Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dissatisfied Czech citizens' manifesto

Written by Václav Klaus

We, the citizens of the Czech Republic, who – as is becoming increasingly manifest to us – aren't sufficiently politically represented in the government and the Parliament, are expressing our deep dissatisfaction with the state of our country and the conditions in it. They have been devastated by the catastrophic policies of our government which has evolved into a serious threat for freedom and democracy. The current distribution of the political forces makes us gravely concerned about the political evolution in the wake of the Fall 2021 Parliamentary elections, too.

We are blaming the government. For more than a year, we have lived in the conditions of harsh restrictions which – after the approval by the Parliament – have only led to the disintegration of structures in our country, not the end of the epidemics. Despite all the government policies, our country experiences one of the highest numbers of Covid-19 cases and fatalities in the world. It wasn't necessary. Damaged health and lives of hundreds of thousand of people, their long-lived isolation and frustration, the de facto liquidation of whole industries and a large number of self-employed people and entrepreneurs, and the enormous financial losses of the corporate sector, our damaged education system, and the bloodshed in the public finances are consequences of the catastrophe ignited by this government. Our basic civil rights have been cut and restricted for a long time – and, we are afraid to predict that permanently and irreversibly so.

We demand the end of the devastating policies by the government and we insist on the return to the civil and economic freedoms that are basic prerequisites for a normal life in our country and the only guarantee for its prosperity.

In the today's situation, the political spectrum – with the exception of the Tricolor Movement, SPD, and a few individual politicians – seems to have no forces whose program would include the return to the normal, healthy life of the society and the free enterprise.

Gravely worried, we are observing the rise of the extreme new Left in the West and its hostility towards freedom and capitalism. The latest surveys indicate that similar radical forces (which are mainly represented by the Pirates in our homeland) may even be capable of taking over the power here, too. We are even more concerned when we see that a majority of the current Parliamentary opposition parties seems unaware of this profound threat or they are even determined to help the Pirates or team up with them.

There is not much time left to waste if we want to prevent this outcome. We urge everyone who shares our viewpoint and who is not indifferent to the fate of our country, to try to agreee and pull together. We want the representatives of assorted political and civil organizations to make sure that their supporters' votes won't be wasted in the coming elections. All the candidates who care about the good outcome shouldn't insist on their personal list of candidates. Each voter only has one vote and everyone should think twice whom he will team up with.

We are supporting those whose program and attitudes have already demonstrated that they won't collaborate with the radical new Left and who are eager to support the return to normalcy and to uncompromisingly defend the free environment.

Václav Klaus, former Czech president and PM, consolidating the content of thousands of letters, e-mails, text messages, requests, and appeals by the Czech citizens that were delivered to him personally, sometimes through telephone or the social networks, in Prague on March 20th, 2021

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