional binary rivalry of the Prague teams.

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I will probably vote for Tricolor

A week ago, the probability was 90%. Today, it is 95%. I will probably vote for the Tricolor Movement (#8) in the Czech Parliamentary elections next Friday and Saturday (October 8-9, 2021).

I have been voting for Klaus' ODS between 1991 and early 2019, whenever I could. Of course, it was no longer a "perfect" party after it started to lose its political compass when Klaus Sr left but I still viewed it as the best option. I probably continued to support ODS in order to impress you with my long-lived political stability in a 2021 blog post, too. ;-) Of course, the genuine political soulmates of mine are shocked that I kept my support for ODS for such a long time. And I understand their shock very well.

The (triple) party's slogan says "You have the right to live". Nice.

Yes, the convergence of ODS with the neo-Marxist leftists (in the EU) has been obvious for many years before that. It was slowly starting with Mirek Topolánek as the boss (2002-2010) but that "demo" was undone under the submissive but ideologically rooted Petr Nečas.

Under Petr Fiala, an academic sourball that has been the leader of ODS since 2014 (yes, I tried to ignore him because there are still many better politicians in ODS who continued to look fine to me!), the neo-Marxization of ODS was accelerating and may have reached the theoretical maximum: the party says that the far left Pirates are their only possible buddies for a coalition and there really doesn't seem to be any substantial difference between them and especially their expected behavior! But I only declared ODS unacceptable in early 2019 when they fired Klaus Jr for daring to say something negative about the EU or whatever it was.

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Czechia, Czechs don't have the right to stop coal mining in Turów, Poland

OK, I am ashamed of my government's actions against Poland when it comes to the Turów coal mine.

Left-click and drag the map above; the mouse wheel magnifies the view. Or click at "show" for a full screen view.

Some basic facts. The Polish area above (roughly 5 km times 5 km; with the lunar landscape that will be pretty later in this century, like many similar places in Czechia) is near the Czech (and also German) border. Czechia is in the South and the mine is one of Poland's largest lignite reserves. There should be around 760 million (metric...) tons of brown coal there. The annual production is 27.7 million tons of coal. I can't find the fresh prices but 1 metric ton of coal was around $35 in 2019. Multiply and you will see that the value of the coal there is some $27 billion and about $1 billion should be extracted in a year. A fraction of this price is eaten by the expenses, however.

Exactly 80 years ago, Heydrich arrived in Prague

They had no one sharper, says historian

Reinhard Heydrich, who arrived in the Protectorate on 27 September 80 years ago, was a beast, but above all a cold-blooded technologist of Nazi power, according to historian Jindřich Marek of the Military History Institute.

This is the 80th anniversary of the day Reinhard Heydrich arrived as acting Reich Protector. Why did he replace Konstantin von Neurath?

For a simple reason. In September 1941, Nazi Germany was thriving on the eastern battlefields, they took Kiev, they began the siege of Leningrad. They were occupying almost all of Europe. And to do that, they needed a supply of weapons and other material. The Czech armaments industry was a major supplier of German troops and the Germans, who like order, wanted absolute peace in the Czech lands and no resistance or sabotage.

He was preparing the cold-blooded murder of the Jews and the liquidation of the Czech nation.

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Eastern Europe needs to be urgently Orbanised

Commentary by Štěpán Cháb

The elections in Germany [on Sunday, September 26th] look much more frightening than the [October 8th-9th] elections in the Czech Republic. There, the Greens are coming out with their 'nothing is green enough' and Olaf Scholz is likely to take over as chancellor from Angela Merkel. In yesterday's Die Welt, he gave some of his core ideas. Even if we elect the [Nazi-like] Workers' Party to government in the October elections, it will not have the same consequences as the elections in Germany in just two weeks' time [now: tomorrow]. Nevertheless, the importance of our elections is crucial.

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When claims about morphology and evolution prove that the speaker hasn't understood evolution at all

Diptera's (flies') vein patterns are almost as diverse as human fingerprints but even much more easily recognizable as veins of some species.

There are millions of things to write about. I don't want to promote things like "tyranny in Australia" into a major theme of this blog so this is left to Twitter. The events are "small isolated incidents", anyway, despite the fact that the unifying theme – rise of tyranny (not only) in Australia – is obvious.

Instead, I want to make a short comment about two articles on biology in the Quanta Magazine.

So if there is some acceleration and very short timescales involved in evolution, they are relevant both in the "recent evolution of humans" which seemed fast (the white race is just some 20,000 years old, for example); as well as in the early elementary evolution, e.g. the transition from unicellular life to multicellular life. That basic transition is fast mainly because one deals with very small systems. Some cooperation of the cells is "common sense" right from the beginning, you don't need to wait for billions of years for the cells to realize that "they can cooperate". The cooperation is ultimately some adaptation to the environment, anyway: the environment happens to include "siblings" which make some cooperation a good idea.

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Rise of authoritarian leftists makes the Euro-American alliance meaningless

The Anglosphere leads the ongoing decline of the West. Those of us who follow these shocking events every day are often uncertain whether the developments are more insane in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Relatively to these events, the deterioration in other countries may look mild (although the French "pass sanitaire" is as criminal as the counterparts in the Anglosphere and events in Luxembourg, Slovenia, or other small countries may sometimes be even crazier but they're overlooked due to the small size of such countries).

