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Pairs of quantum observers generically agree to disagree

Pierfrancesco La Mura – whom I have known rather well in person for 2 decades (or at least 2 decades ago) in New Jersey and California – showed us their new paper in Nature,

Observers of quantum systems cannot agree to disagree
A very long text with 9 theorems purports to prove the very assertion in the title. The phrase agree to disagree means that two people sometimes rationally conclude that their statements about a situation are distinguishably different but they cannot sharply prove that the other person's position is wrong, so they tolerate the other person's position.

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Creatures behind Malone's Twitter ban deserve the most stringent punishment

In the morning, I was totally shocked (and I am still immensely angry, four hours later) when I learned that Twitter banned the main co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology that runs the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, aside from others, Robert Malone MD. An account with more than 500,000 followers disappeared in a split second.

I just can't fathom how the aßholes behind such bans psychologically operate. They must know very well that relatively to Dr Malone, they are just worthless stinky piles of šit who know absolutely nothing about vaccines. But the immense fanatical group think in their corrupt environment somewhat manages to persuade them that they have the right to dictate who is "right" about the vaccination campaign and rob this important scientist from the right to speak on the very subject he founded. They must believe that it's just fine what they are doing and they will not be held responsible and executed. I beg to differ.

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Not only technical education is a nuisance for German green ideology

By Milan Smutný

Starting from the position of a "hungry" opposition, politicians from Germany's ruling Green coalition party have not only occupied key ministries, but also other influential positions in the civil service. A fundamental lack of education and the relevant competences do not prevent them from doing so.

As I wrote in my previous blog (CZ), the Green Party has gained a very strong position in the new German government coalition, even in view of the weaker election result. The two co-chairs – for the Greens, both genders must be represented in the party leadership (so far only two) – have become elite members of the Berlin cabinet of Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which includes the liberal FDP alongside the Greens. The 50-year-old Mr Robert Habeck became the vice-chancellor and the minister of the economy and the protection of the climate on December 8th, the 41-year-old Ms Annalena Baerbock was appointed the minister of foreign affairs.

Meanwhile, the German conservative media have taken a somewhat closer look at what this major power shift in Berlin has brought in terms of personnel in the ministries and offices that the Greens have just filled after years of "starvation" in opposition, and what competence they have to do so.

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Insane costs and tiny benefits of Fit For 55, European Green Deal

Last month, a great majority of my nation already buried the president, Miloš Zeman, who spent a week at the ICU. Most people thought he had the terminal cirrhosis. I trusted my president who previously said that "the alcoholic isn't a man who drinks a lot of alcohol but the man who doesn't know how to drink". Why wouldn't he know how to drink? He is both smart and an experienced drinker! So far, I am happy to brag, I was right and my president gave his standard Christmas Address (full transcript).

He supported the idea of mandatory vaccination – I feel sufficiently confident that this is absolutely impossible in Czechia now, after the Fall 2021 wave faded away and almost everyone sees it clearly that the reasons for Covid worries are over. He blamed NATO for the deteriorating global security, I agree with that; correctly warned against mass migration; proposed to abolish the tax loopholes in order to reduce the budget deficit; and, most importantly, he urged the Czechs to leave the European Green Destiny. Former PM Babiš "reminded" Zeman that we can't leave the Green Destiny because it would be too costly, something like CZK 1 trillion (USD 45 billion).

Except for the totally wrong support for the vaccination, applause for Zeman.

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Evil carps and CO2: a French-owned big Czech bank commits marketing suicide

The French bank Société Générale owns a majority of a top 3 Czech bank by size, KB (Komerční banka which translates as The Commerce Bank); I am a minor shareholder but not a trivially minor one. ;-) Yesterday's "merger of the decade" (Moneta Money Bank plus Air Bank plus HomeCredit CZ+SK) will create a new top 3 bank instead, thankfully; I am a larger shareholder in that one LOL.

The banking folks should work hard on preserving the money in this explosive time of inflation etc. Instead, they prepared a bunch of Christmas video clips with immature, brainwashed influencers who try to tell lots of Czechs to replace light bulbs with LED lamps on your Christmas tree, use some special kinds of paper and ropes for the gifts, and similar nonsense inspired by climate gr@tinism.

The most shocking among these clips is this one which attacks the most characteristic Czech Christmas meal, the carp. Some 500 years ago, the Czech nobility created ponds across my homeland because they realized that carp is the fanciest tasting fish that may live in the landlocked central European waters, easily beating the freshwater salmons in the rivers which the nobility found dull. About 1/2 of the carp taken from the Czech ponds is exported; the half that remains in the country is mostly consumed during Christmas! For millions of Czechs, a carp is a once-per-year meal (evening of December 24th).

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Locking omicron-positive people is peak stupidity

Instead, we need to reserve padded cells for everyone who disagrees with the simple statement in the title

In late November, the far left media started the new wave of the Covid mass psychosis, the Omicron Hysteria. Omicron, first identified in Botswana (4 vaccinated patients) and then in South Africa, was said to be the "most mutated" relative of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, which, as the crackpot-inkspillers concluded, must be "very bad". This "degree of mutation" doesn't mean anything bad at all (after all, all life forms on Earth are distant relatives of each other). If something, a massive amount of mutation probably means that omicron is even more contagious (because the transmissability is changing with each mutation and the more transmissible variants are favored in the Darwinian contest), and even less harmful, than delta (less harmful because it is better for the propagation of the virus to allow the host to walk and run and spread the virus) – which was already more contagious and much less deadly than the original Fauci's Wuhan virus.

If EC smears nuclei as non-green, Czechia may leave the Paris Agreement

I surely expected the Czech government's policies to get more incorrect and more suicidal after the five-headed monster took the power (OK, what is a neutral or beautiful creature with five heads, expresident Klaus had to ask yesterday? A five-headed Thor).

But Nature's quantum generator has prepared a nice surprise for us, many of the new trends actually sound much better than in the last months of Babiš' government. To say the least, as an EU's Czech female green inkspiller did, the Czech climate stances remain in a rut. Thank God.

Dukovany nuclear power plant. You may see it is light grey and green. The upper part is blue but it is called the sky and it doesn't belong to the power plant. The color of the radiation is an X-ray color plus some neutron beam color but that is confined in the reactor.

Yesterday I discussed the new prime minister Fiala's rather unambiguous opposition to the planned ban of the ICE cars. He also supported nuclear energy. The rift between the nice and educated people on one side; and the unhinged anti-nuclear Luddites in the European Union has been restarted.

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Volume of cones and pyramids: the continuous approach is smarter

Some recent comments at Scott Aaronson's blog post about the open letter against woke mathematics was dedicated to the war on calculus, algebra, and geometry while taking the "volume of cones and pyramids" (the formula involving one-third) as the main battlefield.

Just to be sure, the war has two basic levels. The more existential level is a "political argument": universities (now including mathematics and other STEM departments) have been invaded by far left human trash that places lies about the "complete equality between any pair of people" above everything and that is willing to sacrifice anything. There is nothing much to discuss here, the creatures promoting this new movement are self-evident cancer that needs to be eradicated.

Let's assume that we will win this war and mathematics survives in the civilization and in the schools, too. The second, slightly less trivial, level of the argument is the argument about the relative role of different disciplines of mathematics. Too many people are on side in the trivial political war – they agree that mathematics must and will beat wokism – but they offer lots of stupid things in favor of some "discrete or data science" as a more important discipline than the traditional disciplines of mathematics including "algebra, calculus, and geometry". Sadly, Larry Summers turned out to be an example of these semi-flawed people.

Two little thumbs up for the new Czech government

One for Covidism and one for the electric vehicles...

