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Facebook has banned the voice of Donald Trump

ItIsWhatItIs kindly informed me that the usual Google searches that have pointed to this website has disappeared. I cannot really validate such claims, your measurements will be welcome. It's possible that Google behaves differently according to users or their places.

Meanwhile, (mainstream conservative comedian of a sort) Steven Crowder's accounts were blocked on Twitter and especially YouTube, despite millions of subscribers (and millions of views per video). The Twitter suspension could be temporary (before it won't be); the YouTube has issued a hard one-week block along with the permanent demonetization.

While doing so, YouTube has violated all of its previously declared rules such as the pledge that individual channels whose content is distinct may only be punished separately. Crowder plans to "fight like hell".

But this other Orwellian act of the day seemed even more insane to me. Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, recorded the first video interview of Donald Trump after the fraudulent inauguration of Joseph Biden.

The 18-minute-long video above – which I took from her – sounds very relaxed, pleasant, yet important. It is about the decline of the U.S. under the Biden regime, the disappearance of the freedom of speech; the Southern border and other international topics; and the hope that he will return to D.C. She also posted it to a Facebook account and an Instagram account. What happened?

The status was deleted. But it is the explanation that Lara Trump has received which is absolutely shocking – and tragicomically so. In the wake of the previous ban of Donald Trump, "Facebook incl. Instagram doesn't allow the voice of the U.S. President Donald Trump anywhere on their servers". Wow. ;-) Any account that posts something with Trump's voice may be penalized, too.

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Pinball, heavy strings, black holes, saddles, and chaos

The new hep-th preprints mention the word "string" 27 times today – in 4 abstracts of new hep-th papers, 2 new cross-listed ones, and 2 replacements. I think that the most interesting paper in this "string set" is

Chaotic scattering of highly excited strings
by (QCD co-father) David Gross and Vladimir Rosenhaus. It is about some high-energy scattering, in this case that of heavily excited strings, the the chaos that it exhibits.

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RIP Petr Kellner, the greatest Czech financier ever

In the morning on Monday, millions of Czechs (starting with the likes of me) were shocked by the event that occurred on Saturday night, local time, near the Knix Glacier, 50 miles East from Anchorage, Alaska.

During heliskiing (which is skiing in which the lift is simply replaced with a somewhat more expensive helicopter), more precisely helisnowboarding, in their case (!), five people died when the Airbus AS350 B3 helicopter (the same model that landed on Mt Everest in 2005) crashed, including the wealthiest Czech, Petr Kellner. Snowboard champion David Horváth (CZ), 48, was the only survivor, he is hospitalized and in stable condition. The five killed in the Saturday accident were identified as (the guide) Gregory Harms, 52, of Colorado; Petr Kellner, 56, and Benjamin Larochaix (France-born snowboard coach and friend paid by Kellner), 50, both of the Czech Republic, and two Alaskans, (one of the best guides here) Sean McMannany, 38, of Girdwood, and the pilot, Zachary Russel, 33, of Anchorage, Alaska State Troopers said Sunday. See this local video that says something about the other men and the details of the event.

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Comenius, the father of modern education

On March 28th, 1592, John Amos Comenius was born to a Protestant family in South Moravia, in or near the Uherský Brod (the precise place is not known).

This "Teacher of Nations", as he is nicknamed in Czechia, or the "Father of Modern Education" or "Father of Christian Education", considered himself Czech and spoke (and wrote) Czech perfectly but his family name was actually Hungarian, Szeges (CZ translit.: Segeš; Hungarians' S and Š is interchanged relatively to Polish). Well, the adjective "Uherský" in the name of a town does actually mean "[Old Royal] Hungarian" in Czech and Hungary is not far.

A CSK [Czechoslovak koruna, a retroactively created acronym] 20 banknote with Comenius. He is also at the modern CZK 200 banknote.

Well, the most convincing birthplace is Komňa, a village in the UH District of the Zlín Region, because it would explain his Czech adopted surname Komenský (Latin: Comenius); the adjective based on Komňa is Komeňský which is almost the same LOL.

