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Decline of education, specialized expertise, and the theoretical background. Stakeholders vs shareholders

Czech politicians have announced that back in 2014, an explosion of a Czech ammo depot near the Slovak border (the village of Vrbětice) was caused by Russian agents. They also wanted to do something with the explosives in Bulgaria. We may get the full intelligence report in days.

In fact, they were the very two same agents Petrov and Bashirov who have allegedly poisoned Skripal using Novičok and yesterday, the Czech Police promoted its photographs of the two men who are "wanted"! Well, it is possible that these "molodtsy" do this much work. After all, the tensions were high in 2014 and the Russian agents' working days should be similarly full as those of James Bond 007. But even if it is true that they contributed to the explosion, I find it obvious that the timing of the revival of this scandal (or a conspiracy theory?) is explained by the takeover of the power over the U.S. by the New Loony Left, their being mental cripples, and their fanatical desire to cripple the relationships with Russia (and others).

Even if the agents have caused it, it is a tragedy that this is being exposed again, in the time when America is becoming nasty against Russia again and Russia is understandably preparing to acquire Ukraine if the tensions run even higher. It is very bad that Rosatom – which is the most sensible competitor, as far as I can say – is being eliminated from the tender to extend Dukovany, the older among the 2 nuclear plants in Czechia (the "nuclear" part in both was made in Russia and it's worked great in those decades). Seconds ago, Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats, a revenge for the expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats from Czechia. Bad. I am rather uncertain whether the Russian agents are innocent but I am almost sure that the timing now is caused by the rise of the Left in the U.S. – and about our government's role of a cheap slut directly controlled by the D.C. now.

But back to the title.

I finally watched the April 1st-2nd

Prague Café interview with Klaus Part I
Prague Café interview with Klaus Part II
which I previously hesitated to watch, despite the fact that in recent months, I have read, watched, or listened to every single one interview with expresident Václav Klaus, as he emerged as a leading warrior against Covidism (not only) in Czechia. Note that this particular program is called "Prague Café" because Žantovský wants to retake this nice intellectual phrase (and the coffee shops themselves) from the progressives who became associated with the phrase and who consequently reduced the credibility of the phrase dramatically.

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Nima, singularities, and the fall of Wilsonianism

MmanuF at Twitter has kindly recommended me this recent, 2.5-hour-long video by Nima Arkani-Hamed:

Because he suspected that I may find it a bit long, being occupied with things like the insane anti-white and anti-Slavic racism thriving in the United Kingdom that has assaulted my homeland through soccer, MmanuF has also helpfully recommended a 10-minute-long excerpt to focus on, 0:20:00-0:30:00, and I did watch that.

Among other things, Nima has declared the end of Wilsonianism. The Wilson paradigm is just wrong, he stated at one point, and you can't organize physics according to the distance scales so that the theory at the distance scale \(L\) is always determined from the theory at a shorter length scale \(L(1-\epsilon)\). Instead, in a theory of quantum gravity (and he may apply it even to some other related theories), there are numerous UV-IR connections and communication in between the scales – aside from some role played by numerical coincidences.

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UEFA declared a total war on the Western civilization

Like your humhle correspondent, a large majority of the Czech and Slovak nation is absolutely infuriated by a shocking decision of the UEFA, the European bureaucratic soccer body, concerning the Rangers-Slavia Europa League match last month. Slavia won 2-to-0 and this (surprising for bookmakers) Czech dominance was surely one of the reasons why the Scottish men started to behave insanely.

Ondřej Kúdela, often considered the best Czech defender, is on the right in the front row.

I was warning against the pledge made by Slavia Prague, the best Czech soccer team now, to "respect any verdicts by the UEFA and the Scottish police" because for some time, I have been convinced that these bodies are already full of people without any integrity, common sense, and even without the basic respect for justice, truth, human lives, and the Western values (such as the presumption of innocence).

Classifying viable supergravity theories in 8D, those with \({\mathfrak g}_2\) didn't make it

The Swampland program is a clever filter that eliminates a big portion of the effective field theories with gravity which are not good enough because they violate certain conditions that are necessarily to find a consistent realization of these theories as theories of quantum gravity, i.e. a realization within string/M-theory. In a new paper

8d Supergravity, Reconstruction of Internal Geometry and the Swampland,
Cumrun Vafa (a renowned professor) and Yuta Hamada (a Harvard postdoc) use the existing tools to say "you're fired" to many supergravity theories in 8 (large) spacetime dimensions. Note that 11 (spacetime) dimensions is the maximum dimension of a flat spacetime admitting a supersymmetric quantum theory of gravity, M-theory. 12 dimensions is still possible to some extent, like in F-theory, but two dimensions must be compactified on a torus (or perhaps something else?). Supersymmetric theories above 12 dimensions must be "even more subtle or less physical" if they exist and I want you to assume that they can't exist. In 10 large (spacetime) dimensions, there are 5 different consistent supersymmetric Minkowski-based theories of gravity, all of them are string theories (type I, IIA, IIB, heterotic \(E_8\times E_8\), heterotic \(SO(32)\)).

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Markus Söder's Bavarian revolution would probably save Germany

Google censorship: Some creatures harbored by that company have sent me an "order" to erase this text about the fundamental biology because it has to be "fixed" ("Yes"). I moved the essay to another website. These creatures have to be tried for crimes against humanity.
In 2018, Mutti Angela Merkel finally revealed that she wouldn't run again to be the CDU boss and German chancellor after the 2021 elections. She has been the boss of the CDU since April 2000 and the Chancellor from November 2005. Putin is sometimes criticized for his long reign but you may see that the difference between Putin and Merkel is modest in this respect and the selective usage of this talking point against Russia is pure racism.

For quite some time, the leftist media have served a simple story about the future to their undemanding readers and viewers. Merkel would be obviously replaced with AKK, a woman whose name is hard to remember, an even more pro-leftist lady. Let's say that the acronym stands for Analfabertruda Krappen-Krankenhausen. However, in February 2020, she revealed that she just wouldn't run.

Conservative faculty, an endangered species

The most read story at the Harvard Crimson (which is run by students) is a new essay

‘An Endangered Species’: The Scarcity of Harvard’s Conservative Faculty
about the suppression of the people who understand the fundamental ideas of politics at Harvard – and other universities. The pie is quite shocking by itself and I believe that the labels that I added are way more accurate than theirs. Why? Because the people who slightly deviate from the hardcore leftist delusions of the (current) majority are being ostracized and their deviations are being exaggerated and amplified.

So when someone is called "liberal" as opposed to "very liberal", it means that he or she is a hardcore leftist loon who has "sinned" in roughly 2% of the "causes". When they say "moderate", they mean a "moderate Democrat". And I think that even their "moderate" label is just a trick in most cases – they just want to be interesting and look independent (I could name physics bloggers in that category). Most of the people called "conservative" are actually totally standard RINOs, Republicans In the Name Only. I knew one official in the physics department who was a textbook example of such "conservatives". Of course, he wouldn't be conservative in any way that mattered and I couldn't rely on him in anything at all. Finally, all the normal conservatives – that at least consider voting for Trump and who at least sometimes stand on the right side of Trump, as normal conservatives should (because he is a damn former Democrat and still has many leftist traits) – are called "very conservative".

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Privatization, revival of North Korea

Dear Kim Jong-un,

I have just listened to your speech in which you sounded rather desperate. The people of North Korea should expect the most difficult period in the history of the country and a hardship that may trump the famine of the 1990s. That could have killed between 0.1 and 3.0 million people. Let me assure you that when I look at you, I don't see any signs of a famine yet!

It looks clear that the economic situation isn't good for the 25 million of the people in North Korea. The already low $1500 GDP per capita seems to be falling further. Note that you use wons as the currency. 900 wons is one U.S. dollar according to an apparent peg.