Slovak-born billionaire Andrej Babiš has been a top Czech government official for 8 years. In the first 4 years he operated as the very powerful finance minister (a dude who usually overshadowed the submissive social democratic PM Bohuslav Sobotka), in the last four ones as the prime minister. He left and was replaced with the coalition of 5 pro-European parties led by Prof Petr Fiala, a very boring political scientist who nevertheless seems to have some kind of intelligence, polished Czech rhetorical skills, and some professional diplomacy or restraint in his blood which some people admire a lot (I don't).

To win their majority in the Parliament, Fiala and the 5 parties have built on some cheap anti-Babiš sentiments (note that Babiš got to power 4/8 years ago through some populist "anti-corruption" claims against the likes of Mr Kalousek who may still be considered a close ally of Fiala's but the old arguments have faded away almost completely: the time has shown that this anti-corruption hysteria was tendentious BS, much like most hysterias) and this coalition is indeed considered the most uncritically pro-EU coalition in the modern Czech history (since the January 1993 dissolution of Czechoslovakia). The transition of power was as peaceful as you can get.

Days ago, President Zeman, widely expected to be a foe of the new coalition who would prevent the appointment of a new government for a long time, quickly appointed all the ministers including Bc Lipavský. Lipavský is a fat, incompetent student, a (far left) Pirate Party member, and a self-evident loser ("a weak head in the herd", as Zeman aptly called him today) with nearly failing grades who was appointed the minister of foreign affairs, probably because his ultra-stupid pro-German attitude was found convenient by someone in Germany (he wanted a conference of the Sudetendeutschenlandsmannschaft on the Czech territory from which the Nazi predecessors of these folks were expelled in 1945) and Germany exerted pressure on Fiala or others; or by someone in the U.S. because Lipavský is a staunch Sinophobe and Russophobe.

OK, Zeman has disappointed many of us, his voters, by his fast surrender to Lipavský (and indirectly to Fiala). Today we learned that Lipavský will respect the Government Program Statement including the friendship to Visegrád and Israel and the non-organization of the post-Nazi meeting in Czechia. I have my doubts whether the promise can be trusted. But I am not really mad at Zeman; I don't see what could be a final good outcome if Zeman continued in some obstructions. After all, Lipavský is not only a liability for Czechia but also for Fiala so it isn't necessarily Zeman's main task to fight such a Lipavský problem. Also, Zeman's speedy surrender seems like a natural consequence of Babiš' speedy surrender. Zeman was ready to appoint PM Babiš as the old-new PM twice but Babiš simply seemed certain that he would play a game that can't be won because well over 50% of the lawmakers seemed to be determined to refuse any offer from Babiš.

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Lex Fridman: an interview with Vafa

If you are interested, here is a four-month-old, two-hours long interview with Cumrun Vafa, hosted by Lex Fridman.

It differs from most of the seemingly analogous interviews by Cumrun's being an actual top physicist instead of just a šitty anti-science activist.

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Slovak Coronazis arrest the leader of the opposition

But the "journalists" and anti-freedom activists only scream when such things occur in Belarus etc.

In October, I wrote about the Slovak Watergate. Robert Fico, the former social democratic prime minister and the main leader of the Slovak opposition now, was spied upon, using ludicrous excuses involving an alleged poacher. An hour ago, the hardcore anti-democratic government of Slovakia used an even more powerful and illegitimate tool.

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UK system is whitewashing another murder of a Czech national

In 1940, Czechoslovak and Polish pilots were providing the U.K. with vital help needed to prevail in the Battle of Britain. Many of these very skillful young men sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Britain.

By 2016, the U.K. was considered a soulmate, as the first EU member that actually left the non-democratic organization that is crippling Europe as we have known it for over 1,000 years. Milions of Czechs (members of the most Euroskeptical nation in the EU) thought that "je suis Britons". There were other moments of sympathy... Which was never mutual, as we should have learned once and for all in 1938 when the U.K. elites parroted shameless Nazi lies about the life of Germans in Czechoslovakia and scandalously betrayed us – and pushed France to betray us, too. Thanks to mental cripples like Mr Chamberlain, the civilized world had to struggle with the German threat up to 1945.

The actual relationships between my nation and the U.K. are rather catastrophic now and it is 100% British fault. I just can't fudging understand how I could ever think positively about the bulk of the Britons. Aside from the nasty behavior of the thugs among the U.K. soccer players and the British media's defense for their violently criminal behavior, constant lies, and whining about the non-existent racism of Czechs, we have had some murders.

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Woke racism is a religion

While I was searching for responses to the new and crazy Californian Curriculum Mathematics Framework (CMF), I also found an interesting 6-day-old, 39-minutes-long conversation (the video is embedded below) between a rational black New York Times (!) contributor and Columbia University (!) linguist John McWhorter (yes, you can find wise people in the intersection of these two insane far left dens but these exceptions simply cannot be white) and a far left stuttering, white, insufferably anxious and incoherent, pseudointellectual writing for Current Affairs, whatever it is, named Nathan Robinson.

The latter was so physically unpleasant to listen to that he could become a professional critic of string theory right away.

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Havel as the ideologue of

Willie sent me these thoughts

The Power of the Powerless
that Andrew Torba, the CEO of (an independent alternative of Twitter's) wrote two weeks ago when he read Czech dissident and expresident Václav Havel's long 1978 essay (CZ: Moc bezmocných). Havel described the state of the post-1968-occupation Czechoslovak society that was based on lies and obedience. Almost all the citizens publicly expressed opinions that none of them actually believed; Havel's chosen example is a clerk in a shop with vegetables who repeatedly places the banner "Workers of All Countries, Unite" in the shopwindow.

The regime promoted the most farcical elections as the most democratic ones, the suppression of freedom and culture as their thriving, and many similar things. Regular people officially had to say the same and that was also the case of the people who wanted important jobs within the system (they had to lose their courage, integrity, idiosyncrasies, and independence), otherwise they were eliminated.

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An open letter on the U.S. math education

Nirman reminded me that I wanted to mention this

open letter on K-12 mathematics.
It is a petition signed by 911 STEM (math-loaded fields) professors in the U.S. so far; Ferdinand Porsche couldn't sign because he is not in the U.S. and he is not a STEM professor. See an article in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News (press alt/d enter on the target page to rewrite the strange firewall), Wash. Examiner, The Daily Mail (long discussion thread), Newsweek, NY Post, RT, The Epoch Times, Breitbart about a California-only similar open letter with 1200+ signatures, one at Datanami, and on Aaronson's blog.

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Mātauranga Māori is mythology, not science

It seems clear to me that the English-speaking countries are the most explosive sources of woke insanities in the West. That includes the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The likes of Ireland and Malta also speak English but they're already calmer, I think. Don't get me wrong. The likes of Germany also produce kilotons of pathological things but they do so in a calmer, Bismarckian way. It is only the Anglo-Saxon world where the craze has a truly authentic and passionate grassroot support.

The five countries compete to become the "ultimate leader in craziness" and in many respects, Australia and New Zealand are ahead. It seems reasonable to say that they are ahead in the Covid hysteria, despite (and perhaps because of?) the fact that Covid has been almost non-existent over there, and this has some (limited) chance of persisting, partially due to the warm weather in AUS and NZ and their isolation from the rest of the world.

The Maori counterpart of the ATLAS experiment.

Fine, the increasingly unhinged anti-white racism (often suicidal racism because it is often powered mostly by people who are biologically white) is a major part of wokeism. It has different, country-dependent "privileged races" that should be elevated above the evil whites. In the U.S., it is primarily the blacks although the Mexicans also deserve $450,000 per person for free. ;-) In the U.K., it is the Pakistani and perhaps the blacks. In AUS and NZ, they primarily have the indigenous people.

