Monday, February 01, 2021

Edwin Steiner's video about "plus" in between the wave functions

Many of you know Edwin Steiner.

He sent me the following video that he has recorded about quantum mechanics, about the "plus" in quantum mechanics, in between terms in the Hilbert space (i.e. a video about the "superpositions"). After years of his smart comments, I am confident that he understands the universal postulates (and rules) of quantum mechanics and a quick review confirms that. Well, he does say that the "plus" means "OR" (just like in the probability distributions), not "AND", as many popular books like to erroneously say.

I would have preferred if we dedicated more time to the physical relevance of the relative phases between the terms (which is a way to describe the main difference between the classical and quantum case).

Here is the 29-minute-long YouTube video in English:

The video is also available on BitChute and several other alternatives to YouTube. So far I hope that this kind of video won't be banned by the neo-Marxists in the Silicon Valley (yet) which is why I treat the YouTube version as the default one. But when it comes to any speech with clear political consequences, you should consider other servers the default, otherwise you will be manipulated into a self-censorship!

If you speak German, you may appreciate the more well-known 29-minute-long version in German. I think that some deception is going on in the translation because if you properly translate a 29-minute-long English monologue to German, you should get roughly a 37-minute-long one. ;-) Two decades ago, I had lots of fun in comparing the length of dozens of translations of The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (of course my Czech translation was the most concise one; the Polish one added some 35%). The German video has a greater number of views.

You may discuss it here or on YouTube. As far as I can say, Edwin is still allowed in the TRF comment section, I am just grateful he was silent for a year given his 2020 coronavirus hysteria. ;-)

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