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FNAL: Combined muon \(g-2\) discrepancy grows to 4.2 sigma

Particles have a quantized spin (their own angular momentum) and leptons such as electrons and muons always have \(J_z = \pm \hbar /2\). Yes, the electrons are spinning and it is other ideas than that which you need to modify (you need to switch from classical physics to quantum mechanics).

They also carry an electric charge, \(-e\), which is effectively orbiting around the center of mass at the radius comparable a "typical dimension of the particle" (which is inversely proportional to the particle mass) and therefore creates an electric current.

So the particles also behave just like solenoids and they are also magnets with a magnetic moment. Adopting Feynman's pragmatic definition that I completely sympathize with, the magnetic moment \(\vec \mu\) is a vector that multiplies the magnetic field \(-\vec B\) in a term in the Hamiltonian, \[ \Delta H = -\vec \mu \cdot \vec B. \] How big is the electron magnetic moment? Well, it is (if I choose one form)\[ \vec \mu_s = -g_s \frac{e}{2m_e} \cdot \vec S \] where \(g_s\approx 2\). Note that the Bohr magneton \(\mu_B\) is sometimes used which represents the constant \(e\hbar / 2 m_e\) in the SI units. The Dirac equation gives you \(g_s=2\) exactly.

Covid is ending in UK, CZ... no one must be allowed to obfuscate the fact

Here is the graph of the daily "cases" i.e. first positive PCR Covid-19 tests of a person. It's taken from the main Czech national Covid statistics page.

You may say that we have had about four "waves". You probably see the three big ones on the right but there is also a tiny one on the left, look carefully, which occurred exactly one year ago. In fact, the highest daily number of "cases" in Spring 2020 took place on April 3rd, and it was 333. There is a tongue twister in Czech that involves 333 and the letter Ř. ;-) We had April 3rd last Saturday. That's quite a reason to expect an even faster drop after April 3rd, 2021, as I will argue.

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Susskind's de Sitter rant

LHC: Phys-Org about a 2.8-sigma CMS excess in the search for stealthy SUSY.
First, Michio Kaku is releasing his new popular book, God Equation, tomorrow. It could be a similar book about the theory of everything as some books that were published years ago but I guess that God may place a more central role here.

You may also read an interview in the Grauniad where he mentions string theory, colliders, and his view that it may be a stupid idea to obsessively contact the aliens. I can confirm the worries., a Czech competitor of Amazon, allowed extraterrestrials to be hired. What happened? They have completely dominated the commercials from that moment on. Each ad has a stupid green extraterrestrial with a dwarf's voice. ;-)

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An April Fools' Day paper on the swampland rules

On April 1st, 2021 various individuals and companies came with their April Fools' Day pranks, see e.g. this thread where I found the Cybermouse to be particularly well-made. Some scientists have also posted preprints that weren't meant as a serious contribution to science. One of them was from William Kinney, a cosmologist in Buffalo:

The Swampland Conjecture Bound Conjecture
For a few seconds, before I understood it was a prank, I thought that the double appearance of the word "conjecture" was a typo. But be sure it is not a typo. This paper is a "meta-research" that counts the number of papers with swampland conjectures, and tries to please you. Maybe the number of such papers won't be too huge, after all, just a cubed googol so that the papers will require a similar number of visible patches of the Universe to store all the physicists who write them etc.

The point of the paper is clearly to humorously express the author's opinion that the number of papers about the swampland is too high. The detailed jargon-filled, science-like-sounding propositions aren't hard to invent in real time, I would probably end up writing a similar April 1st paper if I wanted to express the same point (although I hope that mine would be funnier).

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How holograms work

You may really look at the mouse hologram from different directions.

The holographic principle states that a theory of quantum gravity is secretly hiding the information about (spatially) 3-dimensional objects in a plane ("photographic film" or "holographic screen") that is just (spatially) 2-dimensional i.e. whose dimension is lower by one.

In both cases, the information about the extra dimension, the "depth of a point", is encoded in the typical wavelength of an interference pattern that appears on the screen. In some generalized sense, dinograms or stereograms do exactly the same but the holograms can really store the information even about points that are overlapping each other, not just about the "closest layer".

Let's try to explain how the image of a 3D object such as this mouse is encoded in a hologram a bit more quantitatively. We will need a coherent source of light which has the precise (angular) frequency \(\omega\). A laser. Dennis Gabor, a powerful Hungarian theorist, invented the holograms in December 1947 but the lasers only emerged as "real things" in 1960 and it took a few years for the holograms to be made, too. Gabor got the 1971 Physics Nobel Prize.

Impact of Covid within the Czech age-sex pyramid

According to the standard global Covid data, my Czech homeland is the world's #1 country above 1 million according to the "cases per capita" as well as "deaths per capita".

Note that this 2017 pyramid shows the local minimum of the width in the age of 15-19 which means that the "decline of the population" looked worst around 2000 and the natality started to grow again.

If we switch to our official national tables, the country of 10.7M (M is mega, a million) has detected 1.546M people as positively tested (14.4% of population) and 26,765 people have died with Covid so far (0.25% of population). It is generally agreed by the epidemiologists that the actual percentage of the population that has acquired Covid antibodies is at least around 50% and probably between 50% and 100% – and many of us think it is much closer to 100% than 50%.

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Facebook has banned the voice of Donald Trump

ItIsWhatItIs kindly informed me that the usual Google searches that have pointed to this website has disappeared. I cannot really validate such claims, your measurements will be welcome. It's possible that Google behaves differently according to users or their places.

Meanwhile, (mainstream conservative comedian of a sort) Steven Crowder's accounts were blocked on Twitter and especially YouTube, despite millions of subscribers (and millions of views per video). The Twitter suspension could be temporary (before it won't be); the YouTube has issued a hard one-week block along with the permanent demonetization.

While doing so, YouTube has violated all of its previously declared rules such as the pledge that individual channels whose content is distinct may only be punished separately. Crowder plans to "fight like hell".

But this other Orwellian act of the day seemed even more insane to me. Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, recorded the first video interview of Donald Trump after the fraudulent inauguration of Joseph Biden.

The 18-minute-long video above – which I took from her – sounds very relaxed, pleasant, yet important. It is about the decline of the U.S. under the Biden regime, the disappearance of the freedom of speech; the Southern border and other international topics; and the hope that he will return to D.C. She also posted it to a Facebook account and an Instagram account. What happened?

The status was deleted. But it is the explanation that Lara Trump has received which is absolutely shocking – and tragicomically so. In the wake of the previous ban of Donald Trump, "Facebook incl. Instagram doesn't allow the voice of the U.S. President Donald Trump anywhere on their servers". Wow. ;-) Any account that posts something with Trump's voice may be penalized, too.

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Pinball, heavy strings, black holes, saddles, and chaos

The new hep-th preprints mention the word "string" 27 times today – in 4 abstracts of new hep-th papers, 2 new cross-listed ones, and 2 replacements. I think that the most interesting paper in this "string set" is

Chaotic scattering of highly excited strings
by (QCD co-father) David Gross and Vladimir Rosenhaus. It is about some high-energy scattering, in this case that of heavily excited strings, the the chaos that it exhibits.

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RIP Petr Kellner, the greatest Czech financier ever

In the morning on Monday, millions of Czechs (starting with the likes of me) were shocked by the event that occurred on Saturday night, local time, near the Knix Glacier, 50 miles East from Anchorage, Alaska.

During heliskiing (which is skiing in which the lift is simply replaced with a somewhat more expensive helicopter), more precisely helisnowboarding, in their case (!), five people died when the Airbus AS350 B3 helicopter (the same model that landed on Mt Everest in 2005) crashed, including the wealthiest Czech, Petr Kellner. Snowboard champion David Horváth (CZ), 48, was the only survivor, he is hospitalized and in stable condition. The five killed in the Saturday accident were identified as (the guide) Gregory Harms, 52, of Colorado; Petr Kellner, 56, and Benjamin Larochaix (France-born snowboard coach and friend paid by Kellner), 50, both of the Czech Republic, and two Alaskans, (one of the best guides here) Sean McMannany, 38, of Girdwood, and the pilot, Zachary Russel, 33, of Anchorage, Alaska State Troopers said Sunday. See this local video that says something about the other men and the details of the event.