Both the European Union countries and the North American ones have seen the rise of increasingly unhinged extreme leftists in politics, culture, and business, aside from most of the other important places. Because these ideologies were strengthening on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, does it mean that these pathologies could at least produce better relationships between the countries and continents, a silver lining we could perhaps enjoy?

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Australia: Covid's tyranny

By a Czech-born Australian lady whose name is known to me

I have chosen to write this article mainly to let people around the world know the truth about what is happening in Australia. It is written according to the truth and my personal experience, nothing is second hand.

As of today (September 2021) Australia has had its borders with the outside world sealed for 18 months. With a few breaks, the borders between states are also closed. There are concrete roadblocks on the roads and not a mouse can slip through the police. Some families live only a few kilometres apart and have not seen each other for months. A single positive case of covid is often enough to lock down millions of people. Vaccination is moving forward at a snail's pace, we have nowhere to rush when there is hardly any covid. When the delta variant appeared in Sydney this June, there was a rush to vaccinate, but again there was nothing to vaccinate. The community is divided into two groups, the first is happy that the borders are closed, they don't travel anywhere anyway and it doesn't affect them in any way. The other group is furious. Australia is one of the most multicultural countries, at least half the people have family and relatives abroad. I'm in that group.

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Will progressives destroy America?

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

Many years ago, the once classically liberal Anglo-American weekly The Economist, like many global companies, embraced the leftist and anti-capitalist ideology of "social justice." What a surprise when it devoted its editorial and a whole lengthy section (briefing) to "The Threat From the Illiberal Left" in late summer.

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My first direct censorship at

Minutes ago, I received my first message about the direct censorship of content at, a Google-owned platform that runs this website. The page that was suspended was a short text revolving around a video commentary by the main father of the mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone, about the current issues surrounding the mRNA vaccines.

It is another big leap for the arrival of the full-blown totalitarianism in California and beyond. I think that the individuals responsible for this nasty act violate even the most basic laws of my country. They must be punished. Google must immediately start to violate the Czech laws or the operation of the company in my country must be banned.

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O tempora, o mores

Contemplation by Ladislav Jakl

Our world is changing. We are witnessing the rise of wild progressivism and the destruction of tried and tested social structures, virtues and individual freedoms taking place before our eyes.

What's more, the process of change is accelerating. It is no longer proceeding by the salami slicing tactics, as in the fable of the boiling frog. It is developing in a revolutionary way, without delay and without much discussion. Opponents are being silenced and socially liquidated. The liberal left, the progressives, are forcing their agenda on us in every way. Their propaganda attacks us in every other television commercial, in children's shows, in the arts in general, in the activities of pressure and interest groups, through the policies of banks and other corporations.

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A bomb is great to cover one of the slits

Under the previous blog post about the quantum bomb tester experiment, Stillconfused forced me to discuss his main "weird fact" which is that

the experiment allows you to find out "whether the bomb is able to explode" without "exploding it".
There is clearly no real paradox here. A live bomb and a dud differ so they have a different impact on various other objects. This difference may be observed. You may only prove a paradox if you assume too much, including some of the assumptions of classical physics.

But I decided that the most illuminating explanation what is going on involves the double slit experiment. Richard Feynman liked to say that all the surprising new features of quantum mechanics may be understood if you carefully enough think about the double slit experiment. Nothing else is needed and all the new thought experiments are just repetitive games pushed by those who simply haven't mastered the basics, the double slit experiment.

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There is no non-locality and no interaction-free measurement in the bomb tester

Anti-quantum zealots are deluded because they think that a whole history or classical trajectory (in the past) may be extracted from a measurement at one moment

I had some exchange with Petr H. about his claimed "non-locality" in QM and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that I have discussed in quite some detail several times (click at the hyperlink to get the most extensive two discussions in 2018).

Recall that the silly conclusion that "there is some action operating backwards in time" in the quantum eraser experiment is just an artifact of a totally irrational psychological (or psychiatric) disorder of some people. When they read the probabilistic distribution for a discrete variable and a continuous one, \(\rho_j(x)\), they always imagine that the discrete variable \(j\) must be the primary switch, the cause, something that decides about the functional dependence of the probability on the continuous variable \(x\) (in particular, whether the probability as a function of \(x\) has one interference pattern, the opposite one, or none).

But that's completely stupid because even in this mixed, discrete-continuous, case, we can equally well read the probability distribution for 2 variables in the opposite way: \(x\) may be decided first while the probabilities for various values of \(x\) are the "inclusive" ones (and indeed, a photon may land on a continuous photographic plate first) and then the relevant probability distribution is reduced to a finite collection of probabilities simply by substituting the right continuous (just measured) value of \(x\) into \(\rho_j(x)\): we get some probabilities \(P_j\).

Report on the Congress of Dissidents

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

I have received an invitation to a seminar "The 2021 Elections - Will they be about anything?". And so, full of curiosity, I set off. The Grégr Hall of the Municipal House in Prague became a standing only room, some even stood, but it could only hold 150 people at most. As in the past, even in the present era of normalisation, there may be no more than a few thousand dissidents in the republic (Charter 77 used to have 2,000 signatories). Five speakers spoke from the podium, and they spoke eloquently.

Deniers of inflation as a problem approach a psychiatric diagnosis

I have thought about the (monetary) inflation a lot, perhaps more so than about cosmic inflation; monetary inflation is clearly a cheaper genre, however. ;-) You may look at some of the blog posts in the past that included comments about the interest rates, negative interest rates, inflation etc.