Jury: Kleiman didn't co-invent the Bitcoin with Wright

He only needs to pay $0.1 bn, not $25 bn

I believe it is more likely than not that Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the Bitcoin inventor, was a nickname used by Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist with many degrees and the right kind of focus before 2008. If the assumptions about the early Bitcoin are right, Nakamoto also holds BTC 1.1 million ($56 billion by current price; it was 20% lower for some time days ago) of the coins from the early mining along with the same number of the forks, BSV, BCH, and others.

Ira Kleiman is an estranged step brother of Dave Kleiman, a late ex-friend of Wright's and a computer scientist. Kleiman was a remote e-soulmate of Wright's who also encouraged Wright to massively focus on the crypto-related stuff which also led to the divorce with Lynn Wright, his first wife, and the relationship between Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright soured at some moment, too. Wright's current wife Ramona Watts/Ang seems to be really shielded from the crypto. Dave Kleiman was paralyzed and died in a sea of alcohol and body fluids in 2013. His brother Ira hadn't talked to Dave for years before Dave's death but he wanted some billions now.

So Ira Kleiman has sued Wright to get 1/2 of the Satoshi coins, some BTC 0.55 million, because they mined it together. The expenses for lawyers were substantial and I think that Kleiman had to believe that Wright was actually capable of producing a similar massive amount of money, otherwise the whole Kleiman lawsuit would have been rather suicidal.

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Let's introduce blue covid booklets

And let's stop the threat of a compulsory vaccination experiment
By Václav Klaus, Czech expresident

(Blue booklets were Czechoslovak documents granting an exemption from military service for health-related reasons.)
I know I'm going to make a lot of people angry with the word experiment, but today's fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus with inadequately tested vaccines is an experiment. This is, even by so-called experts, an undeniable fact. As a knee-jerk reaction to the evolution of the epidemic of covid, these vaccines were approved for use on a preliminary and "experimental" basis. That was the official statement last year.

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Predictive power of the world sheet conformal symmetry

Physics is a natural science but it is one that is really capable of explaining a lot (and very precisely) by assuming a very little, by assuming some important principles that actually imply powerful predictions that are often verified to be correct. The precise laws of physics are often derivable from some propositions that are almost comprehensible to linguists. The search for the deepest such principles has been vaguely underway since the conception of physics (in the strict sense) by Galileo, Newton, and pals but it was elevated to a new, industrial level when Einstein and pals switched physics to the era of modern physics.

A natural metaphysical hypothesis is that a single deep principle is sufficient to derive all correct predictions in physics, and therefore in natural sciences. There is no guarantee that such an assumption about a "theory of everything" and its underlying principle is a correct expectation. To say the least, it motivates some people. Other people (and sometimes the same ones) are satisfied with making some progress which, in the case of fundamental physics, always includes some deepening and refining of the primary assumptions, and some extending of their domain of validity towards more universal explanations than what the previous theories and principles could cover.

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Contemporary West's far left "religions" are as dumb and devastating as radical Islam

As recently as 5-10 years ago, I took it for granted that the fuzzy region referred to as the West had an advantage in comparison with the Muslim World that was way more important than the immediate wealth: the ability to think impartially, fairly, rationally, and calmly – a broader pattern of behavior that produces things like science, mathematics, and rigorous trials in the courtrooms as special branches. The Westerners looked so different from the Palestinians or black Africans or Indonesians... when it came to such things. And the rational, balanced judgement is ultimately the primary cause that gives rise to the potential to create wealth and happiness; it is more fundamental than the wealth and happiness themselves.

In recent years and especially months, I realized that it was necessary to revise this judgement. The West's mental superiority could have looked like a fact for decades or centuries but in the truly long-term perspective, it was probably just a mirage. The brainwashed leftists that are all around us seem to act and (fail to) think in a nearly isomorphic way to the most hardcore fundamentalist Islamists. Their relationships to the "authorities" like the far left TV stations are on par with the mindless Islamists' relationship to the mullahs. And the percentage of the lies and stupidities is about the same, too.

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A looming Belarus-enhanced Russia-Ukraine war?

The West should offer a generous deal to Russia to avoid some really hot trouble

Some decades ago, it was normal for most people to praise peace and declare their fear of a war. These days, almost nobody in the West seems to defend peace or display the fear of a world war. Instead, everyone is supposed to be terrified by a cold virus (which is largely true in Russia, too).

However, while not certain, the probability of a major war in Eastern Europe that would include Russia is highest in decades. You may read articles about the war, Ukraine, Belarus through Google News or YouTube.

Interest rates, rising inflation and economic imbalances

By Václav Klaus, Czech ex-president

Many things are not discussed enough in our relatively small economic community, and even fewer are discussed to the point where there is even a rudimentary consensus on them. Before we make strong statements about the possible effect of our central bank's recent intervention in interest rates, we should seek to answer the question "what is causing our current inflation?". But this is impossible without each discussant subscribing to one of the well-known hypotheses for the causes of inflation and to one of the competing macroeconomic theories. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

One group of our economists concentrates on the easily visible particulars, on examples of the rise in specific prices (energy, housing, some foodstuffs) and on the various supply-side bottlenecks (caused by virus-related restrictions), while the other, along with Milton Friedman, is convinced that inflation is always a monetary, i.e. money-related, phenomenon, and that it is there – in the evolution of the money supply – that its cause must be sought. This was nicely described in a recent article by my good friend, the well-known Canadian economist Herbert Grubel (What's Causing Inflation? Bottlenecks or Too Much Money?, Financial Post, November 10, 2021).

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Germany's sharp left turn

By Ivo Strejček

The move to the left is a long-standing trend in German politics. Chancellor Merkel is leaving and her sixteen years as chancellor are sad examples of this movement. The leader of the still nominally conservative CDU – but realistically a more moderate version of Germany's green social democracy – has helped drag Germany into serious long-term problems. By abandoning nuclear power, Merkel has played with the prosperity of more than just German industry. By opening her arms to mass migration, she has accelerated a dramatic change in the structure of the German population and that of other EU countries. By promoting von der Leyen to head the European Commission, she has moved German green extremism to the EU level. There, of course, "gr@tinisms" of all kinds had been thriving for years before – they were just waiting for a life-giving political impulse, which, of course, cannot end in anything other than a threat to living standards, poverty and hardship for normal people.

A statue of two vital opinion makers and activists in Berlin.

And yet – as the current developments in Germany show – it is never so bad that it can't get worse. This country, economically and politically decisive for the future of continental Europe, will be led in the coming years by a coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals. The future government's programme is another sharp left turn in German politics, often to extreme political positions, making it look as if it has been copied from the Greens' election slogans.

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Metastrings and mysterious triality

Two new neat stringy papers

I want to mention two new hep-th preprints. First, Berglund, Hübsch, and Minić wrote

Mirror Symmetry, Born Geometry and String Theory
where they sell their love for the "bosonic string as the parent of the superstring" and the "doubled degrees of freedom for T-duality" including the new term "metastring theory", not to mention the "Born geometry" (a structure on the doubled tori, with some symplectic structure and modular group), but the real new beef of the 5-page-short paper seems to be their ability to get a manifest mirror symmetry out of the doubled starting point. Some non-commutative generalizations of the Calabi-Yaus are automatically included.

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"Very high probabilities that theorems are true" are fallacious

David B. sent me a recent article by Mussardo and LeClair that uses the Mertens function i.e. the cummulative sum of the Möbius function to produce a statistical argument in favor of the Riemann Hypothesis. It's interesting but at the end, I believe that we already have lots of these incomplete "statistical arguments in favor of the Riemann Hypothesis". They have actually existed for centuries; most mathematicians have believed that the hypothesis was true and the "circumstantial evidence" was always an important reason of that belief.