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Maximum generality isn't always the same as mathematical depth

An ATLAS excess: a new LHC paper has an interesting excess on Figure 6, Page 13, in the decay \(H\to aa\to bb\mu\mu\). The invariant mass \(m_{\mu\mu}\approx 52\GeV\). The confidence level is 99.95% (3.3 sigma) locally, 95% (1.7 sigma) globally. Note that in 2018, the CMS saw a dimuon excess at \(28\GeV\), close to a 2016-retro-seen \(30\GeV\) dimuon excess at ALEPH (LEP).
After he read my thoughts about the supremacy of physics-like proofs, Mr H. Turtledove (CZ) has exchanged a dozen of interesting e-mails with me that revolved around the importance, depth, mathematical ideas, physical ideas, and their relationships. I have tried to persuade him that the "fundamental depth in theoretical physics or string theory" is an entirely mathematical characteristic which is nevertheless important both in physics and in important mathematics. A mathematical characteristic may be crucial in physics because the laws of physics are constrained primarily (and perhaps only) by mathematics.

One obvious defining trait of mathematical thinking is the tendency to generalize. If you are asked to compute the total area of three yellow triangles and there is an obvious generalization to \(N\) yellow triangles, it is natural for you as a mathematically inclined person to solve the problem for a general \(N\in\ZZ\).

If you are a baby and you know how to generalize an insight to complex numbers, you should do it because that's what babies are all about. Similarly, if you're a schoolkid, you invent an interesting theorem, and you feel it could be generalized to \(D\)-dimensional shapes or cohomology or K-theory classes or derived categories of coherent sheaves, you should establish the generalization because that's what schoolkids normally do. ;-)

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Erdoğan's alternative "science" on interest rates

Turkish Rondo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, edition by Mrs Eva Pillarová. Note that the shabada lyrics coincides with that of Nohavica's song about the Arab who is touching Nohavica's wife.

The Turkish economy has displayed some high, 15% or so inflation rate. It would be unacceptable in almost all standard Western countries (and some others). In November, when the U.S. dollar was already worth some 8.40 Turkish liras (see USD-TRY charts), the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appointed a respected hawk Naci Ağdal to the central bank who has apparently tamed the inflation when he raised the interest rates from 10% to 19%. The lira appreciated up to 5.95 per dollar in mid February 2021.

However, one week ago, the dissatisfied president fired him and replaced him with an unknown dove and the lira instantly went from 7.2 to 8.0 (now) per dollar. What is remarkable is the the president's maneuvers are built on his "science" whose basic tenets are

The interests are the root of all evil.
High interest rates also cause high inflation.
Amusing and cute but dangerous.

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Covid mania has only supported junk science, not genuine science

Most of the Western countries have been putrifying under the influence of the New Left for years – contaminated and damaged by the evil activists with their woke culture, anti-male sexism, anti-white racism, anti-nation-state drive and the universal pro-migration globalism, the global warming hysteria, and a few more. But the coronavirus epidemics has sped up all these pathological tendencies and unified them into a wide, loosely connected stream of devastating political causes.

The support for the nationwide Covid restrictions belongs to the authoritarian left-wing corner of the political 2D plane (or 3D space) for obvious reasons:

  1. they restrict the individual economic freedom and gives the power to the central authorities and politicians teamed up with the self-anointed would-be experts
  2. the virus is a good excuse for the unprecedented redistribution of the money; the budget deficits are incredibly huge and mostly flow to the privileged classes and occupations and the well-connected people; a much greater portion of the people's income and wealth is being decided centrally, not by the free markets
  3. the memes about the existential threat are a good excuse to restrict even "political" civil rights such as the freedom of assembly, religious freedoms, and the freedom of speech
  4. indeed, the very human lives, the right to move, and the individual health was being nationalized (have you been annoyed by a doctor claiming that his or her expertise gives him or her the right to own and control your body?); billions of people have really lost their right to decide about their own bodies and health – these decisions, and indirectly the bodies themselves, belong to the self-anointed experts and/or their allied politicians and must behave in a way that serves the public health, as argued by the self-anointed powerful experts
There may be a few effects that I have forgotten and each of those that I didn't forget have many overlapping aspects and flavors. A priori, these effects are independent of each other and it may look like a coincidence that all of them are considered "left-wing". But it is not really a coincidence and these effects aren't really independent of each other because the left-wing recipe for the society is about (1) collectivism and (2) the elevation of groups that are said to be oppressed because they are unsuccessful in some way, and it is obvious why events such as the Covid epidemics help to strengthen the case for all these left-wing memes.