A German man is pushing his wallet in the Weimar Republic of the early 1920s, a century ago. In 2021, economists should know that such events are possible with irresponsible enough helicopter money policies. The problem is that many of them just don't care or they actively want to impose similar wallets on everyone again. With the digital money of the modern era, wheelbarrows could be avoided but the cash could disappear instead. This dependence of the citizens on the central authorities (that store their usable money) is attractive for lots of totalitarian pundits, of course.

Five or ten years ago, there was a fashionable opinion that the inflation would forever disappear and the interest rates would be zero and we would enter a new geological epoch in which the central banks would invent zero or negative rates forever. I have always emphasized that this "end of monetary history" idea was a complete nonsense and the negative interest rates were at most a short-term anomaly that simply couldn't last (much like the tunneling effect in which the apparent kinetic energy may drop to negative numbers for a while but it's not a sustainable situation because classically, the kinetic energy cannot be negative).

As long as people with some interests and skills live, the history can't be over, conflicts can't be over, science can't be over, recurring inflation can't be over (if someone uses fiat-like currencies). I think it's clear by now that I was completely right and the "economists" who were preaching zero or negative interest rates forever were completely wrong.

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Worshiping of complexity is junk physics, junk computer science, junk neuroscience

...and junk climate science, not to mention other disciplines of junk science...

After I read this Quanta Magazine article discussing whether individual neurons are "complex",

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?,
I realized that there is a whole industry of antiscience that has made it to numerous scientific disciplines including fundamental physics, computer science, and neuroscience. The article above describes the comparison of separate neurons in the real world biological brains on one side; and the artificial neurons used in the simulations that are meant to behave as natural neural networks on the other side. The workers have decided that they needed at least 5-8 layers of artificial neurons to fit a biological neuron and this kind of a result is claimed to be an insight about neurons and brains; and progress. They indicate that they want to be paid as neuroscientists for X more years in order to find out whether the right number is 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or something like that.

Well, it's not progress. It's not cool. And neither is a simple algorithm that produces an irregular, chaotic pattern; nor the fact that we don't have a polynomially fast or otherwise effective algorithm for a problem X or Y. And it's bad when you use a complicated computer simulation (whose behavior you can't replicate in your brain, not even roughly) to answer a simple question about the climate. All these situations have something in common – and I called it the worshiping of complexity. These people think that their worshiping of complexity is a sign of good science or scientific progress; in reality, it is really a sign of bad science, failing science, or the absence of any scientific progress.

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An informal ATLAS, CMS combo: a new \(151.5\GeV\) scalar at 5 sigma

Five weeks ago, I discussed three possible values of a mass of a new Higgs-like scalar that may be seen by both ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC: \(28\GeV\), \(400\GeV\), \(1000\GeV\).

In this very short linker-not-thinker memo, I have to mention the first hep-ph preprint today (submitted one second after the previous deadline, 18:00:01 UTC),

Accumulating Evidence for the Associate Production of a Neutral Scalar with Mass around \(151 \GeV\)
by Crivellin at al. (10 co-authors from Switzerland, China, U.K., South Africa). The previous three new-scalar-like excesses were reported in experimental papers. This decuplet of physicists is made of phenomenologists.

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Abortion is a nontrivial fraction of a murder

A far left lunatic named Scott Aaronson is employed by an institution in Texas and he just wrote a rant against the totally sensible new Texan anti-abortion bill.

The rant starts by saying that Republicans are equivalent to the Taliban. That is very bizarre, given the fact that the Progressives and the Taliban have the same relationship to the freedom of speech, other individual freedoms, genuinely capitalist economy, and almost every other pillar of the Western civilization. And the U.S. government that Aaronson has voted for just gave almost $100 billion worth of modern weapons to the Taliban for free. The gift was a part of the most spectacular surrender in the U.S. history.

While Ann Coulter has correctly observed that Biden's withdrawal could be described as "heroic" from the viewpoint of the conservatives while Trump has only promised the withdrawal and chose the cowardly surrender to the interventionists, she is completely wrong when she suggests that Biden has actually displayed courage. He has displayed an even greater cowardliness because his decision was imposed on him by forces that are anti-West, partly pro-Islam, and that dominate the Democratic Party today. She is just wrong to view Biden as a guy who tries to answer some internal disagreements between the U.S. conservatives. He is playing a completely different game today and the stakes are much higher – not just some disagreements among Republicans.

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American debacle

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

The fiasco of the 20-year US occupation of Afghanistan is unprecedented in the world. After the relatively quick victory over the Islamist Taliban and Al-Qaeda in 2004, how could the world power ever think that it could create a cohesive (national?) society in a mountainous country of primitive and savage warrior tribes. Did the American experts and military strategists know nothing of the failure of the British and Soviet attempts to impose their imperial order on that poor country?

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109 Czech deaths apparently caused by the Covid vaccination

That's about 50,000 vaccine deaths globally. CNN Prima News helpfully listed the most cited side effects

There may be very serious, long-term effects of the Covid vaccination (which I find unlikely but possible; and the emergence of ADE seems somewhat likely) but there are surely immediate reactions to the vaccine and lots of deaths. The Czech subsidiary of CNN has helpfully listed the vaccine-related complaints and deaths in Czechia, a nation of 10.7 million which has delivered 11.4 million vaccines (5.7 million first jabs; 5.5 million second jabs; 0.2 million one-shot vaccines).

