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In Norway, the vaccines might kill more people than Covid itself

Even more extreme results may apply to Australia and others

A natural Norwegian cure for diseases is distilled six times.

Norway is an extremely rich Nordic country of 5.4 million people. Some of its profits come from oil – and they are already buying a greater number of electric cars than proper cars. If you want to save the Earth from the "evil" CO2, you first need to extract a sell a huge amount of fossil fuels! ;-)

The media have reported that Norway has vaccinated 33,000 people against Covid so far. Most of the vaccines were Pfizer; some were Moderna. It's being said that the vaccination "focused" on the elderly and vulnerable. Soon after the vaccination, 23 of these 33,000 died. In 13 of them, an autopsy has already showed that the vaccine was a contributing, basically decisive, factor.

The authorities said that these lives don't matter because they were mostly old and terminally ill. The death of such people after another person pricks them doesn't matter; the death only matters and must be hyped as the end of the world if the very same people die naturally of Covid-19!

It seems likely that for almost all or strictly all of the 23 people, the vaccine will be similarly demonstrated to be a major cause of the death. Now, we would need to know which groups were vaccinated so far and how representative or non-representative of various cohorts the people were. Note that 13-23 of 33,000 is 1 in 1400-2500 people (in the opposite order). So within a group, the fatality rate is comparable to 1 in 1,000, much like Covid's case fatality rate (which is probably 1 in 500 in the overall population, i.e. 99.8% survival rate).

But a rich country like Norway has a lot of old people, namely 230,000 above 80 years of age. If all old people above 80 were invited for the vaccination in a representative way, 1/2500-1/1400 of these people i.e. 90-160 people above 80 years of age would die of the vaccine at the end (if everyone is vaccinated). If you assumed that the 33,000 were representative of all cohorts and health conditions, then 1/2500-1/1400 of all 5.4 million i.e. 2100-3900 people would die from the Covid vaccine. That would be huge. So far, Norway only has 511 Covid deaths. Of course, the estimates may end up being much lower as well, assuming that most of the 33,000 people so far were simultaneously old and seriously ill!

The people who have access to the data about the age and health status of the vaccine casualties should make the calculation above properly and calculate the obvious estimate of how many people in Norway will die because of the vaccine. If they get a number that is greater than 511, then the vaccination should better stop.

These news about the lethality of the vaccine show how extremely dangerous the strategy to "lock the nation down and wait for a vaccine to be given to everyone" (so that you basically avoid the epidemics completely) really is. And Australia is among the countries that most obviously follow this strategy (even though it seems like no one felt the duty to explain why the insane restrictions have exactly taken place at all). It may happen that once the mass vaccination starts, it will become very obvious that the vaccine will kill vastly more Australian people than Covid has so far! Is it ethical to kill thousands of Australians with the explanation that a somewhat greater number could die if the Covid started to grow in the small continent?

The Pfizer vaccine is more violent than all other vaccines that were delivered to millions of people so far. The fatalities show that the idea that the vaccine is a perfect, problem-free cure for a problem is a lie. The natural immunity obtained by the nations' exposure to the new disease should always be the Plan A in the case of any disease with a similar, relatively low, case fatality rate. Nations that pretend that governments or cancel culture warriors may cancel the diseases, much like they cancel the freedom on the Internet, undergo huge risks. It's possible that Australia, after a year or two of frantic lockdowns, will conclude that they were useless and it's better to allow the virus to propagate as naturally as elsewhere, anyway.

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