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More than a soccer match

Lots of Czech pundits, including former prime ministers Paroubek and Topolánek (and Klaus Jr who announced the end of his political career today), have expressed nearly identical opinions, with quite some insightful details.

Ondřej Kúdela in the typical half-red, half-white Slavia shirt.

I chose to translate this text by Patrik Nacher.

A commentary: more than a soccer match

The [Europa League] soccer match between Slavia Prague [the best team in Czechia right now, no loss in ~37 recent games, China-owned] and the Scottish Glasgow Rangers has unwillingly unmasked several aspects of the present which vastly transcend not only this single match but all of soccer and the sports as a whole. I have observed at least three interesting moments: Western vs Eastern Europe, verbal vs physical assault, and racism built on the presumption of guilt. And the double standards at numerous places were just some additional proverbial cherries on a pie.

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Gravitino must never be motionless? A swampland hypothesis

In a new hep-th paper

The Gravitino Swampland Conjecture
Edward W. Kolb, Andrew J. Long, and Evan McDonough (Chicago/Houston) propose a new swampland principle – a new condition that must be obeyed for an effective field theory coupled to gravity to be capable of a consistent completion to a regime of quantum gravity and/or string theory. They postulate a simple rule:
The gravitino speed must never drop to zero in any vacuum and any conditions.
If true, such an assumption also has consequences.

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Can India reach the average wealth?

India is one of the oldest civilizations, the largest democracy in the world, and the second most populous country on Earth. With 1.35 billion people, it is just a few pips beneath China which stands at the top with its 1.39 billion. But India's population will surpass that of China in a few years and should brag some 1.64 billion around 2050 when it will be the most populous country.

The average IQ of India is said to be 81, well below China's 104, but it changes nothing about the fact that most of the people in my region consider Indians to be our more suntanned cousins, members of the same race. The reasons are particularly obvious if you look at the language: the grand family is called Indo-European (or, in the Greater German realm, Indo-Germanic) for a good reason. Slavic languages end up being particularly close to Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language (but also to Persian), and the overlaps are sometimes so stunning that I would be willing to include Sanskrit among Slavic languages. Check e.g. this video.

Dissatisfied Czech citizens' manifesto

Written by Václav Klaus

We, the citizens of the Czech Republic, who – as is becoming increasingly manifest to us – aren't sufficiently politically represented in the government and the Parliament, are expressing our deep dissatisfaction with the state of our country and the conditions in it. They have been devastated by the catastrophic policies of our government which has evolved into a serious threat for freedom and democracy. The current distribution of the political forces makes us gravely concerned about the political evolution in the wake of the Fall 2021 Parliamentary elections, too.

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Superluminal spaceships vs common sense, special relativity

I was amazed by the number of people who are apparently "excited" by the – constantly recurring – claims that someone just made a big step towards spaceships that move faster than the speed of light. In the scheme of elementary science as I understand it, the failure to understand that superluminal objects are impossible in theory – and equally ludicrous in the engineering reality – represents the same proof of complete scientific illiteracy as the belief in the perpetuum mobile or omnipresent deadly geopathogenic zones, among many other things. Why are so many people not getting these basics – and returning to this stuff, often as if it were one of the greatest trends in physics?

It has been known since the 1905 discovery of the special theory of relativity by Albert Einstein that the localized objects in this world can never move faster than the speed of light (in the vacuum: 299,792,458 m/s). Massive objects can't quite reach it (although the LHC protons get extremely close, 99.999999% of the maximum speed, just 3.1 m/s below the limit); the photons (particles of light) and other massless particles are obliged to move exactly by the speed of light.

OK, so one of the parts of science that the proponents of the "warp drives" (a popular "brand" synonymous with the superluminal spaceships) are completely denying is the special theory of relativity. They don't really care and if you ask why they are denying this pillar of modern science, they may either tell you that 1) they don't trust it because of Einstein's ethnic origin, an explanation that is known as the "Aryan physics", or 2) they believe that Einstein's later theory, the 1915 general theory of relativity, allows us to suppress the basic conclusion of the special theory of relativity.