My calculated result 50,000 vaccine deaths has been said to be compatible with the Eudra and VAERS data in Europe and America. Note that the vaccine deaths are smaller than the Covid deaths by almost 2 orders of magnitude. But if you restrict both deaths to the young people or even kids, you will see that the vaccination kills more people than Covid. If you restrict the Covid deaths to the epoch when the vaccination was intense, the vaccine deaths "win" even among some older groups.

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Johnny Depp could relax in Carlsbad

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary in Czech, KV) is Czechia's largest spa town, one which hosted numerous emperors and cultural elites (such as Goethe) during its golden era a century ago. Months ago, Carlsbad along with Franzensbad (CZ: Františkovy Lázně) and Marienbad (CZ: Mariánské Lázně), the triangle of the Western Bohemian spas, was included into the new UNESCO European spa list (for Czechia, 3/11 isn't a bad proportion of the Europe's famous spas). See some 260+ pictures from a recent trip.

One of the modern events in Carlsbad is the international film festival (KVIFF), a mini-Cannes with HQ in the huge socialist-era Hotel Thermal (which is undergoing a renovation, not yet completed); some screening takes place in the Municipal Theater. Depp lived in Grand Hotel Pupp, a top 3 hotel in the town. Mainly because the era of emperors is gone and the influence of Czech gems has collapsed during the communist era, KVIFF isn't really in Cannes' league and it must be grateful for its stars. The actor-turned-director of KVIFF, Jiří Bartoška, manages to invite a widely recognized global star almost every year. Johnny Depp came late and wasn't the only star (Michael Caine was a problem-free star and impressed many; Ethan Hawke was said to be contemplative) but the Czech (and imported?) fans spoke a clear language. This KVIFF was a Depp event. The number of fans who waited for him and enthusiastically greeted him surpassed the number of guests at the official ceremonies.

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Only those countries that have experienced communism will survive the fatal virus

By Mr Maroš Puchovský (Slovakia), written in Zmena/Všehomír [Change/Universe] 30 years ago (!!!)

Thanks to Bohumil from Volný Blok and HankaH13 for finding the article for me

This is what the people of Western Europe will soon be.
(LM: The image and the caption were included in the 30-year-old article.)

[Introduction in the box.] Ibrahim Husseini, leader of the Provençal Allah's Front, becomes president of France and proclaims an Islamic republic in Paris. German Chancellor Türgüt Mustafa is alarmed by attacks by the Shiite majority in Bavaria against the Catholic minority, which demands the reintroduction of German at least in primary schools. British Prime Minister Jalal Jrinaputra faces separatism from Buddhists who set fire to a Hindu temple in Liverpool. Jorge Luis de las Mercedes Pérez y Dominguez, governor of independent California, introduces Spanish as the only official language in the state. So do the presidents of the other independent Hispanic states – Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. The year is 2023...

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Axionic couplings guarantee stringy towers

SOOS, a Western Bohemian national park (near Franzensbad and Sokolov) with fens and swamps.

Today, there is exactly one hep-th preprint on the arXiv that makes the authors excited and proud and this is why they submitted the preprint in the first second of the "arXiv day" (18:00:00 UTC) in order to guarantee the placing of the abstract at the top of the listing:

The Weak Gravity Conjecture and Axion Strings
Heidenreich, Reece, and Rudelius (UMass-Harvard-Berkeley) discuss a nice refinement of the swampland conjectures. Recall that "swampland" is a term introduced by Cumrun Vafa to point out that even though the string landscape (the set of mathematically consistent descriptions of quantum theories of gravity) may seem large by some measures, its size is actually tiny or negligible in comparison with the size of the "swampland" which is the set of effective (quantum) field theories dreaming to be coupled to the gravitational terms – but unable to be interacting with gravity consistently.

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Studies indicating that the Covid survivors' natural immunity trumps the vaccine-induced one

The Covid propaganda is arguably the greatest attack on the people's common sense and their basic understanding of science at least in the recent 500 years (not to mention the greatest attack on the world economy, easily trumping both world wars).

Much of the manipulation of the billions of people is about emotions (especially fear), not any arguments, but when it comes to arguments and explicit lies, the statement that "Covid-19 is something completely and qualitatively different than flu [and therefore deserves a totally different approach]" is probably the most fundamental Covid-19 of all. I think that the response to this ludicrous proposition is the primary question that separates the people who have kept their common sense from those who haven't. Covid-19 ended up being comparable to a flu episode (the Spanish flu, for example) but the Spanish flu mostly killed the young while Covid-19 has mostly killed older people than the life expectancy.

Another important lie is the lie that "the Covid epidemics hasn't ended" in countries like mine. The daily cases, deaths, and total hospitalizations are more than 99% below the most recent March 2021 peaks (and that's hugely below the thresholds for epidemics as used for flu, and Covid-19 delta is less lethal than flu!). Thankfully, 90% of the readers in Czech polls agree that "there is no ongoing epidemics of Covid-19 in Czechia". It's similar in many other countries except that many other countries fail to have the Czech herd immunity and they may indeed expect a (small but not quite negligible) part of the Covid events in the future. I think that a Western country where less than 0.25% of the population has died from Covid-19 isn't quite out of the woods yet.

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Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck discuss "journalists" with no virtues, potential civil war, divided nation, weak men

One of the best videos that I watched in recent days was this one-hour-long Glenn Beck's (The Blaze TV) interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson (who came to the center right TV channel after Bill O'Reilly was removed):

Just a few spoilers. These men obviously agree about most things (and they display quite some respect for one another) but you can spot some differences. Glenn Beck is a more canonical "populist"; Tucker Carlson finds it obvious that a good society has some admiration for a genuine expertise and genuine experts are needed, useful for Tucker and others, and they are given special roles. Even a person who doesn't make it to the elite from some perspective voluntarily agrees to be operated by a skillful trained heart surgeon; and economically led by a person with superior economics and financial skills.

