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The Gates fund "math is racist" junk

The number of such shocking news is absolutely terrifying these days. But this one was particularly disappointing minutes ago:

Rantz: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation bankrolls ‘math is racist’ lunacy
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Far left activists are spreading the "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction" for children who are 12-14 years old and this absolute garbage is being funded by Melinda and Bill Gates. You can find relatively recent blog posts (pre-Covid posts, however) where I was still expressing a hope that Bill Gates was far wiser than other billionaires who run similar charities and "charities". I've liked him as a "Microsoft fan" when I was an undergrad and my sentiments got even more favorable when I learned tht he coded the BASIC for my Commodore 64 which I have spent a lot of time with as a boy. But should these things be enough to give thumbs up to a man?

Mathematics is a system, language, human activity that produces the most indisputable, objectively true (because rigorously proven) statements related to well-defined objects, especially numbers and (often more abstract and/or more complex) structures that are derived from numbers. Mathematics may be presented in a very pure form; but its ideas are extremely important in sciences, engineering, accounting, economics... our very practical lives. Everyone who fails to realize that something like that is possible and important is a de facto non-member of the homo sapiens species.

Every large enough group (such as a nation or an ethnic group) that collectively fails to learn and appreciate mathematics unavoidably ends up as an underdeveloped group, if not a downright uncivilized one. In particular, this trivial statement obviously applies to ethnic groups at many places that are decisively non-white and non-yellow. Gates and his spouse are clearly working hard to amplify their misery and inferiority. By teaching them how to hate mathematics as if mathematics were an evil oppressor, the Gates are turning them into more hopeless animals.

We have a similar movement successfully trying to cripple mathematics education at schools by saying "there are no wrong answers and the teacher must never correct the pupil let alone teach something" in Czechia and I've faught against this garbage for a few years. To some extent, we succeeded and these evil people have at least reduced their arrogant self-promotion in the media because they have learned that a backlash from the sensible people is likely to follow.

This Czech method – named after a retarded senior who had terrible problems with basic maths but claims to have learned some mathematics after a similar method was applied by his father (the senior is treated as a guru by the cult, of course!) – isn't quite explicitly "political" in the sense of "fighting against the [fantasized] racism". It's "just" a framework saying that the kid must "discover everything by itself" while the proponents constantly repeat that it is "normal to hate everything that has been conventionally called mathematics" (it is not normal at all; you may see that in these respects of hating mathematics, all the groups are really equivalent). But I've talked to these people and I know that they actually do share all these unhinged far left opinions about racism and all related political issues, however. So they're just hiding what they are politically (and what they broader goals are) because they know that these traits don't look attractive to most Czechs. They are working to ruin the kids' appreciation for objective facts and the independently performed discrimination of sharp and muddy thinking because they know that braindead "alumni" of elementary schools are much more likely to mindlessly support their other, totally harmful, political causes, too.

The degree to which pretty much all "billionaires with charities" became purely harmful, destructive pests is just absolutely scary. I can't really name a single billionaire who would be "publicly visible as a person with charity-like activities" during the recent year and who wouldn't be just another toxic pest that is working to poison and liquidate the most important underpinnings of the civilization by funding and strengthening the most dishonest, hysterical, uneducated, disrespectful scum that you may find. In particular, I've also lost my appreciation for a formerly self-described "right-winger in the Silicon Valley" and analogously for some approximate Czech counterparts whom I have known for years.

Some of those started to fund some feminist cancer in the Czech research institutions. I was telling him that he was crippling something important. He said he didn't care, he "felt good" because he was showing the kids that they may become scientists and that was good. Not at all. You teach the kids that they can become something utterly disgusting, useless, and destructive, claim to be scientists, and get away with it. This is a path to a complete collapse of everything that has a value in our society. Anti-science bragging to have stolen the "science" brand is worse than no science and anti-science at all. I thought that I have made it clear enough, while politely, that he has become a part of a giant tumor that simply must be eliminated if we want to survive as a civilization but he pretended that he didn't understand.

So let me be somewhat more clear to Mr Gates. You have become a totally pernicious pest and if you have any conscience left, you will find a humane way to leave this world as soon as possible. What you plan to liquidate is far more valuable than your life and the lives of all the people with these insane plans and views.

Two newest stories in my RT Microsoft (!) Edge extension (OK, it's still Chromium) are also about this unhinged "fight against racism". Google fired another AI ethics employee (it's about racism and censorship but it may be subtle to find out who is the "worse guy") while Coke demands employees to be less white by learning the critical race "theory". Sorry, Yankees and Britons, you just need to switch at least to Kofola whose majority owner Samaras is just "softly and elegantly" left-leaning. In the U.S., buy some Kofola at SlovCzechVar to try it. In the UK, do the same at Haluš In advance, read something about the taste of Kofola, get ready to become an importer or producer in the whole Anglo-Saxon world, and view Kofola as the "Gab-Parler-Telegram" combo that is ready to beat Twitter! In this case, unlike the Twitter case, Kofola actually tastes better than Coke and Pepsi! ;-)

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