Hiroshima supernovae and the journalists' selection of science

Maxim Turbulenc's disco version of the "Dwarfs' Wedding", a fun Czech (originally) country music song by Rangers/Swimmers (and/or Zdeněk Svěrák [lyrics] and Jaroslav Uhlíř [music]? That was a bit confusing!). Numerous stories about the Snow White's seven dwarfs attending Dopey's (Shmoodla's) wedding in the forest, after Dopey returned from the military, are presented with cute diminutives everywhere; so e.g. someone played a little Mendelsohn on the little organ, and they were cooking meat in a little Papin's pressure cooker. When I translate it from the ultimately playful Czech language to the much less poetic English, it sounds so dull!

Yesterday, several people asked me about a catchy preprint

Actinide crystallization and fission reactions in cooling white dwarf stars
... by C.J. Horowitz, M.E. Caplan ...
because it was accepted to PRL, a widely admired journal, and lots of the media outlets have covered the story. The popular headlines obviously sound much cooler than the boring technical title above, e.g. New Paper: Space Is Full of Naturally Occurring Atomic Bombs. And I would say that in this rare case, these titles are eye-catching but fair summaries of the proposal.

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Supremacy of physics-like proofs

They lead to the greatest generalizations, deepest understanding

Theoretical physics is close enough to pure mathematics and the subjects greatly influence one another (although this intercourse was hyped as politically incorrect by several waves of misguided ideologues in mathematics such as the Bourbaki group). Many interesting findings in mathematics are inspired by physics and physics-like systems; physics needs the ideas and tools of mathematics to understand things rigorously.

One aspect of this relationship is the existence of mathematical proofs that are either originally found by physicists; or that are made simpler and intuitive by physicists. There are many examples but let us pick the identity that Carl Jacobi, a classical liberal who died young, incredibly proved in 1829.

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CDC vs. Common Sense

Guest blog by Dr Paul E. Alexander et al.

The death of Common Sense begins with the words initiated by the morass of Bureaucracy couched in safety and security. Indeed, and according to past President Ronald Reagan, the most frightening words to hear in the English language are para ‘We’re here from the government and we’re here to help you!’ The underpinnings of such beginnings appear benign and with benign neglect the malignancy storms through, metastasizing arboreally through the veins of the entire system. The world is seeing such a death these days.

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Marc Morano: Green Fraud

Marc Morano runs but I actually believe that it is just a small fraction of his amazing activities against the climate hysteria and its political consequences. I have previously enjoyed Climate Hustle 1 as well as Climate Hustle 2, professionally made, highly entertaining, and insightful movies. He has previously published The non-PC guide to AGW.

I was happy to read his new book that you should pre-order and that will be out on March 23rd, Green Fraud, and I am proud to be cited at about 5 distinct pages (not counting the notes) and to be among some three dozens of the people who are being thanked to. Why? Because Morano really is the world's #1 consequential climate skeptic from many perspectives, a point that is elaborated upon in Chapter 1.

Before you get to that chapter, you see that this book has been praised by heavyweights such as Sean Hannity, Will Happer, and the late Rush Limbaugh (plus Levin, Inhofe, Bozell). Later, you may read quite some entertaining praise from other sources – and feel the immense respect that is hiding in the colorful criticisms by his well-known foes. During the years, we have also seen quite some death threats that he got from global warming fanatics (or one of them with dozens of identities?). But that doesn't quite exhaust the diversity of the viewpoints on Morano as a man who excites others. I've seen numerous climate alarmists who were terrified of Morano because he's such a nice beloved uncle on TV. Even in Russia, kids "no longer want Pikachu, the want Morano" (ribionki Pikachu nye khochu, ribionki khochu Marca Morano). And he just sounds extraordinarily calm and organized yet humane.

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Edwin's understanding of QM: Part II, uncertainty and the weirdness of classical physics

If you haven't watched the first part of Edwin Steiner's online lectures on quantum mechanics, you are encouraged to click and listen to that first part because (like in serious physics), your new knowledge depends on the familiarity with the previous one.

At the beginning, Edwin returns to the very late 19th and early 20th century when the most important physics papers would be written in German. Sadly for Germany, around 1945, the European country lost its best Jewish physicists as well as the non-Jewish, i.e. Nazi physicists (I hope that this internal classification of the German-speaking physicists up to 1945 is accurate and detailed enough for the demanding readers!), and that's why Edwin switched to English as the lingua franca of physics, too.