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Susskind: horizon complementarity, second law ban bigly ripped, cyclic, and bottled universes

Bill has persuaded me to read the whole July 2021 hep-th paper

Three Impossible Theories
by Leonard Susskind. Let me say in advance that I saw the abstract last month, sort of agreed with it ("it is nothing new for me"), and I didn't read the body of the preprint which I did now. The body is visually funny because each page (and there are just 13 pages in the PDF file) contains a small number of letters, either because the "paper" is small or because the fonts are large.

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Vaccine efficacy at preventing Covid hospitalizations can't differ much from the efficacy at preventing positive Covid tests

...which is why the Pfizer jab is basically useless in the age of delta (and it's been lethal for tens of thousands)...

Many people (including epidemiologists and other doctors whom I respect and Dr Beran and Dr Pollert happen to belong to this set) don't get this simple yet math-loaded point and prefer to believe all sorts of voodoo science, especially the proposition that "while the Covid vaccine only has a ~40% efficacy against the positive PCR tests, it heavily [almost always, ~90%] prevents a serious disease, hospitalization, and death". It isn't true and it's straightforward to see that this unusual combination of softly but (numerically) heavily conflicting propositions can't be true.

Vaccine efficacy is defined as \[ VE = (1-RR) \times 100\% = \frac{ARU-ARV}{ARU} \times 100\%. \] Up to the "plain English" factor of 100 percent, vaccine efficacy is either equal to one minus the relative risk (RR) of developing the disease among the vaccinated over unvaccinated ones; or the relative reduction of the rate of the disease (note that \(RR=ARV/ARU\)). It's simple.

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Zero emissions in Britain

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

How is it possible that we are ruled by lunatics? English people often ask in uncharacteristic indignation under articles about zero emissions and green government policies in the right-wing media. It's hard to know how many of those raving lunatics there are. Two years ago the Johnson government enacted a programme of total electrification of the economy from renewable sources by 2030 (it already has the highest proportion of green electricity in the world, 30 per cent) and banned the production of internal combustion engines from 2030. So far people are not revolting. It's a long way off, no one knows what will happen. Maybe in time, they think, when we start getting poorer, the new overlords will change everything.

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NIF: laser-powered fusion may beat tokamaks soon

I do believe that ignition (creation of energy exceeding the invested one) is close

The Science Magazine brought us some good news yesterday:

With explosive new result, laser-powered fusion effort nears ‘ignition’
Someone in California is apparently still working on hot applied nuclear physics research (not just critical race theory). Unless we are completely lied to, I think that the super-optimistic headline is justified.

Nuclear fusion is the merger of light nuclei into heavier nuclei. This releases energy because iron has the deepest binding energy per mass among the nuclei (so you may produce useful energy by merging lighter-than-iron nuclei; or breaking heavier-than-iron nuclei, the latter is called fission). The simplest fusion process is\[ p + p + e^- \to {}^2_1D + \nu_e + 1.442\MeV \] We are given over one megaelectronvolt from two protons and an electron, about 1 million times more than what we're getting (\(1\eV\)) from a corresponding electron in "chemical" reactions such as the burning of King Coal (or the usage of lithium-based batteries, for that matter).

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Immunology, vaccinology, epidemiology 101

Australians have become the world's nuttiest nation when it comes to their response to Covid-19, a fact that I have expected because of their extremely risky zero-Covid strategy.

There have been some lockdowns (especially in Melbourne) in the recent year despite the near-absence of the disease. There was always a risk that these extremely costly restrictions only postpone all the events by a certain amount of time. In recent months, most Australians were ordered to stay at home. They can only leave for "essential" reasons. Helicopters, soldiers, and barricades have been deployed everywhere to maintain the prisoner status for millions of Australians. $5,000 fines must be paid by everybody who is declared to lie to the Covid Gestapo personnel or who is seen next to 2 other people, and so on. Australia is building a Covid concentration camp in Mickleham. Maskless girls were pepper sprayed by cops for no good reason. Victoria's premier Dan Andrews has banned drinking of alcohol without a face mask. A very large majority of Australians seem totally unable – and, indeed, unwilling – to remove these sociopaths from power, e.g. do what the Czechs and Slovaks did with the Czechs' de facto leader in 1942.

For some time, it could have been possible that due to its "faraway island" character, Australia could maintain the zero-Covid conditions by fortifying the border and heavily tracing the small number of cases. In June 2021, I already knew and clearly wrote that the cases in Austria were going to skyrocket, despite the increasingly insane restrictions. Of course, I was right. The moderate lockdowns may only reduce the spreading (\(R_0\)) by ~10% and the ultradraconian Australian ones by ~50% but even that is far from enough because \(R_0=5\) or \(8\) for delta. I think that every sentence in my June article holds, including the estimate that the cases would approximately double if not triple every week. These fascism-style policies are absolutely futile.

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Taliban ultimately deserves the victory

The war in Afghanistan started after September 11th, 2001 attacks. As many of you know, I was defending my PhD thesis on Tuesday 9/11/2001, 9:30 am, minutes after I learned about the falling towers, in Piscataway NJ (the Busch Campus of Rutgers University), just over 30 miles from the World Trade Center. It was an intense day and I think that I can reconstruct rather clearly that I was an honorary U.S. patriot at that time.

