Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Democrats' Senate takeover is a national, global catastrophe

It seems that both Senate seats will go to the Democrats, the worthless young empty suit and the problematic reverend. Joe Biden is destined to become the U.S. president, the Democrats possess a narrow majority in the House, and they will have 50-50 in the Senate which really means a Senate majority because in these conditions, the VP (which will be Kamala Harris) may submit the decisive 51st vote.

Inkspillers have been brainwashing the increasingly stupid readers with lots of conspiracy theories and stories about the Armageddon, the non-existent global warming crisis, the new Covid Black Death which is really just a new and therefore more deadly flu-like strain, and other things. But logically enough, today, when the world's only superpower made the crucial steps towards the abyss, you can't learn about the actual looming Armageddon from any "mainstream" place.

I feel too demotivated to write a deep analysis about the ongoing events. If someone hasn't understood that in these conditions, a Democratic Party's full control of the power is a catastrophe, he or she won't get it, anyway. The problem is that lots of people are (and probably have been for decades) easily manipulable and the far left filth has overtaken the tools that can shape the opinions of the largest number of people. It's been said that the old media were dying but they were still crucial for the manipulation, for the rigged elections, and also for the fact that Democratic candidates could have won in such a traditional red state in the Confederacy, Georgia.

The contemporary Democratic Party is a coalition of self-serving, whining, demagogic, malicious, dishonest, lying, unhinged creatures of various kinds that are pretty much able to do anything to gain and maintain the power. My homeland, Czechoslovakia, got similar scum in 1948 and we could only get rid of that scum 41 long years later. And I find it rather clear that the U.S. Democrats are worse (and probably much worse) than the Czechoslovak communists between 1948 and 1989.

Along with their disgusting allies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, they will probably make sure that sensible people won't ever win again – and by sensible people, I mean the people who are vaguely on the same frequency with Trump or with other people who were canceled by the left-wing filth. The 2020 U.S. presidential election was self-evidently rigged but the future elections will be even more rigged. I think that the genuinely politically relevant confrontation will move to the Democratic Party primaries. It might be a good idea for many Republicans to try to become Democrats and take over the Democratic Party instead.

But I can't really imagine how any of this could succeed. The extreme leftists are destined to take over the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is an old-fashioned, somewhat more moderate, politician but he is also a demented useful idiot who will wait to be liquidated by his hardcore comrades. If they won't be able to remove him peacefully, they may remove him violently. It is rather likely that he won't last long before he is replaced with Harris but even Kamala doesn't have to be the last word.

The creatures who want the complete power over the U.S. are the likes of AOC, BLM, and similar junk. They want to destroy the traditional U.S. economy by the Green New Deal-like insanities. (Greta Thunberg was 18 on January 3rd and said she will never buy new clothes again. This is the intellectual level of many of these people.) They want to ban most of the English language, most of the history, most of the memorials, museums, books, movies. They want to cancel legitimate scientific research because almost any genuine scientific research shows that the left-wing ideology stands on lies and nothing else than lies.

These people will probably hugely increase taxes and hurt most of the U.S. businesses, corporations, and their hard-working employees. There will be quotas for women and minorities. On top of that, the new powerful folks will likely ban some/most restaurants, businesses, schools, churches while using Covid as an excuse; truly sick combinations of the Covid hysteria and the climate hysteria will probably be promoted to deindustrialize the U.S. further. Corporations helping to maintain the nasty creatures' power will probably enjoy nice and increasing profits; and so will the subsidized businesses whose image is helpful for the far left ideology (such as the utterly worthless and loss-making Tesla Inc.). Everyone who is doing something valuable will be trampled upon and gradually, increasingly stripped of his influence, the prestigious status, income, and the accumulated wealth, too. Lazy morons, liars, and parasites of assorted types will thrive. The U.S. will gradually stop producing anything useful.

The loony Left will make sure that the other Democrats are obedient. The Democrats are members of that party because they are fundamentally compatible with the neo-Stalinism of the rising progressive fringe. And make no mistake about it: the anti-Trump part of the GOP is compatible with it, too. They will do nothing to counter the destruction of America. They have never done nothing. The people who are sane and who have a spine – like Tulsi Gabbard – have been or will be repelled from the Democratic Party and therefore from the power, too.

Kilotons of scum from the loony left as well as the corrupt older Democratic Party establishment will get important chairs. Hardcore Marxists Sanders will supervise budget issues. Victoria Fuck-the-EU Nuland will be an Under-Secretary of State. If I wanted to vomit soon, I would add a dozen of additional examples.

If you are sufficiently well-known for doing the right things in politics and if you are in the U.S. at the same mooment, you really need to think about escaping the country before it is too late. Also, it's possible that the meme that "this is not the Armageddon" will be nurtured for some time and the stock market may be OK up to the end of the Trump presidency and maybe longer. But I think it's the right time for the disinvestment. America is no longer a country of the free, it is no longer a country of the future. I am surely going to sell generic enough funds or companies that scream "American". You may want about these matters, too. I can imagine that the U.S. stocks will keep on going up but a reason I want to disinvest is that I don't want to have some stupid personal reasons to hesitate about the bombardment of a new evil empire which may become an extremely good idea sooner than we expect.

P.S.: The Patriots' January 6th siege of Washington D.C. was exciting (even though the 3 casualties were sad). Yes, we can, they could say. They have achieved a lot but it's clear that there was no plan: it seemed that they were surprised that it was easier to take over the Congress than they had expected and they just didn't know how to gain a tangible advantage from that advance. In the near future, the Patriots need to know how they exploit the access to important places in order to retake the government. It is also possible that a siege of the Silicon Valley companies could be more useful than a siege of the D.C. Also, with some optimism, some politicians may be a bit fearful about their survival (during a similar next revolt) and they may behave less insanely than without that fear.

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