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Extreme leftists react to the reopening of Texas

Two days ago, the governor of Texas (the state with the highest number of old-generation Czech Americans, and they know how to make koláče/kolaches there; search for Czech Texans on YouTube) Greg Abbott brought great news to his folks:

So no restrictions, no closure of shops or schools, and no mandatory face masks. The justification is clear. The Covid lockdowns have stripped the people of trillions of dollars, much of their freedom, fun of life, and there exists no indication that the lockdown U.S. states saw better (let alone significantly better) Covid-19 results from the medical viewpoint, see the map.

A huge fraction of the people who actually create values, like the small business owners (i.e. unlike the people who are comfortably living out of the taxpayer money, doing nothing or almost nothing, and pretending that they're morally superior despite being this kind of despicable parasitism!), have been existentially threatened. Some of them saw their dreams evaporate.

A former Harvard collaborator of mine plans to move to Austin, the bluish capital of the red Texas, from a blue state. And he's angry about Abbott's wise decision. Abbott has already basically killed my ex-colleague's daughter, we learn, not to mention all other family members. And Covid-19 is nothing like flu, we heard, it must probably be treated on par with the extraterrestrial invasion. I can't understand how some people may learn many aspects of quantum field theory – yet totally fail in elementary school biology and elementary school political science.

But my ex-colleague is just a nice guy who is incapable of resisting the influx of the unhinged far left garbage that has become common in the U.S. universities. There are people who reacted to Abbott's decision who are absolute aßholes. A good example is Keith Olbermann who wrote
Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?
So lots of other people, including many famous leftwingers, answered this idiotic question posed by this staggering aßhole: We save lives when we can because it's the right thing to do, regardless of their preferred political parties and candidates. The people whose lives may be saved are our relatives, friends, they are good people and incidentally, many of them haven't even voted for Abbott. Right. (Let me add that the most down-to-Earth reason why all those people deserve to get a vaccine is that they have been paying their health insurance and many of them would be willing to pay extra bucks for the vaccine, anyway! That is how you reach for the healthcare; political submission to fanatical ideologues isn't the way to healthcare although it is very clear that it is exactly how some disgusting people want the system to work.)

But I think that these reactions, however appropriate, fail to address the fact that Olbermann's tweet was sick at every conceivable level. In particular, the two bold propositions implicitly contained in that tweet are:

* they, the likes of Keith Olbermann, are the masters, creators, and owners of all the vaccines in the world
* the world is fighting a war and whole states like Texas are either "with the virus" or "against the virus"

Concerning the first point: You know, Keith Olbermann and the likes of this entity are neither the creators of the vaccines nor the owners. They are just obnoxious nasty tumors that are attacking every human being that has a positive value because they want to turn everyone and everything into one giant tumor resembling themselves. Olbermann doesn't own the vaccines or patents – he is not a billionaire, just a mediocre pile of feces. And he has not invented any vaccine. Vaccines are being invented by scientists, people who have a very conservative attitude to the objective facts, at least the facts relevant for their specialization (if they are good or genuine scientists at all).

Yellow Rose of Texas, a cover version by Waldemar Matuška (CZ) who emigrated to Florida in the early 1980s; it just happens that he was the "emigrant" in the 1968 anthem of (eager to be assimilated!) emigrants Cross the River Jordan (1:08, 1:36, 2:32). Matuška loved freedom in the (similarly unlocked) Florida so he didn't care that he was getting just a few pennies for his music in the bars of Florida. Fortunately, his wife became a real estate agent and had millions so it didn't matter much. ;-) By the way, this Czech "tramp" cover of another song seems to be more famous than the Texan original.

The founder of vaccinology was the creator of the smallpox vaccine, Edward Jenner. His father was a vicar in Berkeley – well, that was a place in England. Jenner himself was a freemason. The environment and the values believed by this guy and the people around were very similar to those in Texas. So the vaccines aren't assets or creations of the likes of Olbermann; they are assets or creations by the likes of Abbott. If some workers in vaccine companies happen to be leftists, they must understand that they are just tiny assistants in a field (and planet) that was overwhelmingly built by conservative white men.

Concerning the second pathological point, I must sadly say that my ex-colleagues basically spreads the same meme. We are "in the war with the virus". Sorry, I am not in any clearcut war like that, and neither are most Czechs or Texans or most people in other sensible places. The virus is a biological object that is capable of reproducing with the help of a host. The propagation, or suppression, of the copies of the virus represents a complex process (which is qualitatively analogous to the same process in the case of flu or other infectious diseases) that has many aspects. Almost none of them is political in character which is why no sensible attitude to similar natural phenomena can be described as a "war". The existence of the virus (now and almost certainly, for additional months or probably years) is a fact about Nature which is why every real world reaction is one kind of adaptation to this basic fact or another. On top of that, the reaction to the virus and the real or imagined threat is an absolutely personal issue. Each person may react and usually does react somewhat differently and it is true for government officials, too. The idea that people or even states may be painted black and white is extremely wrong and extremely dangerous. Whoever wants to divide mankind to black-and-white is almost certainly rather or very "black". Incidentally, it's amazing that the SJWs have forgotten to ban the phrase "black and white".

A war is a conflict with other people who have incompatible political goals. A war cannot be directed against a virus. A virus cannot be shot dead by a pistol made by CZG or Colt. The virus is just living around us and usually gets attached to a human being – but it doesn't really care about the political beliefs of the people. The virus lives in another layer of the world that has no important relationship with politics as defined on another layer. You know, here is a problem. These unhinged fanatical leftists aren't using this dumb personified, anthropomorphic terminology accidentally. They are using it because they really want to wage a war – a real war i.e. a war against the people. They want to abuse the virus to achieve political (and sometimes financial) goals and it has been their dream from the beginning. Perhaps they want to shoot the people with Covid-19 dead, like their North Korean comrade. But they surely want to steal or liquidate other people's power, freedoms, money, and dreams. In this sense, yes, if there is a Covid war, Texas is fighting against those who turned the natural phenomenon into a war against some people – the virus is actually the most essential tool used by the likes of Olbermann in this war – and I am confident that the likes of Olbermann (which probably includes a senile puppet currently visiting the White House, sure, Texas is Neanderthal....) will be defeated and Team Texas will win.

Incidentally, Texas was recently experiencing terrible blackouts due to "green" energy. Green energy is a disaster and these Texas events will be far more frequent at every place that allows these "green" renewable lies to spread more intensely than they have spread in Texas. Death to the global warming alarmist pseudoscience. It's still true that Texas made it worse by preventing intrastate energy flows. Free trade is better and energy should flow even between places with different politics. Czechia (and Poland, France, and Switzerland) is constantly saving the aß of Germany whose energy grid has been largely crippled by various gr@tins, too.

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