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Feynman's puzzles answered by the principle of least action

Laissez-Faire principle of least action is a deep, philosophy-like wisdom of physics that isn't really taught and encouraged

We had discussions about many things including the Covid-19 strategies with a friend. Sweden has imposed almost no mandatory restrictions centrally. The country's curves (look e.g. at the deaths/avlidna in the lower right corner) look very smooth and organic. Covid-19 is largely over in Sweden and they had two almost identical waves. Each of them has killed some 6500 people. The second, winter-era wave had to arrive because the herd immunity obtained after the first, spring wave wasn't enough for the winter condition when the viruses spread more easily and \(R_0\) is higher.

"Do nothing" really is the best strategy, up to some details. We may go even further. It is a good idea to isolate the old and vulnerable people if you want to reduce the number of deaths but "prescribe nothing" is the best approach once again because the people will naturally shield themselves according to their fear which is generally correlated with their actual risks.

"Do nothing" is optimal in basically all of classical physics. What do I mean? I am talking about a class of problems that Richard Feynman has loved because they encode quite some part of the "real expertise of a theoretical physicist". He was surprised when he saw that many colleagues couldn't solve them.

Fake risk, fake growth stocks, and misallocation of capital

Bitcoin is the world's largest bubble, its total value is just over $1 trillion now. It's not a conventional stock although it is right to consider it a stock of a worthless company. Tesla was the other big bubble and almost reached the capitalization of $0.9 trillion. These are no longer negligible amounts of money – note that one trillion is about 1% of the global GDP per year. But these two are still just two tips of a more complex iceberg.

I've discussed one way to generalize these bubbles, the Gamestop and meme stock mania. We may look at all the stocks whose price is insanely inflated by totally dumb sheep, mostly retarded children, who have learned to read and who are using bizarre servers such as as sources of "orders what they will immediately do with the money but without any questions".

Gamestop, the most notorious meme stock, has reached some $400 before it returned at least to $40. However a new wave of insanity has brought the stock to the current price above $190 again. This kind of insanity won't evaporate before a sufficient number of these braindead sheep suffer or e.g. starve to death. But we live in a hyper-PC world where their extremely well-deserved misery is discouraged by the system which means that this kind of behavior is really encouraged. So this idiotic behavior will probably be a part of the world for a long time and although I am often an optimist, I expect this pathology to keep on growing.

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Extreme leftists react to the reopening of Texas

Two days ago, the governor of Texas (the state with the highest number of old-generation Czech Americans, and they know how to make koláče/kolaches there; search for Czech Texans on YouTube) Greg Abbott brought great news to his folks:

So no restrictions, no closure of shops or schools, and no mandatory face masks. The justification is clear. The Covid lockdowns have stripped the people of trillions of dollars, much of their freedom, fun of life, and there exists no indication that the lockdown U.S. states saw better (let alone significantly better) Covid-19 results from the medical viewpoint, see the map.

A huge fraction of the people who actually create values, like the small business owners (i.e. unlike the people who are comfortably living out of the taxpayer money, doing nothing or almost nothing, and pretending that they're morally superior despite being this kind of despicable parasitism!), have been existentially threatened. Some of them saw their dreams evaporate.

Gregor Wentzel and the path integral

Provoked by the previous blog post about the path integrals, Frank S. sent me two fascinating 1924 papers by Gregor Wentzel which "almost" defined the Feynman's path integral definition of quantum mechanics but two decades earlier (and a year before Heisenberg started quantum mechanics as we know it). If you find English somewhat more comprehensible than German, like I do, you may read a 1998 review of these papers by Salvatore Antoci and Dierck-E. Liebscher

Wentzel's Path Integrals (PDF may be downloaded there)
which probably contains more than what we will actually ever need, unless we plan to write a detailed book about the history of science. First, Wentzel may sound like a forgotten name. But on this blog, you find it in two previous texts. He had something to do with dispersion and Kramers etc. After all, Wentzel's name starts with a W, like WKB does, and indeed, he is also the first guy remembered in the WKB acronym. But how many people know what (J)WKB stands for now?

Just a Czech comment. Wentzel sounds very German because it's spelled in a German way. But it's just a Germanization of the Czech, Slavic name Václav. Why? Because the original form of the name, used some 1000 years ago, was Věnceslav (like Víceslav) which really means "more fame" or "more famous". Unless it literally means "wrath/crown of fame", as some sources say.