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Comenius, the father of modern education

On March 28th, 1592, John Amos Comenius was born to a Protestant family in South Moravia, in or near the Uherský Brod (the precise place is not known).

This "Teacher of Nations", as he is nicknamed in Czechia, or the "Father of Modern Education" or "Father of Christian Education", considered himself Czech and spoke (and wrote) Czech perfectly but his family name was actually Hungarian, Szeges (CZ translit.: Segeš; Hungarians' S and Š is interchanged relatively to Polish). Well, the adjective "Uherský" in the name of a town does actually mean "[Old Royal] Hungarian" in Czech and Hungary is not far.

A CSK [Czechoslovak koruna, a retroactively created acronym] 20 banknote with Comenius. He is also at the modern CZK 200 banknote.

Well, the most convincing birthplace is Komňa, a village in the UH District of the Zlín Region, because it would explain his Czech adopted surname Komenský (Latin: Comenius); the adjective based on Komňa is Komeňský which is almost the same LOL.

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Maximum generality isn't always the same as mathematical depth

An ATLAS excess: a new LHC paper has an interesting excess on Figure 6, Page 13, in the decay \(H\to aa\to bb\mu\mu\). The invariant mass \(m_{\mu\mu}\approx 52\GeV\). The confidence level is 99.95% (3.3 sigma) locally, 95% (1.7 sigma) globally. Note that in 2018, the CMS saw a dimuon excess at \(28\GeV\), close to a 2016-retro-seen \(30\GeV\) dimuon excess at ALEPH (LEP).
After he read my thoughts about the supremacy of physics-like proofs, Mr H. Turtledove (CZ) has exchanged a dozen of interesting e-mails with me that revolved around the importance, depth, mathematical ideas, physical ideas, and their relationships. I have tried to persuade him that the "fundamental depth in theoretical physics or string theory" is an entirely mathematical characteristic which is nevertheless important both in physics and in important mathematics. A mathematical characteristic may be crucial in physics because the laws of physics are constrained primarily (and perhaps only) by mathematics.

One obvious defining trait of mathematical thinking is the tendency to generalize. If you are asked to compute the total area of three yellow triangles and there is an obvious generalization to \(N\) yellow triangles, it is natural for you as a mathematically inclined person to solve the problem for a general \(N\in\ZZ\).

If you are a baby and you know how to generalize an insight to complex numbers, you should do it because that's what babies are all about. Similarly, if you're a schoolkid, you invent an interesting theorem, and you feel it could be generalized to \(D\)-dimensional shapes or cohomology or K-theory classes or derived categories of coherent sheaves, you should establish the generalization because that's what schoolkids normally do. ;-)

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Erdoğan's alternative "science" on interest rates

Turkish Rondo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, edition by Mrs Eva Pillarová. Note that the shabada lyrics coincides with that of Nohavica's song about the Arab who is touching Nohavica's wife.

The Turkish economy has displayed some high, 15% or so inflation rate. It would be unacceptable in almost all standard Western countries (and some others). In November, when the U.S. dollar was already worth some 8.40 Turkish liras (see USD-TRY charts), the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appointed a respected hawk Naci Ağdal to the central bank who has apparently tamed the inflation when he raised the interest rates from 10% to 19%. The lira appreciated up to 5.95 per dollar in mid February 2021.

However, one week ago, the dissatisfied president fired him and replaced him with an unknown dove and the lira instantly went from 7.2 to 8.0 (now) per dollar. What is remarkable is the the president's maneuvers are built on his "science" whose basic tenets are

The interests are the root of all evil.
High interest rates also cause high inflation.
Amusing and cute but dangerous.

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Covid mania has only supported junk science, not genuine science

Most of the Western countries have been putrifying under the influence of the New Left for years – contaminated and damaged by the evil activists with their woke culture, anti-male sexism, anti-white racism, anti-nation-state drive and the universal pro-migration globalism, the global warming hysteria, and a few more. But the coronavirus epidemics has sped up all these pathological tendencies and unified them into a wide, loosely connected stream of devastating political causes.

The support for the nationwide Covid restrictions belongs to the authoritarian left-wing corner of the political 2D plane (or 3D space) for obvious reasons:

  1. they restrict the individual economic freedom and gives the power to the central authorities and politicians teamed up with the self-anointed would-be experts
  2. the virus is a good excuse for the unprecedented redistribution of the money; the budget deficits are incredibly huge and mostly flow to the privileged classes and occupations and the well-connected people; a much greater portion of the people's income and wealth is being decided centrally, not by the free markets
  3. the memes about the existential threat are a good excuse to restrict even "political" civil rights such as the freedom of assembly, religious freedoms, and the freedom of speech
  4. indeed, the very human lives, the right to move, and the individual health was being nationalized (have you been annoyed by a doctor claiming that his or her expertise gives him or her the right to own and control your body?); billions of people have really lost their right to decide about their own bodies and health – these decisions, and indirectly the bodies themselves, belong to the self-anointed experts and/or their allied politicians and must behave in a way that serves the public health, as argued by the self-anointed powerful experts
There may be a few effects that I have forgotten and each of those that I didn't forget have many overlapping aspects and flavors. A priori, these effects are independent of each other and it may look like a coincidence that all of them are considered "left-wing". But it is not really a coincidence and these effects aren't really independent of each other because the left-wing recipe for the society is about (1) collectivism and (2) the elevation of groups that are said to be oppressed because they are unsuccessful in some way, and it is obvious why events such as the Covid epidemics help to strengthen the case for all these left-wing memes.

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More than a soccer match

Lots of Czech pundits, including former prime ministers Paroubek and Topolánek (and Klaus Jr who announced the end of his political career today), have expressed nearly identical opinions, with quite some insightful details.

Ondřej Kúdela in the typical half-red, half-white Slavia shirt.

I chose to translate this text by Patrik Nacher.

A commentary: more than a soccer match

The [Europa League] soccer match between Slavia Prague [the best team in Czechia right now, no loss in ~37 recent games, China-owned] and the Scottish Glasgow Rangers has unwillingly unmasked several aspects of the present which vastly transcend not only this single match but all of soccer and the sports as a whole. I have observed at least three interesting moments: Western vs Eastern Europe, verbal vs physical assault, and racism built on the presumption of guilt. And the double standards at numerous places were just some additional proverbial cherries on a pie.

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Gravitino must never be motionless? A swampland hypothesis

In a new hep-th paper

The Gravitino Swampland Conjecture
Edward W. Kolb, Andrew J. Long, and Evan McDonough (Chicago/Houston) propose a new swampland principle – a new condition that must be obeyed for an effective field theory coupled to gravity to be capable of a consistent completion to a regime of quantum gravity and/or string theory. They postulate a simple rule:
The gravitino speed must never drop to zero in any vacuum and any conditions.
If true, such an assumption also has consequences.

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Can India reach the average wealth?

India is one of the oldest civilizations, the largest democracy in the world, and the second most populous country on Earth. With 1.35 billion people, it is just a few pips beneath China which stands at the top with its 1.39 billion. But India's population will surpass that of China in a few years and should brag some 1.64 billion around 2050 when it will be the most populous country.

The average IQ of India is said to be 81, well below China's 104, but it changes nothing about the fact that most of the people in my region consider Indians to be our more suntanned cousins, members of the same race. The reasons are particularly obvious if you look at the language: the grand family is called Indo-European (or, in the Greater German realm, Indo-Germanic) for a good reason. Slavic languages end up being particularly close to Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language (but also to Persian), and the overlaps are sometimes so stunning that I would be willing to include Sanskrit among Slavic languages. Check e.g. this video.

