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Ancient Greeks couldn't have started the industrial revolution

A retarded warrior against slavery – which has been abolished for a long time, indeed – has demonstrated similar comrades' total absence of basic education, intelligence, and common sense. Under the blog post about Newton who benefited from colonialism, he denied the fact that every sensible person knows, namely that slavery (like many things that are mindlessly frowned upon by leftists today) has played an important role for the development of many civilizations, starting with ancient Greece and Rome and later the United States of America.

Plato, an ancient philosopher living in Athens, just returned from a 21st century barber.

Concerning the former, the ancient world, structures that were left wouldn't stand without slaves. For example, The Colosseum was built within a decade but up to 100 thousand slaves had to work on it! We just wouldn't have The Colosseum and many similar gems without slavery. Everyone who claims that slavery shouldn't have ever existed is the same kind of a savage as the ISIS savages who were demolishing the structures in the Middle East. Concerning the latter, the independence of the United States of America heavily depended on cotton, pretty much the most important U.S. export. That's why the South – and slaves that were needed for a sufficient amount of this production – has played a greater role for the very existence of the independent U.S. than the North. The South (with its slaveowners and everyone else) was being "exploited" by the North.

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French Sixth Republic and the Confederate States of Europe

France is a global cradle of republicanism. Its republic has been updated a few times. Right now, the country is organized as the (semi-presidential) Fifth French Republic that was established by Charles De Gaulle in 1958. Days ago, 20 retired top generals, almost 100 other VIP officers, and 1,000 other army folks have signed

an open letter urging Macron to return to patriotism
...a Twitter thread with an English translation...
in his interactions with the Islamist separatism that is creating growing no-go zones ruled by medieval dogmas that are in a direct conflict with the French constitution. To allow this creeping transformation means to bring a civil war closer, the military elite warns, and if Macron fails to return the French nation and its secular constitutional principles to the top of the principles that apply across the official territory of France, the military folks promise a takeover of the country by the French military personnel who are claimed to support the generals.

The female minister of defense has showed her utter arrogance and cluelessness and she has both mocked and threatened the former and current heavyweights of the military. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen has endorsed the generals.

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Isaac Newton benefited from colonialism

In recent years, neomarxist lies, distortions, and hateful emotions have been penetrating to places where they looked almost unimaginable just a decade ago, including the physics departments. The Daily Mail (and originally The Telegraph which has a paywall, however) brought us news from Sheffield University in the U.K. (which is arguably the country that is more contaminated by the neomarxist poison than any other country in the world):

Students could be told how Sir Isaac Newton 'benefited from colonialism' in curriculum overhaul being considered at Sheffield University
Leaked documents indicate that the university will try to introduce an "inclusive curriculum" of physics by demanding that the instructors include anti-white disclaimers. These disclaimers target Isaac Newton, probably the most ingenious thinker in the known human history, as well as other giants such as Newton's foe Gottfried von Leibniz, Pierre-Simon Laplace, and Paul Dirac.

Ivan Havel, 1938-2021

Ivan M. Havel died yesterday, on Sunday. He was found dead in the bathtub.

He was born on October 11th, 1938, two years after his older and more famous brother Václav Havel, in Czecho-Slovakia. This hyphenation is correct because on October 1st, 1938, following the Munich Treaty, our country got rearranged to the rather disgusting Second Republic of Czecho-Slovakia where various rats and Nazis (not only the Slovak fascists responsible for the capitalization of S) became powerful – much like their counterparts are getting powerful today (especially in the U.S. and Western Europe). The Second Republic lasted for 5+ months up to mid March 1939 when the peaceful Nazi occupation started the full-blown Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

I knew him in person, unlike his brother Václav. In particular, roughly a decade ago, I was giving about three lectures (on 3 different years) after him at a Summer School of Young Philosophers near Olomouc (in the Church of Gradual Decontamination of Virgin Mary in Oak upon Morava, not sure whether my decontamination terminology is used by the U.S. Catholics LOL). In one of those cases, he was kind enough to lend me his laptop.

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Swampland: light gravitinos bring their towers, slow down inflation

A gravitino ball. Click the image for a video.

The swampland program deepens our understanding of quantum gravity by refining the conjectures stating that most of the seemingly consistent effective field theories have subtle bugs that prevent them from being completed to consistent theories of quantum gravity i.e. to string/M-theory vacua.

Gravitinos – the supersymmetric partners of gravitons – have entered several swampland hypotheses. For example, exactly one month ago, a paper said that gravitinos mustn't be motionless. Now, in a fresh hep-th Madrid-French-German-Venezuelan paper

A Gravitino Distance Conjecture
Castellano, Font, Herraez and – last but surely not least – Ibáñez ;-) say that the gravitinos can't be too light, or at least they can't be adjusted to be light without additional consequences.