Yes, this article hugely overlaps with \(P=NP\) is conceivable; there is no partial evidence in purely discrete mathematics (2014). See other blog posts that mention probabilities and Riemann or \(P\), \(NP\), proofs.

Fine, I have spent hundreds of hours with the Riemann Hypothesis in my life. Almost all my attacks on the problem were naturally thinking of "physical systems" where a function related to the Riemann zeta function was a partition sum or something similar. Some of them were just quantum mechanical problems of particles on some graphs (with line intervals whose lengths was related to primes), some of them had creation and annihilation operators for primes, the most sophisticated ones involved the tachyon minimum in string field theory or \(p\)-adic string theory.

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Farcical pseudoscience of the new South African variant

Omicron is a dumb story designed to bring the Coronazi ultramorons' hysteria to an even higher level

In the morning, I needed some 10 minutes to find out why the stock futures are collapsing today. Yes, when the movements are sharp, there is usually a single explanation (while the attributions of smaller, noise-like movements are usually fuzzy fairy-tales) and today it is

A new Covid-19 variant could show immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility, South African scientists warn (CNN)
Oh I see. So some African "scientists" have found a new genetic code of a SARS-CoV-2 descendant and called it the B.1.1.529 variant, also called "omicron" by the WHO or "nu" by others or (by the nutty Belgian PM) Covid-21. It has the highest number of mutations and maybe, perhaps, it will not only be more transmissible but also evade the immune system and other things. Millions of people clearly buy the garbage "science" news every day and today, this stuff is apparently enough to subtract 4% from DAX (the German index) while the Prague Index only lost 1.67% at the end (thank God, a lukewarm version of the psychopathy is here); some of the drop is "justifiable" by the fact that politicians are discussing new travel bans and similar things again (VIX, the index of fear, goes up damn 46%). How totally braindead do you have to become to buy something like that and react in this way? I am absolutely shocked by the sheer stupidity of so many people.


In fact, everyone who believes any alarmism sold as "science" is a completely braindead pile of šit. There has never been a single prediction made by these alarmist scientists that turned out to be accurate and useful. Instead, virtually every single meme that these "scientists" (which are not scientists in the proper sense) have ever produced to get their dirty money has been deeply harmful for our societies because almost all of them have pushed millions of people to behave completely irrationally.

Václav Klaus's answers to questions posed by the server (iCoal)

Interview with the Czech ex-president

One of the main topics of today is the Brussels plan for a rapid comprehensive transformation of the EU member states, called the Green Deal (or the Green Destiny in Czechia). It has its supporters and opponents. Which group do you belong to?

I am, of course, a total opponent of the Green Deal. One thing is the reason for the aggressive and destructive fight against global warming and CO2 emissions, the other is the EU's own plan to "green" [verb] Europe, the European economy and to create carbon neutrality in Europe, and presenting it as a way to make the European economy more efficient. The opposite is true. I have been actively involved in these issues – writing and lecturing – for at least 15 years, and passively, that is to say, with marginal comments, for three decades. It's the same "song and dance", the arguments on both sides remain the same. I already saw the "end of the world" in the formation of the Club of Rome in the late 60s and early 70s.

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The United States is falling apart

The United States is in danger of chaos and possibly totalitarianism, then a new state will emerge
An interview with Erik Best, a US journalist based in Prague since Feb 1991 (CZ audio)

Host Martina Kociánová: The rapid transformation of society throughout the Western world. This statement could be used to introduce many episodes of our interviews with various experts, scientists, analysts. What is happening? How come so fast? How is the world changing? Where is it heading? Where are the changes coming from, and what can we do about it? These are the most common questions that you, our listeners, and we are equally interested in, and that we always try to ask as well. The answers, of course, often raise concerns, because they usually say nothing about a beautiful bright future in which we will all lovingly hold hands and walk with a happy song towards a sunny horizon. That is how the future is portrayed by ideologues, not by people with their feet on the ground, and perhaps that is why so many people fall for ideologies. Maybe they want to believe the dream because it's more pleasant than facing an increasingly difficult reality. It is about ideologies that we are going to talk today, and how they are gradually metastasizing into our lives, but of course not only about them. For example, we will look at the United States through the eyes of a journalist from America who has lived here for 30 years. I'm going to be talking with my colleague, journalist, commentator, analyst, Erik Best.

Responding to a bunch of Coronazi demagogies

I just saw a very disappointing article written by a person whom I believed to know better. Except for the disappointment, it doesn't seem to matter who wrote it because the fans of Covid fascism seem to parrot the lies (and all the blackmail and insults) they heard from their comrades virtually verbatim. The title says

Everyone has the right to have his opinions but not his facts.
This slogan is not new, it has been popular among the extreme leftists for many years. The problem is that people don't agree what are "facts", either. Another problem is that almost all the "facts" spread by the Covid fascists are lies; and it is mostly the opponents of Covid fascism who mostly (but not always) reproduce the actual facts in their reality. At any rate, people have often disagreed what were the facts and this is why civilized societies of the democratic type have always allowed the freedom of thought and therefore "many possible truths". The truth is the first casualty of war, in this case a war that the Covid fascists wage on the not too harmful virus and especially on everyone who doesn't worship that virus. Covid demagogues suddenly think that they have the right to impose their "truth" on everyone else, including people who know vastly more about viruses than they do.

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Czech crown billionaire-mathematician becomes an unlikely hero of anti-Coronazi resistance

A decade ago, billionaire Andrej Babiš created a movement that turned him into a top Czech government politician for many years. The era will end next month. His ANO (=YES) movement was originally all about "his fight against corruption" and populist claims that corruption was omnipresent. One of the folks who were indirectly helping him was another rich dude, Karel Janeček (net worth: $150 mil), who was born a few months before me and who is also an alumnus of the Math-Phys Dpt of the Charles University. (I say indirectly which means "by provoking the anti-corruption hysteria"; Janeček hasn't ever directly worked for Babiš.)

Janeček previously became rich through some clever playing in Las Vegas (first million); and especially through algorithmic trading. He was capable of greatly extending the initial capital from his business partner Václav Dejčmar (who earned some millions from the early Czech Facebooks of the 1990s). Both are philanthropists and sponsors of science, among other things. I have known VD in person, much more than KJ, already from some discussion servers in the mid 1990s. I have met Janeček as well, in the case of KJ only during a dinner in their Field Restaurant in Prague (which just defended its Michelin star; the chef is Radim Kašpárek; it is located in the restaurant with many clocks in Best Offer, a movie).

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President Klaus' speech on 17 November was timeless

...highlighting the importance and bravery of students during the events of 1939 and 1989...
By Ivo Strejček, IVK

On the festive day of 17 November 2021, there was only one prepared, thoughtful and serious political speech. It was delivered by President Václav Klaus at the memorial site in front of Hlávka College. This seems to be the only possible place to reflect on the meaning and legacy of 17 November 1939 and 1989 and to use this opportunity to reflect on the connections between these important milestones in modern Czech history and today. Performances with similar political speeches are no longer allowed on the National Avenue that was turned hysterical by the "truth and love warriors" [Czech SJWs named after Václav Havel's appealing but cheesy quote, "the truth and love must defeat the lies and hatred"].