Dissatisfied Czech citizens' manifesto

Written by Václav Klaus

We, the citizens of the Czech Republic, who – as is becoming increasingly manifest to us – aren't sufficiently politically represented in the government and the Parliament, are expressing our deep dissatisfaction with the state of our country and the conditions in it. They have been devastated by the catastrophic policies of our government which has evolved into a serious threat for freedom and democracy. The current distribution of the political forces makes us gravely concerned about the political evolution in the wake of the Fall 2021 Parliamentary elections, too.

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Superluminal spaceships vs common sense, special relativity

I was amazed by the number of people who are apparently "excited" by the – constantly recurring – claims that someone just made a big step towards spaceships that move faster than the speed of light. In the scheme of elementary science as I understand it, the failure to understand that superluminal objects are impossible in theory – and equally ludicrous in the engineering reality – represents the same proof of complete scientific illiteracy as the belief in the perpetuum mobile or omnipresent deadly geopathogenic zones, among many other things. Why are so many people not getting these basics – and returning to this stuff, often as if it were one of the greatest trends in physics?

It has been known since the 1905 discovery of the special theory of relativity by Albert Einstein that the localized objects in this world can never move faster than the speed of light (in the vacuum: 299,792,458 m/s). Massive objects can't quite reach it (although the LHC protons get extremely close, 99.999999% of the maximum speed, just 3.1 m/s below the limit); the photons (particles of light) and other massless particles are obliged to move exactly by the speed of light.

OK, so one of the parts of science that the proponents of the "warp drives" (a popular "brand" synonymous with the superluminal spaceships) are completely denying is the special theory of relativity. They don't really care and if you ask why they are denying this pillar of modern science, they may either tell you that 1) they don't trust it because of Einstein's ethnic origin, an explanation that is known as the "Aryan physics", or 2) they believe that Einstein's later theory, the 1915 general theory of relativity, allows us to suppress the basic conclusion of the special theory of relativity.

Hiroshima supernovae and the journalists' selection of science

Maxim Turbulenc's disco version of the "Dwarfs' Wedding", a fun Czech (originally) country music song by Rangers/Swimmers (and/or Zdeněk Svěrák [lyrics] and Jaroslav Uhlíř [music]? That was a bit confusing!). Numerous stories about the Snow White's seven dwarfs attending Dopey's (Shmoodla's) wedding in the forest, after Dopey returned from the military, are presented with cute diminutives everywhere; so e.g. someone played a little Mendelsohn on the little organ, and they were cooking meat in a little Papin's pressure cooker. When I translate it from the ultimately playful Czech language to the much less poetic English, it sounds so dull!

Yesterday, several people asked me about a catchy preprint

Actinide crystallization and fission reactions in cooling white dwarf stars
... by C.J. Horowitz, M.E. Caplan ...
because it was accepted to PRL, a widely admired journal, and lots of the media outlets have covered the story. The popular headlines obviously sound much cooler than the boring technical title above, e.g. New Paper: Space Is Full of Naturally Occurring Atomic Bombs. And I would say that in this rare case, these titles are eye-catching but fair summaries of the proposal.

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Supremacy of physics-like proofs

They lead to the greatest generalizations, deepest understanding

Theoretical physics is close enough to pure mathematics and the subjects greatly influence one another (although this intercourse was hyped as politically incorrect by several waves of misguided ideologues in mathematics such as the Bourbaki group). Many interesting findings in mathematics are inspired by physics and physics-like systems; physics needs the ideas and tools of mathematics to understand things rigorously.

One aspect of this relationship is the existence of mathematical proofs that are either originally found by physicists; or that are made simpler and intuitive by physicists. There are many examples but let us pick the identity that Carl Jacobi, a classical liberal who died young, incredibly proved in 1829.

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CDC vs. Common Sense

Guest blog by Dr Paul E. Alexander et al.

The death of Common Sense begins with the words initiated by the morass of Bureaucracy couched in safety and security. Indeed, and according to past President Ronald Reagan, the most frightening words to hear in the English language are para ‘We’re here from the government and we’re here to help you!’ The underpinnings of such beginnings appear benign and with benign neglect the malignancy storms through, metastasizing arboreally through the veins of the entire system. The world is seeing such a death these days.

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Marc Morano: Green Fraud

Marc Morano runs but I actually believe that it is just a small fraction of his amazing activities against the climate hysteria and its political consequences. I have previously enjoyed Climate Hustle 1 as well as Climate Hustle 2, professionally made, highly entertaining, and insightful movies. He has previously published The non-PC guide to AGW.

I was happy to read his new book that you should pre-order and that will be out on March 23rd, Green Fraud, and I am proud to be cited at about 5 distinct pages (not counting the notes) and to be among some three dozens of the people who are being thanked to. Why? Because Morano really is the world's #1 consequential climate skeptic from many perspectives, a point that is elaborated upon in Chapter 1.

Before you get to that chapter, you see that this book has been praised by heavyweights such as Sean Hannity, Will Happer, and the late Rush Limbaugh (plus Levin, Inhofe, Bozell). Later, you may read quite some entertaining praise from other sources – and feel the immense respect that is hiding in the colorful criticisms by his well-known foes. During the years, we have also seen quite some death threats that he got from global warming fanatics (or one of them with dozens of identities?). But that doesn't quite exhaust the diversity of the viewpoints on Morano as a man who excites others. I've seen numerous climate alarmists who were terrified of Morano because he's such a nice beloved uncle on TV. Even in Russia, kids "no longer want Pikachu, the want Morano" (ribionki Pikachu nye khochu, ribionki khochu Marca Morano). And he just sounds extraordinarily calm and organized yet humane.

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Edwin's understanding of QM: Part II, uncertainty and the weirdness of classical physics

If you haven't watched the first part of Edwin Steiner's online lectures on quantum mechanics, you are encouraged to click and listen to that first part because (like in serious physics), your new knowledge depends on the familiarity with the previous one.

At the beginning, Edwin returns to the very late 19th and early 20th century when the most important physics papers would be written in German. Sadly for Germany, around 1945, the European country lost its best Jewish physicists as well as the non-Jewish, i.e. Nazi physicists (I hope that this internal classification of the German-speaking physicists up to 1945 is accurate and detailed enough for the demanding readers!), and that's why Edwin switched to English as the lingua franca of physics, too.

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Feynman's puzzles answered by the principle of least action

Laissez-Faire principle of least action is a deep, philosophy-like wisdom of physics that isn't really taught and encouraged

We had discussions about many things including the Covid-19 strategies with a friend. Sweden has imposed almost no mandatory restrictions centrally. The country's curves (look e.g. at the deaths/avlidna in the lower right corner) look very smooth and organic. Covid-19 is largely over in Sweden and they had two almost identical waves. Each of them has killed some 6500 people. The second, winter-era wave had to arrive because the herd immunity obtained after the first, spring wave wasn't enough for the winter condition when the viruses spread more easily and \(R_0\) is higher.

"Do nothing" really is the best strategy, up to some details. We may go even further. It is a good idea to isolate the old and vulnerable people if you want to reduce the number of deaths but "prescribe nothing" is the best approach once again because the people will naturally shield themselves according to their fear which is generally correlated with their actual risks.

"Do nothing" is optimal in basically all of classical physics. What do I mean? I am talking about a class of problems that Richard Feynman has loved because they encode quite some part of the "real expertise of a theoretical physicist". He was surprised when he saw that many colleagues couldn't solve them.