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A nation reacts to Derek Chauvin's show trial

A fired cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty on "all charges" involving the manslaughter and murder of an aggressive black criminal. He may be sent to prison for up to 40 years.

Here are the most upvoted comments under an article at, a mainstream center right news server owned by the Czech PM Babiš' trust. They show a nearly complete consensus in my nation, thank God.

Tomáš Brabec, 43 upvotes / 1 downvote

I don't claim that precisely this policeman is totally innocent but a murder and 40 years in prison, that looks like too much. I wouldn't want to be a cop in the U.S. When I saw the videos from their actions, their left leg is in the grave and the right grave is in the jail.

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Decline of education, specialized expertise, and the theoretical background. Stakeholders vs shareholders

Czech politicians have announced that back in 2014, an explosion of a Czech ammo depot near the Slovak border (the village of Vrbětice) was caused by Russian agents. They also wanted to do something with the explosives in Bulgaria. We may get the full intelligence report in days.

In fact, they were the very two same agents Petrov and Bashirov who have allegedly poisoned Skripal using Novičok and yesterday, the Czech Police promoted its photographs of the two men who are "wanted"! Well, it is possible that these "molodtsy" do this much work. After all, the tensions were high in 2014 and the Russian agents' working days should be similarly full as those of James Bond 007. But even if it is true that they contributed to the explosion, I find it obvious that the timing of the revival of this scandal (or a conspiracy theory?) is explained by the takeover of the power over the U.S. by the New Loony Left, their being mental cripples, and their fanatical desire to cripple the relationships with Russia (and others).

Even if the agents have caused it, it is a tragedy that this is being exposed again, in the time when America is becoming nasty against Russia again and Russia is understandably preparing to acquire Ukraine if the tensions run even higher. It is very bad that Rosatom – which is the most sensible competitor, as far as I can say – is being eliminated from the tender to extend Dukovany, the older among the 2 nuclear plants in Czechia (the "nuclear" part in both was made in Russia and it's worked great in those decades). Seconds ago, Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats, a revenge for the expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats from Czechia. Bad. I am rather uncertain whether the Russian agents are innocent but I am almost sure that the timing now is caused by the rise of the Left in the U.S. – and about our government's role of a cheap slut directly controlled by the D.C. now.

But back to the title.

I finally watched the April 1st-2nd

Prague Café interview with Klaus Part I
Prague Café interview with Klaus Part II
which I previously hesitated to watch, despite the fact that in recent months, I have read, watched, or listened to every single one interview with expresident Václav Klaus, as he emerged as a leading warrior against Covidism (not only) in Czechia. Note that this particular program is called "Prague Café" because Žantovský wants to retake this nice intellectual phrase (and the coffee shops themselves) from the progressives who became associated with the phrase and who consequently reduced the credibility of the phrase dramatically.

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Nima, singularities, and the fall of Wilsonianism

MmanuF at Twitter has kindly recommended me this recent, 2.5-hour-long video by Nima Arkani-Hamed:

Because he suspected that I may find it a bit long, being occupied with things like the insane anti-white and anti-Slavic racism thriving in the United Kingdom that has assaulted my homeland through soccer, MmanuF has also helpfully recommended a 10-minute-long excerpt to focus on, 0:20:00-0:30:00, and I did watch that.

Among other things, Nima has declared the end of Wilsonianism. The Wilson paradigm is just wrong, he stated at one point, and you can't organize physics according to the distance scales so that the theory at the distance scale \(L\) is always determined from the theory at a shorter length scale \(L(1-\epsilon)\). Instead, in a theory of quantum gravity (and he may apply it even to some other related theories), there are numerous UV-IR connections and communication in between the scales – aside from some role played by numerical coincidences.

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UEFA declared a total war on the Western civilization

Like your humhle correspondent, a large majority of the Czech and Slovak nation is absolutely infuriated by a shocking decision of the UEFA, the European bureaucratic soccer body, concerning the Rangers-Slavia Europa League match last month. Slavia won 2-to-0 and this (surprising for bookmakers) Czech dominance was surely one of the reasons why the Scottish men started to behave insanely.

Ondřej Kúdela, often considered the best Czech defender, is on the right in the front row.

I was warning against the pledge made by Slavia Prague, the best Czech soccer team now, to "respect any verdicts by the UEFA and the Scottish police" because for some time, I have been convinced that these bodies are already full of people without any integrity, common sense, and even without the basic respect for justice, truth, human lives, and the Western values (such as the presumption of innocence).