Václav Klaus delivered a statesmanlike and inspiring speech to the high representatives of Czech academia and their students. It is not his fault that the reporter present (or a news editor?) narrowed the content of the speech to a shortened excerpt from his extensive speech to the sentence that "communism was not defeated by students or dissidents", only to have this shortcut subsequently taken up by the rest of the media. This is such a gross and purposeful misrepresentation of the content of the speech (which was subsequently used by all those who take every possible opportunity to smear Václav Klaus) that such journalistic sloppiness cannot go unnoticed.

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Other people's inner consciousness is scientifically meaningless for you

...but that doesn't mean that the laws of Nature may be applied without a conscious entity... threw a text by Sean Carroll at me. He argued in favor of "physicalism" (we live in a P-world where everything follows from consciousness-independent, objectively applied laws of physics) and against "panpsychism" (we live in the Ψ-world where the existence and omnipresence of consciousness is essential for things to work).

Carroll claims that we must live in the P-world because he mentally lives in the world where physical phenomena are described by classical physics.

But as the letter Ψ (Psi) and its well-known affiliation with quantum mechanics makes more than clear, the correct laws of Nature have been known for 96 years to be quantum mechanical i.e. dependent on the observer's consciousness. For quantum mechanical laws to be applied, one needs to insert the information about the results of observations which may be translated to the initial state. For the results of the observations to be well-defined, the observations themselves must be well-defined and the choice "what has been observed" is clearly subjective i.e. dependent on the observer's subjective choices.

Novelties of the non-existent Fall 2021 Covid wave in Europe

The Euromomo charts of the total deaths speaking a clear language.

Covid-19 has caused an enhanced wave of dying in Spring 2020 that was about 100%-200% of the usual excesses in early 2017 and 2018; and another, grander wave of dying in Fall 2020 and Winter 2020-2021 that was some 300% of a usual addition to deaths from flu. Covid, a new flu-like disease, temporarily trumped flu but not "qualitatively".

In Fall 2021, there is clearly absolutely no statistically significant excess of deaths in Europe which is why it's possible for the end of the graph to show the below-the-normal deaths although the latest weeks may be updated soon (yellow). For some 20+ weeks, Czechia has exhibited below-the-normal total deaths in almost all the weeks (and tiny excesses in 2 exceptions), too.

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Let's not let finance and banking turn green

Let's not make old mistakes
By former Czech President Klaus

In the early 1990s, I polemicised the use of completely misleading adjectives that usually denied rather than developed the following noun. It was a well-known battle in Europe, which had its main meaning in the German-speaking world, over the so-called soziale Marktwirtschaft (social market economy). The society (not only the economy!) of Germany and Austria was based on it in the second half of the 20th century. And it was to be ours too.

LM: I guess that my choice of this 1989 photo will raise Klaus' blood pressure (he was medically treated for that recently) but it's November 17th today. ;-)

But I and the people around me wanted to introduce a "market without adjectives" in our country. It goes without saying that society must also think socially (I did not deny this for a second, even though many did not and do not want to know), but I considered it necessary that the word "socially" should follow the word "market", not precede it.

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Satoshi Nakamoto Florida trial

Willie Soon sent me this fresh article at the Daily Mail (see also Google News, Twitter) talking about an ongoing trial, Dave Kleiman's relatives vs Craig Wright, about the ownership of roughly 1.1 million Bitcoin ($65 billion by current near-record prices) which were mined in the first year of the Bitcoin.

Kleiman died some years ago. These two men clearly knew one another very well, they were friends for some time, Kleiman contributed to the decline of Wright's marriage, the relationship soured for other reasons as well. They had some contract to share those BTC 1 million. The question is whether both of them owned it. A technical "detail" that helps to clarify these things is the question whether Wright himself or Wright+Kleiman were the fathers of the Bitcoin, aka Satoshi Nakamoto. I have discussed this question since 2019 and sketched it already in 2015.

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Those who lynch Kyle Rittenhouse are pure evil

I just spent some hours with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. It is just incredible what many Americans, including (or especially) Americans with lots of influence, do these days. OK, what is going on?

In August 2020, there was a lot of crime on the streets of the U.S. cities. Police forces were being attacked and their activity was suppressed. Organized crime was ruling the streets of many cities, especially the "BLM" criminal organization. That was also the case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where some anger and looting was "justified" by a (logical) death of a black criminal (sexual assault, was using knife against cops in the car). A 17-year-old dude Kyle Rittenhouse from Antioch, Illinois (an adjacent state) was just attending an event for cadets (policemen in training) in the Kenosha area. He had other emotional attachments to the place.

The absurdly pathetic "result" of COP26

Another summit of the climate psychopaths and their spineless collaborationists ended in Glasgow. The format was the same one that we remembered in dozens of previous summits: 30,000 parasites arrived by private jets and have bullšited about the evil of CO2 emissions for two weeks. The content of their talks was just nonsensical irrelevant gibberish, there was no agreement about anything, the talks had to go to overtime, like always, and some "result" was announced afterwards:

Nations including China and India agreed to say something about the "phaseout" of coal while all words that indicated some substance were deleted or softened to become completely ill-defined.
Even if some of these statements about the future were well-defined, it would still not imply that these statements will have anything to do with the truth. These statements are just would-be prophesies by idiots who think that they are about 1,000 times more important and powerful than they are.

I am sure you don't need to know anything else about this "event". Billions of dollars were wasted for another farce, the CO2 emissions created by these morons are obviously the least of the problems because there exists nothing such as a global problem with the climate, let alone one caused by CO2, and even if there were a problem, the subtraction of carbon dioxide's contribution, at most 0.01-0.02 °C, from the warming per year would clearly do nothing to avoid the problems. Do you really need to move 30,000 morons across the world and store them in hotels for 2 weeks if the only outcome is just another hateful remark about the fossil fuels which is completely detached from reality?

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Larry Summers vs inflation deniers

Some media have concluded that Larry Summers has been vindicated and indeed, we can already say that the inflation wasn't "transitory" as way too many Western economists, including those at the Federal Reserve, have been saying for a very long time.

Summers – who explained his success by pointing out that the things are trivial for brilliant brains such as his and the other economists are just way too dumb aßholes (my quote isn't precise) – describes the ongoing inflation as "entrenched". Of course, it may accelerate further.

In the Bloomberg interview above, Summers said that it was easy to see that the inflation would be pretty big. Basic economic models were enough for that. Maybe he wrote it quantitatively but I haven't seen it yet. In reality, I often use my intuition and it is tempting to talk about "models" even though the predictions are pretty much just qualitative in nature. It is hard to make hard-precision predictions, especially at the beginning when it was still possible that there would also be a lasting decrease of the aggregate demand etc.

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We face a choice between national sovereignty and European identity

Outgoing Czech Prime Minister's speech at the Core Europe conference: National Sovereignty or European Identity in the Integration of the European Union

On Friday, 12 November 2021, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš spoke via video greeting at the Flagship Europe conference: National Sovereignty or European Identity in the Integration of the European Union. The theme of the conference is the future of strategic autonomy and European federalism in the European Union.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to open this conference entitled "Core Europe: National Sovereignty or European Identity?"

The title of your conference suggests that we are clearly faced with a choice between national sovereignty or European identity. However, I believe that this duality is not correct. Membership of the European Union should not present us with such a dilemma, but should, on the contrary, guarantee both. National sovereignty should be the foundation and the concept of European identity the roof of the European Union project. There should be an equal relationship between these two ideas – national sovereignty should support European identity and vice versa.

Can the University of Austin save the U.S. education?

A bunch of well-known public intellectuals, mostly "moderate Democrats", are trying to establish

The University of Austin:
dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth.
See Google News. So far so good. I know some of the founders well, like Summers and Pinker. Others have been funny, like Boghossian who co-produced all the Sokal-style hoaxes. The description of the problem is clearly correct (although you may easily find psychopaths claiming that there is no problem with the freedom of thought at the U.S. universities today) and the goal is noble. But will the project lead to a fix of the fatal problem with the Academia?