Fake risk, fake growth stocks, and misallocation of capital

Bitcoin is the world's largest bubble, its total value is just over $1 trillion now. It's not a conventional stock although it is right to consider it a stock of a worthless company. Tesla was the other big bubble and almost reached the capitalization of $0.9 trillion. These are no longer negligible amounts of money – note that one trillion is about 1% of the global GDP per year. But these two are still just two tips of a more complex iceberg.

I've discussed one way to generalize these bubbles, the Gamestop and meme stock mania. We may look at all the stocks whose price is insanely inflated by totally dumb sheep, mostly retarded children, who have learned to read and who are using bizarre servers such as as sources of "orders what they will immediately do with the money but without any questions".

Gamestop, the most notorious meme stock, has reached some $400 before it returned at least to $40. However a new wave of insanity has brought the stock to the current price above $190 again. This kind of insanity won't evaporate before a sufficient number of these braindead sheep suffer or e.g. starve to death. But we live in a hyper-PC world where their extremely well-deserved misery is discouraged by the system which means that this kind of behavior is really encouraged. So this idiotic behavior will probably be a part of the world for a long time and although I am often an optimist, I expect this pathology to keep on growing.

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Extreme leftists react to the reopening of Texas

Two days ago, the governor of Texas (the state with the highest number of old-generation Czech Americans, and they know how to make koláče/kolaches there; search for Czech Texans on YouTube) Greg Abbott brought great news to his folks:

So no restrictions, no closure of shops or schools, and no mandatory face masks. The justification is clear. The Covid lockdowns have stripped the people of trillions of dollars, much of their freedom, fun of life, and there exists no indication that the lockdown U.S. states saw better (let alone significantly better) Covid-19 results from the medical viewpoint, see the map.

A huge fraction of the people who actually create values, like the small business owners (i.e. unlike the people who are comfortably living out of the taxpayer money, doing nothing or almost nothing, and pretending that they're morally superior despite being this kind of despicable parasitism!), have been existentially threatened. Some of them saw their dreams evaporate.

Gregor Wentzel and the path integral

Provoked by the previous blog post about the path integrals, Frank S. sent me two fascinating 1924 papers by Gregor Wentzel which "almost" defined the Feynman's path integral definition of quantum mechanics but two decades earlier (and a year before Heisenberg started quantum mechanics as we know it). If you find English somewhat more comprehensible than German, like I do, you may read a 1998 review of these papers by Salvatore Antoci and Dierck-E. Liebscher

Wentzel's Path Integrals (PDF may be downloaded there)
which probably contains more than what we will actually ever need, unless we plan to write a detailed book about the history of science. First, Wentzel may sound like a forgotten name. But on this blog, you find it in two previous texts. He had something to do with dispersion and Kramers etc. After all, Wentzel's name starts with a W, like WKB does, and indeed, he is also the first guy remembered in the WKB acronym. But how many people know what (J)WKB stands for now?

Just a Czech comment. Wentzel sounds very German because it's spelled in a German way. But it's just a Germanization of the Czech, Slavic name Václav. Why? Because the original form of the name, used some 1000 years ago, was Věnceslav (like Víceslav) which really means "more fame" or "more famous". Unless it literally means "wrath/crown of fame", as some sources say.

Ironically enough, "Boleslav" had the same meaning ("bole" is still a Russian word for "more"). Boleslav was the brother who murdered saint Václav. They were brothers but their first names had the same meaning. English adopted the old Czech "Věnceslav" as its (Good King) Wenceslaus, German shortened it to Wenzl or Wentzel, and modern Czech shortened it to Václav (or, colloquially, Vašek or Venca, the latter is probably a Bohemization of the German name Wentzel; note that Venclovský was the first Czech who swam over the English Channel while David Vencl – the surname is just a Bohemian respelled Wentzel – recently improved the world record in swimming under the ice to 81 meters, a great Czech dude)...

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Feynman's path integral & superpositions of histories

What happens in between is "everything", Feynman diagrams are another basis of the "space of histories"

In January, I was asked on Quora What happens in between the initial and final states in quantum mechanics. Well, everything happens and nothing happens or it's meaningless to say what happens. A basic principle of quantum mechanics is that the results of the measurements of observables \(L\), i.e. statements \(L=\lambda_i\) obtained by measurements, are the only facts. Quantum mechanics is a set of rules to predict or derive or explain some facts (or their high probability) from other facts. A theory in classical physics could be given this description but also a "more specific one", a classical model of something, but the more specific one has been impossible after the discovery of quantum mechanics.

Feynman's path integral approach to quantum mechanics is a very explicit way to see "in what sense" everything happens. Assuming some initial and final states (in a position-like basis, to simplify the questions about the bases of initial and final Hilbert spaces), the probability amplitude for a transition (i.e. the complex number that determines the matrix element of a unitary evolution matrix) may be calculated as\[ {\mathcal A}_{{\rm initial}\to {\rm final}} = \int{\mathcal D}x(t)\,\exp(iS/\hbar) \] where the infinite-dimensional integral goes over all trajectories \(x(t)\) connecting the points \(x(t_{\rm initial}) = x_{\rm initial}\) and \(x(t_{\rm final}) = x_{\rm final}\). If you consider generic initial wave functions, you must pre-add two additional integrals over \(x_{\rm initial}\) and \(x_{\rm final}\), the weights \(\psi_{\rm initial}(x_{\rm initial})\) and \(\psi_{\rm final}(x_{\rm final})\), and then the integral becomes the integral over literally all functions \(x(t)\) defined on the interval of time between the initial and final time (be sure that while I admire \(\rm\TeX\), it's faster for me to write these mathematically heavy sentences in words than in mathematical symbols!).

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Triangles in a row

My friend Prof Vlasta Dlab (Ottawa-Bzí) sent me his solution (which will appear in a Czech MathPhys Journal) to the following puzzle (well, its generalization from \(4\) to \(n\) triangles):

He was deeply dissatisfied with a solution of this puzzle on YouTube (posted in January 2021) because a part of that derivation is a blind application of a geometric formula (a sine formula for triangular areas) which doesn't really reveal the simplicity of the situation and its independence of angles, precise shapes... I completely agree with Vlasta. While the YouTube solution looks short, it uses an excessively heavy and irrelevant tool, and the person using these methods would probably waste too much extra time if he were supposed to solve a nearly isomorphic problem.

A good mathematician should look what matters and what doesn't matter. And an important point about this calculation of areas is that the angles don't matter at all! Correspondingly, you shouldn't be using the Pythagorean theorem, a sine formula for triangular areas, Heron's formula, and similar tools that deal with angles and, almost equivalently, with ratios of lengths of line intervals that go in different directions. In a good, conceptual solution, the "square roots of three" and similar things shouldn't appear at all (while they appear in the YouTube video).

SJW awokening harms mathematics more than communism did

At Twitter, PartTimeRacer has informed me about the essay (at "Common Sense With Bari Weiss", a brand that hasn't built name recognition with me so far)

There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math
by Sergiu Klainerman, a Romania-born Jewish male mathematics professor at Princeton. (Here we do try to maximize the information that readers might find important, and given the sociological focus of these discussions, rightfully so.) I have mentioned his name four months ago.


Klainerman is introduced as someone who left the Soviet bloc and who could do wonderful things in the U.S., partly because mathematics is a great equalizer. The solid method to look for the right and (to eliminate) wrong answers is universal across cultures, the beef of mathematics doesn't depend on the white race or any other group of humans in any way. Well, Klainerman is still PC in the sense that he likes to "assume" that mathematics skills are universal across cultures etc.

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Do dogs and cats depend on eating plants?

A better, more strategy-oriented, and more quantitative "life sciences" curriculum for kids should prevent people from becoming scientifically illiterate vegan or Luddite ideologues

Last night, aside from many other interesting things ;-), I "learned" from an amateur Prague-based public intellectual that it is great to feed dogs and cats with a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Also, it turned out that animals in Nature never fight and if an animal ever dies, it is only an animal that was going to die very soon, too. The predators are very decent and avoid any physical violence. It was entertaining to some extent but I just don't have the stomach to stomach similar things that come from an adult for hours (unlike cows that have four stomachs and can stomach everything, as we will see).