Although I could have been a teenage dissident shortly before 1989, I am confident that it is right to call my political beliefs of the 1990s "the most mainstream rightwing politics" that you could get in Czechoslovakia. Some sympathies to the U.S. were natural parts of my views... The terrorist attacks were shocking and as a supporter of George W. Bush in the 2000 elections, I expected a clear reaction. We got some.

An attack on Afghanistan where the culture of culprits behind the terrorist attacks was almost certainly hiding was morally justifiable. I think that from the viewpoint of some immediate justice, some U.S. strikes on targets in Afghanistan were exactly as natural – and supported by the bulk of the international public – as the Austro-Hungarian attacks on Serbian targets in 1914, after the prospective emperor was assassinated. Some al-Qaeda-style savages simply had to die after 9/11 because most of us don't really believe that some abstract justice in Heaven and Hell will work.

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Yesterday, when I was young, winters were cooler

But is it true?

The arguments supporting the climate hysteria are hysterical, ideological, and they usually want to sound scientific even though they contradict even the most elementary scientific facts. But as a Slovak e-friend who will be referred to as Simon just reminded me, there is one phenomenon (a totally non-ideological one, I would say) that makes it easier for the global warming pseudoscience to be widely adopted by millions of seemingly neutral people. And it's their view that they can clearly detect that when they were kids, the weather was colder and winters were cooler, among similar observations.

So Simon remembers that he could ski around his house (near the Small Fatra Mountains); it is impossible now when he is an adult. The snow started 200 meters lower than it starts now (which, if multiplied by the lapse rate, produces a realistic 1 °C of warming but those 200 meters were always extremely far from a constant and they were hidden in a much larger noise). The warming trend is self-evident, he believes: he has measured it by the simplest observations he could make in his life. Any week-long visit to his childhood combined with any week-long visit to his adulthood is enough to establish the difference that the climate has undergone. But is it true?

Introduction to Edwin's series "Understanding QM"

In Polish notation, operators precede the operands. So + 2 2 equals 4 or 5 or how much it is for you. Austrian logic is apparently the system in which the introduction follows three parts of a series. You should first complete your three schools (kindergarten, elementary school, and driving school); and then you should be born by getting out of the mother's organs. Apologies to the Vienna Circle if that doesn't represent their most important intellectual added value.

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Emperor penguins will obviously not get extinct due to "climate change"

The omnipresent far left-wing media have become a formidable tool of mass misinformation, especially when it comes to questions that depend on nontrivial science (and quite often even stories that depend on totally trivial science). Despite the stories about their growing irrelevance, their impact is stunning. I find it obvious that way over 90% of the basic claims about scientific topics – let me say over 90% of the headlines of science-loaded news stories – are straight lies.

Also, I think that over 90% of the people in the Western world, and it's getting close to that level even in the skeptical Czechia, are successfully brainwashed by almost all of its garbage. Tons of people – including people who have often pretended to have some basic scientific education as well as independently operating brains (or maybe only such people?) – still have to ask me about elementary questions. And it is basically the same questions again and again. I got totally tired because I think that this fight is futile and I have been just wasting my time whenever I tried to increase the public's understanding of science. If you are ready to soften or change your mind about an elementary scientific point that I explained to you just days ago as soon as you hear some self-evident brain-dead or lying crackpot on your left-wing TV channel who says something that directly contradicts facts that you should have known and perfectly understood since the kindergarten years, or at least for days (because that's when I explained those things to you), it is very clear that you just don't have a well-functioning brain.

It is a waste of time to try to explain something to you because just like the opinion of a parrot, your opinion is determined by the sources that you hear most often (you don't understand anything in the world and you have never understood anything in the world, despite the illusions indicating the contrary), and I just can't compete with the braindead gr@tins, Coronazis, and similar unscientific lying subhuman cr@p that you clearly enjoy to listen to and parrot – and you haven't understood that you are just swallowing and parroting feces almost all the time. Please, if you heard some repetition of the usual lies about the Covid hysteria or the climate or broken quantum mechanics or problems with string theory, don't try to ask for my opinion ever again. I have stopped this communication and I viscerally despise and hate brain-dead moronic sheep like you (even though I appreciate that there is a whole class of people who are even worse because they wouldn't even dare to ask me!). I am amazingly disgusted by every second that I have to spend with biological junk like you, OK? Return to your WaPo and Nude Socialist cesspools, this is where you belong.

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Praise of nationalism

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

The book by the famous Israeli philosopher Yoram Hazony, The Virtue of Nationalism, has travelled the world and has come to us under the title The Praise of Nationalism. Since the ten and fifteen years since the publication of the now forgotten Czech-language defenses of the nation-state (Roger Scruton: On the Necessity of Nations and Pierre Manent: Why Nations Exist), the political situation in the West, especially after Brexit and President Trump, who, despite his problematic character, has emboldened American patriots, has changed to a great extent.

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Both ATLAS, CMS: it may look like a new \(400\GeV\) pseudoscalar

These blog posts have become ludicrous but I ultimately decided to publish a short note, this one, on a third pair of excesses. As discussed in a new hep-ph preprint

Interpretation of LHC excesses in ditop and ditau channels as a 400-GeV pseudoscalar resonance
by Arganda and 3 co-authors, yet another mild excess is seen both by ATLAS and CMS.