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Unitarity conditions for the (de Sitter) wave function of the Universe?

The Quanta Magazine's Charlie Wood wrote an interesting text

Laws of Logic Lead to New Restrictions on the Big Bang
It starts with a nice self-similar hypnotizing animation by Dave Whyte (who is not racist, just racyst) whose value will exceed the value of the text according to many viewers (not readers).

Escher's picture of the hyperbolic space was used as a plan to spread the bats' and Fauci's Sino-American Covid-19 virus among an exponentially growing number of bats and people.

OK, Wood starts by popularizing some basics about the hyperbolic spaces, de Sitter space, and unitarity. Similar popular articles seem to be written for many different groups of readers. Each of them may find something appropriate, like cartoons that are sometimes more exciting for the adults than their kids. But I am afraid that the people who need to be explained what unitarity is won't really appreciate the new scientific results.

Backlash against Covid fear porn campaign

Like most nations, Czechs are exposed to quite some amount of stupid and dishonest pro-vaxx commercials everywhere.

Billboards often promote vacations along with the vaccine, urging you to "make a period after [terminate] Covid" along with the whole nation (this "period" has been promised from Spring 2021 and it was a lie everywhere, wasn't it? A similarly heavily leaky vaccine can never change the course of an epidemic qualitatively!). The prime minister offered his stinky tennis shoes to someone who would agree to be vaccinated.

I am always trying to turn off radios when I hear one one of the pieces (which simply insult me and drive me up the wall by their stupidity, every time) but it hasn't prevented me from hearing some of them 30 times. Two examples:

Boy: Mom, we will travel to the sea for the long weekend again, won't we?
Mother: Well, I am not sure this time...
Boy: But we have been going every year.
Mother: But the water is too salty there and it has annoying waves on it.
Boy: Isn't the reason that we are not vaccinated?
Mother: Not at all (silently, emphasizing the untruth), and we need to take care of the neighbor's hamster, anyway!
Boy: Mom?
Natalia: I will have a huge graduation party, isn't it great?
Amalia: Well, parties are no longer fashionable, why won't we just be together, two of us.
Natalia: Have you lost your mind? There will be a PARTY! You must be afraid because you're not vaccinated right?
And similar stuff. I included these two because they're the most frequent ones on the radio; and because they have some sense of humor. (Hamsters are more intelligent than the professors in other ads who say things like "the only bad vaccine is a vaccine that isn't emptied to someone's ass or a shoulder". Oh, really? Wouldn't you agree, Professor, that a similar judgement is really, really simple-minded?) They are complete lies, designed to intimidate, too. Of course, inside families and among friends, the anti-vaxx people flood their counterparties with lots of evidence:
Boy, Natalia: Shall we go to the sea or the party?
Mom, Amalia: We can't because the giant Covid assholes in the government have banned XYZ for the unvaccinated. We can't get vaccinated because 1) that would mean our support for this loss of freedom in our country, 2) it is dangerous for our cohorts to get vaccinated because of... myocarditis... dangerous interactions of natural antibodies and the proteins... The risks of the vaccination exceed the benefits.
It is common sense that almost everyone who hasn't been vaccinated by now has damn good reasons and is proud about his or her decision. The manipulative ads display bullying on steroids. They suggest that, just like the Jews in Germany around 1940, the unvaccinated people are under such pressure that they can no longer tell the truth to their kids or close friends. Sorry, we will never be under this kind of a pressure (thank God, I am personally under no pressure at all), unlike the Jews, we have lots of firearms, and if you try to change something about this fact, your life won't be safe. It is you, pro-vaxx fanatics and Covid hysterics, who should better shut up and walk through the sewerage system if you think that you have the moral right to leave your basement.

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Natural supersymmetry pretty much predicts a \(125\GeV\) Higgs

At least with some extra assumptions about the incorporation to the string landscape

A very small blog post, mostly a linker-not-thinker one because others simply do not pass the cost-and-benefit analysis any longer.

First, I was sent an excerpt from a strange article, John Wheeler’s Desert Island: The conservatism of non-empirical physics, by Alexander Blum, a social scientist, because it mentioned me. The quote with my name is...

I can think of one crass example, which I would, however, be hesitant to generalize given the size of the string community: the string theorist Luboš Motl and his blog, tellingly entitled “The reference frame: supersymmetric world from a conservative viewpoint”...
You may find the whole paper somewhere but sorry, I am not interested in a copy.

Too bad, "non-empirical physics" is an oxymoron. If it ain't empirical, it is not physics. Physicists are leading empiricists and it is particularly the case of string theorists. It was obviously also the case of the fellow conservative John Archibald Wheeler who co-invented not only the heavily theoretical concepts such as the WdW equation, Wheeler-Feynman absorber theory, the term "black hole" (and "superspace", "wormhole", "it from bit")... but also the Breit-Wheeler process, S-matrix, and indeed, he co-built the first nuclear reactors! ;-)

Only brain-dead people believe the ludicrous propaganda that string theory and/or physicists of Wheeler's type are "non-empirical". While I don't know whether the article ends up saying that conservatives and/or Wheeler and/or your humble correspondent and/or string theorists as a group are good or bad, I have seen enough not to be interested in the rest.

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With no excess of deaths for 18 weeks, Austria joins the hardcore Coronazi club

Hundreds of millions of people in the West have been totally and hopelessly brainwashed by the Covid propaganda and they seem unable to see even the most basic facts. Such as the fact that Western Europe has basically no medical problem with Covid-19 right now.

Austria has a new chancellor after Sebastian Kurz was removed (I believe it was a coup, the culprits are Soros-affiliated, and all of them deserve death). It just happened that soon after this removal, Austria has banned the entry of the unvaccinated people to restaurants, hotels, events with 25+ people, ski slopes, and more.

Is there a possible justification for these extraordinary measures? To see that the answer is a resounding No, just check the Graphs and Maps section of the Euromomo website dedicated to the excess (total) deaths in Europe. In the middle of the graphs-and-maps page, you may see the map. There is a slider that allows you to return to previous weeks.

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Explosion of athletes' cardiovascular episodes is way above 5 sigma now

There are lots of people who have been trained to repeat the incredible lies about the safety of the Covid vaccines. The VAERS system in the U.S. has collected more complaints about the Covid vaccines than it has collected against all other vaccines in recent decades and it is similar in Europe.

Whoever wishes to look into the real world is seeing an incredible number of cardiovascular and neurological problems that follow the vaccination. Jiřina Bohdalová (90), Czechia's most celebrated female comedian, had huge problems after her "booster" jab.

But it is mainly the young people – and a great majority of them are young men – who display the serious cardiovascular symptoms that haven't been seen in the recorded history. Even when one restricts his attention to top-level professional athletes, the number of such sad events is already so high that it simply cannot be a statistical fluke.

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Prime Minister Babiš's performance in Glasgow deserves praise and support

By Ivo Strejček

Against the backdrop of skyrocketing electricity, gas and fuel prices, the causes of which must be sought solely in irrational policies of "climate protection", the Green Deal and, as a consequence, the rapid increase in the price of emission allowances, yet another conference on the "apocalypse" is being held in Glasgow, which fails to perceive these problems of "ordinary" people. It is attended by – a whopping – 25,000 politicians, members of their entourages, environmental activists, eco-non-governmental organisations, militant "planet" campaigners, progressives of all kinds, snobs and delegations from "green" industry and multinational industrial giants. They all understand that political and business investment in "climate" is "green" and that it pays to profit from stirring up "fear for the planet".