Two weeks ago, I argued that a proper and captivating education of history for kids should be filled with the basic capitalist financial literacy. Now, I think that that the kids' biology classes should be full of adventurous and emotionally relevant National-Geographic-style stories about animals, something that the kids become involved in, and something that should ultimately teach the logic of Darwin's theory, evolution, and natural selection to the kids.

In fact, these two proposals are completely analogous – in some sense, they are almost the same thing. Capitalism is a counterpart of the "struggle, competition, and cooperation between animals" that is brought to the world of investment and corporations. The reasons why capitalism and natural selection lead to improved well-being of the whole and progress are fundamentally the same.

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Edwin's understanding of QM: Part I, physics vs mathematics

Today I have listened to a large number of interviews, especially on the brilliant Free Universum Radio hosted by the smart opera singer Ms Martina Kociánová. But I also saw a 10-day-old quantum mechanical video with Edwin Steiner.

Millions of Czechs will strongly violate the draconian restrictions

It's often said that 40% of Czechs totally oppose most of the non-cosmetic Covid-19 restrictions and my reading of the in-real-life interactions as well as the Internet discussions agrees with this estimate (yes, of course, I am inside this 40% group). And yes, of course I think that this natural support for "ordinary freedoms needed to live ordinary lives at the individual level" (something that even all the foreign overlords respected at almost all times) is also the main reason why Czechia leads the world in the number of "Covid-19 cases" per million people – and I am proud about it. The number of Covid-19 cases really is a great approximation for a moral virtue in a nation. After the announcements last night, the anger in the discussions is intense and omnipresent.

Even though the Czech Parliament has refused to extend even the mild state of emergency that has existed so far, the Czech government has decided to introduce a new one with much more draconian measures from Monday, March 1st. So the face masks are mandatory outside and on the workplace; cloth masks aren't enough; two face masks or a respirator are needed in the public transportation (and...) and the grocery stores, almost all other shops are ordered to be shut down (exceptions are scheduled to drop by 50%, flower shops remain the most surprising exception, they're claimed to be open to remember the Covid victims but only 1-2 persons die in a district each day and what about the remaining thousands of flowers?).

But the restrictions on the movement seem most shocking and they almost resemble the Australian insanities. Every movement to another district (Czechia is divided to 76 districts plus Prague that will act as one district, good for them) must be justified by some incredible paperwork, a receipt from the employer or the doctor or something like that. So any "casual" movement in between the districts (like that of the people who have a romantic relationship in the adjacent municipality; or even the visit to parents or kids who live elsewhere) is claimed by the government to be banned from Monday (millions of people actively say that this is an inhuman restriction). One can walk a dog but only 500 meters from his home, and only during the day. Very shockingly, people who will be located on their cottage on Sunday night must stay there (or at least in the same district) for three weeks (the cottage will legally become their home for these purposes)!

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Prague's municipal court endorses a freshman, orders in-person learning to be restarted

Every court must have its opinions about what is legal and constitutional

As "citizen" has pointed out, the Municipal Court in Prague decided against a high school where teachers were getting a salary while not fulfilling their duty to teach a student in person (which is what teachers do at most schools not only in Czechia now, as you know). The freshman T.N. has sued the school and won. The essence of the verdict is the judges' opinion that the state of emergency that was started on February 15th (last Monday) is the same as the previous one and whose extension was vetoed by the lower chamber of the Parliament on February 10th.

Gymnázium Na Zatlance, the high school that lost a lawsuit and was ordered to restore the proper education

Because there is no legally valid state of emergency now, the school has no valid justification for not fulfilling its pedagogical obligations.

Now, the prime minister has used a sleight-of-hand by emphasizing that a "fundamentally new" state of emergency started on November 15th, after the regional governors asked the government to extend the state of emergency (a discussion with zero legal implications) despite the lawmakers' veto (according to the prime minister, the state of emergency was "new" and responding to "new conditions" but this is in no conflict with his assertion that nothing changed about the restrictions between February 14th and 15th). The prime minister wasn't too clear why the state of emergency with the same cause and the same justification would be "new". But he must have believed that simply by saying it was "new", the courts would consider it "new": maybe it is because you never enter the same river twice. To say the least, he wanted 10.7 million Czech citizens to believe a story like that and to behave as if the state of emergency had been lawfully extended. According to the law, the government has the right to declare a "new" state of emergency at any moment. The government has to inform the Parliament and the new state of emergency may be later terminated by the Parliament.

Yellen, Lagarde vs Bitcoin

Two weeks ago, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde said that Bitcoin was unlikely to be held by central banks, it is used for funny business. At about the same time, Elon Musk added the word "Bitcoin" to his Twitter profile. The Bitcoin price added some 15% in hours as a result – as millions of dimwits interpreted the comment as an order to BUY BUY BUY.

In the process of merging the two most notorious one-trillion bubbles of the contemporary crazy financial world, the uncompetitive carmaker Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and said that it would accept it as compensation. The supporters of Tesla and Bitcoin bubbles are highly overlapping sets of hopeless idiots. Thinking positively about one of these bubbles is quite a sign of the person's stupidity – but celebrating the hybridization of these two bubbles (in which all the risks amplify each other and the absence of any beef is illuminated from both sides) is probably yet another level. Of course, Tesla hasn't ever produced any real profit from cars so the Tesla profit from the appreciation of BTC surpassed all the conceivable profits of the carmakers that have something to do with cars. ;-) Imagine how fudged up the people have to be if they see nothing wrong about such "money" and such "carmakers". Do you really prefer a world where "producers" actually make their billions by manipulating millions of simpletons by ordering them BUY BUY BUY instead of producing useful, competitive products?

If your IQ happens to be below 70 but you were capable of learning to read, anyway, let me remind you that the fair Bitcoin price has always been and still is $0.00. Among Bitcoin cultists, this number $0.00 isn't applied too accurately, they are paying about $50,000 (and the peak was $58,354 a day or two days ago). In early 2019, the price at which the cult was trading the $0.00 Bitcoin was $3,100 (a local low). The 16-fold increase in these 2 years basically means that the number of dimwits who have been persuaded that it is clever to invest into this bubble grew by a factor of 16. Each of them evaluates the Bitcoin price inaccurately and the inaccuracy per person grew from the $3,100 discrepancy to $50,000, by the same factor of 16. That's why we could say that the total amount of stupidity contained in the Bitcoin cult actually grew with the second power of 16, by a factor of 256. I think that the people in this cult do believe that by collecting a sufficient number of dimwits and inflating the bubble to a huge enough size, they change the truth and $0.00 will be equal to $50,000 or something (just like when Bill Gates says that 2+2=4 is just a racist invention and other answers may be made more correct when minority SJWs are fighting hard enough). Sorry, idiots, it won't. The Bitcoin is still worth $0.00 and you are just a larger pile of more hardcore morons than what you were before.

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The Gates fund "math is racist" junk

The number of such shocking news is absolutely terrifying these days. But this one was particularly disappointing minutes ago:

Rantz: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation bankrolls ‘math is racist’ lunacy
...more at Google News...
Far left activists are spreading the "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction" for children who are 12-14 years old and this absolute garbage is being funded by Melinda and Bill Gates. You can find relatively recent blog posts (pre-Covid posts, however) where I was still expressing a hope that Bill Gates was far wiser than other billionaires who run similar charities and "charities". I've liked him as a "Microsoft fan" when I was an undergrad and my sentiments got even more favorable when I learned tht he coded the BASIC for my Commodore 64 which I have spent a lot of time with as a boy. But should these things be enough to give thumbs up to a man?