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Both ATLAS, CMS: it may look like a new \(28\GeV\) particle

After a few days of silence, here is another blog post whose title remarkably differs from the previous title. There is quite a diversity of topics here these days, right? ATLAS (an LHC detector) just released a new preprint

Search for Higgs bosons decaying to new spin-0 or spin-1 particles in four-lepton final states at the ATLAS detector with 139/fb of \(pp\)-collision data at \(\sqrt s = 13\TeV\)
OK, these events start with the well-known new \(125\GeV\) Higgs boson, some of them may decay to \(Z_d Z_d\), and these two new bosons should decay to four leptons, either electrons or muons or their antiparticles.

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Both ATLAS, CMS: it may look like a new \(1\TeV\) particle

One week ago, Tošihide Maskawa (81) died of acncer; see Physics World. He co-authored the CKM matrix with Kobajaši and got the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics with Jojčiro Nambu (with the symmetry breaking as a theme).
The excesses are 3.00-3.12 sigma

I have never stopped going through all the ATLAS and CMS (LHC) papers on the arXiv plus the CERN preprint server (which alerts me through Feedly), looking for signs of new physics. The number of people who do this job in the world may be counted on the fingers of two hands; it is more or less true that the LHC collider was built almost just for me and I deserve it. An hour ago, a brand new ATLAS preprint
Search for resonant and non-resonant Higgs boson pair production in the \(b\bar b\,\tau^+\tau^-\) decay channel using \(13\TeV\) \(pp\)-collision data from the ATLAS detector
had to attract my attention because the mandatory search for the word "excess" has produced nice whole promising sentences, not to mention the Figure 8 with the excess.

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Science Magazine, climatologists: models overstate temperature changes by a factor of two or more

Dr Roy Spencer's 2014 page. Similar graphs showing that almost all the models simply overstate the warming have been published by climate skeptics before 2014 as well as after 2014. It's clear that the longer time the climate modelers follow a flawed methodology that clearly overstates the warming rate, the larger the deviation between the models and the reality becomes – and at some point, the climate modelers won't have the stomach to defend models or a model methodology that is clearly flawed. Note that Al Gore and the IPCC got the Nobel Prize in 2007, it is almost 14 years ago. For that time, median models predicted over 0.4 °C of warming but we only observed 0.2 °C or so.

Bill Z. sent me a remarkable pair of articles by Paul Voosen, a staff writer, in the Science Magazine:

U.N. climate panel confronts implausibly hot forecasts of future warming
New climate models forecast a warming surge
It has been eight years and... the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) will release its first new assessment since 2013. What has changed since 2013? Well, nothing detectable has changed about the climate – Voosen has the duty to start his first article by writing that the Armageddon has escalated, almost all the ice has disappeared, the end of the world is very close now. Nice. It is ludicrous but no longer surprising. What is surprising is what he writes after that.

EU's war on humor

Willie Soon sent us an incredible document that is hosted on the European Commission's server and labeled as a pretty official document of the European Commission (i.e. The European Union) and its "Radicalisation Awareness Network"

It’s not funny anymore. Far-right extremists’ use of humour (PDF, 18 pages)
The first sentence boldly proclaims:
Humour has become a central weapon of extremist movements to subvert open societies and to lower the threshold towards violence.
After 2+2=4, humor had to be finally identified as a tool of racist sexist transphobic homophobic torture by climate deniers, too. It's coming.

Just years ago, you would be sure that something like that had to be a parody. Everyone would agree that only a true pile of human crap may overtly denounce humor. However, the times have changed and a simple background check of the two authors makes it almost certain that this document is meant seriously: 18 pages of garbage that is comparable to the first sentence above.

A small toroidal universe is possible, unlikely, would be revolutionary, but there is no really new evidence

The way how the "popular" media pick ideas to be hyped is deeply disturbing

One week ago, the donut news made it to Live Science, Vice, AV club, and others, and for some reasons, the huge mainstream Czech news server turned it to the story #1 last night.

All these articles promote the June 2021 preprint

The variance of the CMB temperature gradient: a new signature of a multiply connected Universe
by Aurich, Buchert, France, and Steiner (Ulm, Lyon). My understanding is that Buchert is the head of the team.

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Could a Czech Covid-positive Olympic athlete need oxygen?

Not really.

OK, Czechia has 10.7 million people. Assuming the thresholds that are used for flu, the Covid-19 epidemics ended sometime in April or May and for all practical purposes, there has been no Covid-19 in Czechia for a month. The daily cases, hospitalizations, daily deaths etc. are 98.0%-99.7% below the most recent March peaks. In total, 30,000 lives were "ended with Covid-19" according to the official statistics. Every year, about 112,000 Czechs die without Covid-19.

Now, the Czech Olympic team is composed of 116 athletes. 80% of them have been vaccinated against Covid-19 which is a higher percentage than 60% in the general population: athletes are really being pushed into this ritual which still "isn't quite mandatory" but it's close to being mandatory. A special flight took 40 people, mostly athletes but some members of the support staff, to Tokyo around July 20th. A day later, we already discussed their positive tests. The Japanese have more sensitive PCR tests than we have. None of the people have any symptoms. As far as I can say, every single one is a false positive.

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Let's divide the European Union

By Dr Jiří Weigl, July 22nd, 2021

Last week's publication of the European Commission's plan for a green "great leap" in the holy struggle to save the climate has definitively confirmed that the gulf of opinion, ideas, and interests between the EU's West and its post-communist East has reached an insurmountable dimension.

Will the Green Deal destroy the EU's destiny?