Will the Bastille Group save the West from putrefaction?

Aggressive human crap is spreading across the West like fire and we are sort of defenseless and unprepared. I think that some international coalitions to save the Good Old West are needed, at least to optically change the "apparent balance of powers". Recently, I was increasingly thinking that France could be the next bigger ally that may act as a barrier of a sort.

The French public exerts a significant pressure on the French politicians for them to protect the country against the cancer of cancel culture and against new waves of mass immigration. France was betrayed by the Anglo-Saxon world and especially by Australia in the Anglo-Saxon submarine scam. And France is naturally the European Union's main proponent of the peaceful nuclear energy, a position that is under attack from the Germany-led Luddites.

You may check that the French-Visegrád relationships have been evolving along a complex trajectory. French economy minister Bruno Le Maire has arguably been the most readable person who wanted to build closer ties some five months ago.

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Green suicide

Babiš criticised the European climate package in Glasgow
Czech Press Agency /

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš criticised the European climate package known as Fit for 55 at the UN climate change conference COP 26 in Glasgow on Monday. He said the green deal could become European green suicide without a rational approach. [Full speech, video, in Czech.]

According to Babiš, it is first necessary to address whether the targets are too ambitious, how much money the transformation will cost and whether Europe and individual countries can afford it.

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The strange allure of COP26, the "World Conference Of the Parties"

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

On Sunday, thousands of delegates from almost every country in the world will descend on hapless Glasgow, one of the UK's ugliest cities, to assure each other that the globe's air is dangerously warming by the release of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, and, as they do every year (for the 26th time), to promise each other what they intend to do about it.

There is little doubt among these politicians, scientists and the elite that since the Industrial Revolution humans have been contributing substantially to dangerous global warming by their lifestyles, and everyone in the world repeatedly promises how they intend to achieve zero emissions by 2050 so that the air temperature will not rise more than 1.5°-2.0°C above pre-industrial levels.

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Speech by Václav Klaus on the occasion of the national holiday on 28 October

Mr Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I appreciate the repeated invitation to this traditional gathering of yours, which for many years now has been held at this very moment on the Czech Republic's national holiday. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you some of the theses that this day and this anniversary evoke in me. My aim is to suggest that this anniversary is taking on a new relevance right now.

We chose 28 October as a public holiday because on this day, 103 years ago, our national sovereignty was restored and modern statehood of the Czech nation was established with the proclamation of the independent Czechoslovak Republic. After three centuries of living in a multinational Habsburg confederation and under foreign domination, our ancestors dared to take the administration of their affairs into their own hands. The tragic experience of the First World War and the unequal position our nation occupied in the former monarchy contributed to this.

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Another blatant lie by Adam Vojtěch and other covidists

Czech ex-president Václav Klaus for

At the beginning of the last week of October 2021, a new "breakthrough" thesis on the covid epidemic hit our media – the Minister of Health and some other "experts" are beginning to coin the term "epidemic of the unvaccinated". In a year and a half we have become used to all sorts of nonsense, but this is something else.

Czechoslovak communist shelves were in a better shape than the current American ones

I have seen numerous photographs of the empty shelves in the U.S. shops. They are shocking. They are being blamed on the gap in the supply due to the (crazy) lockdowns, the ludicrous maternal leave of the gay minister of transportation, and the increased demand due to all the helicopter money (not to mention panic buying encouraged by the Covid-hysterical filthy liars calling themselves the journalists). But this extremely accurate attribution is a propaganda of some kind because "most", and not just "few", of the basic mechanisms of capitalism are under attack in America right now.

As you know, President Trump has 3+1+1=5 kids with his three wives. The oldest three, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, were born to Ivana Trump (born Zelníčková [EN: Belonging-to-the-Little-Cabbage-Man] who started as a hot blonde skier; while Ivana Trump is an impressive lady, you still need to watch the Mr Tau blonde if you want to understand why a billionaire would pick her), and the older two speak some Czech. They remember visiting the communist Czechoslovakia in the summer of the 1980s, to see their grandparents. Well, Don Jr just pointed out that the state of the shops in the U.S. these days starts to resemble what he remembers from Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

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Slovakia has its own Watergate

Robert Fico (picture below) is arguably the main leader of the current Slovak opposition and a former prime minister of Slovakia (party: Smer/Direction Social Democracy, estimated to be 2nd strongest in Slovakia now and get ~18% in future elections).

I was never "thrilled" by him, after all, his party is a (moderate) left-wing one, and (much like Babiš), he had some ambiguous relationship towards the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. However, he always looked like a chap with common sense, I don't remember anything "terrifying" from his reign, and despite their different backgrounds, he might be comparable to Babiš in my optics.

The current Slovak government is doing lots of bad things. Like many other governments, it has imposed rather draconian restrictions on civil rights that are being justified by Fauci's virus. But there is another frequent theme. The Slovak government has launched a full-blown war against the alleged "Mafia" which is supposed to include many politicians, investigators, police bosses, and judges from the Fico era and business people who are considered their friends – and, at least as written in between the lines, Fico himself.

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How to survive the Islamists

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

The murder of the "distinguished" and popular English MP David Amess, stabbed to death by a 25-year-old British man of Somali origin, has stirred the media waters. It seems that at least the right-wing and conservative newspapers are running out of patience with the evasive and cowardly attitude of politicians fearing accusations of Islamophobia. That strange trap set by the Islamists for politicians.

There is no such thing as a phobia of Islam. It is only Muslims who find any criticism not only of the Quran but also of political Islamism unacceptable.

The first time we heard this accusation was perhaps from the mouths of the Ayatollahs of the Shiite theocracy in Iran after the 1979 coup.

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Death, injury caused by Baldwin were hardly unexplainable miraculous flukes

A tragedy occurred during the shooting of Rust, a Western film. Alec Baldwin stars as a famous criminal Harland Rust who learns that his grandon was accused of an accidental murder. Meanwhile, the actor also accidentally shot at Halyna Hutchins, the chief of photography, and Joel Souza, the film director. He killed the woman and injured the man. Condolences to Hutchins' family, starting with husband Matthew Hutchins and her son Andros.

Hutchins was born in Ukraine and grew at a Soviet Arctic military base between reindeer and submarines. An impressive background for someone who later became a rising star in the U.S. film industry.

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Why "science replaced by hodgepodge" is even worse than alchemy

Maritime hodge podge

For two days, I wanted to write another text about the evil trend of "pretending that some chaotic playing with computers is the new science" and Robbert Dijkgraaf, the director of the IAS, pushed me above the critical threshold when he wrote

The Uselessness of Useful Knowledge
in the Quanta Magazine. The title looks bizarre, the normal thing to describe the body of his essay would be the opposite, "the usefulness of useless knowledge", a title that was picked by several authors in the past. Isn't it a typo? At any rate, Dijkgraaf argues that the "hocus pocus AI-based quasi-science" is analogous to alchemy which may look bad but it was very useful. And the periods of chaotic expansion of science and the epochs of systematic consolidation are equally important and they alternate which was good and it is good now, too.