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Kosovo PM elect wants Kosovo to be annexed by Albania

Kosovo was the cradle of the Serbian statehood. In the recent century or so, Albanians over-migrated to this administrative region of Serbia (which was a part of Serbia even in the times of Yugoslavia) and over-copulated. The migration and the higher natality rate made them 90% of the population by now – well, it's been the case for a decade or two.

In 1939, when Adolf Hitler turned Czechia into the Protectorate of the Third Reich and bragged that he would be the greatest German at Valhalla ever, Benito Mussolini felt like the inferior member of the Axis and invaded Albania which was turned into a Protectorate of Italy. Well, he still remained inferior because Albania has always been heavily inferior to Czechia but let's not be distracted by such details LOL. This Italian-controlled Albania was supposed to expand to new territories including Kosovo but Mussolini and Hitler lost the war, Hitler wisely commited suicide, and victorious Serbia took control of Kosovo again.

In the 1990s, I was rather neutral about the Yugoslav wars. I had mixed feelings about almost everything. It was partly because like millions of Czechs, I still found some uncritical attitude to the West natural and the West wanted to punish Serbia. Poor Milošević – who was really nothing else than a Serbian clone of Joe Biden or something socialist like that – was promoted as the ultimate Devil. But I felt something really terrible was taking place. These days, and for a decade, I have no doubts that the Serbia were (and are) basically the good guys and the Kosovo separatists were the worst ones among the Serbia's foes. They were also responsible for drug sales, organ trafficking and other things.

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Irreversibility of measurements is straightforward

For some reasons, the recent 24 hours brought an explosion of the confused talk about the irreversibility of quantum mechanics (and especially the measurements in it).

Well, people have posted lots of other crazy stuff about quantum mechanics. For example, the dog with many phase-shifted legs above, one created by the Czech 3D artist in London, Mr Ondřej Zunka, is surely totally cool. But the idea that this animation has anything to do with the way how our quantum mechanical Universe works is dumb beyond imagination. Quantum mechanics doesn't add many new legs to the dogs. Quantum mechanics just makes the uncertainty about the existing legs more unavoidable and adds some new causal relationships between the properties and their uncertainties.

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American patriots, Second Amendment fans should celebrate the purchase of Colt by CZG

First, read some news about the purchase.

I must start with the proud disclaimer that I hold some stocks in CZG, the Czech Armory (Česká zbrojovka Group), a position that I doubled on Thursday.

Here is a monologue by a man who thinks that the operation (which was officially announced as completed on Thursday night, some stamps from regulators are waiting) is good news. So first, Colt is a legend, especially in Czechia.

Czech state of emergency should be over from Monday

On Thursday, I spent at least 5 hours by listening to the Czech Parliament (the lower house) which discussed the government request to extend the state of emergency again (the current one has been in place since late September). The state of emergency isn't quite the same thing as a lockdown; but they are closely related because the state of emergency is a legal framework that allows the government to do potentially harmful things that it simply cannot do otherwise, at least not without very special ad hoc justifications. They include the closure of all non-essential shops in an area. Our non-essential shops are closed now (although they were opened in December for weeks) and even some supermarkets are not allowed to sell non-essential goods (I couldn't clearly see the difference, however, the rules must be confusing).

Communists whose votes are needed to keep the minority government (coalition of ANO i.e. the billionaire PM Babiš and the social democrats) in power already had doubts about the extensions of the state of emergency in the past. They often succeeded in reducing the duration of the extension but it didn't matter because the state of emergency was later extended again, anyway. Now they helped to cancel it which finally could matter. Only ANO and social democrats want to continue. Other lawmakers have adopted the prevailing view of the Czech public that it is just too heavy a weapon that doesn't really bring much of an improvement in anything. The government hasn't been able to refine its policies so that the people would feel that the policies help more than they harm.

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PandaX-II seems to slightly strengthen XENON1T's hints of dark matter particles

The recent Chinese 3D remake of the legendary cute Czech Little Mole features a new, bigger friend of the Central and Eastern Europe, I mean of the little mole, namely the People's Republic of China, I mean a big fat panda. ;-) This was the first episode among many.

This blog post is very brief because I don't think it's a good investment of time to write full-blown texts. But as you know, the hints of any new particle behind the Standard Model are extremely weak or almost non-existent.

Last June, Elena Aprile and her XENON1T folks (yes, one ton of xenon in the detector) saw some

Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T
(not to be confused with nuclear recoil events that they also like to observe) which represented the excess around 3.0-3.5 sigma above the background.

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French public, elites will fight cancel culture

The demagogy and terror spread by the unhinged new leftists is often presented as an inevitable trend. They are so strong and they will win everything, I often hear from people who otherwise pretend to be my allies. With such "allies", who needs enemies? The actual fact is that the fans of cancel culture are intrinsically super-weak, worthless, easy-to-suppress stinky worms and if you consider these worms your "unavoidable future overlords", it is because you are an even weaker, more pathetic, collaborationist pile of manure. Your weakness and collaborationism may be a greater problem than the worms themselves, especially if you allow me to count tens fo millions of snowflakes like you.

In the wake of the woke scum's contamination of the universities in the U.S. and similar enough institutions in similar enough countries, these collaborationists often claim that it is equally unavoidable that this lying poison will also take over all of Europe and many other places. Oh, really? Two days ago, Satoši Nakamoto wrote an interesting text for the New York Times about the moods in France:

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So
French politicians and academics are largely dismissing the pathologies or an "intellectual matrix" (the words of the French education minister) that are being "entirely imported" from the U.S. and that threaten France. Emmanuel Macron, the president who has tried to maintain his "centrist" image and didn't discuss these important questions in the past, said that the woke garbage from the U.S. universities "ethnicizes the social question and breaks the republic in two".

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Why civilization owes everything to capitalism: a lesson of a new subject

I spent about five more hours on the phone with someone whom I understand rather well. But when I heard that all the landlords are parasites, all rents are excessive, and people have the human right in live in their real estate, well, I saw that the understanding has some limits.

It seems to me that schools should be teaching some kind of economic and financial literacy – and especially the basics of capitalism, what it means, and why it statistically directs mankind in the optimum direction. Such a subject could be combined with history.

A screenshot of Android apps, widgets

This is an extremely simple and unimportant blog post: 7 commented screenshots of screens with apps and widgets on my tablet, Huawei MemoPad M5.

Nevertheless, I believe that simple "real life" blog posts are rare on the web.

Incidentally, it is an amazing tablet with a great display, thin and formidable metallic construction, impressive audio, fast and reliable fingerprint reader, good enough battery, fast charging etc. I haven't turned it off for 18 months and it's doing great. The Amazon URL goes to a 10-inch one, I have a smaller one.

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Fat tails of sub-freezing temperatures

For a decade, since the freezing winters 2008-2011 or so, the chilly weather and deep snow has been relatively rare in Czechia – e.g. here in Pilsen. Well, it's different now. After the safely above-the-normal rainy weather 2020 that ended the ludicrous fearmongering about the once-in-500-years drought (see the maps at; even one meter of soil is saturated with water almost everywhere now), we also enjoy a standard old-fashioned white winter.

People are cross-country skiing in Pilsen and downtown Prague. Yes, the links offer you skiers on the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square (this photo of the mayor of Prague over there is pretty cool, indeed), and kids bobsleding near the Prague Castle (the minister of interior claims that the Petřín Slopes aren't slopes and cops may collect up to $500, oh, really? I hope they won't try to fine Borat.).

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JT supergravity and SYK described as type 0B strings

One of the themes that string theorists and string-like theorists recently spent time with is the JT (Jackiw-Teitelboim) supergravity. It's some gravitational theory in 2 spacetime dimensions. Well, there aren't too many gravitons and other things propagating in such a low spacetime dimension. But you may calculate \(Z(\beta)\), a partition sum.

