Tuesday, April 27, 2021

French Sixth Republic and the Confederate States of Europe

France is a global cradle of republicanism. Its republic has been updated a few times. Right now, the country is organized as the (semi-presidential) Fifth French Republic that was established by Charles De Gaulle in 1958. Days ago, 20 retired top generals, almost 100 other VIP officers, and 1,000 other army folks have signed
an open letter urging Macron to return to patriotism
...a Twitter thread with an English translation...
in his interactions with the Islamist separatism that is creating growing no-go zones ruled by medieval dogmas that are in a direct conflict with the French constitution. To allow this creeping transformation means to bring a civil war closer, the military elite warns, and if Macron fails to return the French nation and its secular constitutional principles to the top of the principles that apply across the official territory of France, the military folks promise a takeover of the country by the French military personnel who are claimed to support the generals.

The female minister of defense has showed her utter arrogance and cluelessness and she has both mocked and threatened the former and current heavyweights of the military. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen has endorsed the generals.

For years, I've been opposing the claims that "France has already been lost to Islam". I totally disagree with that.

It could only be a very likely scenario if the genuine French people were overwhelmingly PC cowards and collaborationists. But I know that it is not the case of France (even though it could already be true in all the English-speaking countries). There is a widespread perception that the pathological trends of recent years can be reversed and have to be reversed and there are tools to do so. And the more worrisome the balance of power becomes, the more motivated the French patriots will be to fight against the undesirable transformation.

I think that it may be difficult for the military personnel to create a new political and economic system. That's a rather complex task. So I would recommend them to declare The Sixth French Republic whose basic constitutional system will be based on the Fifth French Republic but
right after the declaration of the Sixth Republic and/or right after the parliamentary elections in the Sixth Republic, a committee of the generals will apply its power to possibly veto every single lawmaker elected to the Senate or to the National Assembly. The committee of the generals would have to justify each veto by the politician's conflict with the constitution. The presidential candidates would be filtered before the elections. There would be a system of the graceful exit in which the power of veto would be gradually transferred to a civilian constitutional court.
Quite clearly, the generals would veto most of the politicians who have openly endorsed the existence of the Islamist no-go zones – or related forms of multiculturalism and perhaps other, existentially dangerous ideologies. Marine Le Pen would be likely to win the first presidential elections of the Sixth Republic (they're scheduled for 2022 in the Fifth Republic) but that outcome wouldn't be assumed in advance.

I sincerely hope that the filtered political elites would also introduce more free-market-friendly policies like those that were put in place in Chile when its political mechanisms were reorganized in a similar way. But I am not sure about the French patriots' right-wing economic credentials. ;-)

The Czech lyrics of the folk song sounds so perfect and natural that I couldn't have guessed it was a nearly precise translation of a French folk song. Well, Louviers had to be moved to Prášily [Raise-dust-ville] in the Bohemian Forest. But it's still the same dialogue of a poor road mender and a noble lady. Also, this friendly duet shows that in 1980, the Cold War Iron Curtain was much more penetrable than the fence that separates us from Russia today.

The Sixth French Republic would become a new role model and/or a condensation core for the Confederate States of Europe that should replace the EU. In fact, I may enjoy if my country joined France as 1 or 2 provinces. ;-)

Good luck, Gentlemen. Your opponents are powerful, like a lady who calls you a "quartet of generals in their slippers". Macron may start to behave properly and avoid the Pinochet-style events. In that case, I think that it could be a good idea to replace the minister of defense right now.

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