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Most Covid deaths are not due to Covid now

A simple calculation showing that Covid-delta is far less lethal than flu

One of the points that those of us who opposed the uncontrolled Covid hysteria emphasized from the beginning was the fact that

the people who got a positive PCR test were not necessarily ill.
In practice, what matters are the fractions. It is a quantitative question. Some of the Covid-positive people have been ill, some of those were hospitalized or they died. But some of the PCR tests are false positives and many truly infected people with a positive PCR test are asymptomatic (or their illness is so mild that it is not worth mentioning). A related statement was that
In most countries, a Covid death only means a "death with a positive PCR test" which doesn't mean that the death was fully or mostly caused by the Fauci virus.
Again, that is an important point to have in mind. But a year ago when the Czech daily casualties became substantial, I finally became certain that the distinction didn't matter in the 2020-2021 winter season. One can look at the total weekly numbers of deaths. In Czechia (10.7 million people), there were numerous weeks in which the normal weekly number of deaths (2100) was doubled (4000+). In fact, the 2020 excess deaths (17k) surpassed the number of Covid deaths by dozens of percent. Some of the other deaths could have been either due to the lockdown and a less inaccessible healthcare; or they could have been deaths that were secretly due to Covid, too.

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IVK statement on Mrs Leyen's attacks on Poland

By former Czech president Klaus and his team

When there is a clear threat to democracy in Europe, or rather in the European Union, it is necessary for European democrats to protest loudly. This is no small matter today. Mrs Leyen declared in the European Parliament – quoted in the media, for example immediately by Czech [Public] Television – that 'the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court threatens the foundations of the European Union. The European Commission must protect the citizens of the Union and will therefore act'. That is an unprecedented statement.

Some time ago, the Polish Constitutional Court asked a question that all true democrats have been asking for many decades – should the European integration process result in the creation of a supranational entity that is superior to the individual Member States, or should these states continue to have their sovereignty and only part of it eventually be transferred to Brussels? This has been the whole problem of European integration since the 1950s. Everyone knows or should know. And no one must turn a blind eye to this question. Not even Mrs Leyen.

Aspects of a deleted Twitter account

Two hours ago, TRF commenter gnail was the first source that informed me that my Twitter account "lumidek" was finally deleted. It was created in 2012 and had some 2670 followers during the final moments. Of course it would have had much more, by orders of magnitude, if Twitter weren't running a massive campaign to suppress and/or delete right-wing accounts.

I believe that the tweet quoted as an excuse for the deletion was a response to this distasteful tweet encouraging violence against Czechs because they are Czechs (a white nation that hasn't started to apologize for its existence). Of course this is not the "main" activity or topic that my account was used for; but I pointed out that BLM thugs that are responsible for similar violence belong to jails or should be punished even more harshly (the injury in the English soccer league could have been a coincidence; but injuries caused by this particular Twitter user, if any, are almost certainly not coincidental). It is a fact and you can't change it by the deletion of an account. Of course, Twitter stands on the side of the racially motivated violence and on the side of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Needless to say, I could have been banned for dozens of other reasons (true observations about Covid-19 were more likely these days). The Twitter moderation tools have been completely hijacked by nasty, dishonest creatures that are wrong about absolutely everything and that are crippling the civilization and decent individual people at every single level.

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\(J\bar T\) deformations: how a non-local theory stays UV-complete and conformally symmetric

Primordial gravitational waves: A combo, when BICEP3 is added, claims that there aren't any so far and \(r_{0.05}\lt 0.036\). Google News.
Two or three decades ago, theoretical high energy physics was much more lively. An aspect of this liveliness was the constant stream of uprisings and minirevolutions. Sourballs and crackpots may have called them fads and they may have criticized the fact that many researchers were joining them because of FOMO. But it was an overwhelmingly good phenomenon. People were sufficiently excited and the system motivated them to work. So when someone found something new – about twistors, BMN string bits, and dozens of other topics (later – many people (including young ambitious people) worked on them. Researchers could have been sure that someone cared about their paper on the fashionable topic and it further stimulated their research.

It's not necessarily Monica's cup of tea but Ozone's Dragostea Din Tei is the greatest product of Romanian culture since Count Dracula. ;-) Leony was recently inspired (what is the polite word for plagiarism?) by that song, the new one is in English.

I am confident that the number of such signs of collective excitement and widespread activity has significantly dropped in a recent decade or so, and especially in the recent five years (some sourballs and crackpots probably celebrate). But there are still examples of mini-industries that look as healthy as we used to know them, their number is just smaller. On Saturday, it will have been four years since the launch of one such mini-industry.
An integrable Lorentz-breaking deformation of two-dimensional CFTs
Monica Guica – whom I have known as a brilliant Harvard grad student (and who has been to Pilsen once) – has found a new class of UV-complete quantum field theories that are actually... not local. Well, this broader industry was founded by Smirnov and Zamolodčikov (Sorbonne+Rutgers; the latter approved my spelling of his name when he was my instructor LOL) in August 2016, i.e. a year earlier. They added some composite operators \(T\bar T\) to the two-dimensional CFT (conformal field theory) action. The action has some extra term that is bilinear in the stress energy tensor.

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Where the policy of decarbonising the economy is taking us

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

Somewhat hysterical fears about the contribution of human activity to global warming have dominated the Western elite for several decades, but only relatively recently have the dismantling of coal-fired power plants and the ban on internal combustion engines planned for 2030-35 come into play.

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Despite 20% predictions, just 2% of the Czech Parliament will be the Pirates

When I took the picture of the Piratostan bus and these Pirates, I told the comical Pirate that he must expect to be photographed, this is why he wore the hat, right? No, I was told, he wore the hat in order for other Pirates to identify him as a Pirate! ;-) A mature party LOL. I took a picture of their boss Bartoš and many other things there a week ago.

Czechia has more advanced voting procedures than the US or Germany so 1-2 hours after the voting rooms closed at 2 pm on Satuday (they opened at 2 pm on Friday), we had extremely accurate predictions. My Tricolor #8 didn't get in, its 2.76% was highly compatible with the average predictions of the agencies (the Tricolor will get $5 for each voter, about $500,000 in total). But after 100 years, communists dropped of the Parliament (the party was founded in 1921 and it became Stalinist in 1929). Good riddance. Social democracy dropped from the Parliament, too. They were below 5%, and so was the Pledge led by the cop Šlachta (who removed Nečas' government because Nečas' love got a nice purse, and two very similar "crimes").

So far, "Artificial Intelligence" comments are just a preprocessed message picked by a "coach"

AI bots and climate models aren't unique, important, trustworthy, independent sources of information. They are puppets designed to deceive gullible consumers.

In the last debate between some chosen 8 party leaders broadcast by the Czech Public TV (which was considered a terribly chaotic debate with no real opportunity to convey ideas, short time dedicated to each politician, and an excessively dominant or arrogant host, Ms Světlana Witowská), there was an unusual twist. They included Matilda, an Artificial Intelligence Bot (with a female face) who asked a question to each politician (which included the video of the artificial female face in the middle of the screen).

I think that this small farcical event was a good example answering some question about "what the AI subjects think", "who may have responsibility for it", "whether the AI should have human rights", and so on.

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Some EU laws are unconstitutional in Poland

The belief that Poland has transferred most of its sovereignty to unelected EU officials and declared the primacy of "EU laws" over the Polish constitution is legally incorrect

Some institutions of the European Union have been attacking Poland by saying that their judges didn't have enough independence. Well, the Polish constitutional tribunal just showed quite a lot of independence when it sensibly analyzed the legal conditions and concluded that many laws of the European Union are incompatible with the fundamental Polish law architecture.

OK, Evacuation just sounds as a good song for the talk about the "legal Polexit". ;-)

In particular, it is the laws that were constructed without a tangible influence of the authorities of the Republic of Poland. Note that in 2004, Poland and others joined the European Union which was conceptually still an international organization with a large number of multilateral treaties that are usually signed and obeyed by all member countries. The conversion of the EU to "something else" (a superstate or an empire) was already planned by the 1993 Maastricht Treaty but in 2004, the EU was still just an intense collection of treaties between sovereign countries.

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