I consider this theme a "microrevolution" because it doesn't quite reach the threshold of excitement for a minirevolution. This JT supergravity, a 2D dilaton gravity, has been linked to the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK, random magnets) 1D quantum mechanical model which is pretty much a holographic description ("CFT") for this quantum gravitational theory.

OK, such "apparently non-stringy" quantum theories of gravity are always risky. The low spacetime dimension means that many of the methods and principles that operate in realistic quantum gravity in 4-11 spacetime dimensions may become invalid. Nevertheless, it is a highly justified position to assume that all truly consistent theories of quantum gravity should be a part of string/M-theory. Is that true for the JT supergravity?

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Edwin Steiner's video about "plus" in between the wave functions

Many of you know Edwin Steiner.

He sent me the following video that he has recorded about quantum mechanics, about the "plus" in quantum mechanics, in between terms in the Hilbert space (i.e. a video about the "superpositions"). After years of his smart comments, I am confident that he understands the universal postulates (and rules) of quantum mechanics and a quick review confirms that. Well, he does say that the "plus" means "OR" (just like in the probability distributions), not "AND", as many popular books like to erroneously say.

I would have preferred if we dedicated more time to the physical relevance of the relative phases between the terms (which is a way to describe the main difference between the classical and quantum case).

Shortsellers are neither evil nor mathematically impossible

And if you weren't a brainwashed imbecile, you would occasionally be a shortseller, too

The GameStop mania is a religious movement involving millions of staggering and overwhelmingly young idiots who believe that

* shortsellers are extremely evil and to fight them, you have to sacrifice everything
* they are doing something that doesn't even mathematically make sense
* by panic buying a shorted stock for a price that is overstated by a factor of 10-1,000, all the participants are going to make astronomical profits

This kind of stupidity just leaves me utterly speechless (by the way, I am instantly banning every commenter who shows any inclination to believe either of these amazing propositions because interactions with creatures who are this dumb simply terrify me and I won't allow the comment sections to become unfiltered cesspools).

The situation is probably even worse than it seems. According to a Harvard College Consulting Group research, 31% of U.S. "investors" below 24 want to make a "quick cash" (I immediately imagine the "lawyer" from Idiocracy who said that he liked money) and about the same percentage (around 30%) use Reddit as a recommendation what to do. The number of registered users of WallStreetBets sub-Reddit grew from 3 million to 7.7 million in a week but a much larger number of people follow the forum without any registration.

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Czechia had fewer deaths in 2020 than in 1990

By 0.1%-0.3% from the truly absolute numbers + 0.3% from the extra day of a leap year + 0.4% from the population growth

Up to a moment in October 2020, I tended to believe that Czechia (and many other countries) wouldn't see a significant increase in the total number of deaths per year (2020). It became clear to me when the first self-evidently elevated numbers from late September 2020 were coming out at this web page of the Czech Statistical Office (and especially in this table; you should download an updated version of the "tab" file if you read this text after January 2021). Suddenly, it was clear that the deaths with Covid were mostly real extra deaths due to Covid, indeed.

The graph is taken from this page of the Czech Statistical Office where I picked the maximum interval 1814-2019. The year 2020 will add a death dot at the level of the 1990 death dot. Imagine that I spent 5 minutes by editing the picture above.

The worst weeks of 2020 brought us ~4,200 deaths instead of 2,100 deaths which is normal in a week, a true doubling. Surrounding months saw 3,000 per week or so, the increase by 50 percent or so.

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Energy conservation holds in quantum mechanics

Sometimes (and increasingly often), totally wrong and dumb papers are accepted by An example is a quant-ph paper

Energy Non-Conservation in Quantum Mechanics
by Sean M. Carroll and Jackie Lodman which should have prevented the authors from passing the most elementary undergraduate course of quantum mechanics but it didn't. Instead, we live in the era when the mass media are intensely misinforming and indoctrinating the readers so you may read a promotion of this pseudoscience at the moderately widely read blog of the male co-author.

OK, they claim that the only meaningful conservation of energy in quantum mechanics is the conservation of the expectation value of the Hamiltonian; that this is violated; that this violation can be arbitrarily large; that this violation cannot be attributed to the energy of the observer or the apparatus; and that the "many-worlds interpretation" makes all these questions more controllable. Each of the five statements is absolutely and fundamentally wrong.

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GameStop: the steps that deflated the bubble are even more outrageous than the bubble itself

I didn't expect Wild West financial market trading of masses to be a flavor of the first weeks of the new far left regime in the U.S. However, as I described in the previous blog post, "anti-shortseller activists" at Reddit WallStreetBets have targeted several stocks and drove their prices to insane levels. They included mainly GME, AMC, NOK, BB, and BBBY. Nokia is the only one in the list whose current price remained close to the widely perceived intrinsic value; BlackBerry is second. The rest are just insane bubbles created by the kids who put their life savings whatever the price is, just like what they have done with Tesla and Bitcoin.

GameStop Corp, a network of outdated videotape and game media shops in the dirty passages, became the most important target of the group. The stock price was a bit below $20 on the first days of 2021; some hedge funds thought it was still too much. If you click at the hyperlink in this paragraph, you will see the incredible growth up to $470 earlier today (the price doubled in a day and it has done so many times). Because the company has 70 million shares, the two numbers translate to $1.4 billion and $33 billion, respectively. Yes, by capitalization, the GameStop company became a bit bigger than Nokia itself. Well, it is no longer the case.

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WallStreetBets Reddit & Robinhood: a herd distorting the markets

Even a broken herd may be right about once a decade

I have been aware of the insane Tesla and Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) bubbles which show how (mostly) the Millennial generation makes the markets – or at least the price discovery – dysfunctional. But those are just the most extreme tips of an iceberg. This new culture of hyper-conformist obedient sheep that are tied to the social media has an effect on many other corners of the financial markets.

Well, sometimes the effect may be healthy and push the prices towards fairer values (but I believe that it is mostly a coincidence when it is so).

For some time, I have been aware of the Robinhood trading platform. I didn't pay much attention to it. It looked like another platform – why should it matter what you use to trade your stocks and options? You should register at and download the app there (Robinhood may be found in the app store). There are alternatives (such as Webull, also search) but it seems that "virtually everyone" who belongs to the sheep culture simply must use Robinhood.

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Petr Kellner's transactions look like pure, clever, and ethical capitalism to me

Petr Kellner is the wealthiest Czech. A Forbes list shows his current net worth as CZK 293 billion (USD 1 = CZK 21.5 now; so it is $13.6 billion). The following four men, Vítek, Křetínský, Babiš (the prime minister), and Komárek, only have CZK 86-71 billion.

Kellner became his convincing journey towards being an almost crown billionaire soon after the Velvet Revolution when he founded some PPF funds that participated in the voucher privatization (only 11th by size at that time). By now, he has lots of assets in Russia and China (he probably wants to exit the latter because it's not really safe), especially the global Home Credit company. In Czechia, by now, he has acquired either 100% stakes or majorities in the O2 big telecommunication company, Cetin the telecom infrastructure, Air Bank, Home Credit CZ and SK, Czech Pojišťovna Insurance (with Generali), CETV with the largest commercial TV NOVA, Škoda Transportation making trams and trains here in Pilsen, a CZK 0.25 billion horse for his daughter that Bill Gates couldn't afford, and lots and lots of other things (in his PPF Group).

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Why should we be afraid of the new Joe Biden Administration?

By 2nd President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus

The unexpected, violent, albeit totally chaotic, disorganized, planning nothing and signalling nothing incursion of the Trump supporters (but also all other groups that love any attack against the official institutions, regardless of their ideological underpinnings) into the U.S. Capitol has diplaced all the serious and highly desirable debate about the new president. Biden has been successfully "promoted" to a position that cannot be debated and cannot be criticized and this promotion was an amazing move, whether it was preplanned or it just exploited the events a posteriori.

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