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Facebook has banned the voice of Donald Trump

ItIsWhatItIs kindly informed me that the usual Google searches that have pointed to this website has disappeared. I cannot really validate such claims, your measurements will be welcome. It's possible that Google behaves differently according to users or their places.

Meanwhile, (mainstream conservative comedian of a sort) Steven Crowder's accounts were blocked on Twitter and especially YouTube, despite millions of subscribers (and millions of views per video). The Twitter suspension could be temporary (before it won't be); the YouTube has issued a hard one-week block along with the permanent demonetization.

While doing so, YouTube has violated all of its previously declared rules such as the pledge that individual channels whose content is distinct may only be punished separately. Crowder plans to "fight like hell".

But this other Orwellian act of the day seemed even more insane to me. Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, recorded the first video interview of Donald Trump after the fraudulent inauguration of Joseph Biden.

The 18-minute-long video above – which I took from her – sounds very relaxed, pleasant, yet important. It is about the decline of the U.S. under the Biden regime, the disappearance of the freedom of speech; the Southern border and other international topics; and the hope that he will return to D.C. She also posted it to a Facebook account and an Instagram account. What happened?

The status was deleted. But it is the explanation that Lara Trump has received which is absolutely shocking – and tragicomically so. In the wake of the previous ban of Donald Trump, "Facebook incl. Instagram doesn't allow the voice of the U.S. President Donald Trump anywhere on their servers". Wow. ;-) Any account that posts something with Trump's voice may be penalized, too.

Not even the Nazi and communist regimes were banning the "voice" of the opposition figures. This is just one of the events in which you see that these unhinged loons don't find any existing totalitarian tools from the world's history to be sufficient for their more hardcore plans now. They need to upgrade all these things to a new level and turn Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot to lollilops.

Some absolutely immoral collaborationist scumbags dare to say that this is OK and it is not a freedom of speech issue. It definitely is one. It is also the most thorough terror against the main opposition politician than anything we've seen in any "very non-democratic" country in recent decades, ever. The regime allowing such things is arguably worse than the ISIS.

But this is even a way deeper threat for the fabric and survival of the society. A variant of the mad cow disease is brutally raging in between debatable members of the homo sapiens species in Northern California. Just look what CNN wrote in 2004 about a herd that was just linked to the mad cow disease. But for some reasons, when much more serious symptoms appear in the broader homo sapiens species, things are just fine and there is nothing to be seen here. Sorry, it is not fine for tens of millions of actual humans to be terrorized by these sick Californian animals in similar ways.

Private companies must be hired and deal with this epidemics that is vastly more dangerous than some Chinese flu.

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