Ironically enough, "Boleslav" had the same meaning ("bole" is still a Russian word for "more"). Boleslav was the brother who murdered saint Václav. They were brothers but their first names had the same meaning. English adopted the old Czech "Věnceslav" as its (Good King) Wenceslaus, German shortened it to Wenzl or Wentzel, and modern Czech shortened it to Václav (or, colloquially, Vašek or Venca, the latter is probably a Bohemization of the German name Wentzel; note that Venclovský was the first Czech who swam over the English Channel while David Vencl – the surname is just a Bohemian respelled Wentzel – recently improved the world record in swimming under the ice to 81 meters, a great Czech dude)...

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Feynman's path integral & superpositions of histories

What happens in between is "everything", Feynman diagrams are another basis of the "space of histories"

In January, I was asked on Quora What happens in between the initial and final states in quantum mechanics. Well, everything happens and nothing happens or it's meaningless to say what happens. A basic principle of quantum mechanics is that the results of the measurements of observables \(L\), i.e. statements \(L=\lambda_i\) obtained by measurements, are the only facts. Quantum mechanics is a set of rules to predict or derive or explain some facts (or their high probability) from other facts. A theory in classical physics could be given this description but also a "more specific one", a classical model of something, but the more specific one has been impossible after the discovery of quantum mechanics.

Feynman's path integral approach to quantum mechanics is a very explicit way to see "in what sense" everything happens. Assuming some initial and final states (in a position-like basis, to simplify the questions about the bases of initial and final Hilbert spaces), the probability amplitude for a transition (i.e. the complex number that determines the matrix element of a unitary evolution matrix) may be calculated as\[ {\mathcal A}_{{\rm initial}\to {\rm final}} = \int{\mathcal D}x(t)\,\exp(iS/\hbar) \] where the infinite-dimensional integral goes over all trajectories \(x(t)\) connecting the points \(x(t_{\rm initial}) = x_{\rm initial}\) and \(x(t_{\rm final}) = x_{\rm final}\). If you consider generic initial wave functions, you must pre-add two additional integrals over \(x_{\rm initial}\) and \(x_{\rm final}\), the weights \(\psi_{\rm initial}(x_{\rm initial})\) and \(\psi_{\rm final}(x_{\rm final})\), and then the integral becomes the integral over literally all functions \(x(t)\) defined on the interval of time between the initial and final time (be sure that while I admire \(\rm\TeX\), it's faster for me to write these mathematically heavy sentences in words than in mathematical symbols!).

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Triangles in a row

My friend Prof Vlasta Dlab (Ottawa-Bzí) sent me his solution (which will appear in a Czech MathPhys Journal) to the following puzzle (well, its generalization from \(4\) to \(n\) triangles):

He was deeply dissatisfied with a solution of this puzzle on YouTube (posted in January 2021) because a part of that derivation is a blind application of a geometric formula (a sine formula for triangular areas) which doesn't really reveal the simplicity of the situation and its independence of angles, precise shapes... I completely agree with Vlasta. While the YouTube solution looks short, it uses an excessively heavy and irrelevant tool, and the person using these methods would probably waste too much extra time if he were supposed to solve a nearly isomorphic problem.

A good mathematician should look what matters and what doesn't matter. And an important point about this calculation of areas is that the angles don't matter at all! Correspondingly, you shouldn't be using the Pythagorean theorem, a sine formula for triangular areas, Heron's formula, and similar tools that deal with angles and, almost equivalently, with ratios of lengths of line intervals that go in different directions. In a good, conceptual solution, the "square roots of three" and similar things shouldn't appear at all (while they appear in the YouTube video).

SJW awokening harms mathematics more than communism did

At Twitter, PartTimeRacer has informed me about the essay (at "Common Sense With Bari Weiss", a brand that hasn't built name recognition with me so far)

There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math
by Sergiu Klainerman, a Romania-born Jewish male mathematics professor at Princeton. (Here we do try to maximize the information that readers might find important, and given the sociological focus of these discussions, rightfully so.) I have mentioned his name four months ago.


Klainerman is introduced as someone who left the Soviet bloc and who could do wonderful things in the U.S., partly because mathematics is a great equalizer. The solid method to look for the right and (to eliminate) wrong answers is universal across cultures, the beef of mathematics doesn't depend on the white race or any other group of humans in any way. Well, Klainerman is still PC in the sense that he likes to "assume" that mathematics skills are universal across cultures etc.

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