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French public, elites will fight cancel culture

The demagogy and terror spread by the unhinged new leftists is often presented as an inevitable trend. They are so strong and they will win everything, I often hear from people who otherwise pretend to be my allies. With such "allies", who needs enemies? The actual fact is that the fans of cancel culture are intrinsically super-weak, worthless, easy-to-suppress stinky worms and if you consider these worms your "unavoidable future overlords", it is because you are an even weaker, more pathetic, collaborationist pile of manure. Your weakness and collaborationism may be a greater problem than the worms themselves, especially if you allow me to count tens fo millions of snowflakes like you.

In the wake of the woke scum's contamination of the universities in the U.S. and similar enough institutions in similar enough countries, these collaborationists often claim that it is equally unavoidable that this lying poison will also take over all of Europe and many other places. Oh, really? Two days ago, Satoši Nakamoto wrote an interesting text for the New York Times about the moods in France:

Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So
French politicians and academics are largely dismissing the pathologies or an "intellectual matrix" (the words of the French education minister) that are being "entirely imported" from the U.S. and that threaten France. Emmanuel Macron, the president who has tried to maintain his "centrist" image and didn't discuss these important questions in the past, said that the woke garbage from the U.S. universities "ethnicizes the social question and breaks the republic in two".

Macron simply needs to oppose these pathologies because they are actually opposed by most of the French voters and he doesn't want to embarrassingly lose to Marine Le Pen (or someone else). So Macron has also appointed a justice minister who is a big critic of the distasteful and fraudulent #MeToo movement. The New York Times also mentions an open letter by 100 top French public intellectuals that attacks the garbage flowing from the U.S. Academia.

You may see that many of these sentiments are a variation of the usual rivalrly of the French and Americans, the desire of the French to point out that they are better, they don't have to speak English because they wouldn't gain much, and stuff like that. Even relatively recently, I tended to stand against France in these pissing contests. This situation may be the first one in which the French pundits are actually on the right side of the history.

I have mentioned the French language which may look like an irrelevant cute aspect helping to power these apparent pissing contests. The "elegant" French language is just one among many characteristics that make France the most overrated country of Europe. But I believe that it is not irrelevant at all. The English language seems absolutely crucial in the propagation of the hardcore contemporary leftist pathologies. Just try to compare some countries and their attitude to a characteristic terrorist organization of the present America, the Black Lives Matter. Well, it's almost entirely the people from nations where everyone or almost everyone speaks English – who are kneeling to worship the fanatical racist trash that was destroying many American cities throughout Summer 2020 (while brain-dead would-be "journalists" were praising that mess; it's the same journalists who present the recent, January 6th Trump voters' excursion to the U.S. Congress as the ultimate Armageddon).

The Black Lives Matter rocks in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and you may see an oversized presence of this stuff in Ireland, the Netherlands, and some other countries where English is either the first language or close to it. These disgusting things spread simply because there are millions of stupid sheep who just wait to hear some orders that they understand and behave accordingly. And when they understand English, they are likely to become another screw in this screwed transformation of many nations.

The acute form of the woke cancer is a disease largely plaguing nations of English speakers.

Now, France isn't really a nation where it's normal to absorb ideas in English. Neither is Czechia which has grown into a culturally self-sufficient island that is similar to France in many of these respects. The relatively low knowledge of English is really an advantage, a shield that largely protects my nation and several other nations from this kind of lethal cancer. While checking the viability of the hypothesis linking English and the woke decay, you may even go to the subnational level. It's the cohorts and regions (I mostly mean the youth and the capital cities) that speak English better than others that are more infected with these evil things. There is clearly a correlation and I think that the correlation may be largely explained by causation. It's the propagation of ideas in English that makes certain groups of people crazier than others.

Macron's and other men's claim that these racist, sexist, looney (anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight...) memes are being entirely imported from America – the root of the latest evil – sound plausible in some approximation. However, if you know something about the history of these teachings, you also know that a French person must have quite some chutzpah to claim that he is just an innocent victim. The brain-dead woke "culture" spreading from the U.S. universities is really just an advanced stage and vulgarization of something that is older by several decades – and that was largely started by the French philosophers! So one is equally justified to say that it is really France, and not America, that is the ultimate cradle of this shocking garbage.

Were there some French people behind the early promotion of similar ideas? Why don't you look at Encyclopedia Britannica? What does it say about the postmodern philosophy?
Some famous thinkers associated with postmodernism are Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Pierre-Félix Guattari, Fredric Jameson, Emmanuel Lévinas, Jean-François Lyotard, Richard Rorty, and Slavoj Žižek.
Well, the list sounds overwhelmingly French, doesn't it? I must emphasize that Žižek shouldn't be confused with the legendary 15th century Czech Hussite commander, Jan Žižka. Žižek is Slovenian, these Yugoslavs have embraced the wonderful Czech alphabet (with some tiny changes), and both Czechia and Slovenia are the Slavic countries that have belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. But otherwise Žižek has nothing to do with Czechia. Thanks for your understanding. ;-) Also, while I don't know him terribly well, I often think that he is closer to an old-fashioned Marxist than to a truly postmodern neo-Marxist.

Can I blame the current decolonialization junk, BLM, #MeToo etc. on the likes of Derrida? Well, mostly Yes. The question is totally analogous to the question whether the Soviet system may be attributed to Karl Marx. Of course it largely can. Lenin and his comrades in the Soviet Union brought Karl Marx's ideas into the real world, almost vertbatim. They were fundamentalist Marxist believers. Of course, Lenin was also a muzhik copying some widespread traits in the Russian nation that have existed before. But those traits can't be changed easily and weren't changing much in 1917. What was intensely changing was going almost precisely in the direction recommended by Karl Marx. Revolutionary terror. Angry working-class rabble claiming that it deserves to own everything and it may kill anyone who is inconvenient in this program.

Analogously, gender theories, decolonialization, transsexual supremacy, and other perverted teachings at the U.S. universities are really rather rigorous realizations of the postmodern philosophers' writings. The system is all about the absolute relativization of the truth about everything; and in the tendency to promote the "truth" that would elevate the identity-politics-related groups that were labelled "the oppressed victims" (and which are being turned into the new privileged classes by the ideology). Everything else pretty much follows and this explanation "why it follows" sounds more coherent than explanations that would link the ongoing disturbing processes in the U.S. to the Frankfurt School and German speakers. The ideas may be "similar" but the process of turning members of the university communities into passionate activists destroying the civilization and allegedly building on "scholarly" ideas was only present in the postmodern teachings, not so much in the Frankfurt School ideas. The Frankfurt School really lacked any "passion" or "mass culture" character and the fathers were full-blown boring old white German men. The French philosophers were also white men but it was more normal in France than in Germany to change your identity by cosmetics etc. which is partially a reason why the garbage at the U.S. universities was largely inspired by the French men, not the German ones.

The details depend on chance but the overall spirit doesn't. Of course every intelligent enough person could have predicted that we would get something like BLM, #MeToo, ... if the Derrida-like ideas became a mass phenomenon. Derrida looked like a decent Gentleman while the woke left "scholars" in the U.S. are scum even according to the naked eyes. But that's hardly surprising. Derrida had some fringe opinions but he was still selected as a part of an elite by a largely meritocratic system. Most people just aren't elites in this sense and #MeToo and BLM is what you get by the vulgarization of these ideas which is unavoidable if these ideas are supposed to spread to masses.

And quite generally, what was important is that these self-evidently wrong and stupid ideas about the relativization of the truth about everything became acceptable in the Academia. This is why it became possible for brain-dead scum, the woke "scholars", to fill huge sections of these institutions and lower these institutions' average IQ from a number well above 100 to a number below 100.

So the idea that "France is innocent" sounds like a ludicrous proposition about the history. But claims about the history may be secondary at the moment when the civilization faces a similarly grave threat. It's much more important whether nations like the French will oppose this decay. And I think that they will. You know, aside from the French philosophers, France has also experienced mass immigration, mainly from Algeria and some other former colonies, and those led to lots of terror attacks and similar things. The French needed to be somewhat sensitive because to a limited extent, the citizens of the former French colonies are "fellow generalized French people".

But it's my impression that the Americans, Britons, and other native English speakers misunderstand the French public's attitude to these matters. I think that they assume that France nurtures apologists for the terror attacks and especially for the ideological underpinnings of all these disturbing events – much like "mainstream America" finds it OK to apologize (if not outright praise) BLM and their ideological underpinnings.

But it's not really the case. America and the U.K. are really screwed – perhaps a majority of the public in these countries has completely lost their mind (and this disappointing verdict may even apply to most American TRF readers, it's just everywhere). But it is not true in France. A large majority of the French are obviously opposing the terrorist attacks – and they also realize that these bad things largely result from some seemingly more peaceful ideas spread by schools and/or various opinion makers. So the French do wrestle with these things as well. They can talk about the political Islam that is dangerous – and about the unholy alliance of the Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists and the leftists who are helping the terrorists by presenting Islam as the religion of the oppressed (which you aren't allowed to cricitize, according to the leftists, because such a criticism amounts to extra oppression). The French know that it doesn't matter whether they're spun as "the oppressed". What's more important is that what they are doing to the society is criminal and existentially threatening.

In practice, the French didn't hesitate to think about the taming of Islam, promoting a mutation of the Islamic ideas that would work within the French secular system (such a containment may be much harder than those people think... or not). The French found it wise enough to ban some characteristic Islamic clothing and many other similar things, in order to protect the traditional secular image of France. Most of the French nation is aware of the danger following from these multicultural and related changes to the society and if and when these threats become even more urgent, the French will fight them with more powerful tools. Of course it is possible that in the case of some deeper confrontation between the groups, the French would consider the deportation of the folks spreading the political Islam, policies reversing the relatively Islamic population growth, and/or other things. These possibilities are surely not taboo in France, at least not to the same extent as their counterparts seem to be taboo in the English-speaking countries. The critiques directed against the Islamo-leftist ideas are really a mainstream and unstoppable phenomenon in the French intellectual elites! Even the very common claim that France is guaranteed to become a majority Muslim country in a few decades are unjustified, defeatist, pro-woke propaganda. Most of the French just don't want anything of the sort and they will do increasingly consequential things if this possible outcome becomes a real threat. It is you who is a part of the big problem if you suggest that it would be normal for the French not to fight.

If the degenerated Yankees will show the tendency to aggressively spread their woke lies and delusions across the world, there will be a world war and the woke worms will lose it badly.

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