Classifying viable supergravity theories in 8D, those with \({\mathfrak g}_2\) didn't make it

The Swampland program is a clever filter that eliminates a big portion of the effective field theories with gravity which are not good enough because they violate certain conditions that are necessarily to find a consistent realization of these theories as theories of quantum gravity, i.e. a realization within string/M-theory. In a new paper

8d Supergravity, Reconstruction of Internal Geometry and the Swampland,
Cumrun Vafa (a renowned professor) and Yuta Hamada (a Harvard postdoc) use the existing tools to say "you're fired" to many supergravity theories in 8 (large) spacetime dimensions. Note that 11 (spacetime) dimensions is the maximum dimension of a flat spacetime admitting a supersymmetric quantum theory of gravity, M-theory. 12 dimensions is still possible to some extent, like in F-theory, but two dimensions must be compactified on a torus (or perhaps something else?). Supersymmetric theories above 12 dimensions must be "even more subtle or less physical" if they exist and I want you to assume that they can't exist. In 10 large (spacetime) dimensions, there are 5 different consistent supersymmetric Minkowski-based theories of gravity, all of them are string theories (type I, IIA, IIB, heterotic \(E_8\times E_8\), heterotic \(SO(32)\)).

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Markus Söder's Bavarian revolution would probably save Germany

Google censorship: Some creatures harbored by that company have sent me an "order" to erase this text about the fundamental biology because it has to be "fixed" ("Yes"). I moved the essay to another website. These creatures have to be tried for crimes against humanity.
In 2018, Mutti Angela Merkel finally revealed that she wouldn't run again to be the CDU boss and German chancellor after the 2021 elections. She has been the boss of the CDU since April 2000 and the Chancellor from November 2005. Putin is sometimes criticized for his long reign but you may see that the difference between Putin and Merkel is modest in this respect and the selective usage of this talking point against Russia is pure racism.

For quite some time, the leftist media have served a simple story about the future to their undemanding readers and viewers. Merkel would be obviously replaced with AKK, a woman whose name is hard to remember, an even more pro-leftist lady. Let's say that the acronym stands for Analfabertruda Krappen-Krankenhausen. However, in February 2020, she revealed that she just wouldn't run.

Conservative faculty, an endangered species

The most read story at the Harvard Crimson (which is run by students) is a new essay

‘An Endangered Species’: The Scarcity of Harvard’s Conservative Faculty
about the suppression of the people who understand the fundamental ideas of politics at Harvard – and other universities. The pie is quite shocking by itself and I believe that the labels that I added are way more accurate than theirs. Why? Because the people who slightly deviate from the hardcore leftist delusions of the (current) majority are being ostracized and their deviations are being exaggerated and amplified.

So when someone is called "liberal" as opposed to "very liberal", it means that he or she is a hardcore leftist loon who has "sinned" in roughly 2% of the "causes". When they say "moderate", they mean a "moderate Democrat". And I think that even their "moderate" label is just a trick in most cases – they just want to be interesting and look independent (I could name physics bloggers in that category). Most of the people called "conservative" are actually totally standard RINOs, Republicans In the Name Only. I knew one official in the physics department who was a textbook example of such "conservatives". Of course, he wouldn't be conservative in any way that mattered and I couldn't rely on him in anything at all. Finally, all the normal conservatives – that at least consider voting for Trump and who at least sometimes stand on the right side of Trump, as normal conservatives should (because he is a damn former Democrat and still has many leftist traits) – are called "very conservative".

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Privatization, revival of North Korea

Dear Kim Jong-un,

I have just listened to your speech in which you sounded rather desperate. The people of North Korea should expect the most difficult period in the history of the country and a hardship that may trump the famine of the 1990s. That could have killed between 0.1 and 3.0 million people. Let me assure you that when I look at you, I don't see any signs of a famine yet!

It looks clear that the economic situation isn't good for the 25 million of the people in North Korea. The already low $1500 GDP per capita seems to be falling further. Note that you use wons as the currency. 900 wons is one U.S. dollar according to an apparent peg.

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FNAL: Combined muon \(g-2\) discrepancy grows to 4.2 sigma

Particles have a quantized spin (their own angular momentum) and leptons such as electrons and muons always have \(J_z = \pm \hbar /2\). Yes, the electrons are spinning and it is other ideas than that which you need to modify (you need to switch from classical physics to quantum mechanics).

They also carry an electric charge, \(-e\), which is effectively orbiting around the center of mass at the radius comparable a "typical dimension of the particle" (which is inversely proportional to the particle mass) and therefore creates an electric current.

