Saturday, January 23, 2021

Why should we be afraid of the new Joe Biden Administration?

By 2nd President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus

The unexpected, violent, albeit totally chaotic, disorganized, planning nothing and signalling nothing incursion of the Trump supporters (but also all other groups that love any attack against the official institutions, regardless of their ideological underpinnings) into the U.S. Capitol has diplaced all the serious and highly desirable debate about the new president. Biden has been successfully "promoted" to a position that cannot be debated and cannot be criticized and this promotion was an amazing move, whether it was preplanned or it just exploited the events a posteriori.

Today, a good Austrian acquaintance, a tireless forwarder of assorted Internet contributions to his friends and colleagues, sent me an article from the Swiss weekly Weltwoche titled "Biden Is a Trojan Horse of the Radical Left". Because it was the inauguration day, I instantly started to read the German version of the originally English article by the U.S. pundit Buck Sexton. Only minutes later, I noticed that the article I received on January 20th, 2021 was actually published by Weltwoche on July 8th, 2020. Only when I finished reading of the whole article, I could understand why the article was sent more than 5 months after it was published. However, my initial disappointment was mistaken.

The reason is that the article is extraordinarily topical. Its relevance for the present is paradoxically given by the fact that it wasn't written yesterday. That is why it contains more general – and given their urgency, more weighty – ideas. The author's convincing argumentation justifies the usage of the Trojan horse metaphor of the American Left (in German, "Linksaußen", or the left wing, is a counterpart of the "radical left" in English).

Joe Biden may be recommended by the media establishment as a "guarantee of the return to the normalcy" only if we assume that the extreme leftist position and a brutal cultural revolution (which is underway in the U.S.) are considered normal. Biden's victory has self-evidently weakened (in July, the author obviously wrote "would weaken") all the forces of the American society that wish freedom, national sovereignty, and the rule of law. Unfortunately, it has harmed not only the American forces of this kind; it has done so across the West.

While it's true that Biden is a classic representative of the American establishment, this statement may only be correctly made in one sense: in almost half a century, Biden's political activities have shown that "whatever direction the wind is blowing from, Biden is always on his place". He has no "ethical or ideological core". He can be "molded" (he is "formbar") and he can be "pushed" (he is "beeinflossbar") into anything. For the leftist radical Democrats, Biden's opportunism is exactly what they needed.

The U.S. government led by Biden will be "the engine of socialism and far left statism", Buck Sexton stated. It will be a combination of the old socialist ideas and new plans and projects, both in the realm of social justice and in the green struggle against the alleged climate change as well as topics related to mass immigration. If Biden is going to pardon illegal immigrants by his expected presidential order, the country will add some 8 million (according to cautious estimates) or 20 million (according to more realistic estimates) Democratic voters who will make sure that no Republican candidate will win the presidential election again and – well, this deserves a precise quotation – America will become an "open borders nation and a one party state". It will be interesting what will happen to the foreign policies. As the first president in recent years, Trump didn't start any war but "the expert establishment in Washington D.C. always seems to want more war".

In several interviews that I gave and articles that I wrote in recent days, I have repeated the assertion that Biden was an "old structure" [a phrase that was semi-jokingly used for the outgoing communist establishment after the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia] which has no interest in revolutions. But his opportunism suggests that another course of events is possible, too. Even opportunism may open the door to a revolution – if and when a nation feels horny about such a revolution.

Václav Klaus, Youth Front TODAY, January 22nd, 2021

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