Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hard left at Google, Apple, Amazon teamed up to nuke Parler

Everone who has both a spine and a clue about politics is threatened and needs to fight real hard

Donald Trump still had two weeks of his presidency left but the toxic Stalinist stuff pretending to be human beings already had enough self-confidence to ban his accounts at Twitter (his main tool to communicate with the world's most important politician's constituents), Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere. Imagine what they will be doing to him and others when he's actually out of the White House! An Online Night of Broken Glass followed; tons of very decent people saw their channels and profiles disappear. Many users who were accidentally left saw a substantial decrease of the number of followers (mine dropped 3%) and some of us were blaming the followers. "They must be traitors who unfollowed." No, they were victims who were nuked by the unhinged hard left herd and their fate was worse than the fate of a user who just saw a numerical decrease in the number of followers.

Needless to say, the excuses for this barbarian activity were complete lies. "Trump has incited violence", dumb people were led to believe, "so he must be treated just like these creatures' comrade Stalin treated the inconvenient people in the USSR." In reality, Trump has incited no violence. He only invited genuine Americans to Washington D.C. for a peaceful rally so that they could express their dissatisfaction with the self-evidently rigged election – much like some voters do in Belarus and elsewhere – and that's what happened. The protestors broke a few windows – and no one is sure who were the particular people who did it – and they could enter the Congress (a video shows that a cop invited them in), enjoying the office of a nasty witch and other places for a while. But a visit to the Congress is not violence, unlike the horror that the BLM, Antifa, and related terrorist organizations were making last summer. The only violence was done by the cops who killed four genuine Americans.

The most shocking death (captured on heartbreaking videos) was the death of Ms Ashli Babbitt of San Diego, 35, an Iraq War veteran. She was killed just because she was close to a door. This time, because the victim was a great, accomplished, and innocent human being with a heart and not a pile of excrements, the lying and disgusting far left media didn't complain about the death of an innocent civilian caused by the police at all – like they did in the case of a hardcore and dangerous criminal George Floyd who got what he deserved. They only whine when trash is rightfully terminated because they are trash and they are self-serving trash.

The Online Night of Broken Glass kept on escalating and still on Friday, Google erased the Parler app from the App Store. So much for the outrageous useful idiots' claims that you can simply start your own platform if you don't like that the Silicon Valley neo-Marxist monopolies are increasingly executing their "right" to rob billions of people of their free speech. Apple gave a 24-hour ultimatum to Parler: "You must include massive censorship tools to the app that will be used to censor every truth that the far left scum finds inconvnient (in the same way that has been taking place on Twitter and elsewhere for years)." Yes, they are now totally open that they are building a full-blown totalitarian society and the censorship of conservative, true, or common sense content is every company's "duty". Parler couldn't do it and didn't want to do it (because it would contradict the very reasons for Parler's existence which is to satisfy the people's demand for a free speech platform) and indeed, 86,400 seconds after the ultimatum, Parler also disappeared from the Apple Store (a few hours ago) even though it was the #1 News App in the U.S. at the moment.

The two apps were already obliterated but the Twitter competitor may be accessed via at this moment. Too bad, Amazon, another filthy company, has already announced that it will nuke even at the level of the web browsers in less than a day at midnight – because Amazon's AWS services are being used to store all the data by Parler now. Parler has indicated that it won't be able to recover for a week – and maybe never.

Aggressive hard left activists, online terrorists, professional liars, and coitused-up parodies of human beings – many of which are masquerading as "journalists" – are demanding the increasingly shocking (so far online and professional) liquidation of everybody who isn't the same kind of lying worthless toxic waste as they are. And if the people at the companies aren't full-blown piles of feces of the very same political kind, they are at least spineless cowards who pretty much always comply. The same comment may be said about the "moderate Democrats" and even RINOs – all of them have turned to or are turning to petty tools used by the radical left to destroy the Western civilization.

The erasure of the U.S. president's online presence was the first step in the recent terrifying escalation; the deletion of competing apps from the dominant App Stores was another; and Amazon indicates that these terrorists won't hesitate to destroy whole servers and the availability of the non-Marxist content through regular web servers (clearly, this website is massively threatened as well) because the servers serving the content and kidnapped by the hard leftist proteins and lipids will refuse to do so. But even that doesn't have to be the last step. The terrorists may decide to "improve" the Internet browsers and ban all the politically decent and honest content at the level of the Internet user.

For a while, Microsoft – which is located near Seattle – may resist. I urge you to have some MS Windows gadgets and to switch from Google Chrome to the newly identical (Chromium-based) Microsoft Edge (everything may be imported) because those could provide us at least with some extra time. Maybe we should learn to use Unix once again, too. Also, create an e-mail account at as a ready-to-use replacement for Gmail; use (and apps) instead of Google Maps; and look for other options, maybe ideally outside the U.S. because all the non-Marxist U.S.-based web services may be liquidated. It might be good if some conservatives collected money and bought a majority in a company like Nokia or Ericsson, to make sure that the network devices to spread the mobile data won't be compromised by the Stalinists' project of universal censorship. And maybe some counter-action – a ban on the left-wing lies on the mobile data networks – could be an ugly but helpful move.

And things may get even worse afterwards. The online left-wing terrorists may blackmail Internet providers and censor the inconvenient content at the level of the Internet packets. Obedience to the metastasizing far left cancer may even be mandatorily incorporated to the Internet routers. What may arrive to the country previously known as the U.S. may be the Great Firewall of China on steroids (and the terror is unlikely to stop at the online level, sadly). It is pretty clear that they are more fanatical than any living Chinese communists; I think that they are more fanatical than the enthusiastic employees of Stalin and Pol Pot combined. They are completely unhinged scum.

The pernicious processes that are taking place between Canada and Mexico right now aren't some business-as-usual events in the technical world or the business world. They are a dramatically escalating cultural revolution led by poisonous proteins that have zero (or negative) respect for even the most basic values of the Western civilization – and for your rights, freedom, dignity, and life. Some silly recommendations "try this server or another instead" probably won't help because all "smaller players" on the Internet will be liquidated or existentially threatened if they are inconvenient for the Stalinists. Genuine Americans who want to save their country must deal with the underlying causes of the ongoing transformation, the hard leftists, at the level of proteins, not at the level of quaternary symptoms, and use those martial arts where they have an almost guaranteed edge over the aggressive but physically decaying Stalinist snowflakes. The U.S. democratic republic that has existed from 1776 has obviously ceased to exist and it was superseded by a totally different regime. The political decisions are no longer determined by the free people; it is a loose (but no longer too loose) union of powerful interests that dictates what the people should think and say instead. You must stop pretending that the leftist, pathologically mutated proteins are equal to you – they are just worthless and hazardous biological material – and you need to end this new, hopefully short-lived, regime and start the democratic republic from scratch while intruducing the necessary changes that will make sure that similar events as those that we are seeing won't be repeated, at least not in a foreseeable future (it seems clear to me that anyone who has supported this far left insanity must be stripped of his or her political rights). If you fail to do so, your country between Mexico and Canada will also become an existential threat for the rest of the (not only) Western world and it will have to be treated as such.

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