So the particles also behave just like solenoids and they are also magnets with a magnetic moment. Adopting Feynman's pragmatic definition that I completely sympathize with, the magnetic moment \(\vec \mu\) is a vector that multiplies the magnetic field \(-\vec B\) in a term in the Hamiltonian, \[ \Delta H = -\vec \mu \cdot \vec B. \] How big is the electron magnetic moment? Well, it is (if I choose one form)\[ \vec \mu_s = -g_s \frac{e}{2m_e} \cdot \vec S \] where \(g_s\approx 2\). Note that the Bohr magneton \(\mu_B\) is sometimes used which represents the constant \(e\hbar / 2 m_e\) in the SI units. The Dirac equation gives you \(g_s=2\) exactly.

Covid is ending in UK, CZ... no one must be allowed to obfuscate the fact

Here is the graph of the daily "cases" i.e. first positive PCR Covid-19 tests of a person. It's taken from the main Czech national Covid statistics page.

You may say that we have had about four "waves". You probably see the three big ones on the right but there is also a tiny one on the left, look carefully, which occurred exactly one year ago. In fact, the highest daily number of "cases" in Spring 2020 took place on April 3rd, and it was 333. There is a tongue twister in Czech that involves 333 and the letter Ř. ;-) We had April 3rd last Saturday. That's quite a reason to expect an even faster drop after April 3rd, 2021, as I will argue.

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Susskind's de Sitter rant

LHC: Phys-Org about a 2.8-sigma CMS excess in the search for stealthy SUSY.
First, Michio Kaku is releasing his new popular book, God Equation, tomorrow. It could be a similar book about the theory of everything as some books that were published years ago but I guess that God may place a more central role here.

You may also read an interview in the Grauniad where he mentions string theory, colliders, and his view that it may be a stupid idea to obsessively contact the aliens. I can confirm the worries., a Czech competitor of Amazon, allowed extraterrestrials to be hired. What happened? They have completely dominated the commercials from that moment on. Each ad has a stupid green extraterrestrial with a dwarf's voice. ;-)

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An April Fools' Day paper on the swampland rules

On April 1st, 2021 various individuals and companies came with their April Fools' Day pranks, see e.g. this thread where I found the Cybermouse to be particularly well-made. Some scientists have also posted preprints that weren't meant as a serious contribution to science. One of them was from William Kinney, a cosmologist in Buffalo:

The Swampland Conjecture Bound Conjecture
For a few seconds, before I understood it was a prank, I thought that the double appearance of the word "conjecture" was a typo. But be sure it is not a typo. This paper is a "meta-research" that counts the number of papers with swampland conjectures, and tries to please you. Maybe the number of such papers won't be too huge, after all, just a cubed googol so that the papers will require a similar number of visible patches of the Universe to store all the physicists who write them etc.

The point of the paper is clearly to humorously express the author's opinion that the number of papers about the swampland is too high. The detailed jargon-filled, science-like-sounding propositions aren't hard to invent in real time, I would probably end up writing a similar April 1st paper if I wanted to express the same point (although I hope that mine would be funnier).

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How holograms work

You may really look at the mouse hologram from different directions.

The holographic principle states that a theory of quantum gravity is secretly hiding the information about (spatially) 3-dimensional objects in a plane ("photographic film" or "holographic screen") that is just (spatially) 2-dimensional i.e. whose dimension is lower by one.

In both cases, the information about the extra dimension, the "depth of a point", is encoded in the typical wavelength of an interference pattern that appears on the screen. In some generalized sense, dinograms or stereograms do exactly the same but the holograms can really store the information even about points that are overlapping each other, not just about the "closest layer".

Let's try to explain how the image of a 3D object such as this mouse is encoded in a hologram a bit more quantitatively. We will need a coherent source of light which has the precise (angular) frequency \(\omega\). A laser. Dennis Gabor, a powerful Hungarian theorist, invented the holograms in December 1947 but the lasers only emerged as "real things" in 1960 and it took a few years for the holograms to be made, too. Gabor got the 1971 Physics Nobel Prize.

Impact of Covid within the Czech age-sex pyramid

According to the standard global Covid data, my Czech homeland is the world's #1 country above 1 million according to the "cases per capita" as well as "deaths per capita".

Note that this 2017 pyramid shows the local minimum of the width in the age of 15-19 which means that the "decline of the population" looked worst around 2000 and the natality started to grow again.

If we switch to our official national tables, the country of 10.7M (M is mega, a million) has detected 1.546M people as positively tested (14.4% of population) and 26,765 people have died with Covid so far (0.25% of population). It is generally agreed by the epidemiologists that the actual percentage of the population that has acquired Covid antibodies is at least around 50% and probably between 50% and 100% – and many of us think it is much closer to 100% than 50%.

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