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the communist empire, the West has been pushing two ideologies that normal everyday people cannot believe and wonder how it is even possible that they are promulgated by educated people, at least in the sense of people with university degrees. Few suspect that this is a hidden disease of the speculative intellect.

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Steven Weinberg: 1933-2021

Virasoro: Yesterday, on the same day, Miguel Virasoro died as well: news. He was an Argentine-born Italian pioneer of string theory; the closed-string tachyonic "Virasoro-Shapiro amplitude" is named after him (Shapiro was my instructor at Rutgers) and so is the "Virasoro algebra".
Tragically, Steven Weinberg died in the ICU of a local hospital last night (via his colleague Coker), after weeks of hospitalization. He has been a giant of theoretical physics.

I took this picture (of Steven Weinberg with the wife, of Sheldon Glashow) during Sidneyfest in 2005 in our Harvard Society of Fellows' dining hall (inside the Elliot House). Both of us were already former junior fellows at that moment. I can find about 5 other pictures of Weinberg that I took at various moments. When I was giving a talk in Austin, Weinberg was sitting next to me during a dinner that he formally organized for me. My Erdös-type collaboration distance was 3, e.g. Motl-Dine-Witten-Weinberg.

Weinberg shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physics with Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam. While the first two were classmates since the childhood, the third dude was arguably the greatest Muslim theoretical physicists of all times.

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Excessive fears are worse than Covid-19

A newspaper interview with the Czech expresident Václav Klaus

You're asking the government to stop scaring citizens. What do you think it should do?

The government should stop worrying about us, it should let us live our lives normally, it should allow us to choose our level of risk, our level of responsibility towards our neighbours, towards the world. Everyone should decide for themselves how to behave covidly. It is worthless for the state to advise us, and to advise us as stupidly as it has done so far.

Hatsuda, Siegel on their set of F-, M-, T-, S-theories

Mrs Mačiko Hatsuda (Tokyo+Tsukuba) and Mr Warren Siegel (Stony Brook) posted a fun new paper with their somewhat unusual cousins of M-theory:

Perturbative F-theory 10-brane and M-theory 5-brane
Readers who expect colorful fonts (not only) on the title page won't be disappointed. This research is a part of the program to make dualities manifest by increasing the dimensionalities of spacetimes and branes' world volumes.

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Did Covid shorten Czechs' life expectancy by one year?

No, it was just around 0.04-0.27 years, the decrease was temporary, and by now, Covid-19 has led to an extra (albeit tiny) increase of our life expectancy on top of the trend-like increase!

Dear Prof Klaus,

thank you very much for your wonderful message and your question whether it's possible, as the Czech biostatistician Mr Ladislav Dušek claims in a daily, that Covid has shortened life expectancy of Czechs by one year ("in 2020"). It is an excellent question that should be seriously discussed, instead of irrelevant factoids about the number of "cases" in this or that place which people are still fed by the media, aside from the repulsive needles and deceitful arguments in favor of needles.

First, I must say that the Czech phrases "střední délka života" and "naděje dožití" ("average length of life" and the "chance of a long life", literally) are considered exactly synonymous in Czech; both are translated as "life expectancy" (click to get the Wikipedia entry, I don't claim that it's the best source I could link to).

There is really only one quantity that may express "how much life is left for an average person". However, one must realize that the word "average" means that we must specify the group that is being averaged (a simple arithmetic average with equal weights) such as the Czech nation. If we choose a subset of the Czech nation, it will have a different life expectancy than the whole nation. In particular, the "remaining life expectancy" will be shorter for older cohorts (groups of people according to an interval of age); but the expected or average age at death (which is the current age plus the remaining life expectancy) is actually longer for the older cohorts because they have already passed a test. It is obvious for those who are 96 because they are guaranteed to die 96-year-old or older; while the average Czech is not guaranteed that outcome of Fred Singer's yet. We must distinguish the remaining life expectancy and the total life expectancy; they simply differ by the average current age of the group we try to describe.

Type IIB string theory with the cosmological constant \(10^{-144}\)

A Cornell-Northeastern-MIT quintuplet (Demirtas et al.) released two new hep-th papers (cross-listed in hep-ph)

A Cosmological Constant That is Too Small (short)
Small Cosmological Constants in String Theory (long)
Demirtas, Kim, McAllister, Moritz, and Rios-Tascon claim to solve "one of the layers of the cosmological constant problem" as we have carefully distinguished it for over two decades.

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Will the people rise up against the EU?

Czech expresident Václav Klaus darkly on the car ban and the protests: 'It fizzled out into nothing'

Mr President, as a long-time campaigner against green bans and restrictions, what do you think of the European Commission's rather bold 'climate package'?

This climate package is not bold. It is stupid and nonsensical. It is unrealistic, and if it were to be implemented, it would be a completely destructive package. Completely destructive to the lives, freedom and living standards of the people of Europe.

If the package is fully implemented, what good will it do for our planet, globally speaking, if we in the EU reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and become 'carbon neutral' by mid-century?

That this package can do any good for the planet is something only green activists, only the advocates of the utterly unsustainable doctrine of climate alarmism, can think. Only people who believe in an immediate linear or even exponential relationship between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the average global temperature. I am not one of these deluded individuals who have managed to garner such absurd media coverage. Man's role in the evolution of global temperatures over the long term is completely negligible. Moreover, CO2 has already played its potential role in influencing temperatures. The intention of carbon neutrality is an anti-human policy. It has almost no connection to temperature.

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