Thursday, January 21, 2021

Parasites, retards, scum, terrorists gained full power in the U.S.

I don't consider myself an optimist but I did hope that some adults in the room would emerge after the rigged 2020 U.S. presidential election and prevent the inauguration of the last leg of a full Democratic Party government in some way. It didn't happen. Trump escaped D.C. as if it were not a big deal. Genuine Americans were defeated, betrayed, and pißed upon by creatures that don't belong to the U.S. at all but they were able to take over the superpower, anyway. The destruction of the U.S. as it has existed since 1776 has utterly demoralized and demotivated me but my apparent impression that virtually no one seems to care about the actual castrophe is even worse.

If you are just another opportunist spineless rat, like millions of others, a rat that may even be willing to collaborate with the new powerful, you probably don't have a clue how much work had to be done by the people who have a moral compass to slow down the decline of the Western civilization in the recent decade or so, in the environment in which e.g. lying mentally defective teenage psychopaths exploit power tools that are stronger by orders of magnitude than anything that the decent people possess now.

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris became the U.S. president and the vice-president, respectively. He is clearly providing the extremist new regime with a moderate human face; she is instrinsically far more dangerous. But given the fact that Biden is incapable of opposing anything pathological, he may be an even more effective "signatory" of all the decrees that are already ruining and will be ruining America – and indirectly the advanced civilization in other countries, too.

Within hours, the demented senior has already reversed and destroyed the result of the work by thousands of amazing people. He has returned the U.S. to the suicidal and pointless Paris Agreement that wants to cripple the energy industry and transportation with the excuses rooted in a pseudoscientific fundamentalist religious system revolving around the weather (when they prevent you from having a car or anything like that, don't be surprised, almost all of the people will deserve it); ordered the reinclusion of the U.S. into the Chinese-and-African communists-controlled, pseudoscientific, medically cluless and counterproductive World Health Organization.

He has banned the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Biden has stopped the expansion of the wall, too. He wants to enable the immigration of hordes of Muslims and Latin Americans and automatically give them citizenship in 8 years – perhaps at the moment when he leaves the office (no other candidate will be allowed to win the 2024 elections, those will almost certainly be a farce that we knew very well from the communist era) so that someone else will have to deal with the consequences.

The new Biden administration has already fired lots of competent and sensible people and replaced them with columns of affirmative action hires, parasites, trans-sexual perverts who have helped thousands to die in senior homes, and similar stuff. His radical green agenda is already very concrete. Aside from the pipeline, he plans to target cars by lots of insane regulations and demands and add the regulations of methane on the already suffocating campaigns targeting CO2, the gas that we call life. It's already taking place after hours in the office. Can you imagine four years of that? Or eight years? And I originally forgot the whole Coronazi cause. Biden has already ordered face masks for all Americans for 100 days.

While the leftists are already intensely exploiting the fact that this senior is capable of signing himself so far and hours are enough to reverse a big part of the positive changes in 4 years, these official decrees are just a tiny portion of the true evil that is going to take place in the world's only superpower (so far). A self-confident Republican in the White House has provided America with at least a partial protection against the insanity that is taking place at the lower levels. Conservatives, patriots, climate skeptics, Christians... had an ally that their neo-Marxist totalitarian foes (who want to abolish the liberty, the truth, and human dignity) were slightly afraid of.

This won't be the case now. Terrorist organizations like BLM and Antifa and filthy cancel culture warriors at all levels (including the distasteful Big Tech censors at the Silicon Valley) will be fully tolerated by the official U.S. government. The activity of all these pernicious groups is likely to grow immensely. The government and non-government parts of the thriving societal cancer are really going to maintain a symbiosis of a sort. Given this symbiosis, it doesn't really weaken them that the BLM, Antifa, the Big Tech social networks, and the Cancel Culture Jihadist State (not to mention tons of Extinction Rebellions and similar terror groups) aren't official bureaus of the U.S. government yet. The Sturmabteiling (SA, Brownshirts) were not an official "government" institution, either (it was the old paramilitary wing of the NSDAP, "just" the party, and it was later competing with others like the SS whose status was a bit different). And the "unofficial" status of all these organizations will make their terror look more legitimate, just like the SA presented itself as a spontaneous activity of concerned citizens of the Third Reich that the government wasn't directly responsible for.

I think that the deterioration of the country will be much faster without the modest but nonzero "check and balance" in the White House. It may be much faster, perhaps by an order of magnitude or more. Fans of extreme left totalitarianism in the U.S. will gain at least the same self-confidence in stripping everyone else of the civil rights as dignity as their comrades in the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

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