Sunday, January 17, 2021

Satoshi's (?) Tulip Trust is moving and I found a cool message

My confidence that Craig Wright is the creator of the Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is comparable just to 50%. Sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower. But some entertaining and potentially exciting events occurred in recent days.

One year and three days ago, Craig Wright claimed to have received the private key from the "Tulip Trust" where over 1 million Bitcoin (currently worth over $35 billion) were hidden. He submitted a list of 16,405 public keys (Bitcoin wallets) where the wealth is supposed to be hiding to the courts. The addresses may be random addresses mined in the first years of the Bitcoin; but they may be addresses genuinely mined by Satoshi Nakamoto who may be Craig Wright (with or without Dave Kleiman or someone else).

Three days ago (exactly 1 year after Wright allegedly got his private keys), the first BTC 50 wallet obtained from an early block has moved:
BTC wallet 1DGWivpu9x1ZFkYJvhS91o1zp851CguPXB
Click at the link above. It's cool. With my time zone, the page says that the BTC 50 was mined (moved from the "Coinbase" which has nothing to do with the cryptoexchange, it's just a word for the ultimate Pilsner Urquell of the coins) on July 14th, 1789. OK, I mean 2010 but it was the Bastille Day, anyway. The revolution in France started in the afternoon; my page above says that the coins were mined at 13:04. It sounds OK for a revolution.

On his social account somewhere, Craig Wright posted something like this:

OK, he was going to start fireworks again. It starts with a nudge. Then some announcement. People think it is over but there will be a volleyball and the fireworks starts.

OK, the transfer of the whole BTC 50 funds in one of the 16,000 Tulip Trust wallets was probably the nudge. Now, isn't it sensible to watch what's happening with all the Tulip Trust wallets, given the fact that Wright is promising fireworks? Which is the next wallet where you should look?

Well, I think that I and Satoshi may be the only two people in the world who know an answer. You should download
the PDF file with the Tulip Trust addresses
from the hopefully public court documents. Search for "1DGWi" without the quotes in that PDF file. Fine, you will find the 15986th wallet in the Tulip Trust list, the Bastille Day 2010 wallet that just moved on January 14th. What is the next one where you should look? My simplest answer was to look at the following one, the 15987th wallet:
BTC wallet 1HazWpE1zKjwtRQzz9hQZzpWtKeCSkipDS
And there is something rather exciting there. The balance is over BTC 50 there. The first BTC 50 was mined on the Bastille Day 2010, 13:35, some 21 minutes after the previous block. Then 10.5 years, nothing happened. And on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021, i.e. 4 days ago, some new funds, 0.05254906, were added. This transaction amount was divided in some way that I don't quite understand so that the final balance of this second Bastille Day wallet of interest is just BTC 50.00000547.

But what your humble correspondent, Luboši Nakamotl, has noticed are these fascinating recipient addresses
1Lets1xxxx1use1xxxxxxxxxxxy2EaMkJ 0.00000547 BTC
1fuLL1xxxx1power1xxxxxxxxxxzatvCK 0.00000547 BTC
1of1xxxxx1anonymity1xxxxxxxz9JzFN 0.00000547 BTC
1See1xxxx1memo1xxxxxxxxxxxxxBuhPF 0.00000547 BTC
1dot1xxxxx1sv1xxxxxxxxxxxxxwYqEEt 0.00000547 BTC
1topic1xxx1hmwyda1xxxxxxxxxvo8wMn 0.00000547 BTC
1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy1kmdGr 0.00000547 BTC
The message seems to be hiding in the left half of these addresses, between the initial and final digits 1...1, and it says something like:
Let's use full power of anonymity. See memo dot sv topic hmwyda
I believe that many TRF readers are intelligent enough so that they will be capable of completing the place "what you should see" which seems to be a web address. ;-) Yes, I assure you that the server exists and is on-topic. SV stands for "Satoshi Vision".

Note that these small transactions occurred about one day and 90 minutes before the BTC 50 "first Bastille Day" transfer. Some delays may be due to the waiting in a queue, confirmations of blocks, and similar things, you need to be careful about the precise time stamps.

You will find a nice donation on that page – as well as requests for donations – and I expect you to send me 50% of the former. Thank you. ;-) You may also track the blockchain and find the original sender. You will find out dozens of links in the chain where the same message "let's use..." appears within the 300 transactions or so. Oops, I checked that the mysterious message has existed in various wallets at least for months and it's been noticed by others so its appearing in the Tulip Trust wallet in this week may be a coincidence.

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