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Kosovo PM elect wants Kosovo to be annexed by Albania

Kosovo was the cradle of the Serbian statehood. In the recent century or so, Albanians over-migrated to this administrative region of Serbia (which was a part of Serbia even in the times of Yugoslavia) and over-copulated. The migration and the higher natality rate made them 90% of the population by now – well, it's been the case for a decade or two.

In 1939, when Adolf Hitler turned Czechia into the Protectorate of the Third Reich and bragged that he would be the greatest German at Valhalla ever, Benito Mussolini felt like the inferior member of the Axis and invaded Albania which was turned into a Protectorate of Italy. Well, he still remained inferior because Albania has always been heavily inferior to Czechia but let's not be distracted by such details LOL. This Italian-controlled Albania was supposed to expand to new territories including Kosovo but Mussolini and Hitler lost the war, Hitler wisely commited suicide, and victorious Serbia took control of Kosovo again.

In the 1990s, I was rather neutral about the Yugoslav wars. I had mixed feelings about almost everything. It was partly because like millions of Czechs, I still found some uncritical attitude to the West natural and the West wanted to punish Serbia. Poor Milošević – who was really nothing else than a Serbian clone of Joe Biden or something socialist like that – was promoted as the ultimate Devil. But I felt something really terrible was taking place. These days, and for a decade, I have no doubts that the Serbia were (and are) basically the good guys and the Kosovo separatists were the worst ones among the Serbia's foes. They were also responsible for drug sales, organ trafficking and other things.

Kosovo was turned into a semi-recognized failed state ruled by the ethnic Albanians. The worst criminals were sort of eliminated and Kosovo held elections. Here is a result:

I would vote to unify Albania and Kosovo, election winner Albin Kurti tells Euronews
As a likely prime minister, Kurti will probably have much more power than just to submit his "vote". You can read the text and be sure that the unification of Albania and Kosovo is a popular cause in both places, one country and one failed state that officially waits to be retaken by Serbia while Serbia is getting increasingly used to the fact that it has lost its cradle for good.

I see nothing unsurprising about these plans for Greater Albania. The "Kosovars" in the sense of Kosovo Albanians have never been any "independent nation". The value of such a newly fabricated brand was and still is either zero or negative. They're just some Albanians who just found themselves in a traditionally more civilized place, a part of Serbia. I think that brainwashed PC people who believe that there is no substance or relevance in one's ethnicity might be surprised by these plans and by the fact that this "noble cause of Kosovar independence" was nothing else than preparations for the theft of some territory.

While the completion of the annexation of Kosovo by Albania – a Mussolini's plan – would be tragic for Serbia and, indirectly, for friends of Serbia which marginally includes most Czechs, I still feel that such an outcome would be better than the situation with a truly independent Kosovo that really seems to have hard time to "unfail" itself as a state. I guess that such an annexation should be viewed as a big "no" by Serbia. On the other hand, it might be better for Serbia to write off some losses and try to negotiate a better outcome, e.g. that Serbia gets a fraction of Kosovo's territory back and recognizes the annexation of the rest by Albania.

Those folks in the U.S. and Europe who helped to create